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  Chapter 584 The Worst Plan and Counterattack

Xu Tui contacted Fang You.

To be precise, Fang You is also looking for Xu Tui, or rather, Cai Shaochu is looking for Xu Tui.

On the way to meet Cai Shaochu, Fang You roughly explained to Xu Tui the reasons for the loss of the Quantum Transmission Gate defense fortress.

Guardian of the Planetary Grade of the moon, and two of the mythical Planetary Grades are fighting hard with the six Planetary Grade powerhouses of the alien invaders, and the alien invader has killed another one. Planetary Grade powerhouse.

But this Planetary Grade powerhouse is going to be the defensive fortress of the moon quantum arbitrary gate!

This quantum arbitrary gate defensive fortress was built in accordance with the ability to defend against large-yield nuclear bombs.

Planetary Grade powerhouse wants to break through, even if there is no hindrance, it will take time.

However, the three fierce thunderballs exploded at the same point, blasting the thirty-meter-thick defensive barrier of the defensive fortress through a huge gap, and then burst into it instantly.

Lightning flashes!

Less than one minute, a quasi-planet guarding the Quantum Arbitrary Gate, five genetically transformed states, twenty genetically evolved states, and a thousand soldiers were all killed!

This last Planetary Grade powerhouse, with outrageous battle strength, can be called the most powerhouse among the invaded Planetary Grade powerhouses today.

Subsequently, other fiercely fighting alien invaders also retreated into the Quantum Arbitrary Gate defense fortress while fighting.

In an instant, offensive and defensive changes!

The original defensive fortress of Blue Star Human Race was suddenly used by alien invaders.

At present, the two sides have fallen into a state of confrontation and trimming!   Although it was a surprise attack, the Blue Star Human Race fought extremely resolutely. The invading Planetary Grade powerhouse and the quasi-Planetary Grade other people suffered considerable damage from the battle, which can be regarded as wounded by everyone.

"The enemies are gathered together, then our technological weapons can just wash the ground?"

Before he finished speaking, Xu Tui himself bitterly laughed.

He already understood why Spirit Race Planetary Grade powerhouse, the most powerful among alien invaders, had to attack the Quantum Arbitrary Gate defense fortress at the last moment.

refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases!

Human Race currently does not have the ability to build a new quantum Transmission Passage. The quantum Transmission Passage that humans currently obtain are all previously seized.

The quantum Transmission Gate of the moon and fire star is too important to describe.

If the nuclear bomb is even the most lethal three-phase thermal bomb strikes quantum arbitrary gate defense fortress.

It’s hard to say that it can destroy several Planetary Grade powerhouses, but if a three-phase thermal bomb goes down, the quantum arbitrary gate will definitely be destroyed.

Until the most desperate moment, Bluestar Human Race will not do this.

Fire star, too important!   Fang You obviously saw that Xu Tui wanted to understand, and looked anxious, "No one didn't expect, the defensive fortress built by our Human Race, is occupied by alien invaders to defend us!"

"Where is the fire star? What about Phobos, what's the situation?"

"Shrink the line of defense in an all-round way, and wait for the break here!" Fang You said helplessly.

Ten minutes later, Xu Tui met Cai Shaochu at the Lunar Underground Emergency Center!

To be precise, Cai Shaochu is soaking in the nutrition warehouse.

Cai Shaochu looked terribly miserable, everything below his chest was gone, but his heart was still beating very vigorously.

The life force of Planetary Grade powerhouse can be seen.

Xu Tui frowned when he probed his psychopath slightly.

For Cai Shaochu, the real serious injury is not the fleshy body, but the spiritual body.

In Xu Tui's mentality, Cai Shaochu's Spiritual Body has a tattered feeling.

Very badly injured!

Of course, Cai Shaochu’s injury is also worth it!   Cai Shaochu killed a Planetary Grade powerhouse and dragged down two Planetary Grade powerhouses with all his strength. Later, he was besieged by Unut and killed two Planetary Grade powerhouses on the opposite side and locked it. The current confrontation.

"Principal ."

Xu Tui whispered, Cai Shaochu in the nutrition warehouse, slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pale smile.

Xu Tui is even more worried. Cai Shaochu didn't even notice him when he came. How bad was this hurt?   "How about it, is it a bit miserable to look at me?" Cai Shaochu still didn't forget to use himself in the same way.

"This is nothing to me at all. I told you that at the time several decades ago, I had only one head and heart left. That time, it was much more serious than this. Now.

I have recovered from the injury for three years.

This time, I feel that one or two months will be almost the same."

said a few words Then, Cai Shaochu panted, and Fang You wanted to say something, but Cai Shaochu waved his hand to let Fang You go out first.

"You said, Spirit Race's raid was caused by this captive thunder elephant?" Cai Shaochu suddenly said.

Xu Tui frowned, "It's possible."

"Then, do you think it is human, or for things?"

"What does it mean to be things?" "Xu Tui was taken aback, and suddenly understood what Cai Shaochu meant, "Principal, you mean the quantum array core?

You mean, what Leixiang said is all true? Use this The quantum array core can not only upgrade and strengthen the Quantum Transmission Passage, but can also directly establish the Quantum Transmission Passage?"

"Only this is possible! The more violent their raids, the higher the value of this thing to us.

Now, what we have to do is to survive this difficulty before us and try our best to ensure that the fire star is not lost.

As long as we survive this test, then this endless starry sky will be for us. It will be very different." Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, do you need me to do anything?"

"Did you open part of the genetic chain of quantum entangled states?" Cai Shaochu asked.

Xu Tui looked up in amazement.

"Don't lie to me, I can infer this from the details in the battle record that Zhu Lang reported to me." Cai Shaochu said.

hearing this, Xu Tui nodded, "Yes, I didn't want to hide it from me, but I was surprised how you knew it."

"Ahuang should be yours now Come on?"

Xu Tui was stunned again, Cai Shaochu knew enough about genetic miracles, even Ah Huang knew it.

"Let it receive the data."

Xu Tui was a little puzzled.

"Although we have not yet reached the worst, we must prepare for the worst. The secret fire project in Huaxia District has been launched. You are one of the candidates I chose.

Especially the research materials about quantum array cores, I will give you all. As long as the material and resonance problems are solved, we can manufacture quantum array cores.

The future situation, I cannot predict , But no matter what happens, the fire will never die, the China will not die!"

Speaking of this, Cai Shaochu's expression suddenly became vicious, "The traitor black hole you mentioned earlier is not Etivi Harlan, or their dísciple.

Be careful with them."

When it comes to this traitor black hole, Xu Tui's hatred is beyond description.

If it is really one of these two people, then these two people leave the moon at a critical moment, it is the collusion of alien invaders.

It's not too much to scratch it!

What's more terrifying is that the enemy is right in front of you, and the traitor is still there!

"Principal, can't we get them out?"

"There is no evidence! Even if there is evidence, we can't pull them now. The turbulence is too great!" Cai Shaochu sighed .

"Okay, remember to encrypt the data and save it in multiple ways. In addition, no matter what the situation, you must remember that life is the first priority!" Cai Shaochu confessed so much and was very tired. So, with a wave of his hand, Xu Tui closed his eyes in the nutrition warehouse before he left!   After leaving Cai Shaochu, Xu Tui finally got in touch with Li Zhen.

With the help of Li Zhen, the upgraded combat uniform of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was taken out from the genetic armed center that had been closed due to the destruction.

It can also be regarded as a solution to Xu Tui's urgent need.

"How is the situation with Fire Star and Phobos?" Xu Tui asked with concern.

"Blue Star has always attached great importance to the defense of fire star and Phobos. During non-energy tide periods, each alliance will station a Planetary Grade powerhouse in its base.

Above Phobos, there is also a Planetary Grade powerhouse guarding.

At present, the Planetary Grade powerhouse over there has all been concentrated on Phobos. There are a total of nine Planetary Grade powerhouses." Li Zhen Said.

When Li Zhen said this, Xu Tui was a little anxious, "All are concentrated on Phobos, is it to abandon the wasteland Quantum Random Gate of the fire star base in Huaxia District?"

To give up this wasteland quantum arbitrary gate, then An Xiaoxue, but really can't come back.

"Never give up! Planetary Grade powerhouses are gathered together to form a deterrent.

At present, our Planetary Grade powerhouse has already raided the enemy's fire star Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is tightly restrained there.

However, the current situation of fire star is not optimistic!"

"How to say?"

" The army of alien invasions is passing through the Quantum Transmission Gate, landing continuously. And our warrior on the fire star, sacrifice one, one less!   Isolate and helpless, it may not last long." Li Zhen said.

Xu Tui was silent. When the alien invaders retreated to the defensive fortress of the Moon’s Quantum Transmission Passage, Xu Tui had already realized this.

At this point, let alone his Xu Tui, even if he comes to a quasi-Planetary Grade, there is nothing he can do.

The probability of rushing past is being explodes into waste in an instant.

"Where is the headquarters, are there any plans?" Xu Tui asked.

"I'm trying to tune the power as much as possible. When the power is tuned to the same level, I may regain the Quantum Transmission Passage at all costs.

If the fire star is lost, we, the Blue Star, will be in the future. There is no future!" Li Zhen said solemnly.

In the next few days, on the moon, apart from sporadic tentative battles between Planetary Grade powerhouses, there was not much movement.

But every day, air and sky fighters rise and fall.

Human Race elites are constantly gathering.

In the past few days, all the cultivators of the genetic evolutionary realm are all gathered together, and what they can do is cultivation.

On October 14th, during the cultivation of Xu Tui's psychopath, he suddenly felt a lot of tyrannical aura, rising up without any scruples.

Xu Tui stood up suddenly.

A large number of silhouettes rose from all directions and slowly gathered towards the defensive fortress of the Lunar Quantum Transmission Passage.

The counterattack of Blue Star Human Race is about to begin!

On the fire star side, it can no longer be dragged!

If you drag on, fire star will really fall!

*****The   second thing is, there will be a long time tomorrow, this meeting will be over, and Zhu San can go home.

(End of this chapter)

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