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  Chapter 589 The transaction and a person are also reinforcements   In Xu Tui, he entered the Moonfire Quantum Transmission At the same moment as Passage, in the temporary base of Spirit Race, an adjutant suddenly shouted.

"Report to the commander-in-chief, the black hole has contacted, and there is a reply."

Lei Shu, who was frowning and studying the combat situation, suddenly turned around, "Directly apply for the call, I want to communicate directly with him. "

"Please wait a moment, commander in chief."

After one minute, the communication is connected and Spirit Race forward base commander Lei Shu talks directly with the black hole.

However, when the communication was connected, no matter whether it was a black hole or thunder, there was no rush to speak, and the atmosphere was a little dull.

A few seconds later, Lei Shu easily said with a smile, "the past few days, we everyday all want to contact you once, but we can't contact you all the time. Are you participating in the war?"

On the opposite side of the communication, a transcribed electronic sound rang out. It is obvious that technical equipment is used for the black hole call.

"If you have the sincerity to cooperate, don't conduct similar temptations!

If there are similar temptations, I will think this is your provocation and cooperation with you , Is extremely insecure.” Even though it was transcribing electronic sounds, the sound of the black hole was obviously emotional.

"It's just a concern for our partners."

"You call me one after another, what's the matter? Or say, what I want, you are ready Up?" the black hole asked.

"The rhombohedral protists you want can collect and purify a variety of energy. We don't have this for the time being. We may have them on the local side, but it takes time.

Clan protists are actually purifying and collecting source energy to obtain higher-quality energy.

You should be increasing cultivation base and battle strength, right?

In this way, my hands There are two sets of our Spirit Race secret cultivation techniques, which can quickly improve the battle strength of Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade respectively.

Cultivation After these two sets of cultivation techniques, the foundation and accumulation will increase. Quasi-Planetary After Grade breakthrough, you can also maintain a strong battle strength.

You choose a set as a trade item, right?" Lei Shu said.

"On the cultivation base, on the accumulation of knowledge in cultivation, your Spirit Race is indeed far ahead of us. But in terms of playing with your heart, your Spirit Race is just like that.

Even In my opinion, your method is a little more tender."

The electronic sound of the black hole, without a trace of emotion, can make Lei Shu feel angry, "Don't challenge my bottom line."

"Sorry, I just really want to provide you with a good training technique."

"Do you think I will believe it? Really good things, how can you take Come out?   You fool your vassal races with those junk things, I don't need it!" said the black hole.

"This cultivation technique is really true"

"If you continue this worthless excuse, then end the call."

If you are a black hole, let Lei Shu's expression stagnated.

The black hole he was talking to is absolutely an old fox, so cunning.

Regarding his identity information, no bit of probability is revealed.

"In fact, we have always been sincere. I have the silver casket you want. I have it in my hands. If you can put it forward, you should already know it.

It is a treasure that can directly enhance your origin and strengthen your strength.

Especially for the so-called mysterious system among your blue star humans, it is very useful.

However, this silver of the spirit The box, even in our Spirit Race, is extremely precious!

My Spirit Race forward base commander, the quota for one year is only one.

So, you think For this silver box of spirit, we must provide us with something of corresponding value before it can be sold." Lei Shu said.

"I know the silver casket of the spirit, since you have it, tell me what do you want to know?"

"I want to know about Shang Taki and Arella The specific locations of these two people." Lei Shu said directly.

On the opposite side of the communication, the black hole was silent for a few breaths, and said, "You look at me too high. I'm impossible to know the specific location of these two people."

"One of them That’s okay! In other words, to determine their approximate range, such as whether it is a blue star, or on the moon, or a fire star, or a meteorite belt. Of course, I need sufficient evidence.” Lei Shu said.

"Sorry, I really want to make up a message to get the silver box of the spirit, but I want to have a long-term partner." said the black hole.

"You are very wise. But unfortunately, if you want to obtain the silver box of the spirit, the intelligence level, I can't think of other intelligence that can have similar value." Lei Shu said helplessly.

"Actually, there are." said the black hole.

"Tell me?"

"For example, the captured thunder elephant of your Spirit Race."

In the temporary command base, Lei Shu's face changed slightly , But the voice did not fluctuate, "It's just a captive."

"Your blood relatives!"

"What do you want to say?"

"You It should be clear that with normal means, the probability that you want to rescue this captive from the Blue Star is basically not there, but now, there is a chance." said the black hole.

"What opportunity?" Lei Shu asked further.

At this moment, Lei Shu basically did not hesitate.

The Leixiang was captured. It was a shame. He might have spit out and revealed important secrets of Spirit Race, but what about?   Spirit Race is all Spirit Race.

Spirit Race mine department, also all Spirit Race mine department.

Only his clansman is their own!   "I want a silver box of spirit."

"If the method is indeed feasible, no problem." Lei Shu agreed very happily.

"How do you give me the silver casket of the spirit?" the black hole asked.

"You come to fire star, and you can decide where you want to trade." Lei Shu said.

"Okay, then I will talk about the location. After I get the things, I will give you specific information."

"We need to evaluate."

"What do you mean? ?"

"Give us information first. After we evaluate, give you the silver box of the spirit."

"Do you treat me as a three-year-old child?"

"Neither are we." Lei Shu said with a smile.

On the opposite side of the communication, the black hole is silent.

"What do you want?" The black hole asked after a few breaths of silence.

"Two choices. First, give us information. After we evaluate and implement, we can give you the silver box of the spirit. For this, I can use my personality."

"This is war. Will it be useful if you talk to me about personality?"

"Then the second method, you can directly complete the set goal and give it to us, or you can directly give us the Thunder Elephant , I'll give you two silver boxes of spirits.

When the time comes, it should be okay to trade face-to-face." Lei Shu said.

The black hole became silent again, and after a few breaths of silence, he said, "I can't give you the thunder elephant directly, but I can give you the valuable target that can be exchanged for the thunder elephant.

Two silver caskets of spirits?"

"Two silver caskets of spirits!"

"Okay. But I need your troops to do some corresponding cooperation. "The black hole said.

"How to cooperate?"

"Prioritize the concentration of superior forces and break through the two fire star bases owned by Huaxia District, and my goal is very likely to be in these two bases. Inside." The black hole said.

"It's okay, it's just a sequence, you can cooperate." Lei Shu thought about it, and agreed.

The black hole hung up the communication very neatly, but Lei Shu frowned and thought about it. A few minutes later, Lei Shu said to the adjutant, "Ask the trash from Shuguang, who are in Blue Star? The forces have an irreconcilable conflict of interest with the Huaxia District."

This time, Sugon’s efficiency is extremely high, and the answer is given, the Indo-Union District and the Milian District.

"Let Sugon send me the Planetary Grade powerhouse data of the Union District and Milian District," Lei Shu said.

After one minute, Lei Shu took the freshly obtained information and carefully reviewed it. Mysterious Mr. Black Hole might be on this list.

In the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage.

As soon as he stepped into it, the scarlet Huo Jian in Xu Tui's mind trembled suddenly and the red light shimmered.

The scarlet Huo Jian's sudden movement made Xu Tui very surprised. Before observing what happened to the induction, a strange touch suddenly appeared in Xu Tui's Heart.

To be precise, it appeared in Xu Tui's mental induction.

It's like a location, a bit like a map, but it's not very similar.

That feels very strange, like a direction map suddenly appeared in my mind. What's even more amazing is that in Xu Tui's induction, the direction map in my mind is faintly related to the moon fire. Quantum Transmission Passage is related.

At this moment, Xu Tui suddenly had a very clear sense of control. He felt that wherever he wanted to appear on the azimuth map, he could appear on the azimuth map.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart moved.

Is this illusory and vague orientation map the orientation map of fire star?   After all, this will be related to Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage.

And scarlet fire Jane is also obtained from fire star.

The time to pass the Transmission Passage is actually very short, just over two seconds.

In a flash, Xu Tui instinctively locked the spirit strength in a familiar position.

That is the location of the fire star base in Huaya Region.

In the next moment, Xu Tui had fallen out of the sky. The moment he fell out, Xu Tui swept high in the sky to the fire star base in Huaya Region.

Not far, from high above, it is only a few tens of kilometers away from Xu Tui's landing point.

Really?   Somewhat surprised, but at this moment, there is no time to think about it.

This time, Xu Tui did not turn on the backup parachute, but directly activated the sole jet thruster of the combat uniform, and after one rotation, he dived in the direction of the fire star base in the Huaya region.

The first task, the emergence of reinforcements, is the most important!

"Ahuang, help me contact the fire star base in Huaya region and access their combat channel."

After 3 minutes, Xu Tui’s identity was confirmed and he was directly Pulled in the combat frequency.

The current commander in command of the fire star base defense battle in the Huaya region is still Xu Tui’s old acquaintance.

Feng Xuanbiao!

Feng Xuanbiao, the former commander of the second regiment of the 3rd Tiger Legion Division, is now the commander of the 7th Independent Brigade of the Tigers Legion, the former 3rd Division of the Tigers Legion, moved to the fire star base in China, which was newly built last year Crater fire star base.

"Xu Tui, please immediately detour to our base Northwest towards three o'clock. Ten minutes later, there will be a special warfare squad that will take you into the base.

Repeat Please reach the designated location within ten minutes!"

As the first reinforcement sent by the moon after the fire star was attacked, it was more meaningful than practical. Therefore, Feng Xuanbiao chose to pick up Xu Tui and enter the fire first. star base.

War, more importantly, is the power of the collective!   "Brigadier Feng, can you give me five minutes, I want to do something, I am a reinforcement!

Although I am alone, I am a reinforcement!" Xu Tui said.

At this moment, Xu Tui said so, not a hero!   It is Xu Tui who has a clear understanding of his own strength.

And at this moment, there are many alien invaders attacking the fire star base in Huaya Region, but they are scattered!   The reason is that the fire star base in Huaya Region is very powerful.

Once these alien invaders gather in large numbers, Feng Xuanbiao's side will immediately carry out artillery-covered strikes, causing a large number of casualties.

Forcing the alien invaders to adopt a decentralized strategy!

"From the perspective of reinforcements and the psychological needs of soldiers, I hope you can enter our base completely!

Tell everyone with facts that the reinforcements of the moon are coming!" Feng Xuanbiao said solemnly.

"That's just to appease, I want to tell everyone with the real facts that reinforcements have really arrived!" Xu Tui insisted.

"Once you fall into a siege or are surrounded by enemy elite forces, we can't rescue you!" Feng Xuanbiao was silent.

"Principal Cai gave me the source crystal ability seal card to save my life!"

As soon as this statement came out, Feng Xuanbiao on the opposite side was shocked and almost didn't shoot the table.

There is such a thing, you said it earlier, grind a bird!

"I will give you a map of the enemy's power around the base! Do your best to make this movement bigger!   Not only our base should see reinforcements coming, it is best to let others The base sees it too!" Feng Xuanbiao roared.


*****   Today, I was standing with the codeword. I found a blind press and pressed it, and I pressed the pig three times. Scream, I don’t think the effect is great, I have to go to the hospital tomorrow!

(End of this chapter)

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