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  Chapter 598 Tactics and Suicide Squad Assault (see monthly pass) Up to now, there are only eight or nine months, but the style of China's infrastructure madness has continued from a hundred years ago to the present.

Due to geographical restrictions, the fire star base of the crater has several satellite bases in addition to the main base on the top of the mountain.

These satellite bases are mainly military attributes.

In wartime, it can provide powerful fire support to the crater fire star base.

When it was built, it was built as a fortress-style military building.

Officially called the Weibo.

This is also the reason why the fire star base in the Crater of Huaxia District has been able to persist under the siege of an enemy's one and a half divisions.

This kind of fortress, because it is built on the ground, is more powerful than the air defense fortress of the moon.

But because of time, the fire star base of the crater in Huaxia District has only three guards.

These three guards cover the entire crater from three angles, making it more difficult to attack the fire star base of the crater.

However, under the five-day siege, of the three fortresses, the second fort has been breached.

The 1,200 garrisons in the No. 2 Guard, all died heroically.

According to the information obtained from the communication between Xu Tui and the fire star base of the crater, as long as the remaining No. 1 and No. 3 guards are lost, any side of the crater fire star base will be completely lost. Lost fire protection.

When the time comes, the Spirit Race army can attack with full force from this side without any scruples.

Once that happens, the fall of the fire star base of the crater is a matter of time.

After all, no matter which base, the reserves of long-range coverage fire strike warheads are limited.

On the contrary, the ammunition for short-range energy weapons is almost unlimited.

The current situation is that because of the longest construction time of No. 1 Fort, it has not been breached in a short period of time.

Because of the limited ammunition reserve of construction time limit, the No. 3 Fort is already in danger.

Need help urgently!

If there is an opportunity, Xu Tui can pin down the offensive forces of Fort No. 3 from the side.

These are the original words of the fire star base commander of the crater, Gai Sheng.

Ge Sheng was the commander of the fire star base in Huaya Region before. After the fire star base was established in the crater, Ge Sheng moved to the fire star base in the crater.

In the internal sequence, the importance of the fire star base in the crater is far stronger than the fire star base in the Huaya region.

At this moment, Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan are slowly approaching Fort Three.

From a distance, you can already see the No. 3 Fortress that stands as a hill.

It is currently 13 kilometers away from the No. 3 Fortress and 21 kilometers away from the base of the crater fire star, in a leeward mountain col.

Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun, and Jin Zheng have fallen asleep for a short rest to recover their strength, while Xu Tui is investigating cautiously.

Falling asleep and recovering anytime, anywhere, this is also the unique ability of a hero in the military!

The speed of falling asleep is even comparable to Xu Tui's meditation.

Spirit Race is not only one or two generations higher than the Blue Star humans with extraordinary technology, but also a generation or more higher than the Blue Star humans.

However, the fastest blue star point has always been military technology.

In terms of military technology, Spirit Race is half to a generation higher than Blue Star humans.

And the crater, here is the center of the battle between the two sides, and the two sides are investigating and interfering with each other. In this case, the accuracy and accuracy of scientific and technological detection devices are greatly reduced.

The closer to the center of the crater, the more obvious this situation is.

This is also the reason why the Xu Tui four can sneak into the core of War Zone and have not been discovered yet.

The combat uniforms they wear have a powerful anti-reconnaissance function.

Cautiously controlling the power of the source crystal powder to sword heart eyes, it took Xu Tui more than half an hour to get a feel for the situation around Fort Three.

Around the No. 3 Guard, according to the intelligence of Gaisheng, there should be four thousand people attacking it day and night.

The Russian matryoshka-style No. 3 guard built in Huaxia District has been defeated by two floors, and the last one is broken and it is over.

More than half of the casualties have been in the Three Fortress.

According to Xu Tui's observation just now, there may be more enemies around Fort Three than they have detected by Gaisheng, which may be close to five thousand.

It should have been an increase in troops later.

The force is as high as 1/4/2021 of the total force they besieged here.

But the key point is that because the No. 3 Fort does not occupy a lot of space, these five thousand people are half-encircled and distributed on the front of the No. 3 Fort which is easy to attack.

The number of people is scattered in dots, but they are concentrated on one surface, in a stepped shape. As long as Xu Tui shows his head, as long as the opponent's commander is not stupid, he will immediately fall into the siege, and it is from top to bottom. The kind of fight.

The crowded tactics, even Planetary Grade powerhouse is afraid, not to mention Xu Tui.

As long as more than ten weapon Spirit Race evolution realm remotely focus on Xu Tui and hit, Xu Tui will be honored on the spot! It's   still the kind without a whole body.

After studying for a while, Xu Tui has two ready-made tactics in mind, but one opportunity is still missing.

Xu Tui woke up the Zhou Chuan trio. This time, they didn't make them dream.

Being so close to the enemy army, if someone yells in shame because of a dream of peeing on his pants, it will be tragic exposed!   "How to fight?" Zhou Chuan asked when he woke up. The short sleep helped them recover slightly.

The previous battle has completely established trust between the three Zhou Chuan and Xu Tui.

"To solve the predicament of the Three Guards, it is very difficult to rely on the four of us. So we have to use some unconventional means."

"What unconventional means?"

"For example, a wide range of science and technology kill weapons." Xu Tui said.

"But, we don't have anymore. Even the warheads in the No. 3 Guard have been shot out." He Xiaojun doubted.

"I have warheads."

In front of the three of them, Xu Tui directly took out two 30kg-class nuclear fusion warheads, and let them see again. stunned.

Fortunately, the three of them are also Transmutation Powerhouses. They have a bit of knowledge and know the ability of quantum dimensional chains, but they have never seen them before.

When he came, Wei Bin brought a total of ten warheads to Xu Tui, but Xu Tui’s quantum dimensional chain, due to its size, only contained three nuclear fusion warheads and two or three warheads. Phase hot bombs.

The three-phase thermal bomb is more conducive to the fixed-point removal of the expert. In contrast, the nuclear fusion warhead has a greater range of lethality.

As for environmental pollution, it is not within the scope of consideration. The current technology can control nuclear pollution, and it is convenient and quick.

"You mean to want us." Zhou Chuan's face suddenly appeared resolute, "Count me, you two, who will come!"

Jin Zheng and He Xiaojun Glancing at each other, He Xiaojun hesitated for a moment. Jin Zheng already gritted his teeth and said, "Count me."

After that, Jin Zheng said again, "He, if you can go back alive, remember to take care of it. Let’s check the major event of my family, especially my daughter’s life!"

He Xiaojun looked solemnly, "Lao Jin, should I come?"

"No, you think Where's it? Suddenly it started playing life and death parting?" Xu Tui was anxious when he heard something interesting.

"Xu Tuan, didn't you tell us to transport this nuclear warhead to the enemy and detonate it."

The three of them looked at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui: "."

Xu Tui laughed and laughed, speechless for a long while, these people from the army are so cute!

"Don't, wouldn't it be too simple to make you heroic? If you really want to make you heroic, you have to tie you to a nuclear warhead, launch you, and blast into space directly."

Xu Tui joked, directly in front of the three of them, took out two expendable Flying Swords, first punched in the spiritual magnet pile, and then gently put it, the spirit strength moved, two The nuclear warhead is firmly fixed on the Flying Sword.

"Leave me the matter of launch and detonation. But I need a little distance! I can launch at the farthest distance of three kilometers, but at a distance of three kilometers, it is too easy to be intercepted.

I need you to help me send these two nuclear bombs to a place one kilometer away from the target, and then immediately retreat, and the other one will meet you to retreat." Xu Tui arranged the task.

"Guaranteed to complete the task!" Zhou Chuan three people responded at the same time.

Subsequently, Xu Tui directly contacted the commander of the crater fire star base, Gai Sheng, the commander of the 3rd Division of the Tiger Legion.

"Master Gai, I can clear Fort Three, but I only have one chance, so I need an opportunity!" Xu Tui said.

"What kind of opportunity? Let's create it!"

"I have a large-scale nuclear bomb. I need you to help me mobilize the enemy forces more densely. Yes.

At the same time, it attracts the enemy's attention and gives us a chance to approach." Xu Tui said.

On the other side of the communication, there was silence for a moment, and he suddenly said, "Then you should be able to see the situation around Fort Three at any time?"


"It is estimated that the action will begin in ten minutes. You can observe and determine the timing of the shot yourself." Gai Sheng said.


Xu Tui doesn't know what the means to win the victory, but think about it, mobilize the enemy, there should be no problem, right?

At the same moment, at the location where Xu Tui and the others killed Langkun before, Lei Zhan was leading people to inspect it carefully, and the tyrannical spirit strength continued to sway over the surrounding ground.

Within a few minutes, Lei Zhan suddenly looked towards the north where the No. 3 Guard is located.

"The last remaining breath of them moved in this direction. Notify Master Lei, strengthen the search in this direction, and lock me in their position as soon as possible.

And, Inform Master Lei that there are four enemies, and at least three of them are in the Transformation Realm. One is not sure.

All patrol teams focus on reconnaissance. If you see it, you will avoid it immediately!"

Reagan will be notified of the accompanying change immediately.

If Xu Tui were here, I'm afraid he would be shocked on the spot.

The spirit strength of Lei Zhan is too terrifying!

The remaining breath more than an hour ago can be found! In the   No.3 Weibao of the Crater Base.

The garrison commander is making the final speech before the combat mission, "After I die, the command will be taken over by the deputy battalion commander.

If the deputy battalion commander is killed, the command will be taken over by the staff officer. .

Staff Officer Zhou, the information of our brothers will be sent to the base now. Also, if the big guy has any wishes, please quickly add it, the last five minutes!

I will take the lead. Ah."

"Staff Zhou, remember, if I die, can I restore my military rank to General Wei.

When the time comes, put it on the ashes. A college uniform, no matter which unit my son will go to in the future, he can be an old man!" said the garrison Liu Baochang.

The recorded staff member Zhou smiled bitterly, "You Liuhuo, come back alive if you have the kind. If you can come back alive today, even if you don’t die, your colonel title will be fine.

When the time comes to wear it for your son!"

"I will try my best to bring more people and come back alive!" Liu Tianhu said this sentence extremely seriously!

Five minutes later, Liu Tianhu looked at the communicator, "Time is up, let’s go!"


A group of people looked very embarrassed and lacked their arms. In the salute of the wounded soldiers with few legs, Liu Tianhu long spear, the commander of No. 3 Fortress, shook, and took the last elite in this Fortress to the fortress gate in strides.

"Fire coverage, cover our assault!"

"Target, enemy command!"

Under the cover of sudden intense firepower, Liu Tianhu Bringing a hundred and three talents selected by his subordinates to fight, he smashed out of the Fortress.

Killed to the position of the headquarters of the siege of the No. 3 guard.

This is the only tactic they can use after Gesheng confessed to the task-Suicide Squad assault!

To mobilize the enemy's military power!   *****   Our monthly pass, at the end of the month, can you make a surprise!

(End of this chapter)

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