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  Chapter 608 The Discovery of Itiwi and the Desperate Captive (see monthly pass)

Halfway through the crater, Reagan, the commander of the Fifth Division, who was attacking the fire star base of the crater with all his strength, suddenly his expression became extremely bitter!   Retreat!

This is the order he just received from Deputy Commander Lei Hong!

As for the commander-in-chief Lei Shu, he cannot be contacted temporarily.

The reason for the retreat was that Spirit Race was defeated in the elite confrontation on Phobos. Commander Lei Shu was hit and exited the battlefield!   The specific order to retreat is to preserve the strength of Spirit Race as much as possible.

Others, I didn't say much.

But as a teacher, Reagan could hear a subtext—if necessary, Spirit Race, Alienation, and Fission can be sacrificed to protect Spirit Race.

At this time, most of the active forces have already been put on the battlefield.

Retreat now, how many of his troops will be able to withdraw alive? The   only thing Reagan is grateful for is that these ordinary troops are much more convenient to evacuate than those quasi-planets and Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Of course, Reagan is extremely experienced in combat. While the offensive is not diminishing, he constantly replaces the Spirit Race on the front line and begins to arrange evacuation.

The strength of the Spirit Race is actually very strong. Any Spirit Race that can be picked up is stronger than the weapon Spirit Race and the alienation race.

With the withdrawal of Spirit Race's power, the offensive plummeted.

The crater base, which had already received news, began a strong counterattack.

I was still saving ammunition before, especially those large-yield technological weapons that destroyed the opponent's elite powerhouse, and began to dump them at this time.

Defeat, present.

On the periphery of the crater, Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan were sitting on the ground, but there was no joy of avoided a catastrophe on their faces.

He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng died! On the   battlefield, Blue Star warriors are sacrificed at all times.

But this is how people are. When someone you don’t know sacrifices, they are often just treated as a number. Only when someone you know or is close to has problems, it hurts!

"Xu Tuan, those who are alive are more important! It is still wartime. We will solve other problems after the war.

This will, first find a safe place! "

Zhou Chuan, who was in the most painful heart, persuaded Xu Tui instead.

Over the years, the comrades who died in front of Zhou Chuan's comrades died in wave after wave, and each time they were heartbroken, but every time, Zhou Chuan could get back in the shortest time!   Xu Tui, who was lying flat and panting, sat up suddenly, "Lei Zhan is an alien invader, a mortal enemy!   They kill us, we kill them, it is natural and righteous, weak are prey to the strong!

I don’t hate it!The   next time I meet Spirit Race, I will retaliate with a cooler method!   But just this Naruto!"

When I mentioned this Naruto , Xu Tui is gnashing teeth with a hideous look!

"This Naruto is definitely our Blue Star's own person! I must find him, thwart him and avenge his blood and hatred!" Xu Tui said bitterly.

"There will be a chance! Fire Element is extraordinary, at least in the late quasi-planetary stage or even Peak's powerhouse.

There are not many such existences in our Blue Star!


The scope is very small!" Zhou Chuan said. After that, Zhou Chuan said again, "Don't worry, wait for the end of the war, look for it slowly, and you will find it."

At this point, Xu Tui believes.

Just now Xu Tui fought against Naruto several times, and the spirit strength of Naruto fluctuates, and Xu Tui is already very familiar with it.

As long as you encounter Hokage's true body next time, as long as Hokage's true body fluctuates in spirit strength, Xu Tui can determine who is Hokage!

In addition to what Zhou Chuan said, the Fire Element is extraordinary, and the condition that the quasi-planetary stage goes up will be able to screen out many people!

But, too slow!   What should I do if I encounter a suspicion target and the target is not to motivate spirit strength? You   must take the initiative!   I poured myself a bottle of Class B energy active potion. The battle just now made Xu Tui's spirit strength still in a relatively low state! A   few seconds later, Xu Tui came to Zhongbao Yiyin.

This guy has turned into a mass of ashes.

The fire sea that rose up at the moment when Naruto appeared, it was an indiscriminate attack. In fact, it killed the captured mediator!   speaking of which, this servant is also very pitiful.

He gave his life to the messenger behind the scenes, and was finally killed by the messenger behind the scenes.

At this point, it can be seen that the messengers behind the scenes are also very afraid of revealing their identity.

"Ahuang, help me to check the social relations of Zhongbao Yiyin, and who have I contacted during this period of time."

"Okay , It takes some time."

"If you have the results, please give me the information directly."

This is a tracing direction. Suddenly, Xu Tui looked towards a certain direction.

That is the place of the transaction seen from the personal communication device of Zhongbao Yiyin.

And the trading time is approaching.

If you know who the trading partner of Zhongbao Yiyin is, is it possible to push back the behind-the-scenes instigator of Zhongbao Yiyin?

In other words, this trading partner might know who this Naruto is? It's   just that Xu Tui took a look at Zhou Chuan's state, it would be very bad.

Xu Tui is not much better.

Although the spirit strength is constantly recovering and has the power of a war, other aspects have fallen.

This approach may be very dangerous.

"I'm going to see their trading location to see if I can find clues." Xu Tui said to Zhou Chuan.

Zhou Chuan got up, poured himself a bottle of C-Rank energy recovery potion, and said silently, "Together!"

"I am alone! I have this card, I You can run away directly!" Xu Tui shook Cai Shaochu's escape character.


Zhou Chuan insisted!

Seeing that Xu Tui wanted to refuse, Zhou Chuan directly injected himself with a C-Rank amine stimulant, "I must go.

Before I die, protect your Safety, this is another military order I got!   Don't worry, as long as I don't encounter the Quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse, I won't be your drag."

Xu Tui looked embarrassed.

To be honest, he is safer and more mobile by himself.

If Zhou Chuan let him go, Zhou Chuan would be the only one who was dangerous.

Such a psychological choice, Xu Tui doesn't want to encounter it again.

"Also, according to what the mediator said before, the traded item is you! You are captured alive.

It’s too easy for someone to go there.

I'll go with you.

If you encounter a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, you will withdraw directly, and I will hold it!" Zhou Chuan said.

Xu Tui is silent.

"Let's go." Zhou Chuan finished speaking, but pointed to sword dao again, "This sword."

"I will take it first!" This sword, Xu Tui feels very Familiarity, the moment when you pull your hand, an indescribable sense of familiarity, rise in the mind, makes Xu Tui very weird.

At the same moment, over the fire star, Cai Shaochu, who was gathering the Spiritual Body after the collapse of Shang Taki clone, glanced at the direction of the crater.

The sword used by the old merchant clone was sealed by Cai Shaochu, so it has his aura, it will be picked up by Xu Tui, and it will be sensed immediately.

In the process of gathering, Cai Shaochu sent a message to Xu Tui, "The sword is put away. It was given to you by Sect Founder, the pioneer of your genetic miracle. For the specific usage, I will teach you when it's over!"

Xu Tui was a little confused when he received the text message.

The Founder Old Ancestor of genetic miracle, isn't it Shang Taki?

That sword just now, was the teacher of the teacher, Shang Taki, who broke their siege and saved them?   However, didn't Shang Takisho teacher go after mysterious, has it disappeared for four or five years?   This is what Xiaoxue said himself.

Even the season teacher and the he teacher are said to have become more and more worried in the past two years. They are worried that the Shang Takisho teacher may be in trouble, and they are planning to pursue the rescuer teacher.

Why did it suddenly appear on fire star?

"Principal, are you on the fire star? How come the teacher's sword appeared here? You used it?" Xu Tui asked in a row.

"I'm in Fire Star. The sword is made by an old business, and he said it will be given to you. It is a gift for you as a student!

Don't be a rare treasure. , I'll tell you when I'm finished, the things in this are very complicated, and I can't tell a few words." Cai Shaochu responded.

Xu Tui looked at the reply. When he frowned, he suddenly sent a message, "Principal, I want a little wave. If you encounter a quasi-planet again in a while, you are on the fire star and rescued. Me?"

"Encounter quasi-planets again? Do you have a lot of quasi-planets today? In my sense, you are almost running out of the cards I gave you?   you brat give Let me take it easy, don't waste it, it's too hard to make that thing!" Cai Shaochu said.

"Encountered two quasi-planets, a Spirit Race thunder exhibition, a Naruto, maybe it is the Avatar of a certain Blue Star expert or something else?" Xu Tui said.

Seeing the news, Cai Shaochu slightly startled.

He doesn't know about Naruto, but he knows the Thunder Show of Spirit Race very well.

In the quasi-planets, they are all powerhouses!   "Well, if you encounter a quasi-planet again, I will give you a hand! Under the quasi-planet, don't bother me, I can't afford that person!" Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui was happy.

With Cai Shaochu's promise, the next actions will be much safer.

Unless you encounter a quasi-feasible or powerful Planetary Grade and kill them instantly, Xu Tui has a chance!

"Let's go!"

Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan quickly rushed to the trading location.

Xu Tui smoothly treated Zhou Chuan again, speeding up Zhou Chuan's recovery.

At the same time, Zhou Chuan also pretended to tie Xu Tui's hands and feet to make Xu Tui disguised as a trade item.

It is not a disguise, because the other party's transaction is really Xu Tui!


It took several minutes for Itiwi to disperse the broken sword qi in his body, and his face was gloomy!   Today's wave is a big loss! It   was originally a tenacious thing, didn't expect this Xu Tui was unexpectedly stubborn, and finally forced him to use a backup method.

Seeing that it was about to be taken, Shang Taki had a sword!   Directly extinguished his fire Shadow Clone!

The fire Shadow Clone itself is destroyed, which has an impact on the strength of Itivi, and it reduces the strength of Itivi.

What's more terrible is that the backup method is the Spiritual Body Avatar that Itivi’s blood essence is integrated into, and then it is destroyed by Shang Taki's sword!

Shanglong's sword is a bit mysterious.

In scientific terms, this sword has its own quantum entanglement killing attribute. In terms of extraordinary attributes, it is the sword qi of Shang Taki's sword that is very cheating. It actually hurt him directly through Avatar. Ontology! As a   result, Itivi is now not only weakened again, but also injured.

The injury is not serious, it takes a while to recover.

But this Spiritual Body was destroyed again, and if the power could not be recovered in the future, Itivi's loss would be a bit big.

I am afraid it will take years to recover if I want to recover!

Of course, these are not what Itivi cares about.

What Itivi cares about is another loss!

The Silver Crate of the Spirit!

Two silver caskets of spirits, this is about to get in hand.

As long as these two spirit silver boxes are in hand, he can definitely go further.

When the time comes, everything is different!

But now, it's gone!

At this moment, Itivi has the urge to kill!

I want to get Xu Tui in front of him, and squeeze it inch by inch, but it can't solve his hatred!   His plan was completely disrupted.

Suddenly, Itiwi realized another thing.


On his side, the transaction was unexpectedly interrupted.

He doesn't know what Xu Tui got from the mediator Yiyin, but the transaction on Spirit Race should be done on time.

As soon as he thought of this, Yitiwei immediately contacted Lei Shu!

What makes Ittivi frown is that Lei Shu has lost contact!   He can't even reach Lei Shu!

Itivi, who does not know the battle of Phobos yet, naturally does not know that Lei Shu has escaped from Phobos. It is normal that his communication method cannot be contacted.

I contacted several times, but did not contact Lei Shu, and Itivi didn't care too much.

The people of Spirit Race should not be idiots either. By the appointed time, the other transaction party does not show up and the transaction should be cancelled!   Let it go, Itivi still browses tightly frowns.

This Xu Tui, he must pay attention to it.

Today, this Xu Tui is too powerful in front of his Hokage!   That Spirit Attack is so strong, ground thorns, hills, and extremely powerful, it can easily kill the Transmutation Powerhouse!   Suddenly, Itivi's heart moved, and his face changed abruptly.

Thought of another possibility! In the   Sun God Temple incident, many suspicious targets were eventually ruled out by them.

The incident that led to the massacre of the Sun God Temple turned into a headless case, and the suspect could not be found.

Because of the previous suspicion targets, all were placed in the genetic evolutionary realm or the powerful genetic evolutionary realm.

At that time, Xu Tui was just a genetic mutation, and he didn't even have the qualification to be suspected.

But now Itivi found out after he personally played against Xu Tui, yes!   Not only that, Xu Tui's probability is also very high!

At least the strong spirit strength and the extraordinary ability of the Earth Element are real hammers, and there is no ice element or the extraordinary ability of the Water Element.

Suddenly, Itivi remembered a piece of information that someone had sent over. It seemed to record   one minute. After I found the information, Itivi was as dark as a pot and breathed. Eerie to the extreme!

"Sun God Temple, it is very likely that this kid was slaughtered!"

At the same moment, Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan also rushed to the Zhongbao Yiyin individual The place of transaction of the person recorded in the communication device.

From a distance, Zhou Chuan saw a tall silhouette standing there.

It's a Spirit Race!

"Where is the trade item?" Spirit Race on the opposite side asked from afar.

Zhou Chuan did not speak, but shook Xu Tui in his hand, "What do we want!"

"Throw it together!"

"I want to inspect the goods first!" Zhou Chuan acted like it!   The Spirit Race that traded was a little impatient, and directly took out the two spirit silver boxes and shook them, "Hurry up, we are going to withdraw!"

Zhou Chuan frowned. At this time, Xu Tui's voice sounded in Zhou Chuan's mind, "Trade, just throw me over!   I will deal with a transmutation situation!"

Zhou Chuan gave Xu a silent finger. Tui said he knew, and then pointed at the Spirit Race opposite, "Then throw it together!"


In the next moment, Zhou Chuan throws Xu Tui's In an instant, the two spirit silver boxes were also thrown by the Spirit Race.

The Spirit Race five-finger lightning came out and wanted to receive Xu Tui, but in the next moment, his face changed drastically.

The Shanzi Jue has already blasted down at him.

"Black hole, how dare you guys!"

In a hurry, this Spirit Race, the lightning of his fingertips blasted the mountain script, Xu Tui's mountain script was blasted to pieces At that moment, the spirit hammer was already blasted down.

His eyes disappeared, and the Spiritual Body vibrated.

The ground thorn rose instantly, strung in from his non-lethal vitality.

Xu Tui, who threw himself into the group, instantly took out a spirit strength shielding cap and deducted it for this Spirit Race!   Then break the leg, break the hand! When   this Spirit Race Spiritual Body recovered from the shock, his eyes restored to sobriety and calmness, he discovered that at this critical moment of retreat, he was captured!   Desperate!

Hearing the conversations of several great gods, saying that today is going to break the watch, Zhu San's hand trembled several times, it was impossible!     Sincerely, first!


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