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  Chapter 588 Deterrence and Relations

"Lei Zhen, have you completed the strategic goal?"

Lei Shu's question caused Lei Zhen, who had just returned from the battle, to have an unspeakable sadness and unspeakable suffering!

Did they try their best?

Do your best! It's   a deadly battle!

Look behind Lei Zhen, you will know.

Fifty prospective Planetary Grade powerhouses, ten Planetary Grade powerhouses, and Lei Zhen himself, a total of eleven Planetary Grade powerhouses.

How many are you back?   Quasi Planetary Grade, none of them came back.

Planetary Grade, including Lei Zhen, returned a total of five people, and the other four were seriously injured.

Basically the whole army is wiped out!   I've hit this level, can you say that they didn't fight enough?

Enough spelling, it can be said to be the ultimate!

But the problem is that the question asked by Commander Lei Shu made Lei Zhen's pain and sadness only tumbling, but it couldn't flow out!

War, only the result! The   process is not important.

The result now is that the fundamental strategic goal has not been completed.

The team commanded by Lei Zhen, no matter how much sacrifice, it is meaningless!   Lei Zhen's silence caused Lei Shu on the opposite side to immediately realize that something was wrong?

"What's the situation, answer immediately!" Lei Shu screamed.

The battlefield is over in a flash, he needs to adjust his strategy according to the changes in the battle situation!   "Report to the commander-in-chief, the strategic goal has not been achieved, and we have suffered heavy losses!"

The moment Lei Zhen said this, the agitated depression in Lei Zhen's heart was beyond description. This is probably war!   "The loss is heavy? None of the secondary strategic goals have been completed?" Lei Shu fell silent.

"Isn't the information over there saying that there are only four Planetary Grade guards? You brought ten Planetary Grades?" Lei Shu roared!   "Commander in chief, Blue Star Human Race, the fight is much harder than we thought!"

"No matter how determined you are, you will have the opportunity to ruin the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage! Three Can you not get a second chance?" Lei Shu roared!   "We are going to destroy, but at the critical moment of hands-on, the space is folded! On the Blue Star Human Race side, there is a Planetary Grade powerhouse that can fold the space!   Then"

Previous experience Lei Zhen is no longer willing to say more about the tragic scene.

On the other side of the communication, Lei Shu's voice was already trembling, "How much did you lose in the battle? How much did you get back?"

"Counting me, a total of five people came back."

"I'm back with five Planetary Grade, and the others."

Lei Zhen is silent!

On the other side of the communication, Lei Shu was furious, "Didn’t I tell you the strategy? Once things go wrong, I will immediately give up the first strategic goal and try my best to achieve the second battle strategy. What are you doing? Eat it?"

"Commander, we worked hard, we are all dead!" Lei Zhen, who had just avoided a catastrophe, became excited and screamed at Lei Shu.

"Blue Star Human Race, completely different from what I imagined! Genetic Transmutation Realm, one genetic Transmutation Realm, holding their nuclear warheads, three-phase thermal bombs, one by one desperately toward us This charge!   I’m fighting   with us! I can’t stop it, I really can’t stop it. "At this point, Lei Zhen's mood has collapsed, and his voice is crying!

It’s just that Lei Zhen’s crying voice did not attract Lei Shu’s sympathy, only the anger and roar of the commander-in-chief!

"Lei Zhen, you bad my major event! If you   didn't complete the strategic goal, that's all. The power you brought was almost annihilated!   Do you know what this means?

It represents our power in Fire Star’s Planetary Grade, and we can’t lose it anymore!

If we lose again, we have to say whether we can go back or not!   From now on, because You are stupid and you have to be restrained!

I told you a long time ago, Blue Star Human Race should not be underestimated, you idiot."

In the angry roar, Lei Shu directly Hung up the communication.

In the dark space, in a huge meteorite, dozens of Spirit Race officers are working in the temporary command post.

thunder light flashed, Lei Shu turned directly, his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"I haven't found out the information of Shang Taki and Erila?"

An adjutant stood up and reported, "Report to the commander-in-chief, the Blue Star Human Race Moon we are currently invading On the Internet, all the information about Shanglong and Ireila found is known to us.

The exact information about their whereabouts has not been found yet!"

Lei Shu continued to face black!

Overall strength, Spirit Race is far stronger than Bluestar Human Race.

But during the nearly 100 years of fighting between the two sides, Blue Star Human Race has emerged some shocking and stunning generations.

For example, Cheng Fengxi, the founder of genetic ancient martial arts, and Gevro, the god of fire.

Although these two powerhouses are Planetary Grade, their battle strength far exceeds Planetary Grade.

In the past, Spirit Race also solved these two through a great price and a sophisticated design.

But this does not mean that Bluestar Human Race is unmanned!   Soon, Shang Taki in the Huaxia District and Ireila in the European Union District have become strategic forces in the Planetary Grade powerhouse of Bluestar Human Race!   Why do you say that?

Because of these two people, they once had the record of killing Planetary Grade powerhouse in seconds.

Especially Shang Taki, he killed more than one Planetary Grade!   Moreover, there is an extremely important feature, the constraint of space distance, for them, is not so strong anymore.

Such a force is called a strategic force!   Lei Shu can be the commander-in-chief of the forward base. He is actually such a strategic force. Facing the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the same level, he has the strength to crush!

The situation reported by Lei Zhen just now not only failed to achieve the strategic goal, but also suffered heavy losses.

It can be said that in a short period of time, Lei Zhen's power over there has been unable to participate in the fire star battle!

The current situation of the fire star is that the power of the cream of the crop is equal to each other, nine to ten.

Here, Lei Zhen sent to Fire Star’s Planetary Grade powerhouse, there are ten, a slight advantage, one more!   However, Blue Star Human Race has five more people in Fire Star’s quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse than Spirit Race.

This makes Spirit Race have to separate a Planetary Grade powerhouse to contain these quasi-Planetary Grades.

Because once left alone, the quasi-planets of Blue Star Human Race will be killed back from Phobos to Fire Star, then the elite generals that Spirit Race continuously sends to Fire Star will be slaughtered. probability!   Even Lei Shu, the high level other quantum array cores in his hand are extremely limited.

So at present they can transfer to the elite of fire star through Ceres, the strongest power fluctuation can only be genetic transformation.

As for the Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is reached through another very ancient quantum Transmission Passage, but this ancient quantum Transmission Passage is very random.

They also arrived after a long period of preparation.

At present, the armies of various races under the control of Spirit Race are constantly gathering and advancing on the fire star. The more troublesome thing is that it is not during the energy tide period, so the technological weapons on the fire star can be used.

Under the suppression of the firepower of Blue Star Human Race technological weapons, the army governed by Spirit Race is progressing slowly. It takes a lot of time to capture the fire star and annihilate the fire star Blue Star Human Race.

But the problem is that the Moon’s strategy fails, and Blue Star Human Race’s support for Fire Star will begin soon.

Lei Shu thought for a long time, and now the force that can quickly break through the game seems to be the only commander in chief.

If his commander-in-chief makes a surprise attack, he can definitely kill one or two of Phobos’ blue stars Planetary Grade powerhouse and break the balance!

Then, as long as the power of the cream of the crop wins, they can crush dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to occupy the fire star and occupy Phobos!

However, the strategic forces of the two Planetary Grade powerhouses of Bluestar Human Race are invisible!

This makes Lei Shu feel unsure!

Whether it's Shang Taki or Erica, it is still possible for Lei Shu to deal with one.

But if Lei Shu emerges by himself first, and then Shang Taki and Arela suddenly emerge again, Lei Shu may be left in the fire star forever and fall completely!   This is not Lei Shu's worries, let alone Lei Shu's timidity!   This is purely an empirical talk that was pitted by the Blue Star humans!   Several decades ago, Spirit Race had two strategic-level Planetary Grade powerhouses from Peak. They were caught in this way by Blue Star and then killed in one fell swoop, completely changing the direction of the battle!

Therefore, Lei Shu never came forward!

He will not come forward, nor will the two strategic forces of Blue Star come forward!

It is tacit understanding and deterrence!   But now, he can't sit still, he wants to make a move to change the situation, which is in trouble!

Before confirming the whereabouts of these two, he dare not and cannot show his head!   "Is there any news from the black hole?"

"The black hole has not responded." The adjutant replied.

This time, Lei Shu's most trusted adjutant Lei Qian stayed behind.

"Where are the people in Shuguang, have you given any information?" Lei Shu asked.

"Commander-in-chief, the information given by Sugon is that Shang Taki has not appeared in public for four years.

The last time Irela reported publicly, it was a year and a half ago. It is said that they personally changed the trajectory of a meteorite.

But they don’t know and cannot determine where Shang Taki and Arela are now.” The adjutant said.

Lei Shu's face darkened, "Dawn, the trash, give them that many resources and support every year, do they use such information to fool us?"

Adjutant "."

"Continue to contact the black hole, as long as the black hole responds, I will talk about it myself! If my guess is correct, the black hole must know the whereabouts of these two people." Lei Shu shouted.


On the moon, in the comprehensive base in Huaxia District, an officer sent a large box of things to Xu Tui, which surprised Xu Tui!

"This is?"

"We will prepare it for you, I hope I can use it."

"Thank you!"

3 minutes later, Xu Tui arrived in the Quantum Transmission Passage, and an officer handed Xu Tui a combat supply box.

Including ten B-level energy active potions, 5 grams of spirit strength source crystal for supplementing spirit strength consumption, and various other emergency medicines.

At this moment, the Bluestar genetic committee is still very generous.

Of course, Xu Tui believes that this was prepared for him by Huaxia District!   "Is it Mr. Xu Tui?"

Suddenly, a man from the European Union came to Xu Tui.

"Are you?"

"I am a follower of Mr. Jacobon. I am entrusted by Mr. Jacobon to give you a gift.

Mr. Jacobian said, you don’t need to thank him for this gift. A gentleman named Cai has already thanked him!"

While speaking, he handed it to Xu Tui. A very delicate card bag, inside the card bag, contains a source crystal ability sealing card.

"This is?" Xu Tui was puzzled.

Jacob's followers said, "This is the space-folding source crystal ability seal card produced by Mr. Jacob at a huge price.

After you cast it, in front of you It can be folded once for ten seconds.

You can basically think of it as an invincible card that is ten seconds old!

Most Planetary Grade powerhouses, I can’t break through the folding space in ten seconds!   I hope it will bring you good luck!” After that, the Jacobian follower left without any more nonsense.

Xu Tui is startled.

Old Cai's gift is a bit heavy!   Not far away, Lieutenant General Wei Binwei, who was commanding the scene, looked at Xu Tui and laughed, and said Xu Tui was not a student of Old Cai?

This treatment is not bad for my son, right?

Is the favor of Planetary Grade powerhouse good?

Especially the fellow Jacobon!   "Salute!"

In the long roar of the guards, Xu Tui resolutely stepped into the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage alone!

But the moment Xu Tui stepped in, the scarlet Huo Jane in Xu Tui's mind suddenly trembled!   ******   Sitting, the back pain is too uncomfortable, it affects the state too much, and I can’t hold it anymore. Tomorrow, I have to find someone who has a level of pressure to correct it.

(End of this chapter)

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