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  Chapter 612 The Lei Shu who escaped back   in the meteorite named Pedal One.

On the outermost layer, six Planetary Grades with varying severity and 21 quasi-planet powerhouses with various injuries are rushing to recover.

The healing of the wound, the recovery of the recovery.

But at least has 1/4/2021, the injuries are all of the more serious kind. It's good to be alive here. The battle strength is not much.

To restore battle strength, it takes a period of time to recover.

Commander-in-chief Lei Shu said that they still need to wait a while to attract the Blue Star Human Race top powerhouse and facilitate the evacuation of the large forces.

Therefore, they are all waiting for Commander-in-Chief Lei Shu's order to evacuate.

In the innermost layer of the meteorite, Commander Lei Shu is still communicating.

However, the communication object at this time is not Lei Qian, but another Planetary Grade powerhouse that he can fully trust-Lei Zhen!   "Big brother, I have done everything you explained, what should I do next?" Lei Zhenhui reported.

"How's your recovery from your injury?"

"The battle strength has recovered 50 or 60 percent. After a few days of rest, the battle strength will be almost recovered." Lei Zhen said.

"Then use this as an excuse to recuperate in Ceres. Once the people from the two parties you contacted before appear, first search for evidence and report to the church, and then dispose of it.

Remember, you must stay a little longer, you can't exterminate them, but you can't let them invade too much." Lei Shu said.

Listening to Lei Shu's confession, Lei Zhen finally couldn't suppress the doubts and incomprehension in his heart. "Big brother, if we do this, do we mean to lead the wolf into the room or betray a betrayal?"

Lei Shu was silent.

"Do you want to go to the spirit prison, or continue to be the deputy commander-in-chief of the forward base?" Lei Shu asked.

"I definitely want to continue to be the deputy commander-in-chief major general, the ghost wants to go to the spiritual prison!"

"If you don't want to go to the spiritual prison, then listen to me!"

"en!" Lei Zhen on the opposite side of the communication was nodded, "Big brother, but can you tell me what the hell are you doing?"

"The four words to support the self-respect , Have you heard of it?"

"Have you heard."


"A little bit!"

" Do what I say, even the temple cannot hold us accountable. The only thing we need to guard against is the waves and clouds.

Remember, keep an eye on the waves and monitor the waves. If you patrol the waves of the Charon star If you come back from the cloud or if there is a change, please notify me immediately."


At the same moment, Lei Shu suddenly turned his head and looked towards the outside of the meteorite. No, but his spirit strength can be seen.

At the same moment, the spirit strength and powerful powerhouse recovered in the outer hall of the meteorite changed drastically at the same time!

The moment Lei Shu hung up the communication, he roared sharply, "Enemy attack, defense!"

"It is the bluestar human science and technology warhead, protecting the quantum Transmission Passage, Evacuate the seriously wounded first!"

Lei Shu hissed in an instant.

Instantly flashed out of the meteorite, the lightning exploded in the eyes, and suddenly appeared several kilometers away, and hit the warhead that was thrown by hand.

Then the warhead burst open!

However, at this moment, there were thirty warheads thrown by the Blue Star Human Race who was chasing over.

The strikes speed of the warhead is much faster than the launcher.

Under the raid, Rao Lei Shu and other Planetary Grade powerhouses reacted extremely quickly, and only stopped most of the three-phase thermal explosives.

There were four three-phase thermal explosive bombs, which successfully blasted in.

The most wicked one, it hit the meteorite 30 meters directly!

That's it, Lei Shu instantly turned into Thunder and blocked this three-phase thermal bomb directly.

If this three-phase thermal bomb hits a meteorite directly, the quantum Transmission Gate in the meteorite will be destroyed.

That was Lei Shu's retreat.

In the next moment, Lei Shurao, who was blocking this three-phase thermal explosive, had already prepared, and blood spurted in his mouth.

It was hit hard again.

But it kept the quantum Transmission Passage.

However, there were four quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses who were not so lucky. They were directly affected by one after another and died on the spot.

In an instant, the meteorite became a mess.

The many powerhouses that received the retreat order went crazy towards the Quantum Transmission Passage!

At the same time, the Blue Star many powerhouses' offense also began!

Cai Shaochu did not directly participate in the war, but observed from the outermost periphery of the battlefield.

Xu Tui was cautiously shrunk behind Cai Shaochu, and Vajra Barrier and Vajra's anti-tide shields could hardly support them.

In this level of battle, if the bad luck point is rubbed, it is not a problem of getting in, but a fatal problem.

Facing the attack of the Blue Star powerhouse, the powerhouse on the Spirit Race side, except for a few Spirit Race, other powerhouses such as the weapon Spirit Race, alienation race, fission race, there is no fighting intent at all. Keep drilling towards the quantum arbitrary door.

As for Lei Shu, he was driven into a panic by Arela.

Especially in the state of being injured one after another, Lei Shu was somewhat lost to Arela.

This has created even more fear on the Spirit Race side.

But the quantum Transmission Gate passes through the powerhouse, there is a speed.

The last one goes in, and the quantum fluctuations inside it calms down. It takes at least five seconds.

In an instant, the Bluestar Human Race prevailed.

Xu Tui, who was hiding behind Cai Shaochu, narrowed his smiling eyes.

At this moment, Cai Shaochu made a move.

It seemed that it had been brewing for a long time, a huge letter slowly fell, and it fell directly into the Quantum Transmission Gate. In an instant, the Quantum Arbitrary Gate used by Spirit Race powerhouse to escape was sealed.

At the back, Cai Shaochu is constantly blessing this seal.

And Spirit Race's powerhouse itself is in a relatively poor state, which will cause another 1/4/2021 powerhouse to leave through the quantum arbitrary gate in a hurry.

In this way, the number gap between the human race and the Blue Star humans is relatively large. The Blue Star Human Race powerhouse has even formed a siege to the Spirit Race powerhouse.

Less than one minute to start the battle, the victory was locked.

Lei Shu's situation has also become extremely difficult.

Under the violent bombardment of Erila, she was very embarrassed. Every one or two seconds, one or two injuries were added to her body.

Immediately afterwards, Pei Tiefeng, who was freed up, also joined the battle group besieging Lei Shu, making Lei Shu's situation more difficult in an instant!   However, less than three seconds after Pei Tiefeng joined the battle group, Lei Shu's lightning instantly exploded a dazzling spot in space.

In an instant, the thunder was gone!

Escaped!   Lei Shu has escaped again! I   have to say that Thunder Element like Lei Shu is extraordinary and extremely fast. He wants to escape, even if Erila and Pei Tiefeng join forces, they can't stop it.

Irela was so angry that her chest muscles trembled.

Xu Tui is also a little disappointed.

In this battle, if Lei Shu can be won, it will be a real victory.

Now, Lei Shu has escaped again, which is a pity.   But in the next moment, Xu Tui's eyes widened suddenly.

Another dazzling Ray-Ban exploded from a distance, Ray-Ban landed, and Lei Shu came back!

Erila immediately rushed up with the ray.

Xu Tui frowned.

Why is Lei Shu back again?

Is someone blocking thunder in the depths of space? The   problem is that even Arela can't stop Lei Shu, who else can stop Lei Shu?

Or, in the depths of space, there is something that Lei Shu is afraid of.

When Xu Tui was in doubt, Lei Shu suddenly used lightning tremolo to shout directly in the space of the war, "Irela, can you talk?"

Talk?   Talk about your size!

Erila stared again, her eyes turned scarlet, and two scarlet rays crossed and shot at Lei Shu, making Lei Shu who had just returned, frowning.

Xu Tui can only say, Lei Shu, you want to talk, you have found the wrong person.

Talk to Erila, whose head has been sacrificed to the sky, really.   However, Old Cai's head may have been exchanged for a chest sacrifice to the sky, and escaped from Lei Shu. In his behavior, I immediately realized something!   After all, normally, for powerhouses like Lei Shu, space is not too dangerous for them to be careful.

There is no need to come back.

This will also fight in space itself.

"Irela, I want to talk to Lei Shu." Cai Shaochu shook his voice in space with spirit strength.

Erila turned her head and glanced at Cai Shaochu, "Then talk about it, I will pester him, lest he run away again?"

Xu Tui has a hand on his face, this head sacrifice The degree of heaven, I am afraid it is not light.   Cai Shaochu is a serious nodded, "Irela, you stare at him, your breath locks in him, don't do it yet, I will talk to him before you talk!"


Erica is very obedient, and Xu Tui is stunned.

Old Cai is really expert.

In space, there are many bloodstains on his body. Lei Shu, who is very embarrassed, looks at Cai Shaochu with an extremely complex expression!   He didn't expect that one day, he actually became what he hated most when he was a teenager!   "Commander Lei, go ahead, what do you want to talk about?"

"Let them stop first!" Lei Shu pointed to the two parties in the distant war, especially the Spirit Race side, already Fall into a huge disadvantage!

Cai Shaochu remains unmoved.

At this moment, another Spirit Race quasi-planet was killed, and one Planetary Grade was injured one after another.

"Reason?" Cai Shaochu asked.

"If these people under my command die and the forward base loses my commander in chief, guess what will happen?" Lei Shu asked.

Cai Shaochu looks startled and browses slightly knitted.

"You Spirit Race, do you have that many powers that can be tapped?"

"You should ask, how determined is our Spirit Race to occupy the inner solar system! Regardless of the battle on the front line? No matter how tight, once such a drastic change occurs in the forward base, the sanctuary will definitely support the forward base.

The strength will be stronger than the current me!   Not only support, but also revenge. !" Lei Shu said.

Hearing this, Cai Shaochu sneered, "Are you threatening us?"

"No, I threaten you at this moment, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m just explaining the facts. Your Blue Star has been fighting with our Spirit Race for hundreds of years. It should be clear that this is a fact." Lei Shu said.

Cai Shaochu frowned, and Lei Shu continued, "You decide! You should be very clear that I want to escape from here, and everyone in the room can't stop me.

The reason why I came back is just to talk!"

"I want to know, why are you here to talk to us?" Cai Shaochu asked.

"The commander-in-chief of your Blue Star front line, if you make some mistakes, resulting in a big defeat and huge losses, what will your Blue Star do?" Lei Shu asked.

"It's very simple. If you make a mistake of principle, then you go to a military court to be tried."

"Yes, I don't want to go to a military court to be tried. This is me I'm looking for you to talk about the reason!" Lei Shu said.

Hearing this, Cai Shaochu was stunned.

This reason is really powerful enough.

In an instant, Cai Shaochu was persuaded.

In fact, this reason not only convinced Cai Shaochu, but also Xu Tui.

While speaking, Cai Shaochu directly ordered the sound transmission with his consciousness, and Lei Shu also ordered that the personnel fighting on both sides were separated instantly.

The blue star powerhouse looked puzzled, and the powerhouses of Spirit Race, but they all looked like avoided a catastrophe.

"Now, can I talk about the specific content? Well, yours, keep it in this state for the time being, okay." Cai Shaochu said.

"No problem!" Lei Shu agreed very happily.

"In addition, I will lead the discussion with you, but because of our internal reasons, we need other people to listen." Cai Shaochu said.

"No problem!"

"Okay, let me talk about your thoughts first." Cai Shaochu pulled Irila, Pei Tiefeng, and a Planetary Grade powerhouse from the Russian Federation. Into the sound resonance circle.

******   Zhu San's idea is only two words, monthly ticket!   (End of this chapter)

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