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  Chapter 581 Lost land and real military goals?

A fortress command center beneath the moon.

The Chief-In-Charge of the six major alliances, including the moon commander Raymond, have gathered.

Raymond is constantly issuing various military orders, ordering the various defensive military forces on the moon to all be involved in this war.

But the embarrassing thing is that every time Raymond gives an order, especially when he mobilizes the lunar defense arms, he feels a little embarrassed.

After Raymond issues the order, it needs the corresponding Chief-In-Charge to issue the order at the same time to execute it.

As for the power that Raymond, the commander-in-chief, can mobilize under the Blue Star genetic committee, it is very limited.

After a few consecutive attempts, Raymond, who felt a little wasted his time, suddenly gave up the position of the command tower.

"One of you will be the on-the-spot commander, you are more familiar with the situation."

Raymond's statement can be regarded as a step for himself.

The most real situation is that the so-called director of the Blue Star genetic committee and the so-called extraterrestrial commander are all just empty positions placed by the six major alliances.

The true power and power are actually in the hands of the six major joint districts.

The Chief-In-Charge of the six major joint districts is not surprised by this. It's just that everyone's eyes have changed and it is also very particular about who will be the on-the-spot conductor.

As usual, Milian District and Huaxia District compete for the position.

But today.   "We will be in the future." Chief-In-Charge of the Russian Union District Chief-In-Charge Plesian said blankly for the first time.

Almost at the same time, regardless of whether other people agree or disagree, Wei Bin sits in front of the commander-in-chief tower.

As soon as Mai Pengao, who was still hesitating, was about to say something, Wei Bin yelled, "Milian District, Indo-Union District, the Planetary Grade of your two districts are guarded, and now you have to return and make up for it. There is no reason. These two Planetary Grade powerhouses left at the same time by such a coincidence. We have reason to suspect that one of you has a problem and initiate an investigation and liquidation!"

As soon as it came out, everyone's eyes looked towards Mai Pengao and Nirabu.

Each of the Chief-In-Charge present is rigorous schemes and deep foresight. This kind of probability is immediately thought of by many people when something goes wrong.

But no one pointed out this probability.

If it is said that the Milian District and the Indian Union District betrayed Blue Star at the same time, then the consequences   don't think about it directly.

However, Wei Bin was so shocked to point out this incident directly, and it was his judgment.

Let alone other reasons, even if there is a problem, it is absolutely impossible. It is the blue star collective mutiny in the Milian District and the Indo-Union District.

The reason is very simple. A good Blue Star authority is inappropriate. Should you be a dog for Spirit Race? In   recent years, the dogs of Spirit Race, such as Spirit Race, alienation, fission, and Blue Star Human Race have killed less and captured less?

This weapon Spirit Race, alienation race, fission race, in front of Spirit Race, is a second-class citizen, not even a second-class citizen.

Therefore, Wei Bin was shocked to point out the problem directly.

In critical moments, instead of suspicion of each other, it is better to pull the problem to the desktop.

Sure enough, as soon as Wei Bin said this, the complexion of Nilab and Maipengao greatly changed.

Power can be contended, but profit can be contended.

But if anyone betrays Blue Star, that means betraying the interests of all Blue Star alliances, and other alliances will immediately form the strongest alliance of interests against them, or even divide them. .

The Milian District and the Yinlian District are strong, but they are the Milian District, but they cannot hold the four major alliances together.

Therefore, under the gaze of everyone, Maipengao and Nilab immediately made a statement with action. Maipengao even turned on the three-dimensional direct connection with the Milian District Comprehensive Base in his hand. To the hands-free state.

"How's the contact with Mr. Harlan? Are there any other gentlemen, have they been contacted?" Mai Pengao was anxious.

What can be called a sir by Maipeng Ozun is naturally the Planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District.

Nirab naturally did the same thing. He directly turned on the contactor to the hands-free state, and shouted, "Master Itiwi, Mr. Nott, and several other gentlemen, all Have you been contacted? We will contact all channels and all directions immediately."

"Director, we are contacting, I have already contacted, and I will be able to talk to Mr. Itiwi immediately."

Suddenly , Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!’s electric current sounded into one piece, which changed the complexion between Nilab and Maiponao.

Over the moon, more than a dozen communication satellites exploded one after another.

Opposite the liaison device, Nilab’s secretary cried out, "Director, the communications satellite was destroyed, all communications just established were interrupted, and the bluestar is temporarily lost!"

On the side, Maiponao's contactor also gave a similar answer.

Except for Wei Bin's constant orders, the Chief-In-Charge of the three major alliances is looking at these two with cold eyes.

Look at your performance.

Mai Pengao is very decisive.

"The moon's communication satellites are destroyed, then use Bluestar's communication satellites to relay signals. Bluestar's satellites are tens of thousands, and I don't believe they can be completely destroyed!" Maiponao roared Tao.

"Sir, the signal is already in transit, but it takes a little bit of time!"

Mai Pengao was hearing this helplessly, "This is definitely a coincidence. We tried to contact the guards when they were out temporarily."

"Yes, it's just a coincidence, but we were a little unlucky." Nirabu said quickly.

"Okay, let's talk about it after the war! Are the star-dropping squads of the alliances already in place?" Wei Bin asked.

"In place!"

This time, everyone answered simply and neatly.

"The allied districts hand over the command of the falling star squad to the quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse participating in the war."

Wei Bin's words made the atmosphere inexplicable.

Transferring the command of the falling star squad to the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse participating in the war, it means that the falling star squad is about to participate in the war.

When the falling star squad participates in the war, it represents sacrifice.

At the same time, various energy brilliance have illuminated the entire moon sky.

From the blue star, the moon suddenly became shiny and dazzling.

Bluestar has been operating the moon for almost a hundred years, and has built a lunar defense system for more than 60 years.

In the previous raid, only the space defense of the moon and the ground defense of the moon were destroyed. After the precious time of Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, the counterattack has already begun.

Especially for laser cannons and electromagnetic railguns, the hit rate is very high when there is a Planetary Grade powerhouse or quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse to contain the enemy.

There is no doubt that the energy intensity of the moon's heavy weapon to defend against alien invaders can be imagined, and the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse will be uncomfortable.

After being fired by three or five laser cannons, even if it is not destroyed on the spot, it will be injured or even seriously injured, and then will be destroyed by the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse on the Blue Star side.

However, the disadvantages of this ground weapon are also great.

The Spirit Race, a weapon proficient in long-range attacks, and the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse of the alien race, will immediately strikes on the ground turrets at exposed locations.

Many forts, once attacked, what awaits them is destruction!   Every moment, Blue Star elites and warriors are killed in battle, but everyone's death is meaningful.

At this moment, every warrior is actually a falling star! In the   command hall of the underground fortress, Chief-In-Charge of the six major alliances began to dispute a topic.

"I think it is possible to mobilize reinforcements from fire star! Fire star’s Quantum Transmission Passage can be used at any cost, and 50 genetic transmutation powerhouses are sent over. It should be okay?

Fifty genetic transmutation powerhouses, even if three-to-one, can withstand the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses opposite to the seventeenths, buy precious time for Planetary Grade guards and others, and better contain the enemy. Use ground energy weapons to kill the enemy!" Plesian, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Russian Federation, suggested.

"It can be done, but the quantum storm caused by this will paralyze the quantum arbitrary gate between the fire star and the moon for more than a year!" said Dog Ansius, deputy director of the European Union's genetic committee .

"I also think it is feasible to mobilize reinforcements from fire star! The loss of the moon, if it continues like this, is too big!" said Kabanda, deputy director of the Non-Union Regional Genetic Committee.

The three agreed that the Chief-In-Charge who was present looked towards Wei Bin, who was the on-the-spot commander, but Wei Bin pointed to the battle screen and said, "Then you think that the alien invaders made a surprise attack this time What is the military purpose of the moon?"

"Any military action has its purpose! If seven Planetary Grade powerhouses and more than fifty quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses raid the moon, our Blue Star humans will fight to death. , Their chances of winning are not great.

So, are they purely here to do damage?" Wei Bin analyzed.

"I don't think it is! Behind their raid on the moon, there should be other military purposes hidden!" Wei Bin said.

"Fire star?"

"More than!"


hearing this, Wei Bin nodded, "Phobos or fire star should be their real purpose. As long as we call in reinforcements or overload the quantum transmission gate between the moon and fire star, fire star will immediately become an island to achieve their goal. Military purpose!"

The silence in the command hall, everyone knows very well, this kind of probability is very big.

However, the pressure on the moon is just what it used to be.

"Old Cai, you're in a big battle, do you think you should mobilize reinforcements from the fire star?"

In the communicator, Cai Shaochu's violent gasp suddenly came, and he faced the battle alone. When two Planetary Grade powerhouses, especially at first Cai Shaochu, killed the opposite Planetary Grade powerhouse at the cost of injury, Cai Shaochu was in a difficult situation.

"Can't adjust! The current Planetary Grade, none of them are Spirit Race! They have another purpose!

From the blue star!"

Wei Bin turned his head and looked towards everyone, the opinions of the front-line combatants were already very clear.

The Chief-In-Charge who was present, usually had various infighting, but at this moment, they were very sober and very rational.

"Has Bluestar contacted again?"

"Already contacted, but the signal was slightly delayed because of the transit contact."

" Order, Blue Star has assembled the Quasi-Planetary Grade and Genetic Transmutation Realm to quickly support the moon, and fly to the moon with the fighter plane flying to the moon’s disintegration as the standard speed!" Wei Bin said.

The order was issued quickly.

And the defensive system of the moon has also begun to play its role thoroughly, containing the enemy's offensive.

But at this moment, the energy detector suddenly showed three huge light spots!   "Planetary Grade, three more?"

Almost at the same time, the non-connected area Chief-In-Charge Kabanda's contactor suddenly sounded the non-connected area Planetary Grade powerhouse Unut's exclamation.

"Electromagnetic net support, I am under siege!"

On the screen displayed by the energy detector, four huge light spots representing Planetary Grade surrounded at the same time Unut.

"My God, two of them are Spirit Race Planetary Grade, save me!" Unut exclaimed.

The Chief-In-Charge Kabanda of the non-union area gave the order like crazy, and countless electric lights rose from the ground and blasted in the direction of Unut.

Unut is an extraordinary Thunder Element!

On the screen, the brilliance is instantly connected.

"Unut!" Hanrich roared at Planetary Grade powerhouse in the European Union area.

At the same moment, the lightning exploded instantly.

The dazzling brilliance illuminates the moon as bright as day.

On the Blue Star, at the same moment, I saw a bunch of dazzling brilliance exploding in the direction of the moon, exploding the intensity of the brilliance, and even concealing the lunar brilliance.

Cai Shaochu, who was fighting with two Planetary Grade powerhouses, suddenly appeared a huge word of escape.

The moment the word escape appeared, Cai Shaochu disappeared in place, and when it reappeared, a series of three bloody fixed words suddenly covered the place of Unut's death like a sky curtain.

"Three-phase thermal bomb No. 3-8, bang me!" Cai Shaochu roared.

Guanghua began to flash wildly, and the three-phase thermal bomb swayed its light tail into the sky, but the two Planetary Grade powerhouses that Cai Shaochu had just gotten rid of were also caught up in an instant.

It may take only one second from the explosion of the three-phase thermal bomb to hit the target.

However, within one second, Cai Shaochu had hard-wired two Planetary Grade powerhouses with no fewer than ten hard blows.

The ancient seal characters are constantly appearing, broken, and vomiting blood!

At the first moment when the three-phase thermal bomb exploded, Cai Shaochu's chest was already covered. A Yin-Yang Fish inlaid with several large characters, tightly guarding Cai Shaochu's head and chest.

In the underground fortress command center, everyone's breath was held. If Cai Shaochu had disappeared, the scene from a hundred years ago might have reappeared!   The darkest moment of Blue Star may come!

On the screen, Cai Shaochu is still alive, but that's the situation.

Suddenly, there are four huge energy spots gathered in the direction of Unut, representing the huge energy spots of the Planetary Grade powerhouse. In the continuous explosion of the three-phase thermal bomb, there are two huge spots , Disappeared directly!

This means that the Planetary Grade powerhouse of two alien invaders has been destroyed! The   other two, even if they were alive, were injured! The   pressure is greatly reduced.

But this was also at the expense of Planetary Grade powerhouse Unut's death and Cai Shaochu's serious injury.

At present, the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the two parties compares six to three.

Although two of the opponents have suffered serious injuries, the pressure on Blue Star's side is huge!

Wei Bin looked at this scene, facial expression grave, bowed his head, Wei Bin sent Cai Shaochu a short message, only eight words!

"Man and land are saved!"

At the moment when Wei Bin lowered his head, suddenly two giants representing Planetary appeared on the battle screen. Grade powerhouse The light spot of power!

In the combat command hall, everyone's expressions have changed! The   moon, is this going to end?   Is it wrong that the enemy’s real military target is the moon?

*****   Anyway, Zhu San’s goal has always been the monthly ticket in the hands of the boss! Real love!

(End of this chapter)

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