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  Chapter 617 does not add prefixes and suffixes, it must be unique and unmatched   Xu Tui began to try to compress this group With the rolling white mist, difficulties came.

If this white mist is a spiritual body, then the spiritual body must be composed of spiritual strength. What Xu Tui is doing now is to use spiritual strength to compress the spiritual body.

It sounds a little awkward.

To put it more vividly, Xu Tui is trying to lift himself up.

This is Xu Tui's feeling of difficulty and powerlessness that will come out of his heart!

He has already used all his strength, but he just can't lift himself.

I used all my spirit strength, but the white mist that was tumbling just didn't move.

Can't compress?

Xu Tui is a little discouraged.

I finally got out of the so-called stereotypes and got some ideas, but it ended in failure!

Or in other words, imagination is after all imagination, not all imagination can be achieved?

Or is Xu Tui's method wrong?   Try to give up in a few minutes, this is not Xu Tui's style.

Otherwise, Xu Tui would not be able to persist in meditation for so many years.

I will definitely raise myself does not raise.

But I can jump up.

Xu Tui suddenly moved his mind and changed his mind.

Do not compress, shrink!

Compression is an external force, while contraction is an internal force?   At the moment when my mind moved slightly, the rolling mist in my mind started to collapse and contract with naked eye.

It's done!

The tumbling white mist thickens as it shrinks, and it was a bit like steam before.

But after half an hour, it was like mist.

One hour later, the size of the previous mist had shrunk several times, turning into a thick white mist.

Xu Tui continues to control the contraction.

In the process of shrinking, Xu Tui found that he has become stronger in the control of spirit strength.

After several attempts and imagination, Xu Tui directly transformed a large hand from the thick white fog, and then began to compress the thick white fog.

Compression plus shrinkage.

It seems that I can do it by lifting myself up.

The dense white fog keeps shrinking.

In the constant compression and contraction, the thick white fog began to diminish again, gradually becoming only fist sized, but Xu Tui felt that there was still room for compression.

In the end, the thick white fog in Xu Tui's mind was compressed into an egg-sized sphere by Xu Tui.

It looks very textured.

At this time, an indescribable fatigue rise in the mind, very tired!   Really tired!

The spirit strength is very abundant, but it is very tired. It feels like I haven't slept for several days or nights.

I took a look at the time, it was 2nd day, and it was the evening of October 18th.

This made Xu Tui startled. His compression contraction this time lasted for a day and a half?

In surprise, Xu Tui couldn't hold on anymore, fell asleep and fell asleep. When the person leaned over, his breathing became very regular.

I fell asleep.

Xu Tui woke up again. It was noon on October 19th. According to the time before going to bed, he slept for a full 14 hours.

Very energetic.

I feel that spirit strength is also abundant.

After washing at a moderate pace and having lunch again, Xu Tui re-entered the state of internal vision to check his own state.

Xu Tui vigorously compressed and contracted for a day and a half, and actually compressed the Spiritual Body into an egg.

I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Xu Tui just stayed the moment he entered the inner vision.

In my mind, a gleaming white light egg floating there, but what is surprising is that there are strands of white mist floating around the egg. At first glance, it looks like light. gosh.

If you zoom in, it will match some planet's celestial rings.

Is this a system of its own?   But after a few minutes, Xu Tui burst into laughter.

What a self-contained system, those white mists, at all, are newly generated spirit strength.

The thoughts move is compressed into the egg-shaped Spiritual Body.

Under the inner view, Xu Tui directly observes the egg-shaped Spiritual Body in a microscopic view.

Extremely porcelain!

The spirit strength contained in it is no longer as loose as the mist before.

It is very solid.

The spirit strength gushes out from the spirit egg, and what comes out directly is a very thin, very thin line.

The gushing speed is very fast.

There is no comparative reference before, and Xu Tui can't tell the change, but it feels that it has changed a lot.

Xu Tui feels that his spirit strength seems to be very capable!

However, Spiritual Body spirit strength has changed, and the most direct manifestation is ability.

In the next moment, Xu Tui directly condensed a spirit hammer.

The moment it condensed, Xu Tui stayed again.

The mental hammer is also small.

The previous mental hammer, the size of a watermelon, is almost the size of a smaller bull's head, and looks very mighty.

But the spirit hammer of this meeting has become pocket-sized again.

Let alone a watermelon, it's not the size of a pineapple, it's an apple-sized hammer at the top of the sky, or the kind of a small apple.

Becoming such a small mental hammer, Xu Tui suddenly became autistic.

This body has become smaller, and this power will not become smaller, right?

Throwing the Mitsubishi tripod at will, Xu Tui hit the Mitsubishi tripod with one hammer.

At the same moment, Planetary Grade powerhouse Pei Tiefeng, who was temporarily resting at the fire star base of the crater, opened his eyes suddenly.

Quasi-planet!   There seems to be quasi-planetary power fluctuations! In the   fire star crater base, there is a quasi-planetary powerhouse.

But Pei Tiefeng is very familiar with the breath of the quasi-planet powerhouse currently stationed at the fire star base of the crater.

This is the breath of a quasi-planet powerhouse that he has never seen before.

It's wartime now!   Also negotiating with Thunder Shu of Spirit Race, any situation may happen!

In an instant, Pei Tiefeng rushed towards the direction of the power fluctuation he sensed.

The moment of rushing over, the power fluctuation disappeared.

Is it fleeting?   Someone sneaked in?

Pei Tiefeng urged energy perception and started a search inch by inch. Then, he found Xu Tui at the training base. At the same time, Xu Tui also found Pei Tiefeng.

After being probed by Pei Tiefeng's energy perception, Xu Tui felt a little uncomfortable, but he still greeted him.

After one minute, Pei Tiefeng frowned and left after searching fruitlessly.

As soon as Pei Tiefeng left, Xu Tui relaxed and continued his testing career.

"Boss, the energy fluctuation is 81 grids, which is almost close to 82 grids!"

The words of Mitsubishi Tripod made Xu Tui stunned for an instant.

Just now, Xu Tui was a little autistic because the Spirit Hammer became a pocket version of the Apple Spirit Hammer. Now, the power has been increased to 81 grids.

Compared to the previous 79 grids, it’s improved by two grids!   According to the previous amplitude test, the energy fluctuation level increased by one step, and the equivalent to power increased by 20 to 30%.

This increase of two squares is equivalent to Xu Tui's mental hammer power. After compressing the Spiritual Body into a spiritual egg, the power has increased by about 50%.

At this level, if you use both the increase in spirit strength and the increase in Huo Jian at the same time, it will definitely break through to eighty-five squares.

Wei Neng has reached the energy fluctuation of the quasi-planetary powerhouse!

"Could it be the compression of the Spiritual Body that caused the spirit strength to become more refined and refined!

The difference between fat and muscle?"

Doubtful, Xu Tui tested it again. This time it tested Shanzi Jue and Tiaozi Jue.

But at the moment the Shanzi Jue and Tiaozi Jue just blasted out, Pei Tiefeng came again!

I didn't pay attention before. Now, Xu Tui was stunned!   What is Pei Tiefeng doing?   "Uncle Pei, what are you? Something?" Xu Tui thinks, is it because Pei Tiefeng has something to ask for himself, but it's hard to speak?   But for a Planetary Grade powerhouse, what else is wrong?   Pei Tiefeng did not immediately answer Xu Tui, but continued to search all directions carefully with energy perception, and then frowned , "Xu Tui, are you here, did you find anyone else?"

"Other people?"

"Yes, I sensed a strange quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse aura , Fleeting! In this direction, if I hurried, it disappeared.

Have you noticed?" Pei Tiefeng asked.

Xu Tui shook the head, "I just cultivation just now, I didn't pay attention and didn't find anyone else."

"Well, you should also be careful. It is wartime after all. "After speaking, Pei Tiefeng left.

Xu Tui is suspicious.

So, for the first time, Pei Tiefeng sensed the presence of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse and found it?   But Xu Tui's psychology has been on, and within a kilometer of a radius, there is no breath of anyone else.

And just now, he was just testing his power!

Is it?

Xu Tui's mouth has steeply propped into an O shape.

Could it be that his attack fluctuated and reached the level of quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, which caused Pei Tiefeng to discover the anomaly and only came here twice.

But the problem is that the energy fluctuation caused by the Shanzi Jue and Tattoo Jue that Xu Tui has just used in the form of mental bomb is only two squares higher than before.

The tattooing technique used to be seventy-five squares, now it is 77 squares.

The energy fluctuation of the quasi-planetary grade is more than eighty-four grids.

This is far from it!

And the first mental hammer, in fact, did not achieve the energy fluctuations of quasi-Planetary Grade.

But why did Pei Tiefeng be attracted?

Xu Tui thinks he wants to give it a try!   One minute later, Xu Tui used the water burst technique with the weakest energy fluctuations.

But it was launched two kilometers away.

In less than a second, Pei Tiefeng appeared instantly.

Now, Xu Tui is sure.

It was indeed his power fluctuation that attracted Pei Tiefeng, but Pei Tiefeng said that the power fluctuation of the Planetary Grade powerhouse, but Xu Tui clearly did not!   Weird! After   thinking about it for a while, Xu Tui sent Cai Shaochu a message, "Principal, do you have time? I have a question to ask you."

"Say it directly."

"No, Principal, I feel there may be something wrong with my body, and I want to ask you in person. When will you have time?"

"Are you still at the fire star base of the crater?"



"Is there life-threatening?"

"No, it's just weird."

"Wait, I There’s something wrong. I’ll come to see you when I’m done, about tomorrow."

With Cai Shaochu’s words, Xu Tui was a reassurance.

It's just that the power fluctuations in the body are so weird now, it is not convenient for Xu Tui to continue testing or even cultivation.

Anyway, the time of the day will not be delayed.

It was just this day to think about Cai Shaochu's question.

What is a sword?   Xu Tui What is the sword in understanding?   To be honest, everyone can answer what a sword is.

Isn’t a sword a sword?

A piece of iron that can kill people?   But if you follow Cai Shaochu's statement, you will have your own understanding if you jump out of the existing concept.

What is that sword?   What is the original quantum frequency of the sword?   Xu Tui is lost in thought!

If you don’t think about it, you don’t know. Once you think about it, it’s really hard!   Sword, isn't it a sword?

An ancient murder weapon.

Flying Sword now is the battlefield of Xu Tui Divine Weapon.

What else can it be?   Or, what is its essence?   To be honest, Flying Sword has been used for so long, but Xu Tui has not carefully sensed the original quantum frequency of the sword.

Thinking to no avail, Xu Tui simply sit cross-legged, put the silver Flying Sword he used between his hands, unfolded his mental induction, and started to induce the original quantum frequency according to the method of the physical induction system. Alternate micro induction and macro induction to find the original quantum frequency of the sword!   A certain type of primitive quantum frequency, the larger the type, the easier it is to sense.

For example, the original quantum frequency of mountains, the original quantum frequency of human life, and the original quantum frequency of water.

Such primitive quantum frequencies, like the backbone of a big tree, are relatively easy to find.

The original quantum frequency of a small classification is like a small branch on a big tree, or a small sapling, it is more difficult to find.

Of course, there are many factors that affect the discovery of the original quantum frequency, and whether you are familiar with it is also an important factor!

Xu Tui is very familiar with his Flying Sword.

It can be said to be like an arm.

But with the ebbing of time, Xu Tui did not find the original quantum frequency of the sword.

Fortunately, meditation made Xu Tui extremely patient.

Not anxious or dry, I look for it slowly.

After all, it is very slow to find a certain kind of primitive quantum frequency.

Don’t say a few days, it’s normal if you can’t find it for a few months.

"The direction is wrong. A static sword is just a thing, not a sword!

A sword is a killer!   Don't kill, not a sword!"

This is Cai Shaochu's voice.

Cai Shaochu is here.

Xu Tui opened his eyes and quickly got up. Unconsciously, another day passed, but Xu Tui had no results on the sword.

"Don't worry, if you find your own sword dao within a day or two, Lao Shang and Lao Ji will all be ashamed!   Think slowly.

Remember two key points!The   first key point, the reason why mankind is great is that mankind can always stand on the shoulders of predecessors to learn, research and develop!The   second key point is miracles. !   You are genetic miracles, why do you use the word miracle?If you   can’t do it, it’s a miracle!

The key to a miracle is the existing mindset!

Then, you can go out of your own way!

In this way, you can guarantee that you can only be Xu Tui in the future, not Xu Cai Shaochu, not Xu Shanglong.

Moreover, the reason why I bother with you so much is because I think you may become a unique and unmatched Xu Tui!

instead of having various prefixes or suffixes, understand?" Cai Shaochu said.

"I want to go out of my own way? Become a unique and unmatched Xu Tui?" Xu Tui seems to understand, this is the first time Cai Shaochu has given one on his path of cultivation A clear but vague direction!

"No need to deliberately! But remember, other people's is always the most suitable for others, and your own is always the most suitable."

After that, Cai Shaochu is not here either. When I was entangled in the problem, I just said directly, "Let’s talk about what weird things have appeared in your body."

Xu Tui explained the situation to Cai Shaochu, and Cai Shaochu’s gaze turned towards Xu Tui in an instant. Stupefied but weird!   *****   Today was a bit rushing. I got up early to catch a plane. I didn’t have the energy. I didn’t write on the road. I didn’t take a break. The high-speed rail going home was directly reduced to one shift due to the Qinghai earthquake. In the city, the bus drove for nearly two hours before arriving home.

It’s updated today!

Tomorrow, Zhu San will be able to update normally!

(End of this chapter)

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