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  Chapter 620 Foundation and Penance   "Head, this is the third time, count the previous Our interrogation record on the Jifeng-7 resource star involved four answers to the process of setting up the quantum array core.

From the current point of view, it should be almost the same.

The four interrogations were recorded. The same degree is above 93%, and the 7% change is supplemented by some descriptions and individual details."

The Moon, in the underground fortress of the Comprehensive Base of Huaxia District, just ended. A wave of interrogation Yang Huai reported to Xu Tui.

"Well, it's been hard work. Other people, are you okay?" Xu Tui asked.

"It's all very good, it's all on the moon, it's safe, but you are the leader."

"Tell the big guy, hurry up and cultivation, don't be a miser, you must improve as soon as possible Strength.

Spend the source crystals and merit points that you have in hand quickly." Xu Tui said.

"A few days ago, I rushed to the moon. None of the big guys in the Huaxia District were selected. They were all struggling in cultivation," Yang Huai said.

"Well, that's it. I'll be cultivation with everyone in a day or two," Xu Tui said.

After Yanghuai left, Xu Tui did not leave immediately. Instead, he used his authority to interrogate Leixiang again.

Talking Leixiang this buddy, the recent days have not been comfortable.

The frequency of being arraigned is relatively high, and occasionally I will be subjected to some means, which looks a bit miserable.

However, the difference between genetic transmutation powerhouse and Planetary Grade powerhouse is also reflected in Leixiang.

Like the Old Cai of Planetary Grade, after the lower body is gone, as long as there is energy and nutrient support, it can grow on its own.

But the Transmutation Peak, the half-step quasi-planet thunder elephant, still looks like a slab of human being.

Meat bumps have grown on the broken limbs.

If he wants to grow his limbs again, according to the medical level of Blue Star, he must cut off these meat bumps and then inject different kinds of genetic chain breeding drugs to grow his limbs again.

However, I didn't pay much attention before. Now, the physical reaction of the Spirit Race after being injured is very similar to the physical reaction of the Blue Star Human Race.

Xu Tui personally interrogated Lei Xiang about the construction process of the quantum array core. It was not that he did not trust Yanghuai, but that he did not want to make any mistakes.

This is currently the only place Xu Tui can help Cai Shaochu.

The detailed process of Leixiang erecting the quantum array core is given to Cai Shaochu for reference.

After all, Cai Shaochu supervised with the past, but the difficulty of supervising a process that he did not understand is conceivable.

At this time, Leixiang’s answer becomes very important.

After confirming that there was not much discrepancy with the previous answer, Xu Tui left the interrogation room, and then packaged all five relevant interrogation materials and sent them to Cai Shaochu.

"Well, I received it. Do your own business and don't worry about me."

Cai Shaochu, who received the information from Xu Tui, suddenly curved his mouth. , And then carefully read and compared the information Xu Tui gave him, and combined it with his own research results to judge.

It’s important to do your homework in advance!   Moon, after doing all this, Xu Tui took the time to make an interstellar call.

In the past few days, the heavily damaged moon has begun to rebuild, and the first and fastest recovery is, of course, communications.

The war on the moon has stabilized, and the residents of Blue Star have returned to normal life.

Xu Tui's parents returned home from a nearby underground shelter belonging to the Special Intelligence Agency three days ago, and the alarm was lifted.

The Blue Star’s alarm was lifted, but their worries were getting worse.

There is a rumor that the battle between the moon and fire star is very serious, and Blue Star has sacrificed a lot!

The sacrifices made by Blue Star are great. Although the specific figures have not been announced, the number of victims in the two battlefields of Fire Star and the Moon is far more than 10,000.

There are two to three thousand in Huaxia District.

The first moment I saw Xu Tui on the video call, mother Zhang Xiuli was speechless.

At this time, Xu Tui suddenly thought that one of Cai Shaochu's power satellites was the image of his mother.

For a time, I was full of emotions.   However, this time, mother Zhang Xiuli did not mention Xu Tui home again.

About this time, Blue Star’s emergency evacuation also taught mother a lot.

To report safety to the family, Xu Tui's second call was to the spirited guy Zhuang Ziqiang.

As soon as the call was connected, Zhuang Ziqiang asked Xu Tui a lot of questions.

On Bluestar, a lot of information is now public.

However, Blue Star doesn't know much about extraterrestrial matters. Even if there is a war, it only knows an approximate situation.

After all, a detailed description of the battle will explain a problem, which may cause countless problems.

About what can be said, Xu Tui introduced Zhuang Ziqiang to satisfy the curiosity of this spiritual guy.

"The Heavenspan Special Forces Foundation that I established before is functioning normally, right?" Xu Tui asked.

"Brother Xu, everything is normal, the first month's pension has been issued, and the professional foundation golden scripture has also been found.

The expected annualized income is 4%. Between 8% and 8%, with the current funding base, even if we are supporting hundreds of people, our Foundation can continue to operate, and it will even grow larger and larger.” Mentioning this, the spiritual guy Zhuang Ziqiang is a little excited.

"Well, it’s good if it can continue to operate. If I need to inject capital again, there is no problem. But the public welfare must be guaranteed!   Later, I will send you a list. Nine people.

You immediately check all the immediate relatives of these nine people, make the information, and then wait for the official pension list to come down, and then go to match the long-term pension." Xu Tui said.

"They are all."


"Brother Xu, don't worry, I must do this thing beautifully. "Zhuang Ziqiang promised.

"Well, there can be no mistakes in this matter. Foundation staff, the salary can be appropriately higher, but there must be no problems.

If there is any closure or other Regarding the method, I will never let anyone go. You know, these are all my comrades-in-arms.

Some people sacrificed for me!" Xu Tui emphasized.

Zhuang Ziqiang is also solemn. He understands that this is Xu Tui's reminder and warning to him.

"In addition, there is one more thing you must remember. The nature of our Heavenspan Pension Foundation is not just a long-term financial pension. If the pensioner has any difficulties in life, You have to take the initiative to help them solve it!

The men died outside the ground.

I hope that the wives and children in their family will live better." Xu Tui said.

"Understood, I will strengthen this point immediately, but in this case, expenditure."

"Don't talk to me about expenses, the key is to do well! You know, some Things are the bottom line, the bottom line is not to be touched."

"Brother Xu, don’t worry, I understand!"

Then Xu Tui gave He Xiaojun, Jin Zheng and Zhou Chuan to him. The information about the sacrifice warrior was posted.

The reason why Xu Tui warned Zhuang Ziqiang several times in a row is mainly because the Foundation is running on Blue Star and the recipients of pensions are all orphans and widows. They have no effective voice channels. In many cases, it can only be silently endured.

When the communication is over, something in Xu Tui's mind has come to an end.

However, the warriors who were sacrificed in the war were far more than these people. There were many. In this battle alone, there were two to three thousand warriors who were sacrificed in Huaxia District.

Although the official pension is also very generous, there are still differences in family conditions.

Xu Tui plans to have a spare time, and plan this matter well.

To all the family members of the warriors in the Huaxia District who died in the war outside the field, an extra pension will be given.

No need for much.

Every person sends one or two thousand more each month, and the quality of life and sense of security will be improved.

More than a year ago, when Xu Tui was still in Jin City Mansion, the total monthly income of the two fathers and mothers was just over 10,000, and the family life was still quite good.

However, for this idea to be realized, more professional programs and teams are needed.

The Heavenspan Care Foundation has just been established. Let him run it for a few months.

"Ahuang, Heavenspan cares about the Foundation's database. In the future, you can help me to monitor and compare it. If the data is abnormal, please notify me." Xu Tui confessed.

"Don't worry, hack into such a database"

Before I finished speaking, Xu Tui's face went black first, "Does this need to be black? I have Heavenspan Foundation. The highest authority."


"In addition, my pension foundation, I want to expand the scope of pension care to all the warriors in China who sacrificed outside the land. You first help me prepare the data and plan for Early-Stage.

Especially ordinary soldiers with relatively difficult family conditions, give me the first priority." Xu Tui confessed.

"Well, Xu Tui, although according to my procedure, your approach is purely unnecessary, but emotionally, I like your approach!" Ahuang said.

"Well, from this perspective, I want to be a human being, not a high level of intelligence."

"It should. Will!"

Processing After all these things, Xu Tui then went to Cai Shaochu’s Galaxy Spirit Research Institute, entered Cai Shaochu’s dedicated research hall, and started a life like a cultivator of painstaking cultivation.

The time of day is divided into two parts, learning and cultivation.

When I came here, I just carried out Cai Shaochu's unfinished experiment. It was a foolish dream.

Cai Shaochu’s experimental records are shown to one hundred people, but one hundred people cannot read them.

The experiment here can be said to be the most cutting-edge experiment of the entire Bluestar, the most bizarre idea laboratory of the entire Bluestar, and the research methods involved are mostly based on spirit strength and scientific methods. Assisted.

Xu Tui opened his eyes.

In terms of research, Xu Tui is quite appropriate.

This is probably why Cai Shaochu chose Xu Tui.

Xu Tui's spirit strength is very strong, and he has the basic abilities to use spirit strength for research, such as mental induction, introspection, micro-sensing and so on.

Fang You, Cai Shaochu's assistant, was not considered by Cai Shaochu, which is also the reason.

However, what Xu Tui needs to do now is to learn from scratch.

Otherwise, even if Xu Tui knows about the experiment of the psychic box and the quantum array core, Xu Tui can't understand it.

In terms of cultivation, Xu Tui took time to think about the sword every day. According to Cai Shaochu’s teaching method, he read the ancient book about swords, wrote sword characters, and realized in the process of motivating Flying Sword. 'sword'!   This is just part of it.

The biggest daily thing is that Xu Tui has begun to explore the direction of strengthening the Level 4 genetic basis and genetic ability chain.

Whether it is Flying Sword or the tangible Spiritual Body that Xu Tui has just transformed into, it can improve Xu Tui’s battle strength.

However, Xu Tui's current battle strength is based on these genetic ability chains.

The seventy-two point big genetic ability chain, if it can be strengthened to Level 4, it will be able to increase the spirit strength and strengthen the spiritual body.

If the spirit strength whip genetic ability chain can be strengthened to Level 4, then Xu Tui can guarantee that even if his spirit strength is not increased by fire, it can damage the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse.

However, in the current stage of cultivation, Xu Tui faces a choice.

Prior to this, Xu Tui first strengthened the genetic base point, then strengthened the chain, and then achieved overall strengthening.

But when the breakthrough reached the genetic evolutionary realm, Xu Tui realized that he might have practiced the wrong way!   Now, do you want to correct it?   In addition to starting to strengthen the genetic ability chain in the body to Level 4, Xu Tui has carried out a lot of cultivation.

Such as the enlargement and contraction of Spiritual Body stars.

The difficulty is not great, but the speed is very slow.

This BUFF, which specializes in pitting his own, is useless for a long time, but in a short period of time, Xu Tui still has to cultivation.

If this BUFF is not eliminated, if one is not good, it will be his own life that will be lost!

There is also a cultivation study with the next ability of the current induction system.

The genetic capability chain of quantum entangled state energy transmission continues to develop!   Includes the calligraphy task given by Cai Shaochu.

Even Cai Shaochu himself doesn't know whether his ability can be replicated in Xu Tui, but Xu Tui decided to try.

Xu Tui has developed a very professional and meticulous cultivation study schedule for himself.

Resolute implementation! In the   next period of time, Xu Tui entered the hardest period of cultivation study in his life!   Because of the war, Xu Tui deeply understands that when you have time, you don’t hurry to improve yourself. When you need it, you will run out of time.   Yes, maybe just tears.   ****   Compassing Foundation This paragraph was deleted after Zhu San finished writing, and later added!   Zhu San feels that he still needs it.

(End of this chapter)

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