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  Chapter 585 Secondary Strategy and Countdown

The fortress of the Blue Star human beings to defend against alien invaders , But now it has become a dangerous place guarded by alien invaders. This change is slightly ironic.

But now, the Blue Star humans must destroy this fortress.

The fortress-style command center under the moon, Wei Bin once again did his part as the commander-in-chief of the counterattack this time, and the real commander-in-chief of the moon Raymond was slightly embarrassed.

"Confirm the status of the Quantum Transmission Gate for the last time and confirm the combat time limit?" Wei Bin asked.

"The report shows that the instrument shows that the energy of the quantum Transmission Gate has begun to shift to the newly emerging quantum channel.

At the current rate, the energy transfer will be completed within five hours at most. But it is not certain whether this energy migration rate will increase."

Wei Bin glanced at the Chief-In-Charge in the command hall, "Based on this, this time counterattack, the combat time is limited to One hour.

Combat goal: to expel or partially annihilate Planetary Grade alien invaders, and to recapture the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage completely."

"Intensity: no matter the cost!"


"Connect me with Mr. Jacobron." Wei Bin ordered.

Jaglen is a Planetary Grade powerhouse who has come back to join the war. The Planetary Grade powerhouse in the European Union has a very special ability.

"The report to the commander-in-chief has been connected."

"Your Excellency Lieutenant, I am Jacobon."

"Mr. Jacobon, matter It's important, I want to confirm for the last time, are you ready and ready to take action?" Wei Bin asked.

"Your Excellency Lieutenant, I have entered the best combat position and can affect the Moon Quantum Arbitrary Gate at any time." Jacoben said.

"Well, the maximum duration, under at all costs, can only last for five minutes?" Wei Bin asked.

"Your Excellency, four minutes and fifty-two seconds to be exact."

"Isn't there any probability of increasing duration?"

"There are several Personally, I can enhance my ability for a long time, but none of them are here. Mr. Cai Shaochu can also, but Cai" Jacobian said.

"Understood, the battle is about to start, please wait for the order."

In the command hall, Wei Bin looked serious, "From the order, from this moment on, including Planetary Grade and Standard Planetary Grade powerhouse is included in the scope of the wartime regulations!The   wartime regulations, so I won’t repeat them. Everything is aimed at regaining the Quantum Transmission Passage."

Fill the ammunition and perform the final charge."

In the defensive fortress of the Lunar Quantum Transmission Passage, whether it is the identity of the Major General of Spirit Race or the identity of the forward base, Lei Zhen is a decision-maker who can do his part.

Bluestar Human Race's change at this moment naturally attracted their attention.

"How long is the moon quantum Transmission Passage migration time?" Lei Zhen asked.

The Fifth Wisdom, Planetary Grade powerhouse, a fission family who specializes in quantum teleportation fission and fusion, immediately stepped forward to answer respectfully.

"My lord, at the current rate, it will take four hours and 47 minutes. The original quantum Transmission Passage of the moon can be integrated into our newly established consumable and transportable Planetary Grade powerhouse quantum Transmission Passage. , So as to completely solidify our newly established controllable quantum Transmission Passage." Fifth Hui said.

"After the curing is complete, we leave here and evacuated to fire star to join the battle. How long can we close or limit the flow of the newly established Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage?" Lei Zhen asked.

This operation of Spirit Race has a series of rigorous plans.

Rescuing the thunder elephant is one of the small steps.

However, in the whole plan, rescuing the thunder elephant is just one thing where water flows, a canal is formed.

Approximately it can be said to be able to show that it cannot.

The Leixiang wants to be rescued, but it can't show it directly yet.

Otherwise, with the shrewdness of Bluestar Human Race, you will definitely realize the value of Leixiang and thoroughly explore the value of Leixiang. In that case, it will be troublesome!

Therefore, the mission at this time, rescuing the thunder elephants, is just a small branch of the war at a certain time.

"My lord, our newly established Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage, if it is fused with the Moon's Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage and then solidified, it will take at least three hours to shut it down completely.


But if the current is limited, it is much easier.

After fifteen seconds after we evacuated to the fire star, we can reduce the passing energy intensity and limit the current to the Planetary Grade powerhouse.


After one minute, the standard is reduced to genetic powerhouse." Fifth Hui said.

"What more?" Lei Zhen frowned.

"There is no way to limit the current anymore. The Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage can only limit the current to the genetic transmutation level at most." Fifth Hui said.

"It's okay, as long as we successfully withdraw the fire star, they will follow a large number of genetic transmutation for better, which just greatly weakens their power.

We kill the transmutation.

, It’s still very easy."

After finishing speaking, Lei Zhen sensed the tyrannical aura rising in the distance, "However, Blue Star Human Race probably won’t give us that much time."

"Yes, with the current level of Bluestar Human Race, we should be able to monitor and discover that we are transferring and fusing the original Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage." Fifth Hui said.

"Can you speed up the integration?" Lei Zhen asked.

"If I don't participate in the battle and control it with all my strength, I can more than double the speed." Fifth Hui said.

"More than double? It takes two hours and 13 points. At this time, it is still possible to stick to it.

Then you continue to host, not as a last resort , Do not participate in the war.

In addition, prepare for the worst.

If we really can’t make it through that time, then we will evacuate from this temporary Planetary Grade channel and transfer to the planet. , But before the evacuation, must destroy the Quantum Transmission Passage here.

In that case, our strategic goals can still be achieved!   Military achievements and rewards are still indispensable for you." Lei Zhen said.

Hearing this, the six Planetary Grade powerhouses in the defensive fortress, and the 37 quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses of all races suddenly promised.

After the raid on the moon that day, there were so many alien invaders who finally retreated into the defensive fortress of the Moon’s Quantum Transmission Passage.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse killed three people, and the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse killed 13 people.

At this time, half of the remaining battle strength is injured, and the battle strength is reduced.

But now the Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage for evacuation has been completed, and the fire star strategy has reached the most critical moment.

Once fire star and Phobos are captured again, it will definitely be a significant victory.

This kind of feat can definitely carry Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of the forward base, into the sanctuary.

Once Lei Shu entered the sanctuary, it was of great significance to Lei Bu and the others.

This one of them will also become the real high-level of Spirit Race.

"Is the black hole connected?" Lei Zhen asked suddenly.

At present, they have determined that the status of the black hole in the Blue Star Human Race should be very high. Lei Zhen wants to obtain the Blue Star Human Race’s counterattack plan from the black hole at a critical moment, but didn’t expect Can't contact the black hole.

"Send a message to the black hole, we can provide the direction of Planetary Grade powerhouse breakthrough and improvement."

As soon as this statement comes out, another Planetary Grade powerhouse face Changed, "My lord, even ourselves."

Lei Zhen waved his hand, "Don’t be nervous, just hang out the bait first! To further determine the identity of the black hole, if it works well, the black hole may become this A key turning point in a battle.

It is also possible that we can grab a larger amount of benefits in this battle."

Suddenly, a dazzling and dense stream of light rises from a distance. , Lei Zhen waved his hand violently, "Fight!   Goal, hold on for two hours and 21 minutes, and withdraw to fire star to join the battle!"

Dense brilliance from various ground or underground battle bases on the moon Ascending, this time, the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the alien invaders, all stuck in the defensive fortress, so there is no fear of exposure.

But the accuracy and intensity of the fire must be controlled well.

If you accidentally ruin the Quantum Transmission Passage, you would cry without tears.

In the comprehensive base of Huaxia District, Xu Tui and the others, who were on standby and cultivated for several days, also found a suitable place to watch them because of this movement.

This is the first time Xu Tui has seen this type of battle against Planetary Grade powerhouse.

The first to be dispatched was the various weapons of mass destruction on the Blue Star side.

The kind of laser cannons, electromagnetic railguns, high-frequency oscillating particle beams that can destroy the defensive fortress, and concentrate fire on the defensive fortress.

Then, the scene that made Xu Tui stunned appeared.

These technological weapons, which can be regarded as destroying formidable power, are a bit like toys under the intervention of the various powers of the Planetary Grade powerhouse on the opposite side.

Either the power is reduced, or it turns a corner, or bounces back, or it is destroyed before it gets close!   At the same moment, the Planetary Grade powerhouse and quasi-planetary powerhouse on Blue Star's side also moved.

Within five days, Blue Star gathered five Planetary Grade powerhouses and 21 quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses, including Itivi and Harun who rushed back.

Not only did Itivi come back from the Union of India, but also transferred another Planetary Grade powerhouse, Knott, to suppress the doubt.

The same is true for the Milian District. In addition to the return of Harlan, another planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District, Heidolf, also came to help. Two myths.

There are currently up to ten Blue Star Human Race Planetary Grade powerhouses on the moon!

However, only nine can participate in the war.

Cai Shaochu was seriously injured and still in the nutrition warehouse.

On the Blue Star Human Race side, the number of quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses that can participate in the battle has also reached 64.

The moon is the home base of the Bluestar Human Race. After a quick response, it is normal to have an advantage in strength.

This lineup, with a wide range of play, will definitely be able to kill this group of people like Lei Zhen.

It is a pity that Lei Zhen and the others stuck to the moon’s defensive fortress, and even stuck to the side of the moon’s quantum Transmission Passage, until now.

With the participation of the Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse on the Blue Star side, the battle situation began to rapidly tilt towards the Blue Star side.

The powerhouse on the Blue Star side restrained the power of the opposite powerhouse, allowing the Blue Star technology weapon, which was previously a toy, to come into play.

Bluestar Human Race has built several decades of continuously strengthening defensive fortresses with a thickness of tens of meters, and began to melt and peel away layer by layer!

The casualties on both sides were not too great, but the battle was extremely fierce.

Especially the attacks of the Planetary Grade powerhouse and the attacks of technological weapons, where they fell, stood in ruins.

Twenty minutes after the start of the battle, a ball of fire exploded continuously from Itivi's hands. Several layers of defensive fortresses had been stripped away, and finally a gap of tens of meters was blasted out.

The Lei Zhen and the others who were stuck inside were finally completely exposed to the attack range of the Blue Star Powerhouse.

With the advantage of the number of people, Lei Zhen's party instantly became chaotic.

"This Itivi is very strong!"

Lei Zhen squinted, and in just twenty seconds, there was a Planetary Grade powerhouse on his side who was hit hard. The planet powerhouse died in battle.

Especially the technological weapons that originally threatened them, under the restraint and cooperation of the Bluestar powerhouse, exerted huge formidable power.

"My lord, I'm afraid I can't make it anymore."

The Leixiang is also a little helpless. Their Lei Department is better at offensive and quick attack, especially with the help of Thunder Flash. It's a nightmare for the enemy to change a place.

But now, letting him stay in a place to defend like a firefighter makes him feel very passive.

"It's a pity!"

Lei Zhen sighed, "If this Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage can be integrated with Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage, then we can withdraw the fire star.

When we withdraw the fire star, we will be able to completely wipe out the Blue Star’s nine Planetary Grade powerhouses with the fire star’s battle strength.

After losing nine Planetary Grade powerhouses, Blue I am afraid that the power of the stars will be crippled by us! When   the time comes, not to mention occupying the fire star, it is possible to break the moon and return to the blue star.

Once the time comes, return to the blue star.

Star, I can enter the temple, even what a   pity."

Lamenting, Lei Zhen issued a new order, "Prepare to retreat, but before retreating, must destroy the original moon Quantum Transmission Passage.

In this way, when the secondary strategic objective is completed, the commander-in-chief will be able to completely capture fire star and Phobos.

Fifth Hui, interrupt the integration, Destroy the original quantum Transmission Passage of the moon!"

"Good lord." The fifth wisdom sighed in relief with sweat on his forehead.

At almost the same moment, the subterranean fortress command center on the moon, the adjutant suddenly reported, "Report to the commander-in-chief, the energy transfer of the moon's quantum Transmission Passage is interrupted!"


Wei Bin glared at him and roared, "Mr. Jacobron, take it!"

"292 seconds countdown, start!"

******   Today, after hearing the bad news, Yuan Longping, Yuan Lao and Wu Mengchao, the two academicians of Old Wu passed away, with great grief!

Zhu San received the personal blessings of his two elders. When he was a child, Zhu San’s memory of starvation was very strong. Follow the students of Old Wu students.

The two old country member matchless, forever!

(End of this chapter)

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