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  Chapter 613 Cooperation Foundation and Tracked Clues

Spirit Race Forward Base Commander Lei Shu and Lan The high-level wartime peace talks between the planets, this can be considered a historic landmark event.

Irela and Cai Shaochu, to a certain extent, can also represent the top of Bluestar Human Race.

Xu Tui was fortunate to witness and listen to this historic event.

Maybe it’s the reason to stay with Old Cai, or Old Cai took care of Xu Tui. Anyway, they thunderous and Old Cai, Erila and the others resonate. Xu Tui can Hear.

What I talked about at the beginning is not complicated.

There is only one main line. Lei Shu gave Old Cai an analysis of the pros and cons. They believed that he would go back and continue to control the forward base of Spirit Race, which would benefit the Bluestar Human Race the most.The   current situation is that Bluestar Human Although Race can prevent him from returning, he can never kill Lei Shu.

As long as Lei Shu does not return to the Spirit Race forward base for a long time, then the Spirit Race temple will learn about the forward base.

The sanctuary will definitely immediately send a new commander in chief to take over the forward base of Spirit Race to stabilize Spirit Race’s defenses in the solar system, while carrying out rescue and revenge.

It is foreseeable that the reinforcements sent by the temple will definitely be a little stronger than Lei Shu's current strength, and they are all fresh forces.

When the time comes, Bluestar Human Race has a big trouble.

Bluestar Human Race can block the current thunder, but cannot block the commander-in-chief of the future Spirit Race forward base.

Therefore, Lei Shu believes that he can now cooperate with Bluestar Human Race to a limited extent.

One is to give Bluestar Human Race room for development and recovery.

Second, Lei Shu also gave him time to lick his wounds, so that he had time to operate so that he would not be held accountable by the Spirit Race temple.

It can be called cooperation for both benefits.

There is only one demand for Lei Shu-for the long-term development of both sides, the two sides temporarily halt the battle, and Blue Star Human Race let them leave and return to the base.

The two sides here refer to the Blue Star Human Race and the Spirit Race forward base controlled by Lei Shu.

To be honest, this argument is very reasonable from a general perspective.

At first glance, it looks so reasonable.

As soon as Lei Shu finished speaking, Xu Tui felt that this should be done.

By doing this, we can gain the greatest development space and time for Bluestar Human Race.

But it's a fine product, it's not right!

If Lei Shu cannot go back, what Lei Shu said will definitely happen, but Bluestar Human Race will face a mid-to-long-term crisis.

The new commander-in-chief of the Spirit Race forward base will definitely take action, even revenge, but you must also consider Lei Shu’s defeat, Blue Star’s battle strength, etc. It’s not that he will come after his last post. Fighting hard with Blue Star.

On the other hand, Lei Shu, if he can't go back, he will basically lose everything!   It's like Lei Shu will be rounded by a group of big guys who have taken medicine, but Lei Shu said before the round, you have to consider the probability of being turned into a bend in the next few years after the round of me! It's   totally unfair!

Now and in the future!   However, since Xu Tui can see this, Cai Shaochu and the others are impossible to see.

Old Cai made a very precise cut.

The general direction is in the interests of both parties, and cooperation can be reached in principle. However, for this time war, as the defeated party, Lei Shu must give Bluestar Human Race compensation and compensation!

At the same time, Cai Shaochu also urgently contacted the Moon, the Chief-In-Charge of the Moon's joint districts, such as Weibin, Maipengao, and Nirabu. Charge will hold an emergency meeting immediately to see how to maximize the benefits in this negotiation!

At the end of the war, people often sit at the negotiating table.

In the hundred years since Great Genetic Era was opened, Blue Star Human Race and Spirit Race have fought countless times, but the two sides have never been at the negotiating table.

The reason is also very simple. In Spirit Race's view, Bluestar Human Race is not qualified to sit at their negotiating table.

So, this time, it is also the first time that Bluestar Human Race and Spirit Race sat on the opposite side of the negotiating table.

Although the Spirit Race on the opposite side is only Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of Spirit Race's forward base, it is considered to be of epoch-making significance.

Lei Shu will naturally not give in easily. There are various reasons and trends. Several times, Xu Tui saw that Erila had an intention to move, but Cai Shaochu used more licking words to give Stopped.

For example,'Beautiful Miss Irera, as honorable as you, just watch me negotiate with these rascals, lest these rascals stain your ears. '

Lei Shu was speechless.

Xu Tui is speechless.

Old Cai's skill is really not bad, it completely subverts the expert image of Cai Shaochu in Xu Tui's cognition.

However, with this effort, Xu Tui feels that he needs to study hard! After you have   learned it, it is quite good to use it on An Xiaoxue or even other teachers.

To be honest, Xu Tui misses An Xiaoxue a lot now.

Negotiation is like an evenly matched tug-of-war, and the advantages always appear in the slow pull.

Under Cai Shaochu's insistence, Lei Shu released the first substantial benefit.

Cure the Quantum Transmission Passage in the meteorite named Pedal One.

The Bluestar Human Race can reach the quantum teleport hub of the solar system, Ceres, but not directly.

Instead, it arrived in the asteroid belt closer to Ceres.

How close is it? In this asteroid belt, Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, if you know the direction, you can fly on the Fleshy body to reach Ceres.

However, for curing, a large amount of energy that needs to be continuously input for a long time must be supported by the planet.

A meteorite cannot provide permanent energy for a quantum Transmission Gate.

Therefore, we must migrate this quantum Transmission Passage to fire star.

Phobos will not work.

The higher the transmission level of the quantum Transmission Gate, especially the solidified one, the higher the requirements for the planet.

The scheme is complicated.

And because there is a quantum Transmission Gate on fire star, the two solidified Quantum Transmission Passages will merge.

Because of this, the transmission fluctuation level of the original quantum Transmission Gate of fire star will increase, but the newly fused quantum Transmission Gate that leads to the asteroid belt behind Ceres will also have the transmission level Reduced by.

The current situation is that a Planetary Grade powerhouse can be passed every five seconds.

After the fusion is solidified, it is possible to pass a planetary powerhouse in one day.

From this point of view, Lei Shu is still very sincere.

The proposed scheme is complex and detailed, which is fully in line with Bluestar's current quantum Transmission Gate research theory.

However, it is not enough to go alone.

You have to go and return.

This is a condition put forward by Bluestar, and it is a necessary condition, otherwise, there is nothing to discuss.

After a while, Lei Shu agreed.

He can solidify this channel into a two-way channel, but after solidifying it into a two-way channel, the transmission fluctuation will be reduced again because of the relatively small planetary bodies in the asteroid belt on the opposite side.

Of course, Planetary Grade powerhouse can still be teleported, but the teleportation round may be once every ten days, or even longer.

This is under normal circumstances.

In an emergency, putting in a large number of source crystal blessings can also speed up the transmission frequency.

The benefits given by Lei Shu directly caused the Bluestar's six major alliances to explode.

Isn’t this benefit just because Blue Star has been eager to get out of the solar system over the past century?   Although Ceres has the asteroid belt behind Ceres, which is still in the solar system, most of the asteroid belt behind Ceres is actually in the outer solar system.

More importantly, the asteroid belt is composed of numerous large or small meteorites or other celestial bodies, and has various resources that are currently in short supply by Blue Star.

And Ceres is the hub of quantum teleportation in the solar system.

This quantum teleportation hub is not established by Spirit Race, but has existed for countless years and is said to have been established by ancestors of wisdom.

Including the quantum teleportation hub between the moon and the fire star, it is also the reactivation of the ancient quantum teleportation hub, rather than the new creation of Spirit Race.

This first condition must be agreed.

However, it was not easy to catch a fat sheep at the negotiating table without slaughtering a few more. How could it be worthy of the sacrificed warriors of the Blue Star humans!

Naturally, all kinds of wars of words, all kinds of bargaining.

Lei Shu also has Lei Shu's own demands. He wants to retain more power to return to Spirit Race's forward base, and he will also release some benefits appropriately.

But it will definitely not be bottomless.

Lei Shu, the old fox of Spirit Race, had a fight with a group of blue star foxes headed by Cai Shaochu! The   negotiation began to enter the process of entrenchment and initial implementation, which is also the basis for the establishment of short-term trust between the two parties.

For example, Bluestar Human Race put a part of Spirit Race powerhouse back, and in return, Lei Shu will also start to integrate this quantum Transmission Passage into fire star.

Blue stars such as Cai Shaochu and this group of Planetary Grade powerhouses watched the whole process and blatantly steal the teacher. Although the probability of learning the essence is not great, they can learn one thing.

However, before implementing the 1st Step trust-based cooperation, Lei Shu suddenly asked a question.

"Principal Cai, although I know you will not answer me, I still want to ask, how did you accurately track Pedal One? Black hole, is it your Blue Star Human Race? Back to time?" Lei Shu asked suspiciously.

In this regard, the blue star and the vixen, led by Cai Shaochu, all laughed and said nothing.

Only Arella, the Ancestor Master who sacrificed his brain to the sky, looked towards Xu Tui subconsciously, but was blocked by Cai Shaochu's laughed.

"Commander Lei, we also want to know, how did your raid this time, especially the moon raid, know that our moon's defensive force is weak?" Cai Shaochu asked.

On this question, Lei Shu also laughed and said nothing.

The two sides began to fight wits and courageous cooperation with extreme precautions.

For example, on the Spirit Race side, put one or two back.

But after letting the people go back, Lei Shu first killed one Planetary Grade and three quasi-planets.

This is a plus.

Because everyone knows that this should have been cleared by Lei Shu, and what was left should be Lei Shu's cronies or irons.

Later, Lei Shu also began to migrate and merge this quantum Transmission Passage under the Blue Star's Planetary Grade powerhouse glare like a tiger watching his prey.

The next thing is naturally not suitable for Xu Tui's excessive participation.

The current Xu Tui is not able to enter the decision-making level and participates in too many appearances, which will bring the danger of uncertainty.

For this reason, Cai Shaochu asked the quasiplanets of the Huaxia region on the return journey to turn around the fire star with Xu Tui first.

Although initial cooperation was negotiated with Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of Spirit Race front-line base, the cooperation belongs to cooperation, and the war is still in progress.

Especially in Fire Star, the pursuit of the broken troops that invaded Spirit Race this time is still in progress.

Xu Tui doesn't want to participate in the hunt. Xu Tui now just wants to take a good rest, sleep, and continue to improve his strength.

However, when he was about to return to fire star, Xu Tui received a survey result from Ah Huang.

Social intelligence of Zhongbao Yiyin.

Zhongbao Yiyin has a wide social network. In the past six months, he has contacted many people in the South Korean Sector, Singapore and Malaysia District, Milian District, Indian Union District, and European Union District.

But in the last three days, I have only contacted people in Yamato District, Yinlian District, and Milian District, and two unknown communications.

One of the unknown communication numbers is an exclusive communication number from the moon, which cannot be found yet.

But another unknown communication number with a frequency of up to three times. The communication number is also from the moon, but it uses fire star's temporary military relay network.

And just after Zhongbao Yiyin was silenced by that Naruto, he called once.

Originally, this unknown communication number was extremely difficult to trace.

But one is because Xu Tui has a B-level intermediate personal authority, and the other is because during the war, fire star’s previous communications satellite, Jiucheng, was destroyed.

In order to ensure the smooth temporary communication, the military of the coalition regions temporarily launched the signal forwarded by the small communication signal device.

This kind of small communication relay signal device, the signal is not stable, the key is that all belong to the military, the signal is not only completely checkable, but also has a strong regionality.

The communication area of ​​the communication number that is contacted by Zhongbao Yiyin comes from the non-linked fire star base.

Then, Ahuang used Xu Tui's personal authority to obtain the assistance of the Huaxia District military to directly obtain the most detailed communication data during that period.

In the end, the user who locked this communication number was a genetic evolutionary realm in the Indian Union area named Nadella!

He is the reinforcements sent by the Union of India from the moon to aid fire star!

I will go back to Shanghai today, and I will go to the hospital tomorrow. I will stop by the way. If it goes well, I will start to go home the day after tomorrow.

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