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  Chapter 614 The true identity of Hokage (seeking monthly ticket)The   moon.

Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of the forward base of Spirit Race, for some indescribable reason, even started negotiations with Bluestar Human Race and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

The news spread quickly.

Because of the specific matters related to the negotiation, Cai Shaochu and Erica were talking about it, but in the end, the final decision requires the Chief-In-Charge nodded of the six major joint districts.

However, the Chief-In-Charge nodded of the six major joint districts need to consult the Planetary Grade powerhouse in the joint district, especially the Peak Planetary Grade powerhouse.

This is a strange circle.

Because of this, Itivi knew about it immediately.

Itivi, who knew about this, looked extremely complicated.

Especially in the first moment, there is a disgusting feeling of stepping on a shit.

He exhausted suffering untold hardships to achieve the goal, and finally fell short.

Ironically, in the end, Lei Shu, the forward base commander of Spirit Race, actually sat on the negotiating table of Blue Star Human Race.

Itivi regrets a bit.

If he takes the initiative to go to fire star, then this will dominate the negotiation, maybe it is him?   If he sits at the negotiating table, he can get back a lot of things in various ways. Not to mention the interests of the Union of India area, he can also make a profit.

It's a pity now, it's too late to say anything.

He shrank his head, and now he wants to pick peaches again.

If this is on the moon, he will sit at the negotiating table if he cheeks and licks his face.

But now, the negotiation is going on on fire star, no matter how thick-skinned he is, no matter how long his hands are, he can't stretch from the moon to fire star all at once!


Is this human's calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation? In the   end, Itiwi's gaze fell on a piece of information in front of him.

There are only two characters on the cover of the intelligence information-Xu Tui!

He can already confirm that the Sun God Temple was slaughtered and the Supreme Treasure was lost. It is very likely that it has something to do with Xu Tui.

Today, after his fire Shadow Clone played against this Xu Tui personally, he had a clear understanding of the strength of this Xu Tui.

If we push forward on this basis, Xu Tui of Genetic Mutant Realm is also likely to do this.

This also happens to explain why the enemy poisoned the food.

If you are not strong enough, you can poison it.

At the same time, I also explained why the suspicious target has not been found for so long.

Because the real murderers have been excluded by themselves because of their strength.

Only now, for this Xu Tui's identity, if he wants to do it, he must be more secretive and more comprehensive.

The heir of the genetic miracle, a half-student of Cai Shaochu, the B-level intermediate personal authority owner, and the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

Some headaches! According   to Itivi's estimation, Xu Tui can no longer be dealt with in ordinary Transmutation. You must use the quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse, and even he himself can clean up this Xu Tui!

It’s just that this opportunity is not easy to find!   Of course, it is a good thing for Itiwi to discover the real murderer of the Sun God Temple incident.

Just retrieve the treasure lost in the Sun God temple and put it back there. After long-term collection, his strength still has the probability of further improvement.

It just takes a little longer.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

At the same time, fire star, crater base.

The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse in Huaxia District directly brought Xu Tui back to the fire star base of the crater in Huaxia District.

After arriving at the fire star base of the crater, Xu Tui first contacted Zhou Chuan. After confirming that Zhou Chuan was safe, he immediately applied to see the commander of the fire star base of the crater, Gai Sheng.

Xu Tui is now considered a celebrity in the military, and coupled with the B-level personal intermediate authority, I met Commander Gai Sheng Gai smoothly.

Seeing Xu Tui's immediately, Gai Sheng is a big thank you.

Formal thanks on behalf of the military.

But battle damage is absolutely incalculable.

Two or three thousand more people may be killed, or even more.

Similarly, in the fire star base of the crater, Xu Tui's rescue operation of Fort No. 3 also played a key role.

Its meaning and value cannot be estimated!

Xu Tui accepted this gratitude, and after a few breaths of silence, he suddenly said, "Master Gai, I am here to look for you, but I am actually here for your help."

"Don't use the word'help'. If you have any requirements, just speak directly. If we can do it, we will definitely do it." The military's friends, as long as they get their approval, are just as straightforward.

"Help me find the current location of a genetic evolutionary cultivator named'Nadella'. Intelligence shows that they left the non-union fire star base an hour ago to participate in the pursuit of Spirit Race. The army is in action," Xu Tui said.

"People are on fire star?"


"As long as people are on fire star, we can find out, but now there are a lot of communication facilities Damaged, it will take some time to find out." Gai Sheng said.

"I can wait, but I hope it won't be until the end of the war."

"It won't take that long, a few hours or so." After that, Ge Sheng hesitated, "That's right. , I can ask, what you are looking for Nadella."

"Although it's okay to tell you, but you still don't know." Xu Tui said.

Gai Sheng understands in seconds.

"Okay, then I won't ask, but if there is any difficulty, you can tell me, and there is no need to be too disciplined.

On the battlefield, anything can happen.

And the discipline of our warrior in Huaxia District is for our own people in Huaxia District, hehe in other districts!"

"Thank you!"

" See you, don't mention the word thank you!"

After that, Xu Tui had a big meal at the fire star base of the crater, found a quiet dormitory, and fell asleep.

He needs to rest.

Two and a half hours later, Xu Tui was awakened by a major.

"Report to the chief, the teacher asked me to send you a document. He said that all the things you want are here.

Also, the teacher said, what else do you need, Just tell me directly! He will be busy here, so he won't come over."

"Provide me with an aerial fighter."


After thinking about it, Xu Tui was not named Zhou Chuan when he left.

Although Xu Tui knows very well, if he informs Zhou Chuan about this, Zhou Chuan will definitely be very happy.

After all, through this Nadella, the true identity of Hokage can be traced.

But Zhou Chuan is a soldier, Xu Tui does not want to pull him into this vortex.

For revenge, Xu Tui can do it himself!   Forty minutes later, the aerospace fighter that arrived at the destination entered the automatic circling mode, but Xu Tui jumped directly out of the aerospace fighter.

The intelligence of the fire star base in the crater showed that Nadella and the group had just passed here five minutes ago.

It should be in the vicinity.

Stepping on the jet thruster of the combat uniform, Xu Tui began to search at a height of 100 meters. The current Controlling Sword Flight is not very practical, mainly because the spirit strength is a bit expensive!   Five minutes later, Xu Tui found the target through Mitsubishi Tripod.

The expression in Xu Tui's eyes suddenly became cold.

On the way, Ah Huang has searched all the details of Nadella and passed them to Xu Tui.

It’s a coincidence.

This Nadella turned out to be a student of Itivi and a student of Kitawan.

And he is Kitawan's proud disciple, and his strength is also very strong.

There has been a record of beheading the Transmutation Realm powerhouse.

Otherwise, it would not be selected by the Federation of India as a candidate to support fire star.

If Xu Tui's inference is okay, if it is really related to Nadella, then this matter will be fun.

That Naruto, is Itivi’s Avatar?

Itivi’s abilities are very mixed, but its most powerful battle strength is the extraordinary Fire Element.

When the Mitsubishi tripod was taken out from the Sun God Temple, there was also an Itivi Spiritual Body Avatar inside.

This shows that Yitiwei is very good at getting Avatar.

Judging from this point, Xu Tui is almost certain that the Naruto is the old thief of Itivi!   Too much!

If it is really this old thief, then Xu Tui will have strength in the future, and must find ways to cut this old thief to avenge He Xiaojun and Jin Zheng!   While he was alone in supporting the fire star and carrying his head in a life-and-death battle with Spirit Race, the old thief, Itivi, stabbed him in the back and wanted to capture him alive and sell him to Spirit Race.

This hatred must be avenged!   However, there is one last step! On the   ground, Nadella and his party of four who had just killed a team of Spirit Race defeated soldiers suddenly stopped because of the sound of breaking through the sky in the sky.

The Spirit Race collapsed, Nadella called three friends with similar relationships and strengths to form a special warfare squad, and came out to slay the spirit clansman to earn merits.

At this time, Spirit Race was in a big collapse. With their team's strength, beheading people to earn merits is the same as picking them up.

However, the sudden appearance of Xu Tui made the four of them cautiously pose an attacking posture.

Especially Xu Tui is full of warfare, and his combat uniform is full of blood and gunpowder smoke, and he looks unusually wrinkled.

"From the Huaxia District?"

A comrade of Nadella who is also in the Union District suddenly whispered, "Look, are there anyone else around?

If not, I will do it!"

Nadella slightly nodded, made a gesture, but still smiled and shouted at Xu Tui, "Hi, brother, which union are you? District? Anything?"

Xu Tui, who had been mentally invigorating for a long time, knew clearly about the exchanges of several people.

Really.   "Nadella?"

Nadella complexion changed, "I am, you are?"

"There is something Come and ask you about something."

"What's the matter? Just ask, it's all from Brother's district. If you know it, you must answer it!"

"Oh, thank you, but I I want to ask you another way."

"Another way? What way?" Nadella puzzled!

"The way of interrogation!"

As soon as the words came out, Nadella's face changed drastically, and he screamed, "Start!"

It’s just, Nader Just as La roared out, the companions beside him spurted blood one by one and fell to the ground.

Two were loaded in an instant.

Nadella and his other friend also attacked Xu Tui at the same moment.

One is the extraordinary Fire Element, and the other is the extreme system.

The firelight and the long jab fell on Xu Tui at the same time.

Xu Tui did not move, allowing the attacks of these two people to fall on his Vajra Barrier.

Nadella's attack caused his Vajra Barrier to fluctuate.

As for the extreme cultivator's mad slash, Xu Tui's Vajra Barrier has no fluctuations!

It is impossible to break the defense!

Xu Tui curled the corner of his mouth, and the spirit hammer blasted again, and the blood of the limit genetic evolver of the Indo-Union zone shot soaring and fell directly to the ground.

The person who doesn’t know the limit system is now suffering from a mental hammer, can he wake up?   Xu Tui's strength directly frightened Nadella, and suddenly lost his fighting spirit, turned around and fled.

Xu Tui did not dare to use the spirit hammer.

It's a bit funny to be afraid of hitting the head with a mental hammer and making him unconscious.

Directly use spirit strength to shake the whip, and with one whip, the guy’s eyes were drawn confused and fell to the ground.

The ground thorn rises, passing through the limbs in an instant.

The screams sounded, and Nadella was immediately awakened by the pain.

Xu Tui slowly leaned forward, shocking Nadella who had just woke up.

"Let's talk about it, what do you do when you contact Zhongbao Yiyin?" Xu Tui asked directly.

Nadella looked astonished. Just as he was about to say something, Xu Tui suddenly provoked a thorn, and instantly passed through his companion’s head, exploding his companion’s head. Up.

Nadella was shocked by Xu Tui's actions, his face turned pale!   "Think carefully about it! I already know the answer, I just want to verify it again." Xu Tui gloomily said.

Taking advantage of the fear of Nadella, Xu Tui's mental resonance, spiritual radiation, and spiritual concealment have been invaded silently.

"I, I. The master told me to give me something to the mediator. I don't know the others!"

"What did I give?"


"I don't know, there is a spirit strength shielded box." Nadella was very cooperative.

No lying!

According to Xu Tui's mental resonance feedback, Nadella did not lie.

Actually, there is already an answer to this question.

What can the spirit strength shield box contain?

Is it definitely related to the spirit strength Avatar, or is it directly the Naruto?

However, to be careful, Xu Tui still interrogated one more time.

Two minutes later, the ground thorns rose, and the Shanzi Jue blasted a few minutes. After destroying the corpse and evidence, Xu Tui left quickly!

******   Please come quickly for your monthly tickets, too!

(End of this chapter)

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