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  Chapter 605 Waiting for you for a long time   Zhongbao Yiyin looked at Xu Tui with a smile on his face Yes, with the polite smile of Yamato district people.

But in Xu Tui's telepathic feedback, this look is no longer malicious, but killing intent.

This mediator has a killing intent for Xu Tui!   Over the past year, Xu Tui has experienced a lot of things, and is no longer the same high school graduate.

Since the danger is discovered, it will never be allowed to ferment.

"There is something wrong with these two people. I have found the problem. You two raided to help me control Park Bingdao. I will deal with this mediator."

"Don't keep your hands." , If this Park Bingdao has resisted the drama, kill him directly!" Xu Tui added in the exchange of consciousness.

Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng both looked at Xu Tui and signaled that it was okay.

The Spirit Hammer has been quietly condensed.


Xu Tui roared in the communication of consciousness, and at the same time, the speed of light warped time.

The mental hammer blasted out in a flash.

At such a close distance, Xu Tui's spirit strength fluctuated suddenly, which immediately aroused the vigilance of the mediator Yiyin.

However, Xu Tui's mental hammer hit the speed too fast.

Almost the moment the mediator sensed the fluctuation of spirit strength, the spirit hammer detonated.

The mediator is dumbfounded!   was completely unprepared completely.

Originally I wanted to find an excuse to get closer to Xu Tui, or to go around Xu Tui's back, to subdue Xu Tui in one move, and then put the spirit strength shielding cap on Xu Tui.

He didn't expect that Xu Tui would attack him first!

Still so abrupt!

It was just a moment when he was hammered, not to mention the ability to think, but the ability to react.

Spiritual Body shocks!   Xu Tui's current mental hammer power, without any defense, most of the Transmutation powerhouse was hit, and the Spiritual Body was shaken! In   this shot, Xu Tui didn't keep any hands.

The ground thorn instantly assaulted from the ground and directly penetrated into the trembling mediator Yiyin of the Spiritual Body.

In just an instant, the voice of the mediator was struck by eight ground stabs from various positions.

Shoulders, hands, abdomen, legs.

In an instant, the mediator was stabbed and nailed to the ground by eight roots.

This is not over yet, another wave of ground thorns rises, and once again passes through the key points of Zhongbao Yiyin, forming a ground thorn cage, directly trapping Zhongbao Yiyin to death. In the same place.

On the other side, Park Bingdao, who was raided by Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng, usually vomited blood and exclaimed, "What are you doing?   What are you doing? We are friendly forces, why are you attacking us?"


The spirit hammer gave Pu Bingdao a note, and Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng rushed to capture Pu Bingdao on the spot.

The two of them are extremely experienced, and they directly removed Park Jung-do's joints.

But Zhongbao Yiyin is an extraordinary Fire Element, so light control is not enough.

Must have a spirit strength shielding cap.

Nowadays, Xu Tui, who has a quantum dimensional chain, still carries a lot of practical little things with him.

He gave the mediator a hammer again, turned out a spirit strength shielding cap, and put it on the mediator.

"This. Xu Tui, what did you find? Already captured alive, what shall we do next?   After all, they are friendly forces, so for no reason." Zhou Chuan said.

They are soldiers and they are most disciplined.

Fang Cao's surprise attack on Piao Bingdao with a single word from Xu Tui without any reaction is enough for Brother.

"This person has a killing intent for me, and it is constantly strengthening, wait for me to review it." Xu Tui said.

"Then the two will be tried separately." Zhou Chuan said.

At this time, Zhongbao Yiyin finally recovered from the shock of the Spiritual Body caused by the continuous hammering, his eyes were shocked, and he screamed first.

"What are you doing?"

"Why are you attacking us?"

"We are friendly forces?"

"Is it Have you betrayed the Blue Star?" Upon seeing this, Xu Tui sneered and kicked on the knee of the mediator Yiyin, making the sound of a toothache fracture.

Rao is the powerhouse of Zhongbao Yisound Transformation, and he couldn't help screaming.

"Tell me, why do you want to kill me?"

"Kill you. Ah."

Zhongbao Yiyin's eyes were full of shock.

He can't figure out how to expose it?   This is absolutely impossible to expose!   How did Xu Tui know?   "I will kill you to do it"

Without waiting for the mediator to argue, Xu Tui kicks it down, ka-cha!

The other knee of Zhongbao Yiyin broke.

"You don't know, I have killed hundreds of alien invaders in the fire star battlefield and space raid battles. Murderous aura is extremely sensitive to me!" Xu Tui shouted.

murderous aura? The   mediator was dumbfounded!   He didn't do anything. The murderous aura was killing intent at best, but he still pretended to be very sad and indignant and wanted to quibble.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart moved, personal communication equipment.

In the past, Zhongbao Yiyin has been in constant contact with the outside world, and it should be a short message.

The contact content at this critical moment may be related to the action.

I directly picked up the wrist of Zhongbao Yiyin, and wanted to check Zhongbao Yiyin's personal communication equipment.

The Chinese guarantor was very anxious. He didn't have time to delete the content of the communication just now! It's   just that he was controlled to death by Xu Tui. Soon, Xu Tui unlocked the screen lock of Zhongbao Yiyin's personal communication device.

To unlock the biometric information, you can unlock it by aiming at the pupil of Zhongbao Yiyin.

Seeing Xu Tui starting to look through the information records, he was almost desperate.

Now he doesn't have any quibble probability anymore.

Basically all the information in personal communication devices is exposed.

Upon seeing the information, Xu Tui sneered at the corner of his mouth.

"The target has been found, and the target state is injured. Does this mean me?"

"Trading location? Coordinates!"

Looking at the information all the way, Xu Tui's expression suddenly condensed, and the last message aroused Xu Tui's alertness.

"Is the trade fair dangerous?"

"No, my power is there!"

This question and answer is contained in two messages , The amount of information is huge.

The trading location may be dangerous, but there is another person’s power. Who is this other person?   "Let's talk about it, who made you do this? If you don't want to die!"

Who is behind this mediator Yiyin?

What kind of power will it have?

In the face of Xu Tui's threats and interrogation, the mediator closed his eyes as soon as he said, and looked uncooperative.

"Xu Tui, the communication number that contacted Zhongbao Yiyin, was registered in the Huaya Region, but through tracking, the address of the network communication initiated by Cai Cai was on the moon.

Moreover, this network is a dedicated network for real-time communication." Huang's technical analysis voice rang in Xu Tui's ears.

The four words "private network" made Xu Tui's eyes focused.

On the moon, there is only one category of people who are eligible to use a dedicated communication network, the Chief-In-Charge commander of each district, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse of each district and a small number of quasi-planetary powerhouses. , Or individual high level authority.

Not many people.

In other words, behind this Zhongbao Yiyin, there is very likely a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse or even a Planetary Grade powerhouse standing!   According to the content of the message, the power behind the scenes can intervene at any time!

Xu Tui's feathers stand upright in a moment!

Is there an enemy lurking nearby?

Or is there a responder? In   an instant, the mental hammer was in place, and the mental induction reached its limit.

But after a scan of the psychopath, nothing was found.

At this time, Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng brought Park Bing over and said, "This guy has a very hard mouth, he doesn't say anything, he doesn't know anything!"

"If you don't speak, then kill!"

Xu Tui directly ordered, Zhou Chuan was slightly shocked, but he still punched firmly.

It wasn't until his fist reached that Park Bingdao screamed, "No, I really don't"

Bang, Park Bingdao's head burst into a watermelon on the spot.

On the side, Zhongbao Yiyin's expression changed. In Xu Tui's mental induction, Zhongbao Yiyin's heart contracted frantically, which was obviously afraid.

It is a pity that Xu Tui's mental resonance cannot be displayed even if he wears a spirit strength shielding cap!

"We don't have too much time to waste, look, do you say it or not? If you don't say it, just send you off!"

Look at it and stand blankly Zhou Chuan in front of him, the mediator trembled inexplicably.

People like Zhou Chuan are the most terrifying.

Once Xu Tui has an order, he will execute it like a machine, killing him swiftly and neatly, leaving him no chance to regret it.

With trembling lips, the mediator said quickly, "I said, I said!"

"Who made you do this?"

"I don't know."

The Zhongbao Yiyin's statement made Xu Tui startled, and anger surfaced, "Since you take your own life as a trifling matter, then I will fulfill you."

"Don't don't! I really don't know, he only gave me a token." Zhongbao Yiyin said.

"Just give you a token, would you dare to sell your life to others? Do you treat me as a three-year-old child?" Xu Tui sneered.

"No, the other party promised to help me break through to the quasi-planet after it's done!" said Zhongbao Yiyin.

"What about Pu Bingdao? What's the matter with him?"

"He is a friend I found, he doesn't know, but he will stand firmly on me This way," said the Zhongbao Yiyin.

"What about the token?" Xu Tui frowned.

"In my arms!" said the Zhongbao Yiyin.

Xu Tui probed his hand into his arms, only to find a bag of source crystals and medicine, but did not find the token.

"Where is the token?"

"In the source crystal bag, there is a source crystal that is different."

Xu Tui observed again, but still did not find any special At the same moment, three kilometers away, an extremely powerful flame flashed in.

That tyrannical aura directly made Xu Tui exclaimed.

"Fuck, quasi-planet!"

However, the real shock is still in Xu Tui's eyes, just because the breath of this quasi-planet is better than the Lei Zhan just killed Even stronger!

The breath of this overbearing quasi-planet is extremely fast, and almost the moment it was discovered, a flame of fire rushed over.

Xu Tui and the others also reacted instantly, the fellow Zhongbao Yiyin, was delaying time just now!

At the same moment, two lightnings suddenly exploded over the battlefield of Phobos.

The power fluctuations of the two terrifying Planetary Grade powerhouses blasted out two Planetary Grade powerhouses on the blue star side at the same time.

At the same moment, there was a sneer in the void above Phobos!   "Lei Shu, I am waiting for you for a long time!"

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