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  Chapter 596 The Tool Man and the Gift of Head (see monthly ticket)   fire star.

"Zhou Chuan, wake up."

Xu Tui, who was sitting in the driving seat of the aerospace fighter, called out continuously.

Now they are still 500 kilometers away from the fire star base of the crater, but just now, they have already encountered a Spirit Race patrol team, but the aerospace fighter is flying at a high speed. Temporarily flashed past.

But this also means that the battle is coming.

Before the battle comes, it is necessary to awaken the three toolmen Zhou Chuan.

That's right, Xu Tui defined these three extreme transformations from the military as tool people!   Only a tool man can maximize Xu Tui's wretched battle strength and tactics.

Just like Yan Lie back then.

It's just that these three people are sleeping very deep at this moment, snoring wave after wave, Xu Tui shouted several times, but didn't wake up.

If you can't wake up with sound, you can only wake up physically.

With the perception of Transmutation Powerhouse, you can wake up immediately after touching it.

It's just these big lords who are smelling of sweat. Xu Tui really doesn't want to touch it. Suddenly, Xu Tui's childlike innocence suddenly rises.

Unzip it.

With a heart move, the mind resonates, and the mind cover spreads out at the same time, and then cut in.

The three extreme powerhouses of Zhou Chuan were very tired and fell into a deep sleep. In addition, they also trusted Xu Tui, so Xu Tui's spiritual concealment was easy to cut through.

Well, weave a dream for them.

Weaving that kind of bedwetting dream!

Xu Tui participated in military training in junior high school, and stayed away from home in the military training school. It was easy to fall asleep at night.

After sleeping, Xu Tui was dreaming gorgeously.

In his dream, Xu Tui was looking for a toilet.

It may be that I drank too much water before going to bed.

I kept looking for the toilet, but in my dream, the toilet I found was either closed or there were too many people.

Finally, after exhausting the suffering untold hardships, Xu Tui in his dream lined up to find a pit, and rushed in, untied his belt, and took a pose, a pillar holding heavens, a thousand miles away!   Cool!   next moment, Xu Tui woke up from his dream.

Was awakened by the heat and wetness!   Fear collapseI   actually wet the bed.In the   air and sky fighter, the three Zhou Chuan who were sleeping, the corners of their mouths suddenly appeared relaxed and cheerful, but in the next moment, the three people suddenly opened their eyes at the same time. , The legs are stuck in an abnormal posture!   Woke up, Zhou Chuan, the 1.9-meter tall burly man, at this moment, turned out to be like a married little wife, quietly glanced at his crotch.

It doesn’t seem to be wet!

This is sighed in relief.

Fortunately, I didn't throw anyone at the home of the aerospace fighter.

If this is dreaming of   peeing on an aerospace fighter, what would be special Relaxed Zhou Chuan, and took a cautiously look at Xu Tui. This kid shouldn’t seem to have noticed him. Is it abnormal?

Turning his head to look around, Zhou Chuan's expression instantly solidified.

His other two comrades, He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng, at this time also clamped their legs tightly with a rather weird look.

The two elders, this posture with their legs clamped, is as awkward as it is said.

Zhou Chuan also reacted and hurriedly let go of his legs.

On the side, Xu Tui watched this scene, thinking about laughing heartily, but didn't dare to laugh.

Adult bedwetting nightmare series!

But no loss is the Transmutation Powerhouse, which is strong enough to control it, and it didn't even urinate!

Two minutes later, Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng also reported their situation to Xu Tui.

At this time, the three people discovered that all their previous injuries had healed.

It was Xu Tui who helped them heal on the road.

When starting, according to Xu Tui's request and Feng Xuanbiao's suggestion, this rescue squad uses Xu Tui as the Captain.

Under normal circumstances, it is basically impossible for you to let three young and middle-aged warriors in the transition state listen to the orders of a young man in the evolution state.

However, the trio of Zhou Chuan came from the military, and this order is still easy to carry out.

Especially because they have personally experienced Xu Tui's previous record, believe in Xu Tui!

Xu Tui used a very short time to express his combat thinking to the three of them, and at the same time familiarized them with a subconsciously exchange.

Zhou Chuan and the three were shocked at the same time.

They all know the importance of being able to communicate with each other on the battlefield.

Even in instant messaging, it takes time for you to express a meaning, a short sentence is one second, a long sentence even two or three seconds.

However, the communication of consciousness completes the transmission of intention in an instant.

There is a lot of abuse on the battlefield, who knows who uses it!   "Get ready, in five minutes, we will abandon the aircraft for battle. You take these source crystal powders, five grains per person, you can save your life!"

The three of Zhou Chuan were a little unbelievable. But still accepted.

"In addition, in order to cooperate, introduce your ability characteristics and battle strength strength." Xu Tui said.

At the same moment, Reagan, the commander of the Fifth Division, who commanded the attack on Crater's base, also received intelligence and discovered the Blue Star Sky and Sky fighter, and sent someone to intercept it.

"How many?"

"Report to the teacher, one."

"How many kilometers away from us?"

"Ten The distance before the second was 420 kilometers."

"Retreat the surrounding patrol forces and let them in. It is best to put them within 50 kilometers of the crater. That way, it will be difficult for them to fly with their wings. .

Yin Zhen, you bring two Spirit Race transformations and join the emergency assault squad.

Look for fighters by yourself, and if you have the opportunity, you will bomb their air fighters. , All reimbursement for one blow!" Regan personally made the deployment.

Afterwards, Reagan immediately contacted the previously organized emergency raid squad Captain Langkun.

The Transmutation of the Spirit Race Water Ministry expert.

"I have added three more remote Transmutation Realms in the Spirit Race, a total of fifteen Transmutation Realms.

I hope you can be in the shortest possible time. The lone army that has taken the Blue Star is an in-depth reinforcement." Regan said.

"Master, don't you really value these things from Blue Star? 15 people on my side, coming to the three planets, can fight a battle." Lang Kun was full of confidence.

"The previous third division suffered a big loss in this man's hands. An assault squad that was transformed by eight people was completely wiped out by him in a short time.

The adjutant has sent it to you.

Don’t be careless.

I don’t want you to become a corpse that needs to be spliced!

If you still look down on Lan Star Human Race, then I change someone?" Regan shouted.

Opposite the communication, Langkun gave a military salute and shouted loudly, "Please rest assured, my teacher, I will respond with the attitude of Life and Death Battle.

I will definitely be the shortest This person’s corpse will be sent to you within a period of time."

"That’s best, their real-time location will be transferred to you."

"Please teacher Don't worry."

After only ten minutes, Langkun, who was constantly monitoring the depth of the aerial fighter, frowned suddenly.

"I raised the altitude and returned home? What do you mean?"

"Zoom in on the flight trajectory of the aerospace fighter just now."

Ten seconds After the clock, Langkun sneered pointing at the flight trajectory, "Smart enough, knowing that the target of the aerospace fighter is big enough!

Assault the squad and set off with me."

Finally, think After thinking about the man’s combat information that the commander had just sent, he used Blue Star’s large-scale scientific and technological weapons, and added the command, “Three to four people search for this place for a combat team.

The distance between the combat team must not be less than 300 meters, and not more than two kilometers.

Once an enemy is found, it can support each other in about ten seconds!"

Langkun arranged like this, The main purpose is to prevent the enemy from using science and technology weapons to destroy the group like the previous third division.

Technology weapons, the most lethal powerhouse is the core burst range.

Once this range is exceeded, such as fifty meters or even one hundred meters, the effective lethality of technological weapons on cultivator will be reduced exponentially.

This is also a lesson learned from before.

Eighty kilometers away, Xu Tui, Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun, and Jin Zheng have turned on the camouflage and concealment function of combat uniforms. The color of the whole body is fuse together with the fire star landform, and the anti-reconnaissance function has been turned on. .

In this way, the enemy battlefield global reconnaissance equipment, it is difficult to track the four of them like Heavenly Eye.

"Don't worry, get acquainted with the terrain. I'm just a kilometer away behind you. If an enemy comes, I will notify you."

Xu Tui commanded from a distance The three of Zhou Chuan asked them to move forward against the ground, while he adorned them behind them like tails.

On the battlefield, individual heroism is a must.

Here, there is still 120 kilometers away from the crater. It is the most complex area of ​​the terrain to the crater that Xu Tui had compared to Xu Tui before. It is the most suitable area for guerrilla warfare!

Because the terrain is more complicated, the large area of ​​artillery coverage is not very good here, unless the kind of dumping type smooths the ground.

The enemy Xu Tui cannot choose.

But Xu Tui can choose the battlefield!

"You are five kilometers in the direction of one o'clock, and there are four enemies. There are also enemy trails in the direction of two o'clock. You lean towards one o'clock and listen to my command." Xu Tui's voice was in Zhou Chuansan. Sounded in people's minds.

Almost at the same instant, Xu Tui will control the source crystal powder who observes the enemy in the distance with his sword heart eyes and give up directly.

It's time to fight.

Although this would be able to kill a person if it were to attack with the Thousand Miles Sword Art, but in that case, Xu Tui would be exposed in advance.

Almost at the same time, an alienated race in Transmutation Realm immediately reported to Langkun.

"My lord, two kilometers ahead, I found the three Blue Star Human Races, who have transformed themselves, and have rushed towards us quickly."

"Slowly welcome the battle! You guys on the right flank."

Squad, will arrive in twelve seconds. Our other two squads will also arrive at you in twenty seconds.

Pay attention to defense, don’t rush, don’t be careless."


At the end of the call, the three of Zhou Chuan are only one kilometer away from the squad.

This alienated race’s evolutionary realm, the execution of Spirit Race’s orders is still in place.

Looking at the three Zhou Chuan who rushed towards them, the four did not take the initiative to rush over, but each sought an active position to fight.

Three seconds later, Alien Clan and another weapon Spirit Race have begun to remotely attack the Zhou Chuan trio who entered their attack range!

Zhou Chuan, Jin Zheng, and He Xiaojun are all transitional realms killed from the army. Their cultivation base capabilities are not outstanding, but they are absolutely experienced and extremely experienced.

The three of them each stepped on their own rhythm, or lightning or hardly followed the enemy's long-range attack.

Three seconds later, rush forward and join the battle!   However, this combat team is also very savvy. It splits out three Transmutation Realms to meet Zhou Chuan's trio. Another Transmutation Realm of alienated race retreats and kills with long-range firepower and concentrates on attacking Zhou Chuan. I want to kill one first. people.

At the same moment, 1.5 kilometers away, I have seen another team of alien invaders' combat squad, rushing towards this side.

Up to ten seconds or so, it can be included to encircle Zhouchuan and the others!   Rao was experienced by the three of Zhou Chuan, and he was a little panicked at this time.

If these four genetic transmutations are flanked by the left and right, their three people will undoubtedly die.

Only at this moment, even if I have doubts about Xu Tui’s strategy, the three of them can only brace oneself to participate in the battle, attack and kill the targets in front of them with all their strength, especially Zhou Chuan. The alienation race's transformation realm remotely unites the week, very embarrassed! For an   instant, Zhou Chuan directly used an injury-for-injury style of play.

In a short period of time, he has to severely inflict this fission race's Transmutation opponent in front of him in order to make a way out.

Otherwise, if the two Transmutation Realms are besieged one by one, he will definitely be seriously injured.

Then, waiting for another squad of the enemy to kill, and waiting for him is death!

But, in the next moment, Zhou Chuan froze!   The play of changing injury for injury is a desperate play.

Hit the enemy cruelly, and give the enemy a lethal record.

However, after his strikes passed, his opponent seemed stupid.

The action and even the whole person seemed to be sluggish at that moment.

His battle knife, like cutting a cabbage, cut through the opponent's defense without hindrance, and slashed away the opponent's head.

At this moment, the opponent has no struggle at all!

This is so amazing. Never before has it been so easy to kill a powerhouse in Transmutation!   Zhou Chuan turned his head and looked over. His comrades-in-arms, He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng, also looked confused! It was   too easy to beheaded.

What is their opponent doing? Will they give them heads?

*****Are   there any bosses sending monthly tickets? Thank you first!

To answer the questions that the big guys care about, yesterday the classmate reunion party, there were five men and twelve women! In fact, this is rare. When Zhu San was in school, there were nine boys and forty girls in the class.

Envy it!   (End of this chapter)

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