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  Chapter 593 Return to Origin Gathering Crystal

Spirit Race attacking the fire star base troops in Huaya Region The commander of Lei Wen, the commander of the 3rd Division, was beheaded by Xu Tui several dozen kilometers away.

The enemy has not been seen, and the division commander has a combat staff officer, but all of them are killed.

Chaos and even riots, like dropping a stone on the surface of the water, swiftly rippling through the participating troops in Spirit Race.

More importantly, the participating troops of Spirit Race are also very mixed.

There is an elite team of Spirit Race part, and then mainly composed of weapon Spirit Race, alienation race, and fission race.

This situation is a bit similar to the situation inside the fire star base in the Huaya region.

Once there are problems, these problems will be magnified exponentially!

If Feng Xuanbiao can't grasp this kind of fighter, and can't find it, it can only show that Feng Xuanbiao's skirt is a little longer.

However, Feng Xuanbiao is an upright general who has succeeded step by step through his military merits, and has no nepotism at all.

One minute later, an abnormality in the Spirit Race unit was discovered.

Two minutes later, as the defensive pressure was greatly reduced, Feng Xuanbiao organized the remaining fifteen genetic transmutation realms in the fire star base in the Huaya region together, condensed them into a sharp knife, and began to counter assault!

The twenty thousand-man column combat formations that Lei Wen had scattered before to avoid the coverage of artillery fire would become the biggest lethal point!   Spirit Race troops collapsed!

Five minutes later, it took a lot of effort to get rid of Xu Tui, who was entangled by the small group of troops, and immediately sent a message to Feng Xuanbiao.

"How about Feng brigade? Was it their commander who killed?"

Opposite the communication, Feng Xuanbiao, who was commanding the troops with a bit of grief and anger, was stunned." Are you still alive?"

"No, Feng Lu, what do you mean by that, do you think I should die?"

"It's not me Xu Tui, I didn't mean that." Feng Xuanbiao stammered on the spot, feeling unclear.

It is mainly the beheading operation under this battlefield situation. It is a blessing to be successful to be successful. After the success, the probability that the implementer wants to retreat is basically not!

So, at the moment when he discovered that the beheading operation was successful, Feng Xuan was instinctively thinking that Xu Tui was heroic!   He never thought that Xu Tui was beheading the target dozens of kilometers away!   Actually, this is also the reason why Xu Tui was able to successfully implement the beheading operation this time.

The attack from dozens of kilometers away is too weird!

In fact, the energy transfer of quantum entangled states has a similar ability in Spirit Race.

For example, some of the temple saints who can completely resonate the core of the quantum array also have this ability.

Only, very rare!   It's very rare in itself, and they rarely make moves, so that most people don't even know that they have such an ability.

More importantly, this energy transmission capability also has many limitations. It does not mean that this capability can fully transmit the damage ability of the map.

As for Xu Tui's current situation, there must be a medium.

For example, the key factor in the previous beheading operation was actually the source crystal powder that Xu Tui used to drive the psychic pole.

These things can't reach Lei Wen. No matter how weird Xu Tui's ability is, he can't hurt Lei Wen.

Next, Xu Tui is no longer in danger.

It’s better to be honest and safe.

Xu Tui followed the assault squad organized by Feng Xuanbiao 1,000 meters behind, quietly acting as a yin.

You think your enemy is opposite.

Actually, there is a Xu Tui who is watching you a thousand meters away.

Or Spirit Hammer, or Ground Stabbing, or Flying Sword, specializing in slaying the enemy!   One hour later, the Spirit Race mixed third division that besieged the fire star base in the Huaya region collapsed across the board and was wiped out for more than half.

Nearly 80% of the elite forces were beheaded by the commando.

Subsequently, the decapitation squad formed by the commando completely paralyzed the command system of the Spirit Race mixed third division. Most of the officers were killed by force or even sniper.

There are only one or two genetic transitions in a column, and they can't stop the team in China.

The predicament of the fire star base in Huaya Region is temporarily lifted.

When the news reached Wei Bin, Wei Bin was stunned.

At this moment, less than three hours before Xu Tui rushed to the fire star, ranked fourth in the genetic evolutionary state of the Russian Federation, it was still ten minutes before he could enter.

After thinking for a while, Wei Bincai issued a suggestive order to the fire star base in Huaya Region, "Do what we can, and if we have enough energy, give priority to the crater base in Huaxia District. However, the fire star base in the Huaya region must have enough power!"

Wei Bin was on the moon, and because the space station and communication satellites were destroyed, the communication efficiency was extremely low. Wei Bin The status of fire star is extremely limited.

Therefore, Wei Bin was very wise and did not intervene in the command too much. Everything must be handed over to the frontline commander.

"I'm going to the crater base in Huaxia District, I must go!" In the fire star base in Huaya Region, Xu Tui, who is quickly replenishing food and energy, faces Feng Xuanbi with a firm attitude!   "Give me some time. Give me another six to seven hours. I will appoint ten genetic transmutation realms and 20 genetic evolution realms, and go with you to help the crater base." Feng Xuanbiao said.

After that, Feng Xuanbiao said again, "The situation on the crater side is very severe. It seems that the enemy’s main target is there.

At present, the Spirit Race mixed fifth division is concentrated. In the main attack, the Seventh Division of Spirit Race, which is a battlefield support, also put half of its troops on the battlefield to attack the Crater Base.

That is, the crater base has a special geographical location and is conducive to defense. Otherwise, can you? It’s still unknown until now.

Judging from the intelligence from the crater base, there are more elite forces concentrated there than ours.

The fall of the crater The star squad has sacrificed one third!"

"The falling star squad has sacrificed one third?"

This information shows that the situation at the crater base is really dangerous. .

You are like the fire star base in Huaya Region, and there is also a star falling squad with a total number of 20 people, of which the warrior of Huaxia District accounts for 60%.

However, up to now, the falling star squad of the fire star base in the Huaya region has not been dispatched.

The location of the crater base in Huaxia District is more important because of a quantum arbitrary gate. There is a squad of falling stars, and only the warrior in Huaxia District has a row.

Counting other districts, the total number of Star Falling Squad has reached fifty people.

One third has already been sacrificed. The fierce battle can be imagined.

Basically, it can be judged that the assault squad composed of the Transmutation Realm powerhouse of Spirit Race troops is very likely to have been extremely close to or into the crater base.

Otherwise, the falling star squad would not be used!

"Yes, so more effective support is needed over there! Give me some time, and I will let you bring an elite squad over." Feng Xuanbiao said.

"In this case, I can't wait, I have to go right away. From here to the crater base, even if you use air and sky fighters, it takes more than three hours." Xu Tui said.


"No, but on your side, how many people can you transfer to me? How many people can fight, I will bring a few!" Xu Tui said.

The crater, Xu Tui must be rescued immediately.

in public or in private is just the quantum arbitrary gate of the crater, which Xu Tui desperately wants to keep.

An Xiaoxue and their land reclamation group started from the Quantum Arbitrary Gate of the fire star base of Crater Mountain.

When will you return? There will be no deadline for the time being.

However, as long as the Quantum Arbitrary Gate of the fire star base of the crater is always in the hands of Bluestar Human Race, then Bluestar Human Race can continuously release supplies and re-drop the wasteland group in the past.

But if the fire star base of the crater is lost, then   the consequences, Xu Tui can't even think about it! There is   even a kind of courage to dare not face! When   the earth fire star was landed before, Xu Tui seemed to be able to choose the landing place arbitrarily because of the scarlet fire Jane's change.

But at that time, Xu Tui chose to obey the military order!   Although Xu Tui is not a soldier, he must obey military orders when he enters the battlefield!   That will be a military order, this will, Xu Tui has autonomy!

"This will. On my side, I am afraid that there is no one who can fight." Feng Xuanbiao smiled bitterly.

"Is there anyone who can fight?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"These genetic transformations under my command, the shortest, have been fighting for three days in a row, and physical strength, spirit strength, and extraordinary power have been exhausted." Feng Xuanbiao smiled bitterly.

Xu Tui was stunned.

However, this is also normal. Here, it has been in a fighting situation for five days.

Continuous battle without sleep, the load is very heavy.

Especially for the mysterious department, if you have not been sleeping and cannot rest, the effect of even the B-grade energy active potion will plummet!   "Brigadier Commander, I can still fight!"

Suddenly, behind Feng Xuanbiao, three mighty but tired men appeared behind him, all of them wounded, all dressed in the military. clothes.

"We are the extreme type, and our physical fitness is recovered very quickly." said the leader Zhou Chuan, "and it takes time to get to the base of the crater.

On the way, We can rest for three to four hours, and with the medicine, we can restore about 70% of our strength!"

Feng Xuanbiao looked towards Xu Tui.

"No problem, let them sleep as soon as they board the plane!"

Fifteen minutes later, Xu Tui boarded an aerospace fighter plane, and the three soldiers were full of food and drink. It's a genetic transmutation. After getting on the plane, I fell asleep.

The aerospace fighter Xu Tui piloted had not taken off before the snoring sound rang.

In the hollow meteorite, in the Temporary Operation Command of Spirit Race, the emergency report just received made Commander-in-Chief Lei Shu shocked, and his eyes were full of worries!

The third division that besieged the fire star base in the Huaya region was defeated by the defenders.

Master Lei Wen died in battle!

Most of the elite forces and officers were killed.

The remnants of the army can not be returned to construction in a short time.

Lei Wen is also a relative of Lei Shu, a better one.

In the scattered information returned, it is said that Blue Star’s reinforcements carried out precise beheading operations on Lei Wen, leading to the defeat of the Third Division!   The reinforcements Blue Star sent from the moon should be very small and limited?   How did it do it?   Is there a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse left on the fire star ground?

At this moment, Lei Shu begins to stir.

He wants to rush to Phobos himself and end the battle quickly!   However, Shang Taki and Erila, who have not shown any signs, make Lei Shu endlessly afraid.

"It's not yet time for me to take action."

"Lei Zhan." Lei Shu suddenly shouted.

A man with thunder eyes opening and closing. Hearing a shout, he stepped forward and waited for his command.

"Lei Zhan, you go to Fire Star."

Lei Zhan frowned, "My lord, I am the head of your guard regiment. According to my duties, I need personal protection. Yours."

"You are the only quasi-Planetary Grade beside me! You run a fire star, go to the crater base first, shoot as quickly as possible, take down the crater base, and then destroy it Quantum Arbitrary Gate on the side.

Then organize the remaining forces to break through other bases." Lei Shu instructed.

Lei Zhan frowned, but still nodded, "My lord, the action is fine, but my breath fluctuations may be sensed by the Planetary Grade powerhouse on Phobos, and then triggered."

"I'll solve this problem!"

While speaking, Lei Shu handed Lei Zhan a crystal, "The Return to Origin Gathering Crystal refined by the temple was first used for healing Cultivation deviation is the disorder of extraordinary power.

You swallow it, and control the input part of the extraordinary power in your body, and your strength and breath fluctuations will drop to the quasi-planetary and transmutation state. In between.

But the strength you can exert is still far beyond Transmutation, understand?"


Taking the crystal, Lei Zhan turned and left instantly!

*****   Today my wife is on duty, and Zhu San is alone with her baby and her code word.

(End of this chapter)

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