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  Chapter 603: Reinforcements after Killing Thunder Show (seeking monthly pass)

After the three quasi-planet powerhouses redeemed by the dawn, once again pitted the three Spirit Race quasi-planet powerhouses with coquettish positioning, Leihong was not only angry, but finally realized that something was wrong!   Two deaths, two serious injuries and two minor injuries!

In the two six quasi-planets, four were directly attenuated and retired.

It directly brought huge losses to Spirit Race.

If the first time the coquettish move may be a coincidence, then the second time is absolutely impossible is a coincidence!

As the Spirit Race commander on Phobos, Leihong is also a very decisive commander.

A decision was made in an instant.

"Don't care about the friendly forces or not, kill these three people first!" Leihong, who had already participated in the war, shouted.

The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse of Spirit Race, who was so aggrieved by the trio of these three coquettish positions a second ago, made a move without any scruples in an instant!   The three people who had been prepared for a long time started clamoring frantically.

"Asshole, why do you fight yourself?"

"I'm working for you, but you guys want to kill us?"

"No, go find Boss, go ahead!"

Amid the clamor, the three quasi-planets that had just publicly defected, one by one fell down and fled like lightning!

The quasi-travel of Spirit Race wanted to chase, but was entangled by the quasi-planet of Blue Star Human Race.

The three quasi-planets that escaped, when they fled, two of them seemed to attack a quasi-planet of Spirit Race closest to them because of their anger!

The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse of Bluestar Human Race in the vicinity is a clever ghost.

Set fire!

Spirit Race Quasi-Planet exits with another serious injury!   Later, these three internal responses that Lei Shu placed high hopes in foul-mouthed fled the battlefield. The quasi-planet of Spirit Race was attrition and there was no time to take care of it. The quasi-planetary powerhouses of Blue Star Human Race seemed to be due to the war. At that time, no one was chasing them.

These three swaggered safely out of the battlefield.

But Leihong is going crazy!   Reduce five quasi-planets on the spot!   The Planetary Grade of the current battle, Spirit Race is ten Planetary Grade vs. Blue Star's nine Planetary Grade plus three quasi-planets.

Then in the quasi-planetary powerhouse, the number of people who fought against each other was fifty to forty-four.

The plan should be fifty-three to forty-four.

But now, being tossed by these three weird inner Yings, they have become forty-five to forty-four, and there are two minor injuries.

The advantages of previous calculations disappeared in no time.

It has become quite powerful!   Next, we must compare which of the Peak powerhouses of both parties has the stronger fighting intent, and who has the stronger strength!   In fact, the expert of Bluestar Human Race has another advantage.

It is Phobos' heavy fire support.

Although the heavy firepower on Phobos can threaten and damage the quasi-planet and Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is normally not allowed!   Unable to call, useless!

But with the war, the opportunity for the land-based heavy firepower on Phobos has come.

There is always a quasi-planet or Planetary Grade powerhouse, which can contain or limit the enemy and let the heavy firepower work.

For this reason, the current strength comparison between the two sides appears to be that Spirit Race has a weak advantage, but in fact, with the intervention and influence of Phobos' heavy firepower, it is the Blue Star Human Race that has a slight advantage. Advantage!

Leihong is a little irritable!

How he didn't expect that this full of fighters would be like this!   However, once the battle at this level is fully fought, it is basically impossible to end peacefully.

The separation must be done after one party has paid a considerable price.

Therefore, Leihong feels bad, but he can't persuade him, let alone retire!

First have to fight to the end!   Lei Hong wants to take advantage of Spirit Race's individual strength to slowly accumulate small wins into big wins!

However, before Leihong could adjust his strategy, the three silhouettes that rose from the top of the Fire Guards made Leihong almost invisible!   The three quasi-planets of the Huaxia tribe who had evacuated from the confrontation battlefield before and rushed to aid the fire star are soaring into the sky at this moment and re-enter the battle! In a   flash, Blue Star's advantage has greatly increased!   Forty-five to 47!   The advantage of Blue Star is not great, but with Phobos' heavy firepower, the advantage of Blue Star Human Race has begun to slowly expand!   Soon, the sixth quasi-planet with attrition appeared on Spirit Race!

Forty-four to 47!   But at the same time, there was also a quasi-planet on the Spirit Race side that severely damaged a quasi-planet of Blue Star, but unexpectedly, this quasi-planet of Blue Star used a life-for-life method at a critical moment.

The quasi-planet of Spirit Race was shocked!

This is the difference between the will to fight!

Both sides were seriously injured at the same time and lost their combat capability!

Forty-three versus forty-six!   Lei Hong is impatient. If this continues, the big defeat will not be far away, and the battle must be changed.

Lei Shu was contacted urgently, but Lei Shu was not contacted.

Lei Shu, who is hidden in the distance, does not know the current changes in the battle, but is almost stunned by the roar of the dawn!

"Commander in chief, my people have defected to your camp, which has greatly affected the fighting will of Blue Star!

But your people, why kill them!

Why attack them?


Almost three of them, they will be killed on the spot by their loyal Spirit Race expert !   Commander Lei, you have to give me an explanation for this matter!You   have to give me an explanation!   We sold your life, but you want to kill us, I don’t understand!   If Without a reasonable explanation, I will find the opportunity to report to the sanctuary!" The Dawn villain first filed a complaint, and immediately made Lei Shu a little bit embarrassed by the roar!

He had no idea what was happening on the frontline battlefield.

He hung up Suguang's communication neatly, and Lei Shu immediately contacted Leihong.

Thirty seconds later, Lei Shu was startled, and suddenly roared, "Dawn, you traitor, I will kill you!"

"My lord, Zai Shuguang We can look for opportunities, but now, what should we do? Our disadvantages are slowly expanding. Should we continue to fight to death or pay a certain price and retreat?" Leihong said anxiously.

"Retreat, absolutely not! Once we retreat, we will completely lose! Our personal strength has an advantage"

"My lord, you know, in terms of fighting will, we are short The board is relatively large, especially among the experts of the Spirit Race, Alienation Race, and Fission Race."

"You must command the battle first. You must never withdraw, let alone chaos!

Give me A little time, give me a little time!"

Lei Shu brow beaded with sweat.

He knows very well that his next decision will determine the final victory and loss of the battle at this time, as well as the fate of himself and his clansman!

Victory, was carried into the church!

I lost   "Will it be a trap?"

"Will it be the design they forced me to shoot?"

"But If I don’t make a move, it’s not certain whether I will be defeated next time, but I will definitely not win."

At this moment, Lei Shu's heart is fighting with heaven and man!   At the same moment, Xu Tui, Jin Zheng and Zhou Chuan fell to the ground at the same time in the strong shock wave of the three-phase thermal bomb outside the crater, fully defending!

Lei Zhan is at the center of the three-phase thermal bomb, but their straight-line distance from the three-phase thermal bomb is only four or five hundred meters!

At the last moment when it exploded, Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng spare no effort, and it was more than a hundred meters far away!

This is also a 20kg class three-phase thermal bomb. If Phobos or the 100kg upward three-phase thermal bomb fired by the moon, they will kill the thunder exploding at the same time. , Lei Zhan must also be buried!

At the moment when he fell to the ground, Xu Tui threw himself an Earth Element energy shield.

These are the two source crystal ability seal cards that were seized after the Extreme Wind VII resource star killed Trichy of the Free Special Forces in the Milian District, and they have all been used up by now.

However, the advantage of using this card is that Xu Tui still has a bit of extra energy, and a small hill appeared in front of Jin Zheng, which blocked Jin Zheng.

Jin Zheng, who is always ready to use the glorious bomb to break Xu Tui, is only 400 meters away from the detonation core of the three-phase thermal bomb.

In the center of the explosion, lightning crazily rises and annihilates!

After three consecutive explosions, lightning was completely annihilated.

Jin Zheng was vomiting blood from the shock wave, but it was not fatal. Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan were a little better.

After adjusting his breathing a little, Xu Tui's spirit strength instantly covered the past.

In the center of the explosion, Lei Zhan was in tatters, lying there, one eye was missing, and the naked eye of the internal organs was visible, but it was still beating vigorously.

The injuries on the body surface are healing quickly.

Not dead yet!   Still alive!

This thunder exhibition is not only a quasi-planetary Grade powerhouse, but also a quasi-planetary powerhouse!   The explosion center of a small-yield three-phase thermal bomb will never die!

But at this moment, Xu Tui spared no effort to take advantage of his illness and kill him!

As soon as the spirit strength moved, the ground thorn suddenly protruded.

At the moment when the ground thorns protruded, a group of lightning burst out of the half-dead Lei Zhan's body, avoiding Xu Tui's fatal blow.

You can still use your power!

Flying Sword and Shanzi Jue bang madly at the same time!

Lei Zhan’s eyes are round and wide, and the lightning inside his body surges, but at the same time the lightning inside his body surges, the blood in the wound is also like It is sprayed like a fountain!   Boom!   Shanzi Jue directly blasted Lei Zhan into the ground, and when it blasted into the ground, the ground thorn rose crazily from the ground thorn.

I stabbed three or four ground thorns in a row, seven or eight each time.

Lei Zhan was directly pierced to pieces, and there were six or seven holes in his head. After completely dead, Xu Tui was sighed in relief.

When this breath was relieved, Xu Tui fell to the ground instantly, breathing heavily.

Zhou Chuan was impatient, "Xu Tuan, you."

"It's okay. Fill me a bottle. B" Xu Tui's voice was weak.

The spirit strength is consumed too much, and it's almost gone.

Especially in the defense process just now, after propping up the spirit shield, it consumes too much spirit strength.

Almost the kind that quickly bottoms out!

Zhou Chuan understood what Xu Tui meant, and quickly filled Xu Tui with a B-level energy supplement.

The medicine was poured into the belly for 30 seconds, and the warm and energetic energy dissipated into the limbs, recovering, and the mind was slightly awake.

However, when the spirit strength bottoms out, it is relatively slow to rely on B-level energy active agents to recover.

After a slight recovery, Xu Tui immediately took out the Mitsubishi tripod.

Here is another important function, which can store spirit strength!

In normal leisure time, you can save the input of spirit strength and extract it directly when you use it.

Currently, the amount of storage is limited, because of the size, only half of Xu Tui's spirit strength can be stored.

However, if you directly extract your own spirit strength to recover, the recovery speed is quite fast.

At this moment, Jin Zheng, who was just struggling to sit up, suddenly showed a grave expression on his face, "Someone is coming!"

Zhou Chuan quickly floated to observe," Two people."

After finishing speaking, Zhou Chuan suddenly showed joy, "It is a blue star human being, a reinforcement, not an enemy!"

Xu Tui quickly recovered his spirit strength. , And gave Jin Zheng and Zhou Chuan a treatment at the same time.

"Is it from our Huaxia District?"

"Looking at the appearance, it is from our Huaxia District, but it should not be from our Huaxia District! If it is from our Huaxia District , The base will definitely inform us."

It's near, not only Zhou Chuan, but Xu Tui also sensed the aura of these two changes.

Two genetic transmutation powerhouses in Huaya region!   In this kind of battle, the battle strength of the two transitional realms is very precious and crucial.

Reinforcements sent by other alliance areas or other bases?   However, even though they were pleasantly surprised, Xu Tui, Zhou Chuan, and Jin Zheng directly supported the defense in accordance with the combat regulations, and barely assumed an attacking posture! On the   battlefield, when the enemy is unknown, it is always right to be alert first.

At the same moment, the other side also chanted, "Which brother is in front of the zone? We are the reinforcements sent by the non-union zone to aid the crater base!"

hearing this, Zhou Chuan , Jin Zheng and Xu Tui sighed in relief at the same time.

Non-union zone, allies and reinforcements!

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