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  Chapter 594 Genetic Group Transformation Renewal Medicine

In the fourth hour after Xu Tui set off from the moon, A cultivator from the genetic evolutionary realm Peak named Nadella in the Union of India, fully armed, passed through the Moonfire Quantum Arbitrary Gate, and rushed to the fire star.

At this time, Xu Tui was driving an aerospace fighter, carrying Zhou Chuan and other three people on the plane, and then they started snoring. It was just one hour after the departure of the three extreme genetic transmutation realm.

At the speed of an aerospace fighter, the straight voyage from the fire star base of the crater is still two hours and ten minutes.

"Ahuang, how much intelligence analysis support can you give me?" On the way, Xu Tui was making plans for rescue.

Xu Tui fought a battle at the fire star base of the crater, and he knew the terrain there.

That place is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

This is the reason why the crater fire star base was able to survive the siege of the two divisions of Spirit Race until now.

This is an advantage!

However, this advantage has turned into a disadvantage for the reinforcements rushing forward! The   fire star base of the crater has been surrounded by Spirit Race.

Then Xu Tui killed him. In fact, with Spirit Race's troops, they changed offensive and defensive positions.

The difficulty faced by Spirit Race's attack on the fire star base of the crater fell on Xu Tui again.

It's difficult!

To get in, the difficulty is several times that of the fire star base in Huaya Region.

"The existing intelligence data is too small. Because of the destruction of the communications satellite, it cannot be transmitted in real time.

Only some intermittent information.

From these According to the data deduction, according to your current battle strength, the probability that the breakthrough Spirit Race surrounds the army and enters the fire star base of the crater is about 8%!" Ahuang said.

This number made Xu Tui's heart beat, "So low? What about the death rate?"

"92 percent?"

"No Exceptions?"


"My strength, you are not calculated according to the ordinary genetic evolutionary realm, are you?" Xu Tui was a little unbelievable.

"Do you think I will make such a low-level mistake?"

"The battle fatality rate is 92%?"

"The topography of the crater determines Yes, the closer you are to the fire star base, the easier it is for you to fall into the siege! The undetected probability is equal to zero!"

Xu Tui: "."

"What about your suggestion?"

"My suggestion is to abandon this operation. It is best to follow Feng Xuanbiao's suggestion and bring at least ten Genetic Transmutation Realms. In this case, the probability of you rushing into the fire star base of the crater can reach 100 Forty percent." Ahuang said.

Xu Tui frowned, and suddenly frowned, "Wait, why did we have to enter the crater fire star base?"

"You don't want to help the crater fire Star base?"

"There can be many forms of reinforcement. I think, as long as the fire star base of the crater has not been lost, we can contain the enemy on the periphery and create turmoil for the enemy to alleviate the situation. The defensive pressure of the base.

The terrain, give me the most detailed terrain information around the crater."

At the same time, in the mobile headquarters of the fifth mixed division of Spirit Race, halfway up the crater, The division commander Reagan received the order from commander Lei Shu.

"Be careful of Blue Star's reinforcements, send patrol and interception troops as soon as possible, and don't repeat the mistakes of Thunder!" Lei Shu reminded.

"The commander-in-chief can rest assured, I have already deployed, and organized a six-person emergency assault squad on the periphery." Regan said.

"Only six people, not enough!"

"Not enough?" Regan wondered, "Commander in chief, the intelligence sent to us from Aurora is currently sent by Blue Star. The total number of reinforcements, isn’t it only six people? They are all genetic evolutionary realms, and they are not concentrated yet. Most likely they will act separately."

"The strength of one is uncertain, that is, decapitation mines."

The stable one! It is very likely that the secret technique is used to converge and fluctuate the Transmutation Powerhouse or other powerhouses."

As soon as this statement came out, Reagan's eyes became a little red, "Master , You said that weird beheaded Leiwen is coming?"

"Probability is great."

"Then I will organize a ten-person emergency assault squad for my brother. Revenge!"

"It’s best to do more and don’t be careless! The war has reached the most critical moment.

As long as you stay steady, we will get the final Victory is almost there," Lei Shu said.

As soon as this remark came out, Reagan looked at him, "Commander, Phobos is going to lift the table?"

"When the power arrives, you have to lift it! No more dragging. , The moon’s strategy fails, and if it drags on, Blue Star Human Race’s reinforcements will only increase.

Give you one more day to get me the fire star base of the crater. I want to use the crater. The base comes to change the situation." Lei Shu said.

"The commander can rest assured and promise to complete the mission!"

After finishing the communication with the commander of the Fifth Division, Lei Shu received another one from the adjutant who had just been connected. communication.

It's just that the communication that will be connected makes Lei Shu's face a little hesitant.

"Dawn, it’s really difficult to contact you once now!"

On the other side of the communication, Dawn’s laughter clearly with electronically synthesized sounds, "Too The commander laughed. It’s not that you couldn’t get in touch. The commander’s attack was too sharp and directly destroyed most of the communication satellites between Fire Star and the Moon.

Several of them are our own secret communication satellites. It was also destroyed, which led to the loss of contact."

"Are you complaining about me?"

"No no, just explain the objective facts! This will be able to contact us, and so will we After passing through the pedals, you can contact the commander-in-chief."

Hearing this, Lei Shu's expression was a little slow. This is indeed a real difficulty.

"How did you do what I told you?" Lei Shu asked.

"Already contacted."

"Can you cooperate?"


"That's good "

Before Lei Shu was happy, the word'but' appeared in the dawn, causing Lei Shu to frown.


"Commander in chief, you know, the status and status of these people, and the things they are about to do, can't just give orders casually. Impressed." Shuguang said.

"Need benefits?"

"Yes, we have an old saying, it’s not bad for the emperor to be hungry soldiers. Just let them get rid of their heads in one sentence, I I don't have this ability either." Shuguang said.

"What are the requirements? Just say it."

"It's the silver box of the spirit. After you are purified, they will need five each, three, and fifteen. "Shuguang said.

Lei Shu extremely angry laughed back, "Guess, do I have so many?"

"I think there are, and they are worth the price!"

hearing this, Lei Shu took a deep breath, "If I want to give it, but I can't pay the price! There   are five in total, and this is all my inventory."

This time, the dawn is silent.

"Not enough! What they paid for this move is all." Suguang insisted.

"I only have so many of these things."

"Then add more, add others."

"What do you want?"

"Star map, your Spirit Race star map, and your Spirit Race genetic group transformation and update potion." Suguang said.

"Elixir of longevity?"

"It is not the kind of garbage that you sold to us before that can only increase the lifespan for more than ten years, but the real elixir of life.

I want five copies! Plus a star map." Shuguang said.

"You think too much." Lei Shu shook his head, "In fact, it's just a coincidence. Otherwise, those three people are not worth the price at all!

The silver casket of the spirit is not worth it."

"Standing on the air vent, pigs can fly! They will, just standing on the air vent, is worth what you need, isn't it? "Shuguang said.

"It seems that the vicious dog we raised has already begun to bite the owner." Lei Shu sighed.

"If you don’t have enough to eat, you have ideas when you see meat! Well, as the commander-in-chief said, we are only supported by you, not raised by you.

Now, I I think we can redefine the relationship between us!" Shuguang said.

"How to redefine?"

"Cooperate! We should be a collaborator with the commander-in-chief!"

"Such a collaborator, I don’t I like it," Lei Shu said.

"I think you will like it! Or, do we have a chance to contact again?" Sugon threatened.

"The star map, in our Spirit Race, is also a treasure. It is impossible to give you the full version, and I don't have it! The   blue star map within five light years, I can call the shots for you.

As for the genetic group metamorphosis and renewal medicine you mentioned, I don’t have it, and I don’t have it myself! But other longevity medicines can actually increase the genetic chain active medicine, which is what you call the longevity medicine, I can give you Five.

Each one can increase lifespan for 30 to 40 years.

But I have one condition." Lei Shu said.

"What are the whereabouts of Shang Taki and Erila? If you don't want to listen to the information I made up to mislead you, then don't impose this condition, I really don't know." Shuguang said.

"Of course, if you don't want to, please contact me later, my collaborator commander-in-chief." Suguang added.

Lei Shu's depression is beyond description.

He felt that he was pinched by the dawn.

This feeling is very uncomfortable, and it makes him very uncomfortable.

However, in order to win the overall situation, he understands that for the time being, he can only hold his nose and accept all this.

In this battle, his forward base commander has invested too much!

Win, it can be called a step into the dragon, step into the church!

But if he loses, Lei Shu doesn't dare to think too much about the price he has to bear!   Anyway, that was the result that he was absolutely unwilling to face and accept.

According to the current loss situation, if fire star really loses, then their team will probably be over.   So, at this moment, even if he feels The dog was pinched, threatened, and extremely angry, but he still had to pinch his nose to recognize it!

Let's talk about winning this battle first!   "Make a deal, my new collaborator." Lei Shu pinched his nose and said depressed.

"Your Excellency Commander, no one in this world is as wise as you. Please accept my praise! Finally, I want to make a small request. We must see things before we can act." Shuguang said .

"Yes, I will seal the things in a storage box where you can view the item, and there is a countdown self-destruct program inside! On the   battlefield, when your people start, I will Give you the termination key immediately." Lei Shu said.

This move made Suguang a little dissatisfied, "Your Excellency Commander, is this right?"

"The treatment of collaborators, trust and doubt, is this not what you want?" Lei Shu said.

Dawn: "Okay."

*****After the   little Divine Beast coaxed to sleep, he calmed down. It was too late. Forgive me, it will be normal tomorrow. , The daughter-in-law will be on duty for one night.

(End of this chapter)

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