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  Chapter 592 Beheading and the European spirit is gone (subscription required)   Fire star in Huaya Region Inside the base, Feng Xuanbiao, his lieutenant, and several other military officers from the alliance area were stunned when they watched the battle scenes from the emergency area reconnaissance device!   The various moons of fire star were destroyed by alien invaders not long after the war started!   Although because of strong energy interference, but also because of the emergency area reconnaissance device itself, the picture is not too clear.

But the general trend can be seen!

The eight assault squads of the genetic evolutionary realm and ten genetic evolutionary realms were destroyed by Xu Tui alone!

Is this a one-person reinforcement?

Come to a group, don’t have this battle strength, right?

From the screen, the victory is a bit coincidental, but this ability.

What kind of humanoid nuclear weapon launcher is still the kind that can sneak attack from the back!

At this point, no one dared to question the correctness of Feng Xuanbiao’s direct killing of Yamato District Officer Ichiro Kubo!   Including the officers of the Yamato district troops themselves, they also think that their chiefs really made a wrong judgment.

The reinforcements, although alone, they are really fierce!

"Assemble ammunition and prepare to take advantage of the weakening of long-range pressure to fight a wave of counterattacks!"

As Feng Xuanbiao spoke, Feng Xuanbiao's orders were immediately resolute. The execution went on.

At the same moment, on the battlefield, the evolutionary cultivator of the alienated race that Xu Tui deliberately saved his life, listened to the voices in the communicator, and immediately cried and reported frantically.

"Report to the commander, the assault squad is annihilated!"

"What? Say it again?"

Is calling for the assault squad that suddenly lost contact Lei Wen, the commander of the Third Division, suddenly froze.

"Master, we assaulted the squad, from below Captain Gao, all died, all killed by that person!" the alienated warrior cried out sadly.

"It's all dead? The other person alone? Do you dream or are you kidding me? Just come to a quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse, and it's impossible to kill you so quickly, right?" Lei Wen roared.

On the side, Lei Wen’s adjutant said solemnly, "Teacher, according to the analysis of life information, all the signs of life of the Di Gao adults and their lives have disappeared.

It may be true"

Teacher Lei was stunned. This is really a suspenseful incident.

The genetic evolutionary state kills the transmutation state, Thaksin!

Not surprising!   There are many inside Spirit Race.

There are also powerful evolutionary cultivators that fight against two or three genetic transformations.

But, you have to say that an evolutionary realm, in less than 30 seconds, kill eight transmutation realm and nine genetic evolutionary realm.

He doesn't believe it!   He didn't believe it when he was killed!

The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is here. It is very difficult to achieve this speed of slaughter!

Transmutation powerhouse, normally speaking, is also very strong.

Especially the height of the ground. It is the expert of the soil department of Spirit Race. A quasi-planet is on the front, and he can't be killed in a short time!   This loss is a bit big!

So big that Lei Wen has such a moment of shock.

Then, the problem came.

Such a powerful assault team was destroyed, where did this reinforcement of the Blue Star Human Race go?

Suddenly, Lei Wen remembered another thing.

"What about you, your assault squad was wiped out and everyone else was killed. How did you survive?" Lei Wen shouted.

The elite warrior of this alienated race has a look of grief and anger.

He survived nine deaths and still alive, and he was even suspected by his own chief, how he survived.

But grief and anger return to grief and anger, and he has to answer.

As a vassal race, especially a warrior in his evolutionary realm, he basically has no human rights!   "Master, I was stunned by the opponent's heavy blow. After waking up, a large calf-thick hole was opened near my heart. It almost burst my heart.

It should be the opponent.

A little bit of misjudgment, plus I was in a coma, and the other party thought I was dead, so I was saved."

This alienated warrior's description is very sincere.

Of course, he dared not say something.

He thinks he is European!   Otherwise, everyone else would have died in battle, and he would have survived because of a difference of one millimeter.

This is not European style. What is it?   This kind of situation is true, and it is very common on the battlefield.

To sum it up, there are only two words-fate!   The warrior of this alienated race is fateful!

But the depression in Lei Wen's heart is indescribable. Up to now, Blue Star Human Race has only come with one reinforcement, but he has killed his troops! What's   more terrible is that they didn't even have much specific information about the reinforcements of Blue Star.

I only know that it is transcender, a genetic evolutionary realm, who will use Flying Sword, and the Earth Element with a wide range of attack capabilities is extraordinary!

"Have you seen this Blue Star reinforcements' combat method?" Lei Wen asked, "How did he kill the Transmutation member of the commando? What happened to your huge energy fluctuations just now? What's the matter?" Lei Wen asked anxiously.

This evolutionary alien warrior is about to despair, "Master, I need rescue, there is a big hole in my chest, pierced by the ground"

The desperate roar In the middle, even the voice is weakened.

Lei Wen hesitated for a second and said, "Wait on the spot, save yourself first, and the nearest rescue team will arrive in five minutes."

The warrior "Master Xie" is true. Is too weak.

In Lei Wen’s command center, Lei Wen, who gave the order, said to the adjutant, "After the emergency treatment, send this survivor to me. I want to personally understand the situation of the Blue Star reinforcements. ."

"Send orders to each column, shrink the line of defense, strengthen defenses, once you find the trace of this Blue Star reinforcements, immediately notify me."

"Send orders to the evolutionary situation of the deployment of the columns. , To speed up the assembly, I will reorganize a stronger assault team in a short time."


Fifteen minutes later, this is a disaster The immortal alien evolution elite warrior was sent to the third division commander Lei Wen.

Because it was my own warrior, and my own warrior was seriously injured and dying, and it was carried by my own rescue team. The guards did not do too much inspection and let it go.

Moreover, this is the person ordered by the teacher to be summoned.

On the battlefield, there is not that many tedious and tedious procedures.

At the same time, Xu Tui, who was constantly moving with the help of terrain to avoid the fire and occasionally kill the opponent's squad, fully sensed the source crystal powder that had been obtained from the alien evolution warrior.

Ten minutes ago, the source crystal powder started to move.

After moving at high speed for ten minutes, this will stop.

Xu Tui immediately contacted Feng Xuanbiao, "Is there an accurate location of the opponent's headquarters?"

"What do you want to do? You don't want to raid the opponent's headquarters, do you? Don’t do this, no matter whether the raid is successful or not, you will definitely get stuck inside.

On the other side’s command, at least has an elite guard battalion."

Xu Tui is depressed. Up.

This Feng Xuanbiao is really a bit mother-in-law.

Of course, Xu Tui understands that there are also previous friendships there, and Feng Xuanbiao is considering his safety.

"Comrade Feng Xuanbiao, I now order you with the Blue Star and the B-level intermediate personal authority owner of Huaxia District, and give me the greatest support within your scope of responsibility!"

" Yes, please order from the chief!"

B-level authority, in Bluestar, it is director-level authority!   "Give me information about the enemy's command immediately!"

"Report, based on the enemy's communication information flow, we have detected the location of the enemy's command that is suspected to be the enemy's command. There are a total of four .

Because it is impossible to determine the location of the enemy’s command, it has not launched an artillery coverage attack!" Feng Xuanbiao reported.

"Send me the locations of the four suspected enemy command posts, and then distinguish the costumes of the enemy generals, and send them to me!"


"I am about to implement the beheading operation, I cannot guarantee success, but if it succeeds, please don't waste the opportunity." Xu Tui said.


Opposite the communicator, Feng Xuanbiao faced the communicator and gave a standard military salute!

In Feng Xuanbiao's view, under the current circumstances, Xu Tui alone carried out the beheading operation. If he fails, he will face death!   In this case, only the beheading operation can quickly solve the dilemma of the fire star base in the Huaya region!

In this case, only the real warrior, the powerhouse with a great fearless heart, dare to implement the beheading action!

Far away, Feng Xuanbiao is in awe of Xu Tui!

In previous contacts, Feng Xuanbiao believes that Xu Tui is a cultivation talent and stingy genius, a talent that deserves his attention and cherishes for Huaxia District!   Now, Feng Xuanbiao only respects Xu Tui!   And the Huaxia District, it is precisely because there are countless fearless warriors like Xu Tui, go through water and tread on fire, that can stand on the blue star forever!

Thirty seconds later, Xu Tui received Feng Xuanbiao’s information about the location of the enemy’s suspected command.

Let Ahuang compare it a little bit, and Xu Tui's heart beats as a result.

The location where the dozen or so source crystal powders that he penetrated into the Mind Magnetic Mark is located in one of the suspected locations! It   can only be said that it is possible.

Xu Tui had only suddenly realized this possibility before, so he made layouts.

In this subversive killing game, the enemy commander is likely to summon the only survivor.

In a different place, if Xu Tui becomes the commander in command, then Xu Tui is very likely to do so.

If you want to deal with the enemy, you must first understand the enemy. This is the basic method.

But up to now, Xu Tui is just a judgment, and it is impossible to determine that the position of the source crystal powder that will enter the mental magnetic mark is the headquarters.

Moreover, once Xu Tui's spirit strength intervenes remotely to activate the telekinesis pile, it will immediately alert the guards or surrounding transcenders.

Xu Tui has only one chance!   However, Xu Tui also prepared for the worst.

If it is not the command, then pick the officer with the highest rank and kill it. Anyway, it will cause chaos!   Thirty seconds later, the genetic ability chains such as Spirit Hammer, Ground Spike, Shanzi Jue, and Water Burst are all in a state of waiting to be activated under the influence of Xu Tui's spirit strength.

A strand of spirit strength is quietly injected into the scarlet jade slip.

If it is really at the enemy’s headquarters, then Xu Tui will have to strike certain kill!

The spirit strength amplifying necklace is activated.

In the distance, a fifty-man combat team patrolled the place where Xu Tui was hiding, but at least one minute was required at the speed.

One minute is enough! In the   next moment, Xu Tui's spirit strength activated the far-away spiritual magnet in an instant! The   first source crystal powder started the sword heart eye!   The situation with a radius of tens of meters immediately caught Xu Tui's eyes.

More than a dozen tall and tall Spirit Races are all in this area.

One of the clothes is very conspicuous.

According to the information sent by Feng Xuanbiao, the costume of Spirit Race's colonel, the highest rank of everyone present.

This person, even if he is not a commander, has a very high status.

As long as Spirit Race, the status in the War Section team is extremely high!   At this moment, Lei frowned steadily and suddenly looked towards the elite warrior of the alienated race he was asking about.

There is a strange spirit strength fluctuation on this elite warrior!   At the same moment, far away, Xu Tui's quantum entangled state energy transfer ability was activated! In   my mind, scarlet fire flashed into the spirit hammer.

In an instant, the enlarged spirit hammer blessed by scarlet fire Jane crossed the space directly and appeared on top of Lei Wen's head.

Without warning, under the guidance of the sword heart's eyes, he blasted into Lei Wen's forehead.

Suddenly, the extremely powerful spirit strength fluctuations erupted. This spirit strength fluctuation even approached the quasi-planetary grade powerhouse, which made it too late to react.

Too abrupt! The   attack appeared without warning!   After scarlet's increased spirit hammer, fiercely's blast hit Lei Qian's forehead.

You should know that the original Thunder Elephant had already stepped into the quasi-planet with one foot, and it was also affected by the spirit hammer boosted by Scarlet Fire Jane.

At that time, Xu Tui had not broken through to genetic evolution.

At this moment, Xu Tui has already broken through to the genetic evolutionary stage, the spirit strength has skyrocketed, and the genetic chain-related capabilities have skyrocketed.

With a hammer down, Lei Zheng's figure shook suddenly, and Qiqiao was so bloody that he planted towards the ground.

"Enemy attack!"

"Protect the division commander!"

The guards screamed sternly, but all the guards were in a state of bewilderment!   Where is the enemy! I   can't see the enemy!

chi!   At the moment when a guard held the commander Lei stable like lightning, a ground thorn appeared from behind Lei's head out of thin air, fiercely's penetrating into the back of Lei's head, from Lei Stuck out of the steady mouth!   Brains!

It is the energy transfer of quantum entangled state again!   Everyone is shocked!

Everyone in the headquarters of the Third Division of Spirit Race is shocked!

Dumbfounded!   Master Lei Wen was under the gaze of all of them, and was killed by an invisible enemy!

Died on the spot!

All the guards and staff officers, at this moment, there is a feeling of dreaming!

Be crazy!

This is a dream!   Wake up now!   But what greeted them was a hill! The   main goal is killed, and Xu Tui doesn't keep his hands.

Regardless of whether or not the commander of this unit is killed, anyway, as long as it is Spirit Race, it is definitely the core of this unit.

Killing Spirit Race means killing the core of this troop and it will be effective!   The source crystal powder that Xu Tui threw into the alienated elite warrior before, with a psychic magnet pile, contained more than a dozen grains.

Only three capsules were used just now.

Xu Tui can be used without reservation.

A hill, appear out of thin air, boom!   Boom! The   alien warrior who just escaped alive was summoned by the teacher personally, looked dazed!   How about European gas?   What about the European spirit he had escaped before?

In the next moment, he became muddy!   Together with him, there are several staff members of Spirit Race.

And Xu Tui is still constantly teleporting the ground thorn with the quantum entangled state, and teleporting it over is the back of his head.

In just a few seconds, within a radius of more than ten meters of the alien warrior, there is no one alive!

The guards in the distance looked at this horrible scene, and roared with uncontrollable horror!   *****   Everyone, use a monthly pass to give Zhu San a little bit of European gas!

(End of this chapter)

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