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  Chapter 597   Complete Annihilation and Changing the Situation Fortunately, Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng fought The experience is extremely rich, and the shock and surprise are only that moment, and the recent He Xiaojun rushes to the only remaining alienated race's Transformation Realm.

Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng both turned to the four invaders who pounced in the two o'clock direction of the Transmutation Squad.

At this moment, this Transmutation Squad that has reached 600 meters is shocked and excited.

It's almost impossible to scream!   It took only eight seconds from the time they received the notification to when they arrived.

However, their other three companions did not hold on for even eight seconds!

The only remaining Alien Race's Transmutation Powerhouse, whose companion was killed in a flash, scared him straight away.

There must be a problem, are there any undiscovered enemies around!

The spirit strength surged wildly. Suddenly, behind a hill, he found the silhouette of an enemy.


Boom! I   didn't wait for him to warn him, but he was mentally hammered.

He Xiaojun, who just plundered, attacked and killed!

At the same moment, Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng, who were two-on-four, fell into a bitter battle in an instant.

Especially Zhou Chuan, was actually one-to-three by the enemy.

Suddenly fell into a crisis of life and death!   In this regard, Zhou Chuan was not afraid, and followed Xu Tui out to help the crater base. He was ready to sacrifice.

"You only deal with the middle one, leave the rest to me!"

The moment Xu Tui's voice rang in Zhou Chuan's mind, Zhou Chuan instantly attacked the middle one. That one.

The other two, one of the complexion greatly changed suddenly and jumped up.

The thorn is more than four meters long, which directly forced him to jump up and start to feel embarrassed again.

The other person was sluggish for a moment.

Spirit hammer!   Boom again.

Ground thorn!

Wear one person.

Afterwards, Xu Tui's spirit hammer hit again and again, and He Xiaojun, who rushed over, also joined the battle group.

The strange scene before appeared again, their opponents were stupid, let them be killed very easily.

But this time, they all understood that Xu Tui must have done it.

Now, they somewhat understand Xu Tui's strategy.

At the same moment, the people from Langkun and Yinzhen arrived with the remaining five Transmutation Powerhouses.

At this time, it was only 16 seconds to find Zhou Chuan and the others, not even 20 seconds.

However, the eight genetic transmutation powerhouses who came here earlier have all died in battle.

What kind of weird scene is this?   The first moment Lang Kun arrived, there was a strange sense of magic.

The three Blue Star Human Race’s genetic transmutation realm, killed eight members of their assault squad, a purely transmutation powerhouse group, within 16 seconds.

Isn't it the three quasi-planets that took the shot?   Would you like to be so magical?   "Be careful, there may be hidden enemies, kill!"

Langkun cautiously searched all directions, seven people killed Zhouchuan and the others at the same time.

Suddenly, the tyrannical Spiritual Fluctuation came, Langkun’s face changed abruptly, "Be careful, someone has a sneak attack!"

Hun Kun’s tone barely fell, another The powerhouse in the Transmutation Realm, which leaped like lightning, fell without warning just as soon as it jumped up.

At the moment of the fall, several ground thorns protruded from the ground thorns.

Perfect stringing!

At first glance, it looks like the Transmutation Realm of the fission clan, who fell into the act of being struck by himself.

However, this fission race's Transmutation Realm strength is also extremely strong. The moment it is strung, the Spiritual Body that has just been shaken has a trace and soberness and calm. The whole body is steep. all split up and in pieces.

Abandon all the stringed parts.


bang!   Under the bang of the mountain character tactic, the powerhouse of this fission clan who has just escaped with the fission of racial power, this time, has become muddy!   "I found you, here!"

Langkun's eyes were full of excitement, and Xu Tui's direction was locked in an instant.

"He will attack with spirit strength, shrink your strength and shake it up, which can greatly reduce his spirit strength attack damage!"

While speaking, Langkun will support himself first A transparent blue water cover was set up.

At the moment of propping up, the water cover is like a sea with wind and rain, fluctuating rapidly.

Xu Tui, who was discovered, appeared with a sneer, and the Spirit Hammer hit it directly.

But to the surprise, the Spirit Hammer was blocked by the rapidly oscillating blue water cover, and Langkun himself was not hit.

Upon seeing this, Langkun laughed and rushed towards Xu Tui. Dozens of currents were already like whips, twisting towards Xu Tui, "Attacks dressed up as God, playing the Devil by spirit strength. , Now it's pierced, I see what else you can do!"

Xu Tui's mouth was slightly cocked.

Energy transfer of quantum entangled states.

A ground stab appeared extremely abruptly in Langkun's defensive water cover, and pierced Langkun's brows like lightning.

Langkun complexion has greatly changed, without the slightest hesitation, he will squeeze a water card in his hand to save his life.

But almost at the same time, a spirit strength hammer was transmitted in, fiercely banging on Langkun's forehead.

Langkun's eyes disappeared.

pu! The   ground thorn directly pierced his brow, and in the palm of his hand, he just grabbed a life-saving blue water card!

In the next moment, Flying Sword's scream sounded.

The leader Langkun was beheaded, and Xu Tui's coercive tactics are behind, so there is no more suspense!   It is worth mentioning that the situation is wrong. The long-range sniper Yin Zhen and another alien race want to escape, but they still haven't escaped Xu Tui's Flying Sword! In   one minute, the fifteen members of the emergency assault squad organized by Reagan have all been wiped out since Captain Langkun!   Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun, and Jin Zheng all felt like they were in a dream looking at this amazing record.

Not to mention four to fifteen, that is fifteen to fifteen, and also played a record of complete annihilation.

Generally speaking, the battle strength of Spirit Race Transmutation Powerhouse is much stronger than that of Blue Star Human Race Transmutation Powerhouse, and the strength of Mechanical Spirit Race, Alienation Race, Fission Race Transmutation Powerhouse, and Blue Star Human Race is almost the same.

Under most intelligence, regardless of the command factor, fifteen to fifteen, it is not bad to win.

Completely wiped out.


If you want to wipe out, thirty to fifteen, it is still possible.

But now, four to fifteen, they have achieved a total wipeout record.

At this moment, whether it was Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun or Jin Zheng, suddenly understood why Xu Tui, a kid at his age, had B-level intermediate personal permissions.

Why Xu Tui can change the battle of the fire star base in Huaya region alone!   Why does Feng Xuanbiao want them to take Xu Tui as the mainstay!   Nowadays, the Peak battle strength of Planetary Grade powerhouse in the various regions of Human Race, such as Cai Shaochu, Harun, Itivi, and the others, had the power of evolution and transformation when they were in the evolutionary state.

But if Xu Tui is so strong, they don't know.

"How is the injury?"

Xu Tui looked at Zhou Chuan and asked.

Four to fifteen were wiped out, but Zhou Chuan, who was under the focus of the enemy's attention, was not injured.

The right hand holding the knife has been abandoned and replaced with a left hand knife.

"Clean up the battlefield, take a rest and recover and fight again."

While speaking, Xu Tui first poured himself a bottle of Class B energy active potion.

Don't look at the battle process, there is only one minute, but the battle consumption and battle intensity just now are extremely intense.

In just one minute, Xu Tui's spirit strength was consumed nearly 30%.

There are many things on these Transmutation Realm powerhouses, and there are also many source crystals.

The four of them simply divided, Xu Tui got more than 400 grams of source crystal, some extraterrestrial medicine, Xu Tui didn't get it.

However, Xu Tui directly accepted the two aqua blue source crystal ability seal cards found in Langkun's body.

This thing needs spirit strength to motivate, and the extreme system can't show much might, so Xu Tui accepted it.

Sense breath, it should be defensive.

Generally, those who can make this kind of card must at least be a powerhouse of Planetary Grade. At critical moments, Xu Tui can also use it.

Looking at the corpses of fifteen alien invaders, Xu Tui was a little pity.

These corpses can be exchanged for merit, but Xu Tui is not a pity.

Xu Tui It is a pity that there are still many differences in appearance and body type among different races.

Otherwise, they will change into their costumes. As long as they don't pretend to be the past, they may be able to get all the way to the enemy's command.

Suddenly, Xu Tui thought of Painted Skin!   The ability of painting the skin to change its appearance is really excellent if it is used on such a battlefield.

Unfortunately, this kind of ability is relatively rare, but Feng Qian Painted Skin belongs to Xu Tui's ultimate goal!   Actually speaking, Alien Race and Spirit Race are easy to fake.

Spirit Race is just a tall body.

Men generally start at a minimum of two meters.

Xu Tui is now 1.9 meters tall and slightly shorter.

But in Spirit Race, are there no shorts?

The alienation races as a whole are very similar to the Human Race. The only difference is that many alienation races have an alienation feature, such as skin color, vertical eyes, pointed ears, horns on the top of the head, and even wings on the back. Wait.

Suddenly, Xu Tui thought of Wen Shaowen teacher again.

Is the Wen Shaowen teacher with a horn on his head also because of some genetic alienation?

Previously, the information Xu Tui got was that although An Xiaoxue and Wen Shao were in a state of competition in Huaxia Genetic Evolution University, Wen Shao also played some tricks.

But both Wen Shao and Qu Qingshan have joined An Xiaoxue's No. 14 wasteland reclamation squad.

How to fight and fight in school is actually the school's internal affairs. Once you get a Blue Star, you can instantly become comrades who admire each other.

These three, in terms of strength, are all very powerful, and each has the strength to fight against the powerhouse of Transmutation, and even to kill the powerhouse of Transmutation.

Xu Tui has strong confidence in the strength of these three, but the key is to supply.

In the genetic evolutionary environment, including the genetic transmutation environment, the most basic category is still human.

No matter how strong the extraordinary ability is, it is still human.

If you don’t eat or drink for a long time, it’s still mortal!   Therefore, the fire star base of the crater must be guarded. That is the only route that can deliver supplies to An Xiaoxue.

"Fill a few more bottles of energy replenishment potions, I will help you heal. Now, our rescue operation has just begun." Xu Tui said.

Ten minutes later, when Xu Tui and the others continued to penetrate the battlefield and attack scattered patrol teams, Reagan, the commander of the fifth division of the fire star base, besieged the crater, browsed tightly frowns .

"Langkun and the others, still did not respond?"

"Return to the teacher, call once every ten seconds, I have called fifty times, and there has been no response!"

"What about the others, how about the members of his assault squad, did they call?"

"Go back to the teacher, I called, but there is no response?"

"Where is the position?"

"Their communicator position has not moved for ten minutes."

The fifth division commander Reagan browses tightly frowns, "All killed?   This is impossible! Even if a quasi-planet and fifteen transmutations come, it’s impossible to make them all killed without even sending out the distress signal?"

"Could it be that the quasi-planetary powerhouse is more than just coming?"

One?" Regan frowned.

"Impossible is a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse! The experts on both sides of Phobos are all staring at it, let alone two or three, it is a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Someone wants to change, and the battle from above will immediately erupt!   I can get down because I used the commander's secret treasure to reduce the power aura." The Spirit Race forward base commander-in-chief Lei who just arrived. Lei Zhan, the commander of the guard regiment, said.

"The problem is that such a powerful team that can kill 15 Transmutation Powerhouses absolutely has the power to change the situation.

Once we get into our side The position will surely cause incalculable damage, it must be found out and killed!" Regen frowned.

In fact, the four Xu Tui completely wiped out the emergency assault squad organized by Reagan, which has changed the situation of the battle.

Lei’s plan is to combine this emergency assault squad with several other assault squads after the reinforcements are killed to form a assault team with more than fifty people. The arrival of Lei Zhan led the implementation of sharp knife tactics, broke through the circular fire star base in one fell swoop, and achieved an opportunity to change the situation!

At present, this future sharp commando team has not yet been organized, and its number has been reduced by one third.

"If that's the case, then leave it to me! I'll take someone to kill these flies first, and then go for the worries, and then implement the sharp knife tactics!" Lei Zhan believed.

"Master Lei Zhan, you are indeed very strong, but I am afraid that you are alone."

"Well, just give me four or five transition states. It must be fast and The long-range attack is sharp," Lei Zhan said.

"No problem."

"Then I will rush to the location of the incident first, and you will lock me the position of this team of flies as soon as possible!" Lei Zhan said.

After one minute, Lei Zhan quickly left with three alienated races in the Transformation Realm, and two weapon Spirit Race in the Transformation Realm!

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