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  Chapter 607 The Ten Complete Supplements and the Third Sword (see monthly ticket)

Time goes back to one minute prior to.

fire star, outside the crater.

The speed of the rushing fire is extremely fast, and the movement is also great, just like a fire sea rushing over.

The power fluctuations of that powerful quasi-Planetary Grade caused both Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng to have wry smiles on their faces at the same time. This posture is obviously a powerful enemy.

"Quickly retreat, I'll stop!"

Xu Tui roared, the Spirit Hammer slammed down instantly, and Flying Sword also screamed and slammed past.

The strikes of the Spirit Hammer did not seem to affect the fire sea that swept through, but the Flying Sword passed through the core of the energy fluctuation of the fire sea with one sword.

Xu Tui has a happy face.

But the joy froze instantly.

Flying Sword was passed through with one sword, but it was useless.

However, at the moment the Flying Sword passed through, Xu Tui could see how the fire and the fire sea came from.

A Naruto!   An adult-sized Naruto, a pure energy body, so Flying Sword is useless.

The speed of the fire sea swept too fast, and the three of them were included in the fire sea in an instant.

Xu Tui spirit strength The shock whip was pulled out sharply.

It works!

The fire sea in front of Xu Tui disappeared in an instant.

However, neither Zhou Chuan nor Jin Zheng escaped.

In this case, escape and die faster!

There is no chance to escape!   Jin Zheng long spear directly swayed a channel in the fire sea and killed Hokage. Zhou Chuan also slashed past like a goshawk.

Xu Tui is in the back, the mountain character formula, the ground thorn, the spirit hammer blasts like crazy, wanting to hurt this Hokage.

However, this Naruto is too strong.

Whether it is a mountain character formula or a ground thorn, the moment it appears, it is melted by the fire sea.

Xu Tui's emotions at this moment are beyond description.

Isn’t there no quasi-planets?   Why did he meet the powerhouse of quasi-Planetary Grade one after another.

What makes Xu Tui even more angry is that the quasi-Planetary Grade Naruto in front of him is most likely Bluestar Human Race!

"Don't let me know who you are!"

In Xu Tui's crazy attack, Hokage just waved his hand, and two jets of fire directly blasted Zhou Chuan and Jin Zheng. fly.

Zhou Chuan is slightly better, his body surface is scorched, Jin Zheng, who was already seriously injured, and his shield-supporting arms were burned in an instant!   Jin Zheng glanced back at Xu Tui suddenly, and slammed at Xu Tui nodded, the moment the jetted energy field took him to fly, Jin Zheng suddenly detonated the glorious bomb!   The moment the nuclear bomb exploded, Jin Zheng looked back at the direction of Blue Star.

On that blue planet, there is his home.   There is no sadness, no roar, only anger!   At this moment, there is only endless anger in Xu Tui's mind!   Another glorious bullet!

The bursting brilliance swallowed Hokage directly.

The corners of the eyes are very astringent, but they are very dry. At this moment, the man has no tears!

Xu Tui directly pulled Zhou Chuan into flight, the energy fluctuations were chaotic, he didn't know if this Hokage was dead!   High probability that you will not die!

A five-kg equivalent nuclear fusion bomb, even if it explodes at the core, can't kill the quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse!   Top multiple creations!

However, the strength of this Naruto is much stronger than Xu Tui imagined.

The nuclear explosion power has not dissipated, this Naruto has already rushed out.

Zhou Chuan complexion changed, but two cards appeared directly in Xu Tui's hand.

The last fixed character, and a escape character!   Xu Tui also has one in his hand. It is a pity that Zhou Chuan is of the limit type, and the mysterious type source crystal ability seal card is not needed!

"Let's go, leave me alone!" Before Xu Tui could speak, Zhou Chuan cracked a smile at Xu Tui.

"No matter who this person is, I will definitely destroy their whole family in the future!" Xu Tui has a faint smell of blood in his mouth. You must leave alive to get revenge!   Almost the moment he spoke, Xu Tui inspired the fixed character.

The big fixed character, instantly covered the Hokage that just rushed out.

Hokage's figure instantly became certain, and Xu Tui's mental sensations dissipated again.

"You also run away, there should be a few seconds!" Xu Tui roared.

Zhou Chuan laughed at Xu Tui, "Don’t run away, this glorious bomb is too heavy, and it’s a bit tired to carry it!   Otherwise, there may be no chance to use this stuff for a while! "

After finishing speaking, Zhou Chuan, who was completely scorched, strode towards the frozen Hokage, his fingers already on the glorious bullet.

Xu Tui's nose is sour, but he still said anxiously: "Run away, there is a chance."

Suddenly, Xu Tui looked startled, "Come back, there is still a chance!" "

Zhou Chuan stayed!   "The glorious bullet is untied and thrown in! His breath is weakened!" Xu Tui shouted.

Just now, the moment Xu Tui’s mental sensations dissipated again, Xu Tui suddenly discovered that the aura fluctuations of the immobilized Naruto had dropped by at least 20%, especially the power fluctuations, which had also declined. .

When it first appeared, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse emitted by Hokage fluctuated much stronger than Lei Zhan.

But this meeting is much weaker than Lei Zhan.

It's also slightly stronger than the thunder elephant's breath that had passed the breakthrough to the quasi-Planetary Grade.

This situation is very strange!

The normal quasi-planet powerhouse, unless it is fatally and seriously injured, the power fluctuations will not change. The injured quasi-planet is also a quasi-planet.

Even the quasi-planet whose power within the body is exhausted is still a quasi-planet! But   the Hokage in front of me is really a bit weird. In the wave of battle just now, his breath has dropped drastically!

The reason Xu Tui doesn't have time to study this, may be because this Naruto is a pure energy body and has no entity.

However, if he was able to fall before, now he can let his breath fall again!

As long as the breath falls to a certain extent, there is no threat!

In order to communicate quickly, Xu Tui directly communicated with Zhou Chuan using consciousness.

Two seconds later, when the fixed character was about to dissipate, Zhou Chuan used a one-second countdown to detonate the glorious bomb, and the whole person retreated like flying.

Xu Tui even directly used spirit strength to pull Zhou Chuan backward! The   fixed characters dissipated, the glorious bomb exploded, and Hokage, who had just escaped, was once again swallowed by the radiance of the nuclear bomb exploded!

For the first time, Hokage's illusory face showed a hideous color!   One second later, Hokage once again rushed out of the brilliance that the glorious bomb exploded, and its breath had fallen to the level of the thunder that was about to break through.

Xu Tui's mental hammer, which had been prepared for a long time, went down wildly.

I didn't pay attention to this aspect before. At this time, after careful induction, Xu Tui discovered that every time his mental hammer hits, the aura power of this Hokage is weakened by a small margin.

One second of effort is a dozen hammers down.

The fluctuations of Naruto's breath have dropped sharply, and even the scope of the fire sea has shrunk, but it was discovered too late, still exuding quasi-planetary fluctuations.

Once the Hokage pounced over, Xu Tui could escape with the word escape, but Zhou Chuan   the resolute color appeared in Zhou Chuan’s eyes, and he split his mouth at Xu Tui with a smile, “Really Leave me alone!"

Xu Tui thoughts are revolving, there was no possibility of defeating this Naruto before.

But now, with such a slight possibility, Xu Tui wants to work hard and don't want to give up!

But now, the mental hammer is not enough!

In a hurry, Xu Tui spirit strength sank into the scarlet fire Jane, and suddenly shouted at Scarlet Huo Jane with consciousness, "I don’t care what your situation is, now, give me another boost. !   Otherwise, when I can control you in the future, I will absolutely starve you to death!

I know you must have more energy!"

Xu Tui is here My heart is angry roar!

The hand is ready to escape, ready to run away at any time! As   soon as Hokage had rushed out, Zhou Chuan took a deep breath and wanted to rush up again, Xu Tui's scarlet fire slip suddenly burst out of flames!   Xu Tui's excited lips trembled.

Without the slightest hesitation, directly send this wave of flames gushing from the scarlet fire slip directly into the spirit strength genetic ability chain.

In an instant, the mental hammer suddenly expanded in a circle.

In the next instant, the swollen spirit hammer fiercely blasted on the Hokage illusory shadow.

At the same time that the Naruto's aura plummeted, the illusory silhouette was smashed by the hammer, and it stopped in place.

If this treasure is an expensive opportunity, Xu Tui will naturally not waste it.

The spirit hammer blasted wildly, the ground thorns continued to protrude, pierce, and constantly consume Hokage!

Zhou Chuan is not stupid either, he cuts with a long sword!

In less than a second, Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan attacked Hokage at least 20 times!

The illusory shape of this Naruto, naked eye can be seen shrinking a circle, and the aura fluctuations have dropped to the degree of transmutation in a very short time.

At this moment, whether it is Xu Tui's tattooing technique or Zhou Chuan, the damage caused to this Hokage has increased!

Xu Tui is overjoyed.

The crisis is temporarily lifted.

But Xu Tui didn't dare to be careless. The Spirit Hammer was constantly blasting, constantly weakening the power of this Naruto!

The Moon, Itivi who has returned to a quiet room temporarily arranged for him, suddenly browses tightly knit and his face becomes ugly!

"So difficult?   This will allow him to find a weak spot?"

The moment Itivi frowned, he immediately used his communicator to make emergency contact.

On the fire star, the communicator of Nadella, the disciple of Itivi, suddenly rang. The moment he saw the communication, Nadella's expression immediately became very respectful.


"Is the things I gave you still there?"


"Will Inject all your spirit strength and the extraordinary abilities of the Fire Element, and then activate!" Itiwi said.

"Okay, I'll be right now!"

In the next moment, Nadella took out a scarlet villain, and then according to the method taught by Itiwi, he was crazy His spirit strength and extraordinary strength are all injected into it.

Thirty seconds later, the scarlet villain was instantly thrown up by Nadella, turned into a blood light and crossed the sky instantly!

On the periphery of the crater, Xu Tui, who was about to completely kill the Naruto, suddenly saw a blood light coming from outside the sky.

Before Xu Tui can react, this blood light is like a meteor, instantly thrown into the Hokage whose breath is about to decline and change.

In an instant, Hokage, whose breath declined and its size had shrunk by half, was like taking Shiquan Dabu pills, and its size instantly recovered to its previous size, even a little bigger than before.

What's more terrible is that the fluctuation of breath power also reverted to the quasi-planet in an instant, even stronger than when it first appeared! The   joy on Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan's faces instantly froze!   Can you come on for something special?   What kind of extraordinary ability is this? One more   wave, Xu Tui is definitely not as confident anymore!   scarlet Huo Jane made a shot just now under the threat of Xu Tui, but this will convey only one message to Xu Tui-hungry, it is very hungry!   Xu Tui has only one choice, escape with Escape!   "I'll run away first, you also run away, don't perish together with him! This Hokage's goal is me, in order to chase me, he may give up on you!"

Xu Tui will be there soon decision.

"I don't need you to buy time for me, I have the escape ability card given by Principal Cai!"

Xu Tui quickly explained it to Zhou Chuan through conscious communication, and wanted to tear it. Open escape to escape.

But at the same moment, another stream of light suddenly fell from the sky.

This stream of light is silver! It   's a sword!

bang!   sword light pierced through the head of Hokage, which had just recovered to the quasi-Planetary Grade, with lightning speed, directly penetrated through!   The moment sword light penetrated, Hokage began to fall apart every inch!   Xu Tui shocked!

On the moon, Itivi, who was sitting cross-legged in a temporary quiet room, suddenly rounded his eyes, a sword light loomed out of his body, and the seven orifices spurted blood at the same time!

The breath fell sharply, and the whole person wilted on the spot!

  "Shanglong, Qianlijian ! How is this possible!" Itivi stared, shocked!

Outside the crater, Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan looked at the powerful enemy Hokage that suddenly dissipated, with a stunned expression.

In front of them, there was only a small sword stuck on the ground, swaying shiningly!   Looking at this one-foot-long sword, Xu Tui suddenly felt familiar!   High in the sky, Shang Taki's clone took a look at the periphery of the crater, "This little fellow is stronger than I thought.

Tell him, that sword will be given to him. How to   use it, you teach him."

Cai Shaochu heard this and laughed, "Xiaoxue’s new student is really good. If it weren’t for your old face, I would think I took it over to be my student.

By the way, don’t you go take a look and give pointers yourself?"

"I think, but."

Taki's clone smiled bitterly, and on his face and arms, the extremely sudden cracks began to burst, blood began to shoot, and his fingers fell.

The clone began to disintegrate.

"Shaochu, you worked so hard to gather and reseal my Spiritual Body."

After finishing speaking, the part below the neck of Shang Taki's clone was completely disintegrated. Even his head began to disintegrate, Cai Shaochu looked solemn, and began to fight his fingers like a sword again.   *****While   away from home, Zhu San kept nearly 8,000 words updated today and drank a few cups of coffee. Not to mention, let's get a monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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