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  Chapter 611 is that we are changing   genetics. Within twenty minutes after meeting Irela , There are Planetary Grade powerhouse and quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse turning Phobos.

The pursuit did not go too deep.

The situation in space is extremely complicated, do not chase after cornered enemy.

If one is not good enough to be counter-killed by the other party, he will lose a lot.

So in the previous defeated pursuit, most of them started to return to a certain extent.

These Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses are extremely combat literate.

Needless to say, everyone knows that if they are brought together now, there must be action again.

So they all sit on the ground spontaneously, and seize the time to recover their strength.

During this period, Cai Shaochu introduced two Planetary Grade powerhouses from China to Xu Tui.

One is Ruan Tianzuo.

This, Xu Tui has heard of it for a long time, and there were some grievances at the beginning. Naturally, Xu Tui didn't expect this to be good.

When Cai Shaochu introduced the Planetary Grade powerhouse Pei Tiefeng from the military to Xu Tui, Xu Tui still had some expectations.

Will the respected Principal Tsai help him get a meeting ceremony in this hand?   But after the introduction, Cai Shaochu didn't mention anything.

Cai Shaochu saw Xu Tui's doubts and directly introduced Xu Tui with his consciousness sound transmission, "Lao Pei is a poor ghost, don't think about it."

Xu Tui: "."

Ten minutes later, with the exception of Cai Shaochu and Erica, seven of the nine Planetary Grade powerhouses guarding the fire star are all here.

The other two were seriously injured and could no longer participate in the war.

Among the genetic new human cultivator, there is a very significant feature, powerhouse is respected.

In other words, the big guys tend to obey the powerhouse.

Of course, not absolute.

For example, between Ireila and Cai Shaochu who are sacrificing to the sky, the big guy is more willing to follow Cai Shaochu's command.

Of course, if people in the Europa League and the Milian District have any different opinions, they are more willing to express it through Arela.

This is more complicated, and it is not clear in a few words.

"Xu Tui, is your information accurate?"

As soon as Erica spoke, Cai Shaochu gave him a glare, and even Xu Tui's heart burst.

Does this lady of the brain sacrifice to heaven want to expand Xu Tui's responsibilities indefinitely?

"I think, no matter whether this information is accurate or not, we have to give it a try! Spirit Race forward base commander Mine Shu is hidden at this time.

If you get it right , It’s good for us without any harm.

If it’s wrong, it’s just an empty run.” Cai Shaochu’s mind is still very clear.

Fortunately, he is a man. If Old Cai is a woman and his brain is so smart without sacrificing the sky, his chest will definitely be stubborn!

As long as IQ is normal, no one will object to Old Cai's argument.

Although Erila has changed her mind, she has some basic thinking.

Five minutes later, they agreed, set off, and tracked down!

A Planetary Grade guard, Fire Guard I was left, and he was able to resist for a while in an accident.

Counting Cai Shaochu and Irela, there are a total of eight Planetary Grades and 15 quasi-planets with intact battle strength.

In the previous battles, the Blue Star humans lost a lot of powerhouses, especially the quasi-planets, the quasi-planets on Phobos, and the number of casualties was as high as 20 deaths.

Many people were injured in the pursuit.

Of course, the results are also very difficult to deal with! During the   pursuit, there were only two Planetary Grades killed, and more Quasi-Planetary Grades.

The main achievements are still contributed by Arela!   The Planetary Grade that Spirit Race successfully escaped, excluding Lei Shu, only had six. Two of them were seriously injured.

Successfully escape alive's Quasi Planetary Grade, no more than twenty, and most of them are injured.

Of course, the most important pursuit is Arela.

And Lei Shu, who was directly scared away because of Shang Taki's appearance before!   Lei Shu is also injured!

Not light!

Soon, Phobos transport aircraft brought a car of warheads, which are the warheads left by Phobos that can threaten the quasiplanet and Planetary Grade powerhouse.

"Come on, bring a few you can bring, and the humanoid launcher is still capable!"

Immediately someone started to pick up these warheads, and various forces fluctuated. Open, one by one the bullets are gone.

Xu Tui saw that out of the eight Planetary Grade powerhouses including Cai Shaochu and Erica, only five came out with various warheads, especially three-phase thermal bombs.

In the quasi-planetary powerhouse, fewer people go out to take the warhead. Only four of the fifteen quasi-planets come out. According to the power fluctuations, they all belong to the mysterious system.

It seems that people who have activated and possessed the ability of quantum dimensional chain are rare in the top powerhouse.

Xu Tui was thinking that his warheads were also used up. He would take two or three spares. The most unhelpful moment is perish together, and one or two powerhouses can be taken away, and he will definitely not lose money.

Just when Xu Tui wanted to move, Cai Shaochu's consciousness of sound transmission emerged in Xu Tui's mind.

"You brat don't move, don't you think it's not enough to attract attention?"

Xu Tui was stunned.

"Don't worry, I brought you a few, and I will give it to you later."

Xu Tui replied to complied in his consciousness, and his heart was slightly hot.

Old Cai, this guy, still loves him.

After 3 minutes, this pursuit squad composed of Bluestar Peak powerhouse set off.

The way of action is all Fleshy body flight.

Xu Tui discovered that any quasi-planetary grade powerhouse, whether it is an extreme or a mysterious, can fly in fleshy body and fly directly into space.

Like Old Cai, it can fly directly to space without even wearing a combat uniform. It has to be said that its fleshy body or ability is powerful.

However, as soon as we set off, the problem arises. The speed of the Planetary Grade powerhouse is much faster than that of the quasi-planetary powerhouse.

But this problem is easy to solve.

The force fields of several Planetary Grade powerhouses disappeared slightly, each covering two quasi-planetary powerhouses, and they flew to the depths of space under the leadership of Cai Shaochu in a flash.

Old Cai is more like a chicken thief, or because of his injury, he only took Xu Tui with him, and he led the way.

Xu Tui is constantly pointing the direction.

It's strange to say that this time, the breath of the rhombohedral high level meristem that Mitsubishi Cauldron sensed has always existed.

In the past, it will not exist for too long, and it disappeared soon after it appeared.

This time, but it has always existed.

However, even if the signal disappears, as long as the general direction is known, it is not a big problem.

It's very simple-there are too few places to hide in space!   Lei Shu was defeated and fled before. As long as he did not retreat to other planets, there is a high probability that he would be hidden in a meteorite in space, or a large number of space floating objects or even rubbish.

It must also be the kind that is more capable of Tibetans.

Also, it's not too far away from fire star or Phobos.

The eight Planetary Grades, with fifteen quasiplanets and Xu Tui, are advancing fast, like eight meteors flashing in space.

Cai Shaochu, who flew at the forefront, directly gave Xu Tui three three-phase thermal bombs during the flight.

"How can I say, Xu Tui, when the six major alliances are facing strong enemies outside the ground, they can indeed be unanimous to the outside world, even if they make small moves, they will not hinder the overall situation.

But Once the external threat disappears, the internal contradictions in the six major alliances will be further intensified.

Especially in this battle, even though we have suffered heavy losses, Spirit Race’s losses may be twice ours. Half or even more than twice.

Under normal circumstances, the threat of Spirit Race will be greatly reduced in the next ten years or even several decades.

In other words, the next ten years will even be several decades. , The internal contradictions in our six major alliances will probably intensify.

So, you have to keep a low profile." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui slightly nodded, he understands this truth.

Cai Shaochu gave a long sigh, "I’m afraid you don’t know. Within half an hour of Spirit Race’s defeat, the people in the major alliances have been fighting for prisoners. There have been four times.

And because of the fight against the prisoners, two people have died."

"This war has not ended, has it started internal fighting? ?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"The value of Spirit Race captives is too important."

At this point, Cai Shaochu lamented, "The external threat is weakened, and Blue Star’s eventful autumn is coming."

"Isn't that just the opportunity of Huaxia District?"

With a word of Xu Tui, he destroyed Cai Shaochu's compassionate and expert image, and he looked at Xu Tui with beaming eyes. young man, you look good.

Xu Tui licked this deliberately.

Of course, it is also true!   Such a determined Chinese ethnicist like Old Cai might like Xu Tui like this the most!   "Hey, you brat have a high level of awareness!   Keep it there, cultivation, and make contributions. If you have time, you can make a few more genetic research and inventions.

I think, my land There is no Vice Principal outside the genetic evolution university!" Cai Shaochu suddenly drew a cake for Xu Tui.

"Vice Principal of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University?   Me?   I haven't graduated from Huaxia Genetic Evolution University yet?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"I said you can do it, you can do it!"

Cai Shaochu domineering leak detection, "Besides, your current feats, including scientific research and inventions, have surpassed many Old Guy.

I really want to lift you up, no one can blow up the thorn.

However, you have to be strong! At   least genetic transformation, I can push you up.


Well, after about five to ten years, absolutely no problem!"

Hearing this, Xu Tui's eyes lit up. For the previous two decades, most of his life was in school For Xu Tui who has spent time, any Principal is an existence like the ultimate BOSS.

Very cheating!

even more how is the Vice Principal of the Blue Star Cream of the Crop School like the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University.

"Genetic changes, Principal will push me up?"

Cai Shaochu glared at Xu Tui, "You official fan, I can lie to you! As long as you can From breakthrough to genetic evolution, I will definitely give you a Vice Principal!"

"Vice Principal of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University?"

"Vice Principal of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University! Also! Yes, in the future, the seat of my Principal will be yours.

Have a good job!"

Xu Tui's eyes shined upon hearing this.

Cai Shaochu irresponsibly draws a pie for Xu Tui.

Young people just need a little motivation in order to have a fight.

"By the way, Principal, you said that the Flying Sword of my Ancestor Master, what else is there to use?

This kind of Flying Sword, shouldn't be spirit Does strength urge?" Xu Tui asked about Flying Sword.

Xu Tui has carefully observed the Flying Sword. From the material point of view, it is only one or two levels higher than his existing Flying Sword, and it is harder, sharper, and larger.

It is more convenient to use the sword to fly up, but the cost is not small.

From the current point of view, Xu Tui feels that this Flying Sword has not greatly improved his battle strength.

"What is Flying Sword as you understand it?" Cai Shaochu asked suddenly.

"Isn't it just a weapon?" Xu Tui was curious.

"I remember that your ability to manifest the induction system is very good. Then I ask you, what is the slogan of the manifestation induction system?"

"No wave can not be realized !"

"Then I will ask you again, what is a wave?"

"The original quantum frequency of everything and everything fluctuates. Shanzi Jue, the water puppet, are all related to the original quantum frequency fluctuations The application is realized.” Xu Tui replied.

"Then I ask you, what do you think or understand the original quantum frequency fluctuations of the sword?"

"This. Should be a sword coming out? A nihil and sharp sword appeared?" Xu Tui frowned.

"You used my sealed characters, magic characters, fixed characters, and these characters before, what do you think?"

Xu Tui froze suddenly, and did not react for a while.

If you use the literal meaning to explain, the explanation is totally incomprehensible.

"Technological power and extraordinary power are actually two lines! At first, these two lines can still blend, and even explain and complement each other!

But in the future, These two lines are more independent!   So, if you want to go further on the road of transcendence, you must first liberate your mind!

Don't let your mind be taken by science Restraint!

What is the ordinary?   The ordinary is the ordinary and the general public!   Since you want to be extraordinary, you have to jump out of this thinking!

Then, you can make progress!

How do you think my special ability and the ability of your Ancestor Master Shang Taki come from?

It’s all we have to break out of this fixed mindset and then use it Discovering from an extraordinary perspective, or even creating, has the ability to have all kinds of strange things now!

From the perspective of science, genetic has always been Because of our human behavior, we are constantly changing and evolving.

It is ourselves who decides genetic and changes genetic!It   is not genetic that determines us and changes us!   Cultivation, it is us Through our own efforts, we are changing our own genetic!


At this moment, Xu Tui felt a sense of openness suddenly!   A concept became clear in an instant.

There is a clear idea.

until now, Xu Tui believes that cultivation is the genetic basis of activation, which exists in our bloodline.

In this regard, Xu Tui has had many doubts or thoughts.

But I have never understood.

Now, Cai Shaochu points out to Xu Tui.

Cultivation is our own use of behavior to influence to change our own genetic.

"From this perspective, think again, what is a sword?" Cai Shaochu asked.

While speaking, Cai Shaochu handed a chip to Xu Tui, "I want to understand this problem, and then read the content of this chip, it will help you even more.

The only thing that can remind you is this answer, there is no standard answer!   This sword given to you by the old business is just the foundation, and your thoughts are the most important!"

"Thank you Principal. "Xu Tui accepted it, seriously said.

Cai Shaochu waved his hand speechlessly, and suddenly pointed to the space exploration map from Phobos on his personal communication device, saying, "Within 10,000 kilometers, only this meteorite fits the characteristics. Is it it?"

"Need to be closer!"

Five minutes later, after Xu Tui got confirmation from Mitsubishi Tripod, "Principal, it should be the location of this meteorite." ."

"Everyone, slow down, converge a little, and get ready to work!"

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