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  Chapter 618 You turned out to be such a Principal

"Xu Tui, you know the genetic evolution and accuracy Is there a difference between Planetary Grade powerhouse?" Cai Shaochu asked Xu Tui with a weird look.

After finishing speaking, he suddenly said, "You are only in the genetic evolutionary state, don’t you know the situation of the transmutation state?"

"Principal, about the genetic transmutation state, Teacher An gives me I have said that, I have studied, but I know, I don't know the quasi-Planetary Grade yet." Xu Tui said quickly.

Genetic Transmutation, What is Transmutation?

Transmutation is integration and replacement!

Genetic Transmutation is the literal meaning.

If the genetic evolutionary environment is a large-scale enhancement and evolution of humans' bodies, then the genetic evolutionary environment is still a higher-level enhanced evolution of humans to themselves.

In the genetic evolutionary environment, fleshy body has already broken through the human endurance limit in scientific tests.

For example, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, heat loss rate, energy acquisition method, and critical point.

Take high temperature as an example. The upper limit of normal blue star human body temperature is 42 to 45 degrees. Generally, the ambient temperature that can withstand is 71 degrees and can last for one hour.

But the premise is a dry air environment. If the humidity of the space environment is high, the endurance time limit is different.

Under the dry air environment of 110 degrees, the Blue Star humans can persist for ten minutes.

Of course, throw it into boiling water and boil it, that's another state!

For all genetic evolutionary cultivators, the increase and decrease of body temperature have increased by about five to ten degrees.

Because of different levels of evolution, each person has a different degree of improvement.

But the significance is extremely significant.

Before evolution, if humans are immersed in a liquid of about 60 degrees for more than five minutes, there is a risk of death. If soaked for more than half an hour, the mortality rate is as high as 98%.

But the cultivator of the genetic evolutionary environment can be alive and kicking in a liquid of 75 degrees, and it can survive for half an hour in a liquid of 80 degrees.

As for the ambient temperature, it is even higher.

150 degrees and harsh environment temperature or above minus ninety degrees, can survive.

This survival refers to things that do not rely on special insulation equipment such as combat uniforms.

Moreover, some vital injuries will not die immediately!   Like the liver.

Below genetic evolutionary level, the liver ruptures and cannot be effectively treated in a short period of time, it will die!   But after breakthrough to genetic evolution, it has a certain survival time and can even heal itself.

It can only be said that the genetic evolutionary environment is just another step of human survival and adaptability, and it is only a basis for human beings to enter the space and the universe.

Genetic Transmutation is the benchmark for entering space without equipment!

The genetic transmutation environment has doubled its ability to withstand extreme harsh environments. Even without equipment, it can adapt to most of the known harsh environments of planet.

The scientific explanation of the evolution is to merge and replace one's own main genetic chain with human's own genetic chain group, so as to achieve the evolution of life form!   This is the general outline!

This is also the source of the problems faced by many powerhouses.

Such as fertility.

After fusion and replacement at the genetic chain level, fertility will become more difficult.

But because it is a fusion replacement, there is no reproductive isolation between species.

This is also an important concept and theoretical basis that Bluestar new humans adhere to-under Great Genetic Era, all new humans are just evolving, not a new species.

At the same time, this also brings extremely powerful survivability to mankind.

For example, as long as the head and heart are there, you can live!

This set of theories is more complicated, and Xu Tui also understands it through continuous self-learning.

But quasi-Planetary Grade, Xu Tui really doesn’t know!

Xu Tui asked An Xiaoxue, but An Xiaoxue didn't talk about it.

An Xiaoxue said that her level of evolution has not reached a level of transformation, and she has never understood the Quasi-Planetary Grade.

Originally, this should be what Ji Qianli and He Yunfeng told Xu Tui and An Xiaoxue.

It is a pity that these two students have basically been in a stocking state for their students in the past two years.

"Originally, this point will not be mentioned until after the evolution and integration of your main genetic chain, but you, today, I will mention it to you.

Quasi-Planetary Grade and Genetic Transmutation is actually a dividing line. "Cai Shaochu, this time, really became Xu Tui's teacher."

Before the quasi-planetary grade, whether it was a genetic transformation, a genetic evolution, or a genetic mutation, it was actually the self-evolution of human beings, laying the foundation for entering the universe and space.

The quasi-planet is the 1st Step for humans to shape themselves through power.

The concept of quasiplanet originated from Spirit Race. The first powerhouses in the early years, such as Gevro, Cheng Fengxi and the others, tried all means to exhaust the suffering untold hardships out of the solar system in order to perfect the theory of cultivation.

At that time, the biggest enemy of Bluestar Human Race was the invading Spirit Race!   Using the enemy’s cultivation system to defeat the enemy, the talk show has more elements.

Including Shang Taki, the founder of Genetic Miracle, to some extent, is doing similar things.

Standing at different heights, there are different missions.

To shape oneself through strength, the supporting theory is very complicated, but the definition of quasi-planetary grade is very simple.

This so-called power refers to tangible power!

What is tangible?

Before the quasi-Planetary Grade, the power of all people is intangible, whether it is a genetic evolutionary or a transmutation.

Whether it’s spirit strength, energy field force, or extraordinary power involving a single element, everyone is cultivation, everyone uses it to launch the corresponding ability attack, everyone can Corresponding power is sensed in the body.

However, it just feels, but it is invisible!   Many cultivators that have turned on the ability of introspection can't find these powers even if they search and explore inch by inch in their bodies.

Even if you know that the energy field force is in the dantian, you can know that there is a powerful force there, but it just cannot be tangible.

The 1st Step of the quasi-planet is the tangible power.

In fact, the broad force will become tangible after compression and contraction, which will improve the overall ability to a certain extent.

In principle, it is very simple, that is, the strength is more concentrated, and the activation is stronger and faster.

This is just the most basic principle.

Quasi-planet, there is a deeper principle-adapt to the universe!

In the entire universe, what is the longest existence? It   's the stars! It   is the countless celestial bodies!   So, the transition to the first step of quasi-Planetary Grade is the tangibility of power.

This tangibility, what kind of form, depends on your hobby.

It can be in various shapes, it can be a certain item you like, whatever you want.

But the original intention is stars, meteors!   In some species outside the galaxy, the quasi-planetary grade powerhouse is called the meteor powerhouse.

Xu Tui's current situation is that, especially the Spiritual Body sphere, its power has become tangible.

"Principal, does this mean that I can barely be called a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse now?"

Cai Shaochu gently shook the head, "A quasi-Planetary Grade, how can there be It's that simple! But the tangibility of power is just the first threshold of quasi-Planetary Grade.

Many powerhouses in transmutation will never cross this threshold for a lifetime.

It’s really easy, blue Stars will not have so few quasi-planets now."

"Then according to Uncle Pei’s performance, as soon as I take action, he can sense the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse aura. In some cases, I’m afraid Some trouble."

Xu Tui raised his concerns.

Originally, the enemy thought Xu Tui was the cultivator of the evolutionary realm, but Xu Tui's real battle strength is the transmutation realm, which is good.

Let's pit the enemy.

But now, Xu Tui's breath is quasi-Planetary Grade when he shoots, but the real strength is still in the genetic evolutionary state, and the battle strength is just a transitional state.

As soon as I shot it, it directly attracted the enemy's Quasi-Planetary Grade or even Planetary Grade, which was wonderful.

Well, others are cheating Senior, Xu Tui is cheating yourself directly!   This is indeed a trouble.

At present, all parties still attach great importance to the power of Quasi-Planetary Grade and Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Xu Tui's current shot in this state is equivalent to adding a BUFF that doubles the difficulty!

Pit your own BUFF!

"The solution is to disperse your tangible Spiritual Body first." Cai Shaochu said.

"Disperse? Disperse?" Xu Tui was taken aback.

"You read too many novels?"

Cai Shaochu glared at Xu Tui, "It can shrink, and it will naturally spread out, but after spreading out, the Spiritual Body will be tangibly focused and brought The increase in power will also disappear.

In the future, when your strength goes further, you can gather again when you are not afraid of pitting yourself to BUFF."


Xu Tui suddenly lost love.

The increase in strength is very obvious.

The mental hammer has increased from 79 to 81 grids by 40 to 50%.

The difference here may be the difference between threatening quasiplanets and not threatening quasiplanets.

Scattered, Xu Tui is reluctant.

"Principal, are there any more?"

"Of course there is, my magic word, if you can understand it, you can use one for yourself."

Xu Tui: "."

Saying it means not saying it.

Xu Tui frowned and pondered for three seconds, then asked suddenly, Principal, "You can shrink and disperse. Then I try to get familiar with it, can I quickly disperse it? Open it, and then shrink quickly.

For example, when you need to increase the battle strength, you can quickly shrink it into a star within 0.1 seconds. What do you think?"


Cai Shaochu hesitated, "It sounds feasible! But this method is more weird and useless, so no one has tried it before.

You can try Try."


Xu Tui strongly nodded, "Principal, you said that the first requirement of a quasi-planet is the power of a star.

So what are the other requirements for becoming a quasi-planetary powerhouse?" Xu Tui asked.

"Let this tangible power body be your life core!   Remember, not only the power core, but the life core.

The meaning of life core, as long as If your tangible power body is still there, you are still alive!" Cai Shaochu said.

"Like a Principal, you can still survive when you only have your head and heart left?"

"Yes! These, wait for you to step into genetic evolution After the environment, you will slowly feel it." Cai Shaochu said.

"By the way, Principal, what happens after the power of your Planetary Grade is tangible?" Xu Tui suddenly became curious.

"The so-called Planetary Grade is actually related to the universe. I ask you, fire star is a planet, right?"


" What about Phobos and Deimos?"

"They are fire star satellites."

"Yes, Planetary Grade is currently defined as such, with power satellites. At the same time. Having several power satellites is also the criterion for judging the strength of the planetary powerhouse.” Cai Shaochu said.

"Satellites after power is tangible?"

Although this concept can be imagined, Xu Tui's first time listening to it is still very novel.

"By the way, Principal, can you tell me more concretely?"

This question of Xu Tui made Cai Shaochu frown, "Well, I will use my power Put it outside and see for yourself.

Remember, just have a concept."

Xu Tui is overjoyed.

In the next moment, Cai Shaochu first typed a phantom word to cover the room, then closed his eyes slightly, and in a flash, a group of extremely bright light and shadow jumped out of Cai Shaochu's body.

Is a silhouette! It   's a Q version of Cai Shaochu, an expert like looking up to the sky with a negative hand, very shameless.

In the next instant, one by one light and shadow jumped out of Cai Shaochu's body, jumping out five and a half in a row.

The first five lights and shadows are all dazzling and dazzling, and the sixth one is a bit imaginary.

One main and five half-backs.

When these lights and shadows just jumped out, they were so dazzling that they stabbed Xu Tui's eyes even a little bit clearly.

But you can see the trajectory of these lights and shadows clearly. The five semi-power satellites are all rotating around Cai Shaochu, who is looking up to the sky with his hands!   It's like a satellite orbiting a planet in a fixed orbit.

One second later, Xu Tui's eyes gradually adapted to the dazzling brilliance, he also saw the five half-lights and shadows clearly, and then he was stunned!   Five Demi-God beauties with different temperaments, with long legs, huge waves, and black silk elder sister. What makes Xu Tui the most exaggerated is that there is one that obviously looks older Old lady!   Xu Tui, who understood in seconds, was stunned for a moment.

"Principal, you. You are such a Principal?"

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