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  Chapter 610 Lei Shu’s Plan and Ancestor Master


From the communicator, Cai Shaochu's slightly lost exclamation came.

Rao is based on Cai Shaochu's training. After hearing the urgent report from Xu Tui, he started.

No matter from which level, Xu Tui’s news is a bit surprising.

"Give me your place. Then wait for me one minute."

Above the fire star, Cai Shaochu spelled his fingers like a sword, with hundreds of letters connected together, such as Swing like a ripple, binding the invisible Spiritual Fluctuation in the sky one after another.

In the end, the hundreds or thousands of sealed words merged into one sealed word, which was put into a special container by Cai Shaochu, and then disappeared.

After doing all this, Rao is as powerful as Cai Shaochu, and he sees sweat on his forehead.

Although Shang Taki’s clone Avatar project is successful, it is still very complicated behind it!

In the next moment, Cai Shaochu disappeared out of thin air.

In the col on the periphery of the crater, Xu Tui waited quietly. When the waiting time reached one minute and thirty-five seconds, Xu Tui's mental induction suddenly felt different.

The moment Xu Tui looked at the past, Cai Shaochu had already appeared out of thin air in front of Xu Tui.


"Cai Principal is good!" Zhou Chuan stood straight and saluted.

"Well, you rest right there."

Cai Shaochu pointed at Zhou Chuan nodded, and then asked Xu Tui with a serious face, "You can guarantee the truth of your message. Sex?   This information, if it’s true, is too important!"

Xu Tui shook the head, "Mitsubishi Tripod is talking about the original spiritual phylum of the rhombus on the moon, he said Yes."

Xu Tui roughly told Cai Shaochu about Leixiang’s Diamond Communication Disk.

"Just now, Mitsubishi Kanae said that he again sensed the breath of the high level meristem that was able to connect with the Leixiang's Rhombus communicator before, and it is not far away.

The person who used the communication disk inlaid with the diamond high level clone is the commander-in-chief of the forward base Lei Shu.

Under normal circumstances, the person who now holds this communication disk has a high probability It's Lei Shu.

Of course, it may also be other high-level members of the Ling clan!   Isn't it Lei Shu? I'm not sure." Xu Tui did not finish.

"If it's Lei Shu, if it's not Lei Shu"

After thinking about it, Cai Shaochu just wanted to leave, then looked at Xu Tui and said, "Take you with me, this Mitsubishi Ding is your thing and needs you to lead the way.

In addition, it can be considered as introducing you to them."

After giving Zhou Chuan a confession, Cai Shaochu directly grabbed Xu Tui In the next moment, the spirit strength gushed out and wrapped Xu Tui, "Don't move the spirit strength."

In the next moment, Xu Tui disappeared with him.

Three flashes.

In Xu Tui's feeling, Cai Shaochu wrapped his spirit strength and fluctuated extremely mysteriously three times. When the light in front of him returned to normal, Cai Shaochu appeared on Phobos with Xu Tui.

Xu Tui was stunned.

Phobos is about 9,500 kilometers away from fire star.

In other words, Cai Shaochu's speed can reach as high as 3,000 kilometers with every flash.

This speed is much faster than that of an aerospace fighter.

"Principal, at your speed, even from the moon to the fire star, it won't take too long, right?" Xu Tui was curious.

"The environment is different. The environment in space is more complex and changeable, and the energy fluctuations are even more bizarre. There are too many energy fluctuations that can affect my ability to escape characters.

Use it continuously."

After looking at Xu Tui's status, Cai Shaochu said again, "You take a break first, I will call someone, and you will be called when you are together. You may need to follow him later."

Spirit Race is within the meteorite named Pedal One.

Lei Shu is talking with Lei Qian for a long time through the communication board inlaid with rhombus high level clot.

Just now, Lei Qian also transited through the temporary command center and sent Lei Shu a pregnancy diagnosis certificate and a more advanced genetic sequencing of the fetal genetic group.

The above clearly shows that the main genetic chain of the fetus comes from Lei Shu.

While Lei Shu was ecstatic, he was also extremely anxious.

Their Spirit Race is now also facing fertility problems.

In the early years, I was playful when I was young, and because of heredity, I didn't want to have children.

But when it comes to life, especially Planetary Grade powerhouse like Lei Shu, it becomes extremely difficult again.

I have been working hard for many years, but I didn’t succeed. Didn’t expect, when my life suddenly changed, I had a child again.

somewhat ironic and helpless!   If Lei Shu knew the news before starting this war, Lei Shu would never start this war!   Actually, one of the main reasons Lei Xiang started this war was because Lei Shu didn't have a bloodline, and he treated Lei Xiang's nephew as his own bloodline!   If he knew that he had a son at that time, then Lei Shu would only be more secure!   It's a pity now, it's too late to say anything!

"Qianqian, I already have a preliminary idea. From now on, under the name of war control, you will secretly control the connection between everyone and the church.

Without you Agree, no one can contact the church without authorization.

All the remote information of patrolling the waves of the Charon star, monitor immediately, and report to me immediately if there is a change.

In addition, You transfer all the information of Ceres and Charon, especially the latest news about the Daxi tribe and Muya people, to me through the temporary headquarters. Now, do it right away!" Lei Shu ordered.


On the opposite side of the communication board, Lei Qian is nodded hard, but there is still a panic on the pretty face. Compared with the overall understanding around the forward base, she is The adjutant was no less than commander-in-chief Lei Shu.

Lei Shu said that, she already guessed what Lei Shu was going to do.

"I will send it to you right away, but have you really made the decision to betray?"

Lei Shu was silent, "Betrayal, maybe it is. But all of me. It's all for our children."

Lei Qian bit his lip, "Have you chosen which one to go to? Daxi, Muya, or Blue Star Human Race?

I absolutely hate the Daxi people, the Daxi people, it’s disgusting, I don’t like it!"

Lei Shu was stunned, "Qianqian, where did you want to go? How could I be Will defect from Spirit Race?

That is absolutely impossible."

"You are not"

"Defected from Spirit Race and defected to other races, this is The easiest way, but also the worthless and most hopeless way!

We go to these races, in a short time, we can get their shelter, and our children can grow up.

But when our value is squeezed out, with my battle strength, they will surely be wiped out by them.

When the time comes, waiting for the fate of our child, may be more Tragic!

He won’t even survive to adulthood!

Rather than that, let him fight step by step inside the Spirit Race and wash away the shame!

Let’s talk about it. Lei Shu, I can’t talk about being able to support both heaven and earth, but betraying one’s own race is absolutely impossible!” Lei Shu said.

"Then you."

"You just listen to my arrangement. The culture of Blue Star, especially the culture of the Huaxia ethnic group, can be called wide-ranging and profound. These Years, I have studied a lot.

Now, I take a trick and use it!

Although it is a bit risky, but if it succeeds, we watch our child grow up, yes There is nothing wrong with it!

Even if I operate it well, I won't even be guilty, but meritorious!" Lei Shu said.

Opposite the communication, Lei Qian nodded, this may be the reason why Lei Shu is the commander-in-chief and she can only be an adjutant.

"What do you say, how do I do it!"

"Well, rest assured, anyway, for you two, I have to spell out a future!"


Cai Shaochu kicked Xu Tui who was meditating to restore his spirit strength. Xu Tui opened his eyes and was pulled up by Cai Shaochu.

In front of me, there is a woman with slightly scarlet eyes and long fiery-red hair, but at first glance, the most eye-catching thing is that the chest muscles are big enough!

  Bigger than Gong Ling’s! "Irela, this is Shanglong’s new student, um, it’s also half of my student. Hurry up and say hello to Miss Irela, Let the Junior salute!" Cai Shaochu kicked Xu Tui again.

Xu Tui froze.

What kind of gift this Junior gift is, he doesn't even know.

Simply, Xu Tui bowed, "Miss Ireila is good."

"Well, that's right, you know, Miss Ireila is you Ancestor Master Shang Taki’s close comrade-in-arms, the kind of mutual trust between life and death.

By the way, you brat how many life-threatening things today, don’t you tell Miss Ireila?" Cai Shaochu said again. .

Erica looked up and down Xu Tui a few times, slightly nodded, "Yes, I am very strong at this age."

"Strong fart, I almost got caught today. Killed! Not only the quasi-planet of Spirit Race, but also a quasi-planet of our own people!

I almost confessed it!"

See Xu Tui Frozen, Cai Shaochu kicked Xu Tui again hatefully, "You said it!"

Xu Tui, who has been struggling a few feet, is a little bit aggrieved and a little embarrassed. What is it for, but it is still speaking. of which took Naruto.

"Well, well, Fire Element is extraordinary, and it knows Spiritual Body Avatar, I will pay attention to it!" Erila nodded.

Cai Shaochu, who was watching this, looked depressed. This Western lady has lived such a long time in vain, and she is worthy of a brain offering to the heavens and breasts.

If you want to make some welfare for this little thing in front of you, you have to catch up with yourself.

I have to demonstrate when I come across a product that is brain-satisfied to replenish the breasts! In   desperation, Cai Shaochu took out another card and handed it to Xu Tui in pain, "Hey, I ran out of stock in my hands after a series of battles a few days ago.

Now Only one magic card for my own use is left.

Give it to you!Save your   life at critical moments.

If you die, I guess the old business It hurts to die!"

Cai Shaochu bit the words'Old Shang's heartache to death' very hard.

The card was handed to Xu Tui's hand. Xu Tui wanted to take it, but found that he couldn't get it, and Cai Shaochu was squeezed to death.

On the side, Arela remained indifferent, as if she didn't react.

Cai Shaochu is so anxious.

"Hey, those of us who are elders, for the sake of you juniors, we are about to break our hearts!"

Cai Shaochu sighed, Irela still did not respond, it seemed that at all Did not realize this.

Xu Tui, who came to the reaction, bowed deeply, "Thank you two seniors for the treasure!"

Thanks to Xu Tui, Irela was stunned. Cai Shaochu hurriedly fired another side spear, "Irela, the old businessman’s student, the old businessman is not there. If he is wiped out, the old businessman will be unhappy!The   old businessman will give all his swords. It's him!"

While speaking, Cai Shaochu gave Xu Tui another look, and Xu Tui quickly took out the small sword before.

As soon as the little sword came out, Erela's face changed, and her expression became a little bit more sad and happy.

"You said he has come, and he didn't come to see me."

"Originally, he wanted to see you when he returned with the clone Avatar, so he only Two swords came out! Before the third sword came out, I wanted to keep the strength to see you.

But his favorite disciple, Xu Tui, was chased by the Naruto, life and death tied the line.


Helplessly, he came out with the third sword to save people.

Then, he collapsed on the spot!

Hey, the moment he collapsed, he looked towards you to fight Direction!" Cai Shaochu sighed.

Xu Tui lowered his head, in mind Cai Principal described it, and felt like it was going to collapse.

He has never seen such a boring Principal.

Sho Takisho teacher has never seen him, so how come you like him!   "Damn Naruto, don't let me find you!" Apart from gnashing teeth, Irela took out a source crystal ability sealing card on the spot and took a picture of Xu Tui's hand.

"Take it, when you meet Quasi-Planetary Grade, just take a picture, and it will be a second! But remember, every picture will take away half or more of your spirit strength!" Ai Reila confessed.

One card can kill the quasi-planet in seconds.   Xu Tui's heart is indescribable, and he bows again, "Thank you Ancestor Master mother"

Xu Tui was surprised when he said the word. Feeling almost told what was in his mind, Cai Shaochu slapped Xu Tui on the back of the head, "What Ancestor Master, what are you brat talking about?"

On the side, Erica Because of the three words Xu Tui called'Ancestor Master Niang', his face was flushed, his red hair trembled, and his chest surged!

In the next moment, Arela took out two more cards and took them to Xu Tui, "They are all collected, and whoever dares to bully you anymore, just use the card I gave you to blast him!   It doesn't matter if you bang and bang the wrong one. With my card, it will be a white bang!"

Cai Shaochu was startled and depressed!   He has been blowing and boring for a long time, and spent a lot of words, but the final effect is not as good as Xu Tui's "Ancestor Master mother" these three words!   Simply   Xu Tui-ecstatic!   *****   Today I moved from Shanghai to Jiaxing and received the red influence. There is no time code word during the day, so it is too late!

The second is more likely to be around twelve o'clock.

Those who have a monthly pass, drop one first!

(End of this chapter)

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