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  Chapter 604 The most valuable information   "Xu Tuan, has confirmed with the Crater Base, The fire star base in the non-union zone and the fire star base in the Russian union zone did indeed send squad reinforcements to the fire star base in the crater.

The non-union zone has limited strength and only sent two Transmutation Powerhouses to be behind enemy lines. Support."

Zhou Chuan immediately confirmed the situation with the crater base.

After confirming that there were such reinforcements from the non-union zone fire star base, Xu Tui, Zhou Chuan, and Jin Zheng relaxed slightly.

Jin Zheng said with sorrow, "If they came earlier, why would they always be?"

Zhou Chuan and Xu Tui did not speak. In this world, there is no that many ifs.

Xu Tui is even more silent.

He hates himself a bit.

The strength is still too low!

The strength is higher, even if it is a little higher by 10%, He Xiaojun's probability will be preserved.

However, in this world, the least thing is if   "Hello, we are the fire star base in the non-union zone sent to support the enemy's rear enemy reinforcements at the fire star base in the crater. I am the mediator Yiyin. This is Park Bingdao."

The two Transmutation Powerhouses who came here took the initiative to introduce themselves.

He belongs to the fire star base in the non-union zone, but he belongs to the Yamato District of Huaya Region and the Korean Sector.

This is also a normal thing.

At present, there are basically no fire star bases independently owned by each coalition zone, and each fire star base has the power of other coalition zones.

This is not a rule, but a result of an exchange of benefits.

Like the fire star base of the current crater, the Huaxia District only accounts for 70%, as well as the non-union zone and the Russian union zone.

In the Huaya region, Yamato District, South Korea Sector, and Singapore and Malaysia are in the six major joint districts, and their positions are slightly awkward. Various cooperation and exchange of benefits with other joint districts, several fire stars The bases all have their shares, but not many shares.

Among the fire star bases owned by the non-union zone, which is the weakest among the six major alliance zones, the shares of Yamato District, South Korea Sector, Singapore and Malaysia are still relatively large.

"Are you?"

The Zhongbao asked actively, but his eyes fell on Xu Tui.

Xu Tui, who was originally tired, frowned inadvertently.


Xu Tui's mental resonance has a passive resonance induction.

This ability is considered a passive ability.

Even if Xu Tui doesn't deliberately operate his psychic resonance, he can still feel it.

Approximately sense the target’s attitude towards oneself.

Especially malicious and goodwill are the most sensitive.

Xu Tui can be sure that this is the first time he has seen this mediator Yiyin. He has never complained before. Where is the malice?

At the moment, Xu Tui's heart moved, and the mental resonance slowly urged, and then, the maliciousness became more obvious.

The mediator Yiyin's maliciousness towards Xu Tui is very obvious, especially when his gaze is on Xu Tui, the maliciousness is most obvious.

That Park Jung-do from Han Sector did not have such a feeling.

What is going on?

Could it be that it is some traditional contradiction?

Impossible, this is the battlefield!

"Be careful, there may be a problem with this middle voice."

Xu Tui directly sent Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng consciousness sound transmission.

On the battlefield, the three of them are trustworthy with their lives. Therefore, Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng will never doubt Xu Tui's words.

However, the two of them are also extremely experienced, and their expressions are not revealed at all, but they have inadvertently completed a tactical isolation.

Put them and Xu Tui in a more suitable position.

At this time, Zhou Chuan, Zhongbao Yiyin and Park Zhengdao have already known each other, Zhongbao Yiyin smiled and said to Xu Tui, "It turns out that you are the famous Xu Tui. It is a great honor to know you! "

Xu Tui is slightly nodded, but he has stepped up to absorb the spirit strength stored in the Mitsubishi Cauldron, recovering his strength.

"I have a proposal. Since we are supporting the fire star base of the crater, we should not work together to form a special warfare squad.

The role of the Chinese government is also greater.” Zhongbao Yiyin actively proposed.

Zhou Chuan originally wanted to refuse, but Xu Tui gave Zhou Chuan consciousness a sound transmission, "Promise him first, and wait for a while to see."

The one who got the affirmative answer Yin was very happy, and after asking Xu Tui and the others about the battle strength of the injury, he also took advantage of the trend to come up with the latest military situation map to discuss countermeasures.

However, Xu Tui discovered that, between the discussion, Zhongbao Yiyin seemed to have sent a message out.

But Xu Tui couldn't see the specific news.

Everyone’s body surface has a natural spirit strength protective barrier, and this kind of spirit strength protective barrier of the Transmutation Powerhouse is stronger.

At the same moment, Itivi, far away on the moon, received a message.

"The target has been found, the target state is injured, and the strength is severely depleted. Do you do it immediately?"

Itivi smiled suddenly when he saw the news. It will finally be done.

As long as this is done, his strength can go further.

Even if the strength may not be as good as the strategic powers such as Shang Taki and Irela, after his strength is further improved, he will rank third in the Blue Star. There is no problem!   "Wait for my order, after a while, must rush to the transaction location immediately and close the transaction as quickly as possible!"

After replying to this news, Itivi took out another set of self-organized Spirit Race's communication equipment, activated, and proactively contacted Lei Shu!   Fire star Over the sky, the personal communication of Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of the forward base, who is fighting to make the final decision, suddenly rang.

At this critical moment of the decision, Lei Shu didn't want to receive any communication at all, so he wanted to just hang up.

Just looking at the source of the communication, it was slightly startled.

Black hole!

The traitor black hole of the Blue Star Human Race connected on the Extreme Wind VII resource star.

With a heart move, Lei Shu picked up the communication.

On the opposite side of the communication, it is still electronically synthesized, so black is extremely cautious.

"The goal has been reached. This goal is of great value to Cai Shaochu and Huaxia District! This goal is of great value to Huaxia District and Cai Shaochu, just like the value of Leixiang to you.

There is even worse.

After you get this goal, you can use this goal to trade captive thunder elephants with Huaxia District. I personally think that the probability of success is as high as nine. Success!" said the black hole.

After a quick judgement, Lei Shu also believed that the action mentioned by the black hole was extremely feasible and gave an affirmative answer.

"Give a place, where to trade, you will deliver the goods with one hand, and I will deal with them one hand." The black hole urged.

"Some of the fire star are near the base of our army, you can choose any one." Lei Shu said.

"Then near the fire star base of the crater, I will send you a coordinate. Your man, you can bring things in ten to fifteen minutes, and only one person can come." said the black hole.

"No problem."

Lei Shu agreed very happily, which made the black hole a little startled.

It seems to have gone a bit smoothly.

But it doesn’t look like a weak spot either.

Just as the black hole was about to end the communication, Lei Shu suddenly asked, "The transaction is okay, my man, I will bring the silver box of the spirit you need, and rush to the coordinates you sent. Location!

But I have an additional question."

"Additional question?"

"Yes, if you can answer this additional question for me , The trade fair will proceed immediately. On the contrary, I have to consider the necessity of this transaction, and even postpone the transaction." Lei Shu said.

"Thunder Elephant is your blood relative!" Black Hole asked rhetorically.

"It's just blood relatives! I have a lot of blood relatives, Leixiang is just a more valuable blood relative, it's not impossible to give up!" Lei Shu said.

The black hole was silent for a moment, and then asked, "What additional question?"

"The specific whereabouts of Shanglong and Erila." Lei Shu asked.

The black hole frowned, "You asked me this question before, and I have answered you clearly, I don’t know!   I really don’t know where they are!"

"That's a pity." Lei Shu sighed.

This made the long-awaited black hole suddenly chill. After planning for so long, if this matter is stuck in this last step, he will really vomit blood.

What a special he really doesn't know.

After thinking about it, the black hole said again, "I really don’t know the specific location of these two people, but I have a side view of more valuable related information, if you need it?"

"If this lateral information can provide me with an effective reference, then the transaction can continue." Lei Shu said.


Where is Erica, I don't know, but Shang Taki has been missing for almost five years." said the black hole.

"I have disappeared for almost five years? What do you mean?"

"Some people say that Shang Taki went to the Milky Way to explore the way. Some people say that Shang Taki went to pursue a mysterious discovery in the universe. Now, there, there is the real reason why your Spirit Race would invade an asteroid like Earth.

There are various theories.

But one thing is certain, whether it is The Blue Star, or on the moon, in various news reports, and in all the private occasions I have access to, Shang Taki has not appeared in five years.

Including the genetic miracle he presided over , Gave him all the dísciple.

On the contrary, Erela, appeared in the Blue Star Europa League two years ago." The black hole said.

Lei Shu's eyes lit up instantly.

This is indeed a side intelligence.

But it is a very valuable side intelligence.

Ireila also appeared on the Blue Star two years ago, so judging from this, it is very likely that Ireila will still be there.

But Shang Taki is very likely to be away!   Lei Shu is not an idiot who only listens to black holes!

On the contrary, Lei Shu is very careful.

Prior to this, Lei Shu’s side, whether it was the intelligence collected by Dawn Salvation, or the blue star intelligence they collected through other scientific and technological means, there was a black hole mentioned. thing.

Another Planetary Grade powerhouse with strategic deterrence, Shang Taki, has indeed disappeared for five years.

Five years ago, every two years, Shang Taki would show up in public.

But in the past five years, Shang Taki has never appeared in various public news.

That means that Shang Taki is not there?   Irela alone!   If only Erila is alone, then Lei Shu's worries will be resolved!

Of course, this is only a judgment of comprehensive intelligence analysis, but at this moment, Lei Shu has no time to continue to verify it!   The battle between the Spirit Race on Phobos and the Peak power of the Blue Star continues, casualties continue to appear, and the disadvantage of Spirit Race is slowly and steadily expanding.

The fighting will of the Blue Star Elite is too strong!

If the black hole alone said that Shang Taki disappeared in private for five years, or their intelligence analyst Shang Taki disappeared for five years, Lei Shu would not dare to take the risk.

But under the verification of these two pieces of information, Lei Shu immediately made a decision!

How can the intelligence on the battlefield be 100% verified.

"Well, I personally think that your information is still valuable. Ten minutes later, our trader will bring what you need to the coordinate location you specify."

"Happy cooperation!"

After speaking, Lei Shu directly hung up the communication.

He has made a decision.

Join the war!

At the same moment, after putting up the special communication equipment in Itiwi on the moon, he sent a message to the Zhongbao Yiyin, "After one minute, do it!   After you succeeded. , Immediately rush to this coordinate to conclude the transaction!" After receiving the news, Zhongbao Yiyin glanced at Xu Tui with a strange look. This look, in the resonance of Xu Tui's mind, was fierce. Everbright.

However, the Zhongbao Yiyin is still sending a message, "Is there no danger in the trade fair after the target is captured?"

"With my power, don't worry!"



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