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  Chapter 595 The Stooges Who Don’t Want to Be Cooked

The Moon, the Underground Medical Center of the Comprehensive Base of Huaxia District.

Wei Bin is standing in front of a large nutrition warehouse.

In the nutrition warehouse, except for his head, Cai Shaochu's other parts are soaked in the nutrient solution.

In just 5-6 days, Cai Shaochu's lost lower body has already begun to breed, but it is not real through the thick nutrient solution.

It can only be vaguely seen that it is quite small.

And Wei Bin, this meeting is looking and observing with great interest, making Cai Shaochu who just woke up frowns again and again.

"What are you observing? The fire star war is so urgent, you are idle?"

"The fire star side, the information can no longer be transmitted in real time, I intervened in the command, just bombing Qin, why not come over and study you." Wei Bin smiled strangely.

"What do you study me?"

"Well, look, your two newly grown legs are smaller than a newborn baby. I'm thinking about a problem .

How small will your newly grown third leg be?   Bean sprouts, or silver needles?" Wei Bin smiled very happily. Lieutenant General Wei Binwei, who is one word worth nine sacred tripods, has such a bad taste.

Cai Shaochu is not at all annoyed, "Wait, wait until I grow up to live together, I will compare you with you, it will definitely make you feel inferior for a lifetime!"

"Hey, I'm a fool to compare with you! I'm afraid you can already control the hyperplasia to a certain extent, right?"

Cai Shaochu hummed, "Old Wei, you won't really have the pain of being idle, right?"

"Do you look like me?"

Wei Bin pulled a chair over and sat in front of Cai Shaochu, "Old Cai, fire star, I think we should Add a little more card surface."

"How to say?"

"According to the current enemy’s attacking rhythm, the crater fire star base is the enemy’s first attack target. Very dangerous.

It may even be the key to change." Wei Bin said.

"The key to the change?"

"The quantum arbitrary gate of the fire star base of the crater is the only hope for our blue star to go out of the circle of earth, moon and fire over the years.


If there is a problem with the fire star base of the crater, the group of people on Phobos facing the Spirit Race expert will probably be unable to sit still.

Once they can't sit still, it is the beginning of a change. .

And, do you think Spirit Race has really put all its power into the battlefield?" Wei Bin asked.

"But our Blue Star is also prepared for this, isn't it?"

"It is Blue Star, not our China! And the fire star base of the crater belongs to the entire Blue Star in name Yes, in fact, it is controlled by our Huaxia District.

If the situation changes, I am afraid that some people want to take the opportunity to change this situation too!" Wei Bin said.

"Add another card that belongs to our Huaxia District?" Cai Shaochu in the nutrition warehouse said suddenly, "I am in this state, although it is a bit miserable, but in fact, I can already participate in the war again.

Old Cai without legs is just as mighty!"

"Yes, Old Cai without three legs is very fierce, but your card is used by many people. It is within the estimate.

I need a card that can be used at the critical moment outside the game." Wei Bin said.

"That's him?" Cai Shaochu said.

"Can it be enabled?"

"The technology is not mature. This is a consumable. Once used, it will be less, and once it will be weak." Cai Shaochu said.

"Then enable it. If you don't need a good card, it will be useless after all. You have to use it when you need it."

"Okay, it will take some time to enable it. I will pre-start it now. "

While speaking, Cai Shaochu directly took out an independent portable computing terminal and turned it on. After three authentications and two key confirmations, Cai Shaochu pressed the start button to a certain extent.

On fire star, in a secret room deep underground in the fire star base of Huaya Region, a beam of light suddenly shone in a nutrition warehouse. Inside the nutrition warehouse, a pair of eyes closed tightly. Man.

In the next moment, various brilliance lights up one after another, and the electronic sounds of various programs start to sound constantly.

At the same moment, on a planet in the deep starry sky, a middle-aged man suddenly startled, "Has it started? Are you in trouble?"

Three hours after the start, you can participate in the war. When you take the shot, you will let me know." Cai Shaochu said.

"How long will it last?" Wei Bin asked.

"This is the first time it has been activated. If the clone only maintains its breath, it can only last for half an hour.

If you shoot, up to three times.

And Every time you make a shot, your strength will decay." Cai Shaochu said.

"Three times, enough!"

Wei Bin nodded, suddenly looked towards Cai Shaochu, "By the way, Old Cai, such a clone, why don't you make more of these clones? Come out?

If you make two out, and put one in one base, it will be completely stable."

"How many more?"

Cai Shaochu sneered, "A clone with a resonant rate of 99.9% loading rate is currently 1 in 1540. It takes an average of 16 years to select one!   And this is only a preliminary probability. , The next one, I don’t know what the probability is."

"Can’t you speed it up?"

"Old Cheng brought Shanglong and the others from Yinhe. Not this, the old pervert of Spirit Race will not participate in the battle regardless of the cost, and will directly destroy half of the elites of the Panguite battle group.

We can't even get out of the solar system now, you say, where are you going? Get it?" Cai Shaochu sighed.

Old Cheng in his mouth refers to Cheng Fengxi, the founder of genetic ancient martial arts.

"Isn't it resolved yet?"

"You threw Calculus or differential geometry to a monkey and let it look like a hundred years, do you think it is possible to resolve it? "

Hearing this, Wei Bin smiled bitterly.We   greeted him, and Wei Bin was about to leave, but when he was leaving, Wei Bin's personal communication device suddenly rang.

It is an unadded number that has never been seen before, and the communication channel is still encrypted.

This made Wei Bin frowned, his personal communications, very few people knew about it. After thinking about it, Wei Bin picked it up.

"Which one?"

"Lieutenant General Wei, hello, I am Dawn."

Wei Bin froze.

He knows the name of Dawn.

The founder of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, who founded and managed the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, has always been the most mysterious existence of Blue Star.

Bluestar's major leagues have tracked down for several decades, but have not found out his true identity.

Of course, there are clues that are tracked, but every time I track it in depth, it breaks.

Inside the Blue Star, there have been many doubts.

There have also been many targeted actions in Huaxia District, but there have been no results.

Wei Bin is outside the area and has organized several cleanup operations to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the identities of relevant personnel in order to eliminate the hidden dangers of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization.

There is a little bit of fruit, but it doesn't involve high-level people.

didn't expect Today, the founder of Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization contacted him and even possessed great magical power to know his private communication number.

"You are Suguang, how do you prove your identity?" Wei Bin asked.

From the communication equipment, there was a laugh from Sugon’s electronically synthesized sound, "Dawn’s identity should be an identity that no one dares to impersonate and has little impersonation value, right?   Should not Do you need proof?"

"What are you going to do, tell me?"

"Lieutenant General, don’t use so-called technical means, as long as you make a little movement, I can I found that as long as I find a little trace of tracking, the communication will be interrupted.

Well, then, you will probably regret it for a lifetime." Shuguang said.

Wei Bin frowned. He just wanted to contact the technical department. After thinking about it, he didn't contact him for the time being. Instead, he shared the call with Cai Shaochu.

"There is a deal, do you know whether you are interested in Lieutenant General?"

"What deal?"

"At the moment of change, Spirit Race is on fire The time when Wei Yi launched the general attack, and some key information." Shuguang said.

Wei Bin was silent and looked towards Cai Shaochu, Cai Shaochu gently nodded.

"How can you know when Spirit Race launched the total attack on Phobos?"

"Because I have the internal response that Spirit Race needs."

Dawn’s statement made Wei Bin’s expression suddenly change, and his face became very ugly, “Among the blue star experts who are facing Spirit Race on Phobos, are yours?

It’s Planetary Grade. Or quasi-Planetary Grade?"


Wei Bin's face became extremely ugly, and the dawn on the opposite side of the communication was impudent laughed heartily.

"What the hell do you want to do?" Wei Bin frowned.

"A deal! I said it before."

"You are the lackeys of Spirit Race, the traitors of Blue Star, and now you are willing to be the internal response of Spirit Race to launch the general offensive.

Do you think, even if you tell me the time, will I believe you?" Wei Bin sneered.

"Lieutenant General, there is a saying in Huaxia District, called "Flying Birds", Good Bows, Cunning Rabbits, and Stray Dogs.

Therefore, we, a running dog, don’t want to be Cook!" Shuguang said.

With a move of Wei Bin's eyes, he suddenly understood the meaning of dawn.

"Lieutenant General, you are right. We are the lackeys of Spirit Race. But the value of our lackeys is based on Blue Star.

If Blue Star is breached , Or the general trend is gone.

Then the value of our lackey is basically gone, you should understand?"

"The not obedient lackey, afraid of being liquidated?" Wei Bin sneered.

"It can be said that we are running dogs, we can eat shit, but we prefer to eat meat!" Shuguang said with a smile.

"So, do you want Spirit Race to fail? Or you want to make Spirit Race's campaign strategic goal impossible to achieve this time.

Continue to retain your running dog value and even improve you How important is it?" Wei Bin asked rhetorically.


Suguang snapped his fingers, "Then, on this basis, we should have a basis for transaction and trust?"

Wei Bin didn't answer immediately, and looked towards Cai Shaochu again.

In the training warehouse, Cai Shaochu once again turned towards Wei Bin nodded.

"What do you want to trade?"

"I heard that Huaxia District has obtained several sets of three-dimensional ecological planting systems under extremely harsh environments, including hardware and technology.

I want two sets!" Shuguang said.

"Your dog's nose is good?"

"The nose is not good, you can't be a dog."

"This shouldn't be some high-end technology, right? We have the Spirit Race, your master Spirit Race, didn’t you give it to you?"



"I I need you to send things to me. Don’t play tricks. Your tricks are useless in front of us.

Of course, even if it is, it’s useless. Lieutenant General Wei should understand. ?" Shuguang said.

"Then what information do we want?" Wei Bin asked.

"I haven't received a notice. If I receive a notice of action, I will notify you immediately." Shuguang said.

"You are a non-profit business! You can designate a place. When the information is delivered, we will hand over what you want. Of course, your people can inspect the goods first." Wei Bin said .

"No problem! If you give it directly to me, I don't worry. By the way, I will give a message for free. Lei Shu seems to be very interested in the location of Shang Taki and Erila." Shuguang said.

Wei Bin and Cai Shaochu frowned at the same time. Although this information is simple, it represents Shuguang's sincerity to some extent.

"many thanks."

"No thanks, you'd better beat Spirit Race harder, so that I can be more valuable, hahahaha"

Amidst the laughter, Shuguang hung up the communication.

******   I’ve come to classmates today . I have n’t seen you in nine years. Asking for a day off, I’ll change it today. Brother sisters forgive me.

(End of this chapter)

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