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  Chapter 619 Old Cai's past and key points of cooperation

pa!   Cai Shaochu slap He drew it on the back of Xu Tui's head and staggered Xu Tui directly.

"What do you brat thinking about? So dirty, Believing or not I will clean your brain with sulfuric acid! I am your teacher, and you are your Ancestor Master milk!" Cai Shaochu cursed with a change of color.

"Ancestor Master milk?"

Xu Tui looked confused.

The last Ancestor Master milk, about the Shang Taki Shang teacher, was Arela.   pa!   Cai Shaochu took Xu Tui again and said, "It's not the kind of old business! Yes, this is my mother, understand?"

Xu Tui blushed with shame, it became extremely embarrassing in an instant.

What he thought just now, it was almost straightforward.

Fortunately, I didn’t think about it much, but I just thought   "Principal, you put the image of grandma in your power satellite?" Xu Tui hit the snake with the stick, Principal’s mother, it’s not him Grandma?

Cai Shaochu's expression suddenly became leisurely. He walked to the window and looked towards the direction of Blue Star. "There is a mother watching me, no matter what kind of enemy I face, no matter what kind of enemy I face. I will not be afraid of the desperate situation, and I will not back down!"

Xu Tui suddenly heard a sad taste and did not dare to interrupt, but Cai Shaochu recalled some scenes.

"In 2044, the moon was conquered by Spirit Race, and Spirit Race once launched an attack on Blue Star's homeland.

That year, Blue Star was in the sky. It’s a streamer.

That year, I was only fourteen years old.The   flames burst from in the sky, like the end of the world, and I’m still watching curiously.

It was the mother, who dragged me into the house and threw me on top of me.

When I woke up, I was in the arms of mother, that is, it was a bit cold."

Xu Tui listened, suddenly his nose sour inexplicably.

This is probably the real   "Since then, I want to do everything I can to become stronger, crazy research, research genetic research rebirth.   Unfortunately, the more research, the more desperate.   Fortunately, the cultivation base has reached Planetary Grade, a power satellite. I will let it turn into my mother and look at me."

"Principal, I'm sorry, it evokes your sadness." Xu Tui sincerely apologized.

Cai Shaochu shook the head, "No need to apologize. Every time I use my strength, I can see my mother and think of my mother! There   is not much sadness anymore.

What I want to do now is to remember a lot and always remember her appearance."

Xu Tui turned his head to the side, looking at Cai Shaochu who was looking back at the Blue Star in front of the window, and his heart palpitated suddenly." Principal, then the female appearances on your other four semi-power satellites are all."

"Don’t talk nonsense, there are two, they are still alive, maybe when will they be I can see it once."

This time, Xu Tui was stunned, and the emotion that had just risen disappeared for a moment, and the Principal was still that Principal.

"Principal, do you have four?"

"If you have An Xiaoxue, why don't you allow me to be attractive?" Cai Shaochu hung his hand in front of the window. The vice temperament is dusty.

Xu Tui: "."

"That must be the soulmate that impressed you on Principal?"

"Uh yes, but also not all. Some me." Cai Shaochu, who was immersed in the memory, suddenly reacted, said while staring, "Let’s talk less."

He talked to Xu Tui, a student about these things. Didn’t he destroy his great image by himself? ?

Xu Tui understands in a second, but Xu Tui is very curious, "Principal, I understand this, I am also a person who came over."

"Come here and you pa!"

Cai Shaochu smoked Xu Tui again.

"Principal, I just want to know, what's the meaning of putting your grandma and these aunts who like you or you like in your star power measurement system?" Painful Xu Tui touched the back of his head.

"Let some of them honor my mother here? Can't you do it every day?"

Xu Tui: "."

This reason, really Is very powerful.

Xu Tui failed.

Principal, it is still that Principal!

A few minutes later, Xu Tui successfully brought the topic to the serious line.

For example, the progress of negotiations with Lei Shu, commander-in-chief of Spirit Race forward base.

The most critical step is currently being carried out.

The quantum Transmission Passage that will be integrated into the Planetary Grade power transmission is to be built as a two-way channel and then integrated with the quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base in the crater.

But to build a two-way passage, people from Spirit Race need to go to the other side to operate.

On the Blue Star side, someone must also be sent over.

To personally watch them operate and be able to successfully pass back and forth, it can be regarded as a two-way Transmission Passage.

This is extremely critical!

It is also the most likely to do tricks.

And it is directly sent to the past, the danger is unknown.

After considering for a long time, Cai Shaochu decided to personally oversee and inspect.

Among the Bluestar Human Race, there are many researches on quantum Transmission Passage, but not many have achieved results.

Cai Shaochu benefited from Xu Tui's getting back the quantum array core, which is a big step forward in this respect.

At the same time, it is also a rare learning process by stealing the teacher.

However, it also represents a huge risk.

If the other side is a trap.   If it is, then Cai Shaochu may not be able to return.

Although there are several Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade that left Lei Shu and Spirit Race.

But this is hard to say, even if it is Erila, Lei Shu can't keep it if he escapes.

This is also one of the reasons Cai Shaochu deliberately came to see Xu Tui today.

"I will leave tomorrow, and I will arrange someone to let you return to the moon." Cai Shaochu said suddenly.

"Principal ."

"I know what you are going to say! But this is normal. Each step of pioneering advancement is accompanied by unpredictable dangers, and there is a probability of success. But there is also the probability of death!   So, this kind of thing may be normal!   I have sent you all the key information of my research hall in the Galaxy Spirit.

If something goes wrong with me, the quantum array core and the silver box, you can study it yourself.

Don’t deny, I found your remaining breath in the quantum array core.

Our Huaxia people will gallop freely in the universe in the future. This quantum array core is the key and must be thoroughly understood!   So, I can't let any chance of stealing the teacher." Cai Shaochu said.

"Well, I understand."

"Also, I know what you are worried about. We have already mentioned the wasteland reclamation team. Our land reclamation team, Spirit Race, has already I found it.

But Spirit Race is impossible to set up a return quantum Transmission Passage for us on the other side of the wasteland group.

However, according to the information, the location of the wasteland group, It’s not far from the asteroid belt. Once there, normal flight is possible, and it only takes a few months.

So don’t worry.

They are all our blue stars. I remember the elites in my heart. If we have the opportunity, we will get their information.

But if we pay too much attention to it, we will become the cards threatened by Spirit Race." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui is nodded fiercely.

He knows all the truth!   Just a little worried.

"Well, you will go back to the moon in a while. If I don't come back, the research on quantum array cores will be your life's work.


From the current point of view, Lei Shu is still very sincere.

So, after you go, apart from your research, you still have to take advantage of this time to cultivation and improve Strength.

If the negotiation and cooperation with Lei Shu go on smoothly, this period of time may be the calmest time, okay?" Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, do you mean the development of the asteroid zone?"

"Yes, once the two-way channel is successfully solidified, the large-scale development of the asteroid zone in the solar system will come. .

When the time comes, the situation may be very complicated!

Only strong strength can deal with more complicated situations.” Cai Shaochu said.

"I understand!"

"Don't run around, don't return to Blue Star until my news is confirmed!

As long as you are on the moon, Iraq Even if Tiwi knew the truth about the Sun God Temple, he would not dare to take what you are now." Cai Shaochu said.

When it comes to Itivi, Xu Tui immediately thinks of Hokage, especially the fact that Hokage has reached a deal with Spirit Race.

Including his suspicion that Itivi is a black hole, he uniformly told Cai Shaochu.

"Apart from these, is there any other evidence?" Cai Shaochu asked.

Xu Tui shook the head, Nadella’s confession, is that many.

"Xu Tui, if Itivi is within our Huaxia District, with the information I have now, I can directly investigate him or even interrogate him.

But, Iti Wei is from the Union of India!The   Blue Star genetic committee actually has more decorations.

What you said makes sense!

That fire Shadow Clone, In my opinion, the most likely to be Itiwi! But this is just judgment, not evidence!   Even if there is evidence, when it comes to our level, we rely more on strength rather than evidence!   Evidence can be created, it can be destroyed!   But the power is not!   Understand?"

Xu Tui blinked, a little sulking.

"Unless our Huaxia District now declares war with the Indian Union District, we will not be able to clean up Itivi!

If there is evidence, it won’t work!

Of course, wait. I'm done, I'm going to fight Itivi alone, no one can stop it!" Cai Shaochu said.

"What about the black hole?"

"You can only investigate in secret unless you get iron evidence from Spirit Race."

I have to say, this Over the past years, Xu Tui has completely matured.

"Principal, I understand, I understand! Also, let's forget about the fight with Itiwi!

If there is an opportunity, I will fight. Or I will fight him with the discipline of grand disciples, which will relieve my anger!" Xu Tui said.

Xu Tui knows very well that Cai Shaochu’s so-called engagement with Itiwi was actually just to give him a sigh of foul!

One-to-one, can Cai Shaochu defeat Itiwi?

I'm afraid not! The   strongest Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Federation of India is not much weaker than Cai Shaochu.

If Cai Shaochu fights to the death, then the two major alliances will start the war in advance.

This kind of thing that other joint districts watched and laughed out of their teeth, at this critical moment when human beings step out of the circle of earth, moon, and fire, absolutely cannot happen.

"Well, I'm leaving!"

Cai Shaochu's patted Xu Tui's shoulder disappeared instantly.

Four hours later, Xu Tui arrived at Phobos and returned to the moon from Phobos’ Quantum Transmission Passage.

But before passing, Xu Tui stood in front of Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage for more than half an hour.

To be precise, I tried to study induction for more than half an hour.

Xu Tui didn't dare to feel it because he had the previous experience.

But when Xu Tui tried it, he found that because of the genetic ability chain of the quantum entangled state, he induced the quantum Transmission Passage and became much easier than before.

When sensing, it is already very different from before.

Then, Xu Tui uses the method derived from Leixiang to resonate mentally with the quantum Transmission Passage through the quantum entangled state genetic ability chain!

The mental resonance at this time is much better than the previous resonance of the quantum array core.

It may be on Phobos' side, the number of genetic basis points reached by resonance is not comprehensive.

Or it is the reason that Xu Tui's strength has increased and his strength has been turned into a tangible spiritual body. Even if he inhaled the source energy, he did not coma on the spot.

In the inner view state, a piece of genetic base point brilliance is lit up, but it is still not real.

After only ten minutes, Xu Tui was over.

Because of this resonance, it consumes a lot of spirit strength!   But this is another new discovery.

For a long time to go, will Xu Tui achieve the perfect resonance in Leixiang’s mouth and complete the first condition for making a quantum array core? In   thinking, Xu Tui got into the Quantum Transmission Passage and turned around the moon!   *****   Xu Tui If there are power satellites, one of them must be turned into a monthly pass!

(End of this chapter)

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