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  Chapter 615Chapter 613 Cultivation Selection and discovery (see monthly ticket)   Back to the fire star base of the crater, Xu Tui put aside all distractions and fell asleep in meditation.

Heaven and Earth is big, sleep the biggest.

For two consecutive days of fighting, although spirit strength is constantly recovering through various means, physical and mental fatigue and tension can only be recovered through sleep.

Xu Tui woke up again, it was already eighteen hours later.

Time entered the morning of October 17, 2138.

The genetic age of the Milky Way recorded in the history of later generations actually started from the past few days.

To be precise, it began when this time was named by humans as the Battle of Moonfire Defense.

After later generations understood this battle, they called it an era triggered by captives.

The root cause of this battle, or the change of the times, started when Xu Tui captured the thunder elephant.

Of course, this is something later.

Woke up, after eating, Xu Tui first contacted the commander of Crater Base, Ge Sheng, to find out about the current situation.

At present, the war on fire star has come to an end, and the ordinary troops of Spirit Race have basically been withdrawn.

Although the high-level leaders are in peace talks, the encirclement and annihilation of ordinary troops by Blue Star has not stopped.

You can talk, but you can't relax in terms of weakening the enemy's strength.

According to Gaisheng’s preliminary estimates, since the Spirit Race rout yesterday, more than 6,000 Spirit Race troops have been chased and annihilated.

Among them, there are more than 30 people in the Transmutation Powerhouse.

The most important thing is that there are 24 prisoners in Spirit Race.

They are Spirit Race captives, not Spirit Race, Fission Race, Alienation Race and other races.

It is said that some of them have been sent to the Dissection platform of the Genetic Research Institute.

Not to mention the results of the negotiations, the results in this regard are huge.

However, it will take some time for the results to be transformed into harvests.

Negotiations are continuing.

But the details of the negotiation, Ge Sheng did not know.

Xu Tui wanted to ask Old Cai, but Xu Tui finally resisted it. The level was not enough, and he was only a scenic person participating in it.

We still have to improve our strength!   Participation in this time battle, the importance of personal strength has once again risen.

Personal strength can determine the outcome of a war, and can even affect the outcome of a battle!

winner is the king, loser is the villain, the result of the loser is always gray!   So, improving our strength is the top priority.

However, Xu Tui still solemnly sent a message to Old Cai.

"Principal, find a way to ask about the situation of the land reclamation group, or the star map." Xu Tui is very worried about An Xiaoxue.

"Don't worry."

The outside affairs have nothing to do with Xu Tui for the time being.

Xu Tui has basically determined that Naruto is the Avatar of Itivi.

Is it a black hole?   There is this probability, but this conclusion cannot be made.

However, according to the current situation, the traitor, the black hole, comes from either the Indo-Union District or the Milian District.

Itivi is Planetary Grade powerhouse.

It is still the kind of extremely powerful Planetary Grade powerhouse, which Xu Tui can do now.

The most urgent thing facing Xu Tui right now is to improve his strength.

Of course, Xu Tui will talk to Cai Shaochu about this matter and listen to Cai Shaochu's opinion.

Xu Tui is also very happy if Old Cai can clean up Itivi.

After all, waiting for Xu Tui's strength to upgrade to Planetary Grade, I don't know how long it will take, I am afraid it will be too long.

However, in theory, Old Cai went straight to clean up the probability of Itiwi, which was too small.

After taking three deep breaths in a row, Xu Tui sent all these negative emotions, anger, dissatisfaction, eagerness, etc. out of the body.

This is also the essence of the Meditation Method!   Just keep thinking about it.

It seems very simple, it seems that everyone can do it, but after a long period of time, you can see the effect.

More than just cultivation, the method of meditation can make people's emotions and reason in a state of a third perspective or God's perspective.

Always be efficient and sensible!   This is also how Xu Tui feels over the past year or so.

Before entering the Huaxia Genetic Evolution University, Xu Tui believes that meditation has only two effects-to make him sleep well and keep his attention longer.

It seems that the unnoticeable influence of meditation may be much stronger than Xu Tui imagined.

After sorting out his thoughts, Xu Tui listed several directions for improving his strength.

The first direction is to continue to strengthen the genetic base point and genetic capability chain.

The genetic ability chain in Xu Tui's body, except for the genetic ability chain of Vajra Tide Field, all other genetic ability chains have basically been strengthened to Level 3.

Continue to absorb source energy, strengthen these genetic ability chains, and strengthen these genetic ability chains to Level 4.

Xu Tui's strength can definitely be greatly improved.

However, this road is also an unknown road, and Xu Tui needs to explore it.

The second direction to improve strength is the sword.

The sword of Shang Taki, the founder of genetic miracles, according to what Cai Shaochu said, you must first understand what a sword is! The   third direction, strength is to present the induction system.

The tattoos, mountain characters, water puppets, and water explosions of the induction system are all Xu Tui's main combat abilities.

The fourth direction is Cai Shaochu's ability direction, but in this regard, Xu Tui has not been getting started.

According to Cai Shaochu, when Xu Tui really penetrates a certain character, this ability is also available.

The fifth direction is the silver box of the spirit.

Xu Tui, the silver box of the spirit, has used one, which has greatly improved his strength.

The last time I smoked a silver box of spirits, the power of Xu Tui's main battle skill increased by nearly 30%.

This is also one of the important reasons why Xu Tui can easily kill the powerhouse of Transmutation with the level of genetic evolution.

However, Xu Tui still hasn't figured out how this silver box of the spirit has improved its strength.

However, there is one thing Xu Tui is sure that the silver box of the spirit can be used to directly enhance the strength.

Last time, Xu Tui gave Cai Shaochu a silver casket for research. Therefore, Xu Tui has no plans to keep the two silver caskets he grabbed at this time.

It is intended to be used directly, first to quickly improve the strength.

For every point of strength, one point is useful.

Because of the lack of strength, it is really uncomfortable to watch the feeling of a comrade-in-arms playing a glorious bullet in front of him!   Xu Tui doesn't want to feel this cruelty again!

Since you want to improve your strength, choose the fastest way first, and then choose the other!   A silver box of spirit is placed in Xu Tui's hands.

As before, when the silver box of the spirit appeared, the scarlet fire slips in my mind, the red light surged, and it was necessary to draw the power in the silver box of the spirit.

Xu Tui followed the trend. After the power in the silver box of the spirit entered the body, the scarlet jade slip fell silent again.

That soft, head-cooling power poured into Xu Tui's head.

This time, Xu Tui slowed down the absorption speed, but also cut into the illusory inner vision in the state of meditation.

But when I look inside the illusion, I see nothing.

Switching to the internal view state, Xu Tui is slightly startled.

In the internal view state, there is a difference.

One after another Level 3 golden genetic ability chain, in the inner view state, shines in Xu Tui's mind, rotating and flowing.

The brilliance reflected by those Level 3 golden genetic base points is like one after another dazzling star.


That's right!

At first glance, Xu Tui's entire genetic chain state in the inner view state has a taste of the universe.

A chain of genetic capabilities is the galaxy, and the genetic base point is the stars.

Of course, this is also Xu Tui's imagination.

How can there be galaxies in the human body?   How can there be stars?   This can only be an imagination!   Exaggerated imagination!   Xu Tui had already rejected this idea.

But suddenly I remembered what Cai Shaochu had said before.

Think outside the box!

Think outside of the scientific world mindset he has learned since childhood!   Scientific thinking styles are limited by scientific observations!   For example, when the blue star humans can only observe with naked eye, the world is the world, the rock is the rock, the soil is the soil, and the man is the man!   The stones in a region are basically the same.

When human beings have a microscopic environment, the world is different. There are more cells, more microorganisms, and all kinds of new substances have been discovered, and human beings have entered the atomic age.

Later, the scientific research process of mankind has diverged. Some people think that it has entered the era of particle energy, and some believe that it has entered the quantum era.

However, until the opening of Great Genetic Era, mankind has another branch-the extraordinary age! What's   even more amazing is that some scientists have put forward a theory-will the current level of human cognition be similar to the age of obscurity before the atomic age when microscopy was not invented?

What mankind understands is only what mankind's current ability can understand!   Such as a frog in well! It's   like a world of ants, where humans peeing is a monstrous flood!

Could the great flood of human origin at the time be because a higher level species urinates when passing by the blue star?   Everything is unknown!

What bothers mankind is always the present cognition!

Only by jumping out of the current cognition, jumping out of the current mindset, can a breakthrough be made! It's   like Old Cai's ability. Up to now, the entire Blue Star and the entire Huaxia District are the only one capable of it!   Unexplainable!

In an instant, Xu Tui suddenly understood what Cai Shaochu meant.

Break the mindset and don't limit yourself by current cognition.

As far as the purpose of the physical induction system is concerned, imagination is also a kind of power!   Suddenly, Xu Tui understood!   This kind of understanding, to understand is to understand!

So now that you have an idea, why should you deny it?   Why can't there be a galaxy in my Xu Tui?

In the future, I will soak in urine, maybe I can create a world?

Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart suddenly opened up.

No longer clinging to the negation in the current cognition.

I feel like a universe in the current state of introspection, just like it.

There used to be novels. Didn’t it mean that everyone has a small universe in their bodies?   With such thoughts, Xu Tui suddenly felt that the body under his inner view really looked like a universe.

The head is a bit like the core of the universe.

A circle of genetic ability chain is revolving around the head.

However, what does Xu Tui feel? I   feel lacking, but I can't think of it.

As the power in the silver box of the spirit continued to pour into the head, Xu Tui looked inside the head area, and suddenly there were wisps of white light spots.

This made Xu Tui a little dazed.

I haven't paid attention to it before, and I will see this white light spot under careful observation.

Is this the power in the silver box of the spirit?

Converging in the middle of the head?

Under Xu Tui's observation, how long did these white light spots disappear again?

Xu Tui looked puzzled.

I don’t know what happened here!

Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart moved. Can he observe it microscopically under introspection?

In theory, it won't work!

But don’t you want to jump out of the existing cognitive thinking patterns?   Don't try, who knows it might be impossible?

thoughts move, Xu Tui is trying to micro-sensing himself in the state of introspection!

A few seconds later, Xu Tui was happy.

It's done!

It turned out to be possible!   Under the inner view, you can see yourself microscopically.

Then, Xu Tui saw a large cloud of white mist rolling in! The   mist is very thin and has a wide range.

In the microscopic induction, the range of fog rolling is as large as a room.

In the next moment, a white spot of light jumped into the mist, and then dispersed and disappeared.

Almost at the same instant, in the microscopic induction, the rolling mist range suddenly expanded outward.

After a few minutes, Xu Tui seemed to understand a little bit.

This white mist is his spirit strength?   Or Spiritual Body?   *****How   many monthly tickets of the big guys can jump in?   (End of this chapter)

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