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  Chapter 591 Xu Tui’s evil tricks (subscription required)   "Report to the commander, the combat dynamic chart shows , The seventh column suffered a devastating blow! Captain, Vice Captain and the special warfare squad, the entire army was wiped out!"

"The enemy Earth Element is extraordinary, and the visual combat distance exceeds one kilometer!"

Suddenly the voice communication channel was lost, and Lei Wen, the commander of the Third Division of Spirit Race, who was mainly attacking the fire star base in the Huaya region, frowned.

On the battle dynamic map, the light spot representing the warrior at the position of the seventh column disappeared quickly.

In a few seconds, the seventh long-range firepower column was reduced by 50%, and then the officers were completely eliminated. When the position of the position began to be reduced again, the light spots were scattered and collapsed!

The seventh long-range firepower column was defeated! The   seventh long-range firepower column mainly conducts long-range fire dumping and suppression of the defenders of the fire star base in the Huaya region, preventing them from conducting effective counterattacks.

As soon as this seventh long-range firepower column was defeated, its effect was fed back to the battlefield.

The counterattack firepower of the opposing base began to increase, several assault columns, the pressure surged, and casualties began to increase.

"Special reconnaissance team, the other side's reinforcement is alone?" Lei Wen frowned.

"The report teacher, the scientific and technological investigation and the extraordinary investigation, all show that the enemy currently active in our seventh long-range firepower column position, there is only one person: the information fluctuation of the genetic evolutionary environment!"

"The seventh long-range firepower column, Captain is a genetic evolutionary realm, and there are eight genetic evolutionary realms. It seems that the enemy reinforcements are very strong."

Lei Wen frowned because of this wave As a result, the battle Qi, which is on the opposite side of the fire star base in Huaya Region, is even more powerful!   "To what extent has the assault squad I deployed from various ministries assembled?" Lei Wen shouted.

"Report to the commander, the original assault squad in the division has four people in the Transmutation Realm and ten in the Evolution Realm. At present, there are four people in the Transmutation Realm gathered from various columns.

The remaining people are expected to be assembled within ten minutes to half an hour due to the distance between the positions," the adjutant said.

"Eight Transmutation Realms and 10 Evolution Realms are enough. The ground is high, you are the Commando Captain, and the Earth Element is extraordinary, you say, how long will you be able to take him down!" Lei Wen Asked.

The one who called the height of the ground was a man who was over two meters tall, with yellowish skin and full of strong Earth Element power fluctuations.

"Master, give me ten minutes, I will hang his corpse on a flagpole for you!" Di Gao shouted.

"Okay, then I'll give you ten minutes! Ten minutes later, I will raise the corpse of this reinforcement as a banner. When the flag of the corpse of the reinforcement is raised, we will launch against this base When always attacking!" Lei Wen shouted.

"Let's go!"

There is no nonsense on the ground, and the assault squad members rushed towards the seventh column position in a flash.

Eight Transmutation Realms, Ten Evolution Realms! In the   distance, in Xu Tui's headset, Feng Yuanbiao's screams have been heard.

"Xu Tui, the detectives have detected that the enemy has an assault squad that has been outflanked. The number may be as high as twenty people!

Please evacuate immediately behind you At four o'clock, we will send a special warfare squad to take you to the revolving base immediately!

Please withdraw immediately, we will take you to the revolving base, please answer if you receive it!" Feng Xuanbiao shouted.

"Brigadier Feng, trust my judgment and confidence, just provide me with intelligence support." Xu Tui said.


Feng Xuanbiao only hesitated for a moment before he made a decision and gave Xu Tui intelligence support.

At this time, arguing with Xu Tui is meaningless, except to interfere with Xu Tui.

"According to the genetic information fluctuations, at least eight are in genetic transmutation, and at least eight are in genetic transmutation!

There is still 20 kilometers away from you, and it is expected to arrive after two and a half minutes Your position." Feng Xuanbiao shouted.

Eight genetic transmutations?   Xu Tui's eyebrows slightly frowned.

This force is quite strong.

If there are eight genetic transformations one by one, Xu Tui will definitely kill one by one. He has this confidence.

The genetic base point enhancement level of autonomous evolution and metamorphosis is not imaginary.

But the eight Transmutation Realms came together, and even if they were divided into two groups to outflank them, Xu Tui was under great pressure.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui's heart suddenly moved.

Maybe, you can play evil!   Take out two spare large expendable Flying Swords, Xu Tui took out two bullets, about the size of a basketball.

One is a 30kg pole nuclear fusion warhead, and the other is a 20kg class three-phase thermal explosive warhead.

It was something that Wei Bin gave to Xu Tui when he came, and said it was Cai Shaochu's confession.

Xu Tui thought of something at the time.

I didn't expect, I used it so soon.

Once the Flying Sword is posted, spirit strength is the best strap.

The spirit strength is entangled, and the bondage is very tight.

At this moment, time is precious, but Xu Tui still took 30 seconds to test the flight.

There is no problem with Flying Sword’s load, and it’s okay to double or double the weight.

The only problem is the balance after the load.

This problem, in fact, Xu Tui practiced Controlling Sword Flight during this time and has already solved this problem.

Now it's just to let Flying Sword adapt to these two warheads that are different from the human body.

Thirty seconds later, Xu Tui could already see the Spirit Race assault team from both sides in the distance and low in the air.

Originally, I wanted to control Flying Sword directly to the blast, but the moment the Flying Sword rose, Xu Tui changed his mind again.

Two Flying Swords carrying warheads were placed directly on the ground by Xu Tui. The soles of the feet were swept, and the dust covered them, making a basic camouflage.

Unless someone swept the past with spirit strength, the warhead would not be found.

However, the spirit strength link is very close.

When the distance was more than three kilometers, Xu Tui could clearly see the yellow face of the leading Spirit Race, Xu Tui turned and retreated!

Seeing Xu Tui running away, the corner of his mouth was full of coldness, "Don't worry, just catch up in two teams, don't distract your strength, see what tricks he can do!"

In fifteen seconds, Xu Tui retreated 1.5 kilometers at a crushing speed, but the opponent quickly pursued it. The leading troops had already appeared where Xu Tui had placed the Flying Sword.

Xu Tui's body Vajra Barrier is bright and brilliant, and the mountain character Jue is instantly smashed from in the sky!

When I saw Shanzi Jue, Digao even sneered.

"Use the extraordinary ability of Earth Element in front of me, don't you know that my land is the ancestor of playing with the earth?"

With a wave of his hand, a javelin immediately greeted Xu Tui The Shanzi Jue, which is very accurate, has penetrated into the core of Xu Tui's Shanzi Jue.

Xu Tui's Shanzi Jue was shattered! The   enemy pursued another 500 meters, one kilometer from Xu Tui.

They have flown over 500 meters where Xu Tui had just released the warhead.

At this moment, the Flying Sword above Xu Tui's head rose.

Flying Sword’s blast through the air made the complexion changed, "Be careful of his Flying Sword. In the battle video just now, his Flying Sword is extremely powerful!"

All Everyone stared at the Flying Sword flying above Xu Tui's head.

Suddenly, someone's ears trembled.

There is a similar breaking sound behind you?

Flying Sword?

Turning back abruptly, I saw Flying Sword.

Ji Gao also heard an anomaly, but what he looked back at was spirit strength.

In the next instant, Ji Gao's face changed.

With his mentality, he saw the bullet on Flying Sword!



The ground is high and roar!

But, it's too late!   Flying Sword accelerated by Xu Tui with triple helix power can reach supersonic speed in one second.

This is still the case with the bullet tied!   The roar of the ground is already a second!

At the next moment, Xu Tui moved his upper and lower lips lightly to simulate a sound.

Biu!   Spirit strength is the most convenient detonating device, especially when these warheads are not shielded.

bang!   Two huge balls of light exploded at different places at the same time.

Even if it is one kilometer away, the shock wave blasts Xu Tui’s Vajra Barrier out of ripples, especially the three-phase thermal bomb’s three consecutive explosions. The high temperature and shock waves make Xu Tui The moment the Vajra Barrier waved widely, Xu Tui immediately used the most aggressive posture.

Lie flat!

On the moon, Cai Shaochu commanded the three-phase thermal bomb used to bomb the Planetary Grade powerhouse. It is a half-ton warhead, and its formidable power is higher than the twenty-kg-level three-phase heat used by Xu Tui. The explosive bomb is more than several times bigger!   However, the lethality of the core where the warhead exploded is not too different.

The super-large warhead has a wider range of influence and greater follow-up damage, but the core position of the two warheads explodes, the power gap is about double.

Almost in an instant, the three genetic transmutations at the core where the two warheads exploded were vaporized on the spot!

These three, equivalent to, were exploded while riding on a warhead.

At the same moment, Xu Tui's psychopath suddenly swayed, and her psychopath was interrupted.

The huge energy fluctuations directly affected Xu Tui's psychology.

By the time Xu Tui’s psychology unfolded, three of the eight genetic transmutation powerhouses had disappeared, one was broken and died on the spot, and two fleshy bodies were tattered. It should be Was seriously injured.

The height of the ground and the other one, with bleeding from the corners, were blasted to the ground by the terrifying shock wave, and were about to struggle.

As soon as the spirit strength moves, the ground thorn will be activated instantly.

Just standing up from the ground, he was dizzy and turned to the high ground. He roared savagely, "Despicable man, play with the soil, you can't do it!"

slammed on the ground with a kick, Xu Tui’s The ground thorn was declared broken before it rose, but Xu Tui was not surprised at all, there was only a sneer at the corner of his mouth!

The mental hammer blasted to the forehead of the high ground.

There was a momentary trance on the ground.

Suddenly a sharp pain came from his body. A stab with the thickness of a calf had risen from the ground, pierced into his body, and pierced out of his chest again!   puff puff puff's voice is endless! For the   remaining three injured Transmutation Powerhouses, Xu Tui only needs to slaughter, and the spirit hammer does not need to be used, but Xu Tui did not kill them all right away!

In the rear, ten genetic evolutionary states rushed forward with horror, wanting to save people! What   Xu Tui wants is for them to jump on, not run away!

Xu Tui stood there, not evasive, letting their attacks fall on his Vajra Barrier, but he himself was constantly killing these genetic evolutionary realms in seconds.

Three or four in a second!

If you go down with the word mountain formula, you will be able to blast two or three!

With Xu Tui's current strength, the cultivator of the evolutionary realm is already too weak!   Ten seconds later, there is only one dying Transmutation and Alienation Race cultivator left.

This alienated race’s genetic evolutionary realm, at this moment, when finally reacting, the fighting intent also collapsed.

Turn around to escape!   Xu Tui was about to kill with a sword from behind, and his heart moved suddenly.

Under the impact of the mental hammer, this alienated race's genetic evolutionary realm was comatose on the spot, and another dying Transmutation realm was directly killed by Xu Tui!

After thinking about it, Xu Tui stomped his foot and directly raised a ground thorn. He stabbed from the abdomen of this unconscious genetic evolutionary realm, but he cleverly avoided his vitals! It   looks like it's going to be hurt and dying, but it's actually not dead!   After approaching, Xu Tui stuffed the evolutionary cultivator of the alienation race into a dozen source crystal powders that had been marked with the spiritual magnetic mark, and then started touching the corpse at an extremely fast speed!   Genetic Transmutation powerhouse, the things you bring must be valuable.

One minute later, he touched Xu Tui who was on the kilogram source crystal, and left quickly, disappearing.

3 minutes later, Xu Tui, who deliberately failed to kill the genetic evolution of the alien race, slowly opened his eyes!   At this moment, his communicator is booming!   ******I   went to the hospital for acupuncture and moxibustion today, it was comfortable! The soreness all the time is gone!   (End of this chapter)

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