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  Chapter 601 Glory Bomb

On Phobos, the atmosphere on both sides of the confrontation is tense, especially on behalf of China The military’s Planetary Grade powerhouse Pei Tiefeng, browses tightly frowns.

The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse's breath fluctuating just now, roughly sensed, came from near the fire star base of the crater.

No more specific information for the time being.

Still waiting for a specific reply from the fire star base of the crater.

It is also because of the unknown situation. Although fire star uploaded the power fluctuation of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, the two sides are still suppressing it.

At the same time, taking advantage of Lei Zhan's being temporarily banned by Feng Zi Jue, Xu Tui took the opportunity to chase the remaining five Transmutation Powerhouses frantically.

Xu Tui understands that with the strength that Lei Zhan has just shown, he will definitely not have much time.

The Spirit Hammer blasted over in an instant.

But it may be because Lei Zhan had reminded before that the five Transmutation Powerhouses on the opposite side began to shrink the shock field a long time ago, and Xu Tui's mental hammer did not create an opportunity.

However, Xu Tui's other abilities are not covered.

Flying Sword, Dispike, and Shanzi Jue shot at the same time, and they killed one in an instant!   He Xiaojun also reached his limit at this time, and he was about to be beheaded. Xu Tui spirit strength moved.

Energy transfer! In   an instant, a Vajra Rebirth Shield appeared in front of He Xiaojun, blocking his fatal blow.

The Spirit Hammer blasted wildly again, the ground stab, the mountain character formula, and the Flying Sword all attacked. Xu Tui used all his methods to forcibly kill another Transmutation Powerhouse.

Time, more than three seconds have passed.

There are still three Transmutation Powerhouses left, three to three!   The pressure on Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng is slightly reduced.

But at the same moment, within the seal, Lei Zhan was anxious!

The power of this seal is constantly passing, Lei Zhan estimates that in five or six seconds, he can break free of this seal.

But looking at the situation in front of you, in another five or six seconds, Xu Tui is very likely to solve the transformational cultivator he brought, and then escape!

A few seconds of work, it will definitely not be far away.

But without the involvement of other people, it is very difficult for him to want to keep this very crucial support team.

What if the other party comes with another cover letter?

Then you really want to escape!   Under this circumstance, will the total attack on the crater base be launched? If   launched, this rescue team should be like rescuing the No. 3 Fortress. It will drop a few nuclear bombs directly at the densest place of the army. It doesn’t need to be many. It only needs two or three to block the offensive and cause a lot of casualties. .

So, at this moment, he must destroy this rushing team in the shortest time!

After hesitating for a moment, Lei Zhan decided that he would no longer hide his strength.


Breakthrough is banned!

Then quickly kill the team, participate in the overall attack on the crater, quickly break through, and complete the commander's command!

In an instant, Lei Zhan urged the Return to Origin Gathering Crystal into his abdomen.

When needed, the power swallowed by the Return to Origin Gathering Crystal can return in no time! In an   instant, the incomparable quasi-planetary powerhouse fluctuated and emerged from Lei Zhan.

At the same moment, A Huang’s voice rang in Xu Tui’s ears, “Xu Tui, the fire star base of the crater asked you about the specific situation, whether you caused the quasi-planetary fluctuation, or did you encounter it? Danger!"

"Answer truthfully!"

It was almost Xu Tui spare no effort cooperating with Zhou Chuan to kill the moment that the famous Transformation Realm chased Zhou Chuan, and he was tyrannical. The terrifying quasi-planet powerhouse aura burst out behind Xu Tui and the others in a flash.

Between the lightning flashes, the seal was broken!   Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun, and Jin Zheng changed their expressions greatly, "Xu Tuan, you retreat, we will break it!"

"All retreat, we must go together!"

As soon as another Transmutation Realm was killed, scarlet fire Jian Guanghua surged again, the spirit hammer swelled suddenly, and then blasted towards Lei Zhan.

Lei Zhan's mouth sneered, and it was this move again! The   same loss, he will not eat it a second time!

The lightning barrier rises instantly and oscillates with his spirit strength field. It can definitely resist this spirit strength attack!

Xu Tui within both eyes strange light flashed!   Energy transfer!   At the same moment, the scarlet jade slip brilliance flashed in my mind again, and it was suddenly injected into the genetic ability chain of the tattoo.

Boom!   The moment the Spirit Hammer flashed into the lightning barrier of Lei Zhan out of thin air, Lei Zhan's face was ugly to death!

I was bombarded again, and the Spiritual Body was also affected.

But Lei Zhan's whole body's hair is also erected at this moment!

Fatal danger! The   strong spirit strength suddenly made him feel a fatal threat, and there was an indescribable tingling sensation on the eyebrows!   Instinct, or the instinct exercised during so many years of life and death, the moment Lei Zhan was hit by the mental hammer, he directly activated a source crystal pendant close to his neck!   Dense lightning, densely covering his body surface in an instant.

pu!   Xu Tui's strengthened ground thorn, the direct energy transmission passed through the lightning barrier fiercely through Lei Zhan's eyebrows.

The fine lightning on Lei Zhan's body fluctuates violently.

In the end, Xu Tui was dissipated by the ground thorns after the scarlet fire was increased, and the fine lightning on Lei Zhan's body surface was dimmed a lot! At   this moment, Xu Tui is already a stake all on one throw.

The ground thorns blasted out again and again, frantically carrying out energy transmission!   Scarlet Huo Jian’s increase has been exhausted. This may be Xu Tui’s only chance to kill or severely inflict Lei Zhan!

The sound of puff puff puff strikes is endless! The   fine lightning protection on Lei Zhan's body surface finally collapsed, and the last two ground thorns just pierced into Lei Zhan's body surface.

One is at the center of the eyebrows, and the other is at the heart.

As soon as it was pierced, a terrifying lightning burst out of Lei Zhan's body, and the ground thorn was directly shattered!   Lei Zhan's eyebrow has a Red Seal, and there is a blood hole that is not deep outside his heart.

Only a little bit!   Lei Zhan has blown up his hair!   Almost!   He was almost killed by the Human Race in the evolutionary realm. Although the opponent used the krypton cheat segment, this is a shame in Lei Zhan's view!

Even more angry!   Krypton gold, right?

He is a quasi-planet, and he still has no means of krypton gold!

It was almost the moment of getting out of trouble, the moment Lei Zhan turned into lightning and pounced on Xu Tui, one by one thunderballs blasted towards Xu Tui!

Xu Tui has seen this kind of thunderball in the hands of Leixiang, and the formidable power has a deep memory!

In an instant, the fixed character that was about to be torn apart was directly replaced with the Earth Element energy cover source crystal seal card previously seized on the Extreme Wind VII Resource Star! The   fixed character may be able to hold Lei Zhan, but under the strikes of these three thunderballs, Xu Tui is sure to be finished.

Therefore, we must and can only fully defend! At   this moment, Xu Tui was a little depressed. The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse also used krypton gold to deal with him. This is a bit shameless!   At the same moment, Xu Tui propped up the Vajra Rebirth Shield to its maximum, and the Shanzi Jue directly appeared in front of him to act as a defense!

bang! The   first thunderball and the second thunderball exploded almost in an instant, Xu Tui’s Shanzi Jue, Earth Element energy shield, Vajra Rebirth Shield, Broken instantly.

The innermost Vajra Barrier also fluctuates violently and is on the verge of breaking.

However, the third thunderball, follow closely from behind, blasted over and exploded!

The spiritual shield that was laid down hastily shattered, the Vajra Barrier shattered, Xu Tui's whole body was directly exploded and flew, and the front combat uniform was directly exploded to shreds.

Xu Tui's blood spurts wildly!

Is this quasi-planetary powerhouse true strength?   Or, is this the power of quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse krypton gold?   This is much stronger than Xu Tui imagined!   Of course, Xu Tui's reference is the former Thunder Elephant.

Strictly speaking, Leixiang is not yet a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, and when dealing with Leixiang, there are Li Shihua, Ruan Da, Jianqi, Jianqi and Xu Tui at the same time. It's not that difficult to win.

At this moment, when Xu Tui faces a true quasi-planet powerhouse alone, or a quasi-planet of Spirit Race, the difficulty is reflected!

At the moment of being blown up, Xu Tui feels his body is out of control.

The violent energy impact and lightning strikes made his spirit strength a little loose!   One head is hurt, and it's not light!

On the other side, Zhou Chuan, He Xiaojun, and Jin Zheng have just joined hands to seriously injured the last of the powerhouse in the Transmutation Realm brought by Lei Zhan.

Seeing that the opportunity to retreat was approaching, Xu Tui was seriously injured by Lei Zhan!   He Xiaojun glanced at his half-scorched body. He was severely injured by Lei Zhan before, and he was seriously injured!

Suddenly, He Xiaojun laughed, "I'll come!"

After years of tacit fighting, without any hesitation, Zhou Chuan jumped up to catch Xu Tui, and Jin Zheng was like Like a violent bear, the energy field all over his body flashed a dazzling brilliance, and he rushed to the Lei Zhan who was chasing Xu Tui suicide!   Lei Zhan sneered!

With a wave of his hand, a lightning blasted Jin Zheng away.

At this moment, He Xiaojun, half-dead on the ground, leaped like lightning, and the moment he leaped, when the distance to the thunder exhibition was the closest, the energy field surged and burst into the battle uniform suddenly. Within a certain interval, and then press a button along the way! In an   instant, the lithium deuteride in his combat uniform was instantly detonated!

Lithium deuteride, commonly known as hydrogen bomb!

The hydrogen bomb, which has been continuously improved a hundred years later, is called the particle stream neutron bomb. It has been reduced to five-meter level and is the smallest nuclear weapon that a single soldier can carry.

"What the hell, after taking so many years of glorious bombs, I finally used it! Old Zhou, remember my daughter!" He Xiaojun made a voice that only he could hear.

In Lei Zhan's angry roar, the whole person was overwhelmed by the brilliance of this particle stream of neutron bullets.

Zhou Chuan was speeding with Xu Tui on his back without turning his head back. Jin Zheng dodges the power of the neutron bullet in a weird half-crawling posture while following Zhou Chuan at the same time. , Ready to be the second He Xiaojun!

When they came, they received a death order!   The safety of Xu Tui must be guaranteed!   Actually, there is no military order. In the previous battle, they have realized the value of Xu Tui!   Just give Xu Tui a few more years to grow up, then.Xu Tui, who   was picked up by Zhou Chuan, looked at this scene, his eyes split!   Damn war!   Damn intruder!   Half a second later, Xu Tui recovered from the body's stress response that was hit hard.

As soon as he recovered, he saw Lei Zhan rushing out of the light wave of the bullet blast from the particle stream just now, against the lightning, covered in blood!   Not dead!

Of course, it is also normal.

If a five-kg hydrogen bomb can kill a Spirit Race quasi-planet, Bluestar Human Race would have won!   Without the slightest hesitation, a fixed-character source crystal ability seal card was directly torn apart by Xu Tui.

The huge fixed character suddenly fell to Lei Zhan!

At the same moment, Xu Tui took out a glass of Flying Sword and the last three-phase thermal bomb!

Lei Zhan complexion greatly changed.

He is so familiar with this fixed character!

The video that came back from the moon offensive and defensive battle, the Planetary Grade powerhouse, which was killed first, was first restricted by this character, and then bombarded by the enemy with technological weapons!   However, Xu Tui's ability to fix characters is not quite clear.

I haven't used it before, and Cai Shaochu is also very vague, so Xu Tui has always used the seal!

At this time, I can't take care of it anymore!

However, this last three-phase thermal bomb must be used well. This is Xu Tui's last attack method!   Without the slightest hesitation, Lei Zhan broke out the strongest attack again in an instant, the fixed character of the crazy strikes!   A thunderball was thrown directly!   Never let this fixed character fall on him!

Under the crazy attack of Lei Zhan, the huge fixed characters continue to dissipate!

Xu Tui's Flying Sword tied with a three-phase thermal bomb, took off instantly.

At this moment, Lei Zhan used the thunderball to block the fixed character, and instantly turned into a lightning, a flash of lightning!

But this lightning, don't run away from the counterattack! In   an instant, Lei Zhan chased Xu Tui two hundred meters behind him, and directly passed Xu Tui's Flying Sword with a three-phase thermal bomb tied to it, and he was about to launch a fatal attack on Xu Tui!   Xu Tui, who was staring at Lei Zhan, directly tore open the magic character that Cai Shaochu focused on!   At the same time, Xu Tui said to Zhou Chuan who was carrying him, "Extreme speed!"

Lei Zhan, who bumped into the magic word, suddenly looked strange!   The rumbling sound of Flying Sword resounds!

At the same moment, three kilometers away, there were two Blue Star Huaya District powerhouses with faces. They stopped and felt slightly, one frowned, "I won’t be killed, let’s be killed." Now, can we not complete the task?"

"It's a three-phase thermal bomb, I'll go, and this method! Don't worry, we should still have a chance."


At the same time, Phobos went on, the fire star went on one after another. The power of the rising quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse was still on the base of the crater fire star, making Huaxia District Planetary Grade powerhouse Pei Tiefeng, some can't sit still!   There was movement in an instant!

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