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  Chapter 582 The Lord of Myths   When two unknown Planetary Grade powerhouses suddenly broke into the battlefield At that time, in the command hall of the fortress beneath the moon, the Chief-In-Charge of each district was so heavy that they couldn't breathe.

At this moment, whether it is Maipengao, Nilab, the off-site Chief-In-Charge in the Milian District and the Indian Union District, there is also an indescribable depression in my heart!

If Harun (Itivi) hadn't left the moon, it would have been much better, right?   Especially Yitiwei, reportedly not far from Cai Shaochu in strength.

But now, these two unknown Planetary Grade powerhouses are most likely to belong to the camp of alien invaders.

The moon is over! The   current situation is how much vitality can be retained by the major alliances to leave the moon alive, instead of keeping the moon.

The progress of the war is too fast.

This battle only took less than five minutes.

If Yitvi and Harun are there, as long as they drag the enemy for a while, the reinforcements of Blue Star Human Race will come to the moon one after another.

Bluestar has more than six Planetary Grades.

On the contrary, Blue Star has many Planetary Grades, but for the Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is impossible to constrain the power of these Human World cream of the crop to the moon.

Except for the guard of the moon, everyone else is doing their own thing.

In this situation, the Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts has already begun to make the worst arrangements.

The moon can be lost, but some things can't be lost!

The moon is not only the first barrier of Blue Star, but also the front line of Blue Star's scientific research. The most advanced technology often appears on the moon first.

Just like Cai Shaochu before joining the war, he prepared for the worst and let Fang You arrange the most important information, people and things first.

Even if the moon is lost, these will all be the flames of the Blue Star! The   fire is here, the blue star will never die!

Human Race is immortal!

China is always here!

Wei Bin's actions are the same. He directly used the communicator to call Cai Shaochu, "Old Cai, I will arrange for someone to cover your retreat.

As long as you are alive, there is hope!   At the same time, we will also command the remaining troops to kill the enemy as much as possible!"

"The allied districts will notify, and the plan will begin to execute, execute people, all genetic evolutionary realms, and ordinary soldiers. "

Above the lunar battlefield, the star-falling squads of the various alliances have begun to attack, one after another, one warrior, driving the most advanced aerospace fighter, rushed to the enemy guided by the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse. .

I rushed over and instantly burst into a cloud of mushrooms, and there was a flash explosion inside the mushroom, which was the explosion of a large-yield nuclear fusion bomb in the aerospace fighter.

Rise, fall!   This is the falling star!   Some star-falling warriors can rush closer, and they really fall into the stars, but most of them have been destroyed before they are impulsive!   Star falling tactics, alien invaders are no strangers! A   hundred years ago, alien invaders were terrified by Blue Star Human Race’s star-dropping tactics!   At the moment when Wei Bin ordered the implementation of the One Inch Mountain and One Inch of Blood Plan, in the underground fortress-style command center, suddenly there were two unfamiliar communications requesting access.

Wei Bin startedled and ordered to join immediately.

"Hello Commander, I am legend Athena, request to join the war!"

"Hello Commander, I am legend Villes, request to join the war!"

"You are allowed to participate in the war, and you are allowed to participate in the war, I will immediately notify our participants of your participation!"

Wei Bin's voice was full of excitement.

At the critical moment, Myth has two Planetary Grade powerhouses to participate in the battle. It can be said that they are endless blue stars!   in the sky, shooting star-like arrows pierced the dark night sky instantly, and with one arrow, a Planetary Grade powerhouse besieged Cai Shaochu and retreated ten miles.

At the same time, the dark blue brilliance is also blooming in the hands of Viles!   Five to six! The   Blue Star has five Planetary Grade powerhouses, and the Alien Invaders six Planetary Grade powerhouses. The pressure on Blue Star's side is greatly reduced, and the morale is greatly boosted!   The atmosphere in the command hall of the underground fortress suddenly became relaxed, and the Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts began to urgently correct some orders.

At this time, another communication requested access to the command center of the underground fortress on the moon.

Wei Bin ordered to connect, but he was a little confused, who would this be?

"Good evening, Chief-In-Charge, I am the lord of the legend, Ula!"

When I introduced myself, the expressions of Chief-In-Charge in each district changed slightly. , I realized something immediately.

"Everyone, believe my mythology members Athena and Viles have participated in the war. You have already seen it.

On the occasion of the moon’s crisis, our mythology will take part in the war resolutely. The cost is huge. I A few small requests, shouldn't it be too much, right?" Ula, the lord of the myth, said with a smile.

No one speaks in the command hall.

"Let me add, this is not a threat. It's just an appointment in advance. Your internal personnel will participate in the war and will be settled after the war. We will have some rewards in advance. Isn't it okay?" Wula added.

Not a threat   These four words, in the ears of all Chief-In-Charge, there is an indescribable feeling that they are threatened!   "It's really not a threat. If you don't want to, Athena and Viles will continue to fight, and they will leave until they can't fight.

Just point the reward in advance." said Ula, the lord of the myth.

Mai Pengao glanced at Wei Bin and suddenly said, "Ok, this, you can talk to Mr. Remont in detail."

"Mai Pengao, close you That shameless mouth with a fishy smell!" Ula, the lord of mythology, cursed directly, "I said, I am the lord of legend, I know the situation of Mr. Remont! Mr. Remont Will my promises take effect, I still need to talk to you shameless guy?"

Mai Ponao's face flushed red, but he was surprisingly lifeless.

"Mr. Ulla, please mention your request first. If this request is not excessive, I believe that the Chief-In-Charge gentlemen of the districts here will definitely agree." I have been silent. Raymond, the commander-in-chief of the moon, spoke.

"First, our Mythology branch must enter the district capitals, and can freely enter and exit the major genetic evolutionary universities. It must enjoy all the benefits of the district-level genetic committee!"

This first one made everyone present hesitate.

Although the myth requires the treatment of the district-level genetic committee, not the district level, it is actually an independent district.

It's just a district without territory and territory.

And does not belong to any zone.

In the future, Blue Star will not be the Six Union Districts, but the Myth of the Six Union Districts!   "In return for what you promised, I have a top secret message." said Ula, the lord of the myth.

"Of course, to show my sincerity, I will talk about it first! This time, I don’t know the military goals of the alien invaders, but Phobos and fire star have already discovered the alien invaders. The traces of the approach.” said Ula, the lord of the myth.

"I have given the information, of course, you can shameless a little bit, I don't mind!" said Ullah, the lord of mythology.

"We have seen your sincerity. Our Huaxia District agrees to this in principle." Wei Bin was the first to express his position.

Wei Bin thinks very clearly.

Today, Shinhwa suddenly sent out two Planetary Grade battle strengths. The rise of Shinhwa is unstoppable.

You must know that, as one of the six major alliances, there are only three Planetary Grade powerhouses in the non-union zone. One of them died today, and there are only two!

What the myth wants is actually a name for development!

"Well, I have already felt the wisdom of Huaxia District. We will be friends in the future."

As soon as this is out, the complexion of Mai Pengao and Nirabu has changed!   Will it be a friend of Huaxia District?

This is pretty good!

This means that there are two or even three Planetary Grade powerhouses standing on the side of Huaxia District.

Upon thinking of this, Nilab and Maiponao no longer hesitated, and immediately agreed to this.

"Well, I think the Milian District and the Indian Union District will also gain our mythical friendship in the future."

"The second, the moon, Phobos , Deimos, and Fire Star, all have to approve a base for our mythology, and the area cannot be less than one-fifth of the average base area of ​​other joint areas!" said Ula, the Lord of Mythology.

This time, when Ula’s tone barely fell, Mai Pengao was the first to say, "I think this is a reasonable request!"

Ula, the lord of mythology The laughter rang out, "Mr. Maiponao, I don’t know how far away, I can smell the shamelessness on you, but you are shameless, I love it!

Well, you may get my personal friendship!"

The second requirement was passed smoothly.

"The third, the current quantum Transmission Passage on the moon, Phobos, and fire star, our myth requires access.

Space aggression, fire star actual combat, we Mythology also requires the qualifications to form a team to participate in the war. Of course, we may not send people to participate!

Like some of you, your wife doesn’t need it, but you must marry one.” While speaking, Ula, the Lord of Mythology, is unscrupulous. Laughed.

The laughing people looked strange and embarrassed! The   first two are agreed, just like men and women get along, they are all stripped off, they are all touched, and if you go further, it seems unlikely that you will not agree.

The Chief-In-Charge of the six major joint districts lined up one by one to agree.

In addition to the faint threat, the fundamental reason for the promise is strength!

Suddenly, the mythological organization broke out two Planetary Grade battle strengths. Then, Ula, the myth master who negotiated with them, is also Planetary Grade?

How many Planetary Grades does the myth have?   Three?

Or four?

But whether three or four, this is already a powerful force that cannot be ignored!   At the same time, the Chief-In-Charge of the major alliances ended the exchange with the Lord of Mythology, Ula, and began to reinforce the defenses of the fire star and Phobos, which had already sounded Level 1 alert, above a barren planet. Next to the Quantum Transmission Gate, Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of Spirit Race forward base, is communicating with Lei Zhen.

"Sure enough, as the black hole said, the blue star myth has participated in the war, and there is basically no chance to win the moon!" Lei Shu sighed with regret.

Lei Zhen frowned, "Commander, if our other Planetary Grade powers are all applied now, there is still a chance to win the moon in a short time."

"All pressure There is indeed a chance! But, have you considered war damage?"

"Sacrifice one or two Planetary Grades, right?"

"No, You are wrong!"

Lei Shu shook his head, "You did not participate in the war a hundred years ago. In that war, the Blue Star Human Race was like an ant. It can be easily crushed to death every time. , But it can't be crushed, and it keeps growing.

The two precious qualities of courage and sacrifice are too common in them. It may be the reason why their lifespan itself is short.

But at the critical moment, everyone dares to fight us!

Did you know that an ordinary soldier who we looked at as a very good primordial Spirit Physique but very weak, he dared to stand with us In front of me, dare to detonate their nuclear bomb, and be perish together with us!"

"I really want to take the moon, our current power, whether it is Planetary Grade or Quasi-Planetary Grade, we must do a good job Lose half or even 2/3/2021 or even more preparations!   And this is just to win the moon, not the blue star!   If we pay such a big price for the moon, then we Can't stop the future counterattack!" Lei Shu's eyes were full of memories.

The years of fierce battle with the Blue Star Human Race on the moon, it is unbearable to look back!   That is an unpleasant memory.

hearing this, nodded by Lei Zhen.

"Well, order the Moon Assault Column to achieve the strategic goal as the first element. Let's start the action on that side. You are also ready to participate in the war!" Lei Shu ordered.


****It was   too late to pass, Zhu San was sent to Lanzhou by summon for a meeting. Today, on the run, it was too late to pass, but the update guarantee Ha!

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