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  Chapter 606 Shang Taki’s Discovery and Defeat

"Lei Shu, I am waiting for you for a long time!"

In the awe-inspiring female voice, a bright purple red light suddenly appeared from in the sky, beating the two lightnings that had just appeared!

The moment the bright light of purple red appeared, the powerhouse on the blue star human side who was fighting hard, cheered without exception!   Purple Flame Ray, also called Annihilation Light.

This is the hallmark of the Vulcan Gevro.

And Arella, is also a student of Vulcan Gevro.

This purple flame ray is extremely fast, like the speed of light.

The instant that appeared, two lightnings were blasted one after another. Only for a moment, it was like a strangulation, and the two lightnings were directly strangled cleanly.

But there is no thunderous silhouette!   "Thunder Punishment!"

The cold voice of Lei Shusen sounded in another direction. A huge thunderball expanded rapidly, and then split into thousands of thunder and lightning, which exploded towards all directions! The   first two lights are imaginary! It   's to get Ai Rui pull out!   "Irera, you inherited Gevro's ability, but at the same time, you also inherited his stupidity!"

The fiery-red long hair flying upwards of Irera that just appeared, The face is stern, "stupid and wise, there is only a thin line.

Some people think they are wise, but they are actually stupid!"

in the sky purple flame ray of purple red With a sudden turn, one is divided into three, and it starts to sweep the lightning that bursts in the sky Thunder Punishment technique.

All lightning, as long as it collides with the purple flame ray, it will be strangled and turned into nothing in an instant.

However, even if the purple flame ray splits into three, the face is still too narrow.

The lightning it strangulates is only a small part.

Other lightning has already blasted into the battlefield, as if with eyes long blasted towards those quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse Planetary Grade powerhouse.

What's more terrible is that lightning is constantly being divided in Thunderball.

The purple flame ray blasted the thunderball instantly, and the thunderball was dimmed, but with the injection of a large amount of lightning, the thunderball continued to drop the Thunder Punishment lightning.

However, with this continuous input, Lei Shu's figure is completely revealed in the sky.

Erila is coldly snorted, and her eyes suddenly become scarlet red. Two rays with black in the red blast out directly from Erila's eyes, and instantly hit the thunderball.

The thunderball annihilated silently!   But at the same moment, Lei Shu also laughed wildly.

"Warplanes, I have created them for you. Next, Arela will give it to me. It's up to you when you capture the fire star!"

lightning instantaneously Flickering, forced towards Arela, and entangled with Arela.

At the same time, in the powerhouse battlefield of the two sides, the Blue Star Human Race screamed again and again!

Lei Shu's Thunder Punishment is not only a group attack, but also extremely powerful.

The important thing is that the quasi-planets and Planetary Grade powerhouse on the blue star side are fighting their enemies with all their strength.

Suddenly a few lightning blasted, no less than being besieged! In an   instant, on the Blue Star Human Race side, four quasiplanets fell, eight were seriously injured, and everyone else was affected by injuries.

In the Planetary Grade powerhouse of Blue Star Human Race, two of them were also affected and seriously injured on the spot. Although they did not completely withdraw from the battle, they were not far from withdrawing from the battle.

Other Planetary Grade powerhouses have also been affected, and they have turned into disadvantages in an instant!

It is worth mentioning that the three Blue Star quasiplanets who fought hard with the Spirit Race Planetary Grade powerhouse, one died on the spot and the other was seriously injured. This Spirit Race Planetary Grade powerhouse will immediately lose its restraint !

In an instant, advantages and disadvantages change.

The original Planetary Grade side was forty-three to forty-six. Now, Lei Shu's success has suddenly turned the situation into thirty one against four thirteen.

What's more terrible is that there is a Planetary Grade of Spirit Race, which is about to become an extra power to join the battlefield!

This is why Lei Shu laughed!   His plan has succeeded!

Pei Tiefeng, who was also troubled by lightning, took a second to recover slightly, but he was depressed.

Irela is very strong, but she has lost a bit in this round of fights.

However, at the moment Lei Shu appeared, Phobos boarded him and immediately sent the message to the moon immediately.

At the same moment, on the moon, Wei Bin, who received the information, rushed to Cai Shaochu and Jacobun nodded, who had been waiting.

"Jacolon, let's start." Said Cai Shaochu, who was shrunk in his wide coat robe.

"Okay, I need 30 seconds of preparation time."

When Jacob was preparing, everyone also circulated the real-time battle of Phobos, frowning. !

Everyone didn't expect that the casualties on Phobos were slightly larger than expected under the protection of Arela.

However, even though they are dissatisfied, the Chief-In-Charge of each district dare not say much for the time being.

Facing the Planetary Grade powerhouse, the Chief-In-Charge of each district is a little bit embarrassed.

Not to mention the power of Planetary Grade with a strategic role like Arela!

"Although it is said that Arela’s brain is all used to change the chest, this kind of battlefield, whoever is there, is not necessarily better than Arela you did.”

Cai Shaochu made a long-winded sentence, and Jacoben over there shouted, "Okay!"

An illusory light and shadow suddenly appeared in front of Jacob. This illusory light and shadow, there is One end comes from Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage.

Cai Shaochu wore an empty robe and floated directly into this illusory light and shadow, and Jacob's expression suddenly became extremely serious.

Strong quantum entanglement fluctuations and spatial folding fluctuations rise at the same time, and even the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage is also turbulent.

This is Jacobian’s ability to space folding plus quantum Space Teleportation.

Under normal circumstances, Jacobs can fold space, but can only carry out some short-distance Space Teleportation. Larger things cannot carry out Space Teleportation, let alone Planetary Grade powerhouse.

However, with the help of quantum entanglement fluctuations of the Quantum Transmission Passage, Jacobron can implement another form of quantum Space Teleportation.

Can transmit Planetary Grade powerhouse with lower power fluctuations than his.

Almost instantly, Cai Shaochu disappeared.

The moment Cai Shaochu disappeared, Jacob suddenly turned pale, and blood spurted wildly in his mouth, and it was an unstoppable spurt, and he stopped after four or five spurts.

Jacoban, who wiped the bloody inner Qi at the corners of his mouth and was disturbed by breath, was almost tilted with anger, "Cai Old Dog, I am FUCKYOU! Are you still in a weak state? You fucked it to death!"

The Chief-In-Charge of the six major joint districts was stunned, but Wei Bin was apologetic.

At this moment, Phobos is on fire, and the energy fluctuates extremely chaotically. Suddenly, there is a Planetary Grade powerhouse breath on the fire star, but no one notices it.

As early as 3 minutes before Cai Shaochu appeared, in the fire star base in Huaya Region, a formation of air-to-sky fighter jets soared into the sky at great speed.

In one of the aerial fighters, a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged quietly. There was an indescribable paleness in his skin.

On his knees, there is a small sword one foot long.

When Cai Shaochu arrived, he narrowed his eyes and disappeared in a flash.

Ten seconds later, it appeared next to the aerospace fighter entering the outer space orbit.

"Old businessman!"

In the air and sky fighter, the pale-skinned man slowly opened his eyes and stepped out of the fighter in one step.

"Shaochu, long time no see."

"How are you over there?" Cai Shaochu asked.

"There is a little discovery, but it is far from enough." At this point, Shang Taki's clone was faintly sighed and took out a source crystal.

"Time and space are too far away. Even though there is a natural quantum entanglement relationship between Spiritual Body, there is not too much key information that can be synchronized.

It can be synchronized, I have recorded them all here.

There are a few important points, you can remember them." Shang Taki's clone said.


"Ceres is not only the transportation hub of Spirit Race, but also an important node for transportation between the solar system and the Milky Way.

must Enter Ceres and stand in the asteroid belt behind Ceres. There is the gateway to the solar system!" Said Shang Taki's clone.

"I remember it!"

"Also, the population base of Blue Star is very important!"

"Population base? More or less Is there a balance?"

"The current discovery is that the more the better."

"What's the use of that more?"

"This information has not been synchronized yet. There is a chance to conquer Spirit Race's silver box technology and principles." Shang Taki's clone said.

"Well, good!"

After finishing speaking, Shang Long passed the source crystal in his hand to Cai Shaochu, "I have entered all other messy information that can be recorded here.

I don’t have much time, let’s join the war!"


"Then help me unblock the ban and recover the Spiritual Body afterwards. It's too much trouble." Shang Taki's clone said.

"It should be."

In the next moment, Cai Shaochu spelled his fingers like a sword, and for a slight illusion, there were hundreds of clones of Shang Taki's body surface. Tiny seal.

The whole body is covered with letters!   "Come in!"

With a whisper, Cai Shaochu pointed with a sword. These thousands of seals flew out of the Shanglong clone abruptly and returned to Cai Shaochu's body like a long dragon. .

Cai Shaochu's breath has been slightly improved.

Almost at the same moment, an indescribable sword qi burst into the sky.

The small sword in front of Shang Taki clone disappeared instantly!   Phobos, Lei Shu, who was fighting with Arela, the descendant of Vulcan Gevro in a very comfortable mood, suddenly had a heartbeat!   Suddenly there was a touch of fear in my heart!   At this moment, Erela's eyes became scarlet and scarlet again. Two red and black rays crossed out with the purple flame rays, and Lei Shu was briefly restrained in an instant. !

sword light coming through the sky, like a meteor! I   feel the thunder of sword light, and my heart has clear comprehension in an instant.

Shang Taki!

This is another strategic Planetary Grade powerhouse Shang Taki of Blue Star Human.

The two strategic Planetary Grade powerhouses from Bluestar are both here!

"The black hole hurts me!"

The anger in Lei Shu's heart is beyond words. At this moment, he has only one thought: save your life first!   Irera’s rays are very powerful, but Shang Taki’s Flying Sword can be fatal!

Suddenly, Lei Shu chose to pay the price forcibly breakthrough Erela's ray.

One arm was directly melted by Arela's rays, but there was no trace of blood flowing out of the wound.

Thunder Shu instantly turned into lightning far away.

However, the sword light also flickered suddenly!

In the next moment, the thunder and sword light that turned into lightning far away, appeared from in the sky at the same time.

sword light sword light with blood on the tip.

There is a small hole in Lei Shu's neck, and the blood is gushing!   Lei Shu looks pale, almost getting a headshot with a sword.

Throwing a thunderball entangled to block Flying Sword, thunder was transformed into lightning again in an instant, but was bombarded by three rays fiercely from Irera.

At the same time that there were three more big holes scorched all over, Lei Shu once again turned into a lightning far away.

Irela looked at the sword light in the distance in surprise, and wanted to continue chasing Lei Shu, but Cai Shaochu's voice rang in her mind.

Cai Shaochu's voice made Erila's face suddenly become stunned, and he glanced at sword light curiously, but gave up on chasing Lei Shu.

At the same moment, the sword light that had just disappeared once again appeared on the battlefield above Phobos in an extremely dazzling manner.

The sword is light flashed, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse who fought against Pei Tiefeng's forehead was in the middle, and suddenly a blood line burst out!   Pei Tiefeng is overjoyed.

Soon he threw himself at another Planetary Grade powerhouse.

The sword light disperses.

At the same moment, Arela also returned to join the battlefield of Phobos, the purple flame ray and the scarlet ray of the eyes attacked at the same time, and began to kill the expert of Spirit Race! In   a blink of an eye, four quasi-planets were killed and one Planetary Grade was seriously injured.

It was only at this moment that Leihong reacted, and shouted in despair, "Withdraw!"

"Withdraw all, how much can you live!"

"Throw everything out if you have the means to block chasing soldiers!"

Almost instantly, the battle turned into a great escape of Spirit Race, Blue Star Human Race's Planetary Grade With the quasi-Planetary Grade, the morale is greatly boosted, but all those who have the power of war will start to chase after the end!

"Don't chase too close, pay attention to defense!" Pei Tiefeng roared.

Irela turned into a ray, even if she chased into the depths of space, every moment she passed, a corpse began to float!   As for Shang Taki's Flying Sword, he did not catch up.

"I used two swords!" Cai Shaochu said.

"The third sword is too weakened, so I don't need it, so as not to arouse people's disinterest." The clone of Shang Taki smiled, suddenly frowned, and looked towards the fire star!   ****   Today in Shanghai, after finishing getting some photos, I will send it to everyone after the update! If you want to see the photos of Da Shenlang in particular, you can roll your name, and Zhu San will see if you can get it!

(End of this chapter)

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