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  Chapter 621 Cooperation reachedAs   for ways to strengthen the genetic capability chain, Xu Tui finally chose the first Strengthen a single genetic base point, then strengthen the entire genetic chain, and then use the breakthrough.

According to previous experience, if Xu Tui can strengthen the main genetic ability chain to Level 4, then it is likely that Xu Tui may break through to genetic transformation.

The main genetic ability chain previously selected by Xu Tui is the spirit strength chain of genetic ability.

Now Xu Tui wants to change.

I want to change to the seventy-two point large genetic ability chain.

But after thinking about it, Xu Tui found that there is actually not much difference.

The so-called primary and secondary genetic ability chain is actually for other cultivators.

Xu Tui has seen the genetic capability chains in Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Cui Xi, and Yanghuai before, and discovered their genetic capability chains, the development level of the main genetic capability chain and other genetic capability chains, and the difference It's very obvious.

If their main genetic ability chain in the genetic evolutionary environment has one third genetic base point that has been strengthened to Level 3 golden, then there may be only one or two genetic chains outside the main genetic ability chain The genetic capability chain has been strengthened to Level 3 golden.

Some genetic ability chains, not even a Level 3 golden genetic basis.

The difference between primary and secondary is very obvious.

From this point of view, it is actually the issue of cultivation.

Xu Tui Here, there is no such problem.

Xu Tui now except for the three hundred and sixty genetic base points of the genetic Guwu energy field which are not Level 3 golden, the other genetic ability chains are all Level 3 golden.

Therefore, there is no distinction between primary and secondary.

However, in terms of the degree of enhancement and transformation of Fleshy body after the breakthrough of the main genetic chain, it is better to choose the 72-point large genetic capability chain.

So Xu Tui did not struggle.

Whether it is to increase the spirit strength or the genetic basis of other offensive capabilities, accumulation can greatly increase Xu Tui's current battle strength.

In particular, Xu Tui currently has a lot of source crystals in his hands.

For the source crystals that were divided up and down, including the previous balance, removing various development funds and so on, Xu Tui finally had 19,000 grams of source crystal in his hands.

It's a huge sum of money.

Other members, the bottom is 6000 grams, a few more people have contributed.

apart from this, Xu Tui's previous personal merit points rewards were 1.2 million.

For these 1.2 million personal merits, Xu Tui did nothing else, first applied for a large number of source crystals through special channels.

First, I changed the 1000g source crystal directly.

Yuanjing is now the hard currency of cultivation, and personal merit points are just a number.

Of course, it is mainly Xu Tui who has made a special contribution this time. Otherwise, it is impossible to exchange so many at one time. There are limits.

As for the merits of rushing to the fire star, it has not yet been settled.

Holding 20,000 grams of source crystal in hand, there is an inexplicable sense of rich and imposing when Xu Tui cultivation!   Of course, things like absorbing one gram and throwing one gram cannot be done.

However, it didn't take long for the cultivation to have a new situation.

After Xu Tui started cultivation, he finally chose his own cultivation method. This cultivation method is faster in the actual cultivation process.

As for whether the practice is reversed, it is not necessarily?   Maybe other people can't practice like this? During the   previous cultivation, when Xu Tui strengthened the genetic base point of a Level 2 silver to Level 3 golden, the number of source crystals needed to be consumed was about 15 to 20 grams.

The consumption amount is about twenty times that of Level 1 white to Level 2 silver.

Using this as a guess, when a genetic base point is strengthened from Level 3 golden to Level 4, the number of source crystals consumed should be about 300 grams to 400 grams.

If calculated from this measurement, the 20,000 grams of source crystal in Xu Tui's hand is not much.

Fortunately, the source crystal, the time spent absorbing so many grams of source crystal is also very scary.

But not long after the cultivation started, Xu Tui discovered that the speed at which he absorbed the source energy of the source crystal interior became thief fast!   Especially when the power in your mind is transformed into a Star Core-like Spiritual Body, the speed of absorbing the source energy is more than ten times faster than before.

One gram of crystal interior source energy can be absorbed in less than 30 seconds.

When Xu Tui spends time dispersing the Star Core Spiritual Body into a cotton nebula, it takes 3 minutes or more to absorb one gram of the source crystal.

This power gathers and transforms, and it can improve the cultivator in all aspects.

Therefore, in the state of Star Core Spiritual Body, Xu Tui's cultivation speed is still very impressive.

Estimated at this rate, within three to four hours, Xu Tui's first spirit strength starting to strengthen the genetic base point of the whiplash master can become the first Level 4 genetic base point in Xu Tui's body!   Level 4 genetic base point, what color will it be?

Xu Tui would like to know.

But after several days of hard work, Xu Tui still doesn't know what color the base of Level 4 genetic is.

During the cultivation process, something went wrong!   Spirit strength The main genetic basis of the whiplash, in the process of absorbing the source energy, it is constantly expanding, the brilliance is constantly improving, and the rhythm becomes stronger.

Xu Tui can even feel that the power of the mental hammer has also been slightly improved.

However, when Xu Tui absorbed and injected 190 grams of source energy from the crystal interior into this genetic base point, this genetic base point suddenly couldn't be plugged into any source energy!   A feeling of being full!   Full!

Xu Tui was shocked by this.

When the Level 3 genetic capability chain was strengthened before, the Level 2 genetic base point can be directly strengthened to the Level 3 genetic base point.

Now strengthen the Level 4 genetic ability chain, the basis of Level 3 genetic, after strengthening to a certain level, it will not be able to plug in the slightest source of energy!

It stands to reason that if this happens, it will be strengthened and upgraded to become a Level 4 genetic basis.

However, the source energy cannot be plugged in, nor can it be upgraded to a Level 4 genetic basis!

Xu Tui is a little confused.

What is the situation?   It's totally inconsistent with the genetic base point level theory he did with Luo Shifeng before.

Xu Tui first thought that it was the reason for the too fast cultivation. Too much source energy was incorporated in a short period of time. The source energy can strengthen the genetic basis, and it takes a process.

Start to strengthen other genetic bases instead.

But three days later, Xu Tui was lost.

For three days, Xu Tui strengthened a total of nine genetic basis points from the spirit strength flogging at a rate of three genetic basis points per day, and strengthened them to the point where they can no longer be squeezed into the source energy. Go back and continue to strengthen the main genetic basis of spirit strength flogging.

I want to try to strengthen this main genetic base point to Level 4!   But it still doesn't work!   These genetic basis points are like being fed, and can no longer be filled with half of the source energy, let alone strengthened to become Level 4 genetic basis points.

Being stuck here, Xu Tui is a little skeptical of life.

Is the previous theory all wrong?

No one can answer this question for Xu Tui. The answer is Xu Tui's own fumbling.The   only good news is that a few days later, Xu Tui will lash out all of this genetic ability chain with spirit strength. The genetic base points are all strengthened to Level 3 extreme.

That is to the point where all the sources of energy can no longer be filled in, including the chain is also in this state, the power of Xu Tui's mental hammer has been increased from the previous 81 grids to 82 grids.

Power has increased by about two and a half.

This at least shows that such strengthening can improve strength.

However, why can't it be enhanced to Level 4?

Xu Tui is confused!   Xu Tui once suspected that he was cultivation wrong.

But this road, theoretically and logically, is reasonable.

It must have been overlooked.

In this way, Xu Tui is cultivation, thinking and learning.

Although it has not strengthened a Level 4 genetic basis, its strength has actually improved and improved.

With the passage of time, the reconstruction of the moon began to accelerate, and Xu Tui also inquired about the negotiation process with Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of Spirit Race forward base.

On October 24, 2138, Lei Shu began to integrate the Blue Star Human Race into the Fire Star’s Transmittable Planetary Grade Powerhouse’s Quantum Transmission Passage to build a two-way quantum Transmission Passage according to the content of the previous negotiations.

Lei Shu stayed in Phobos, Lei Shu's confidantes Leihong and Leigen, with the quantum array core, passed through the unfused quantum arbitrary gate.

On the Blue Star side, led by Cai Shaochu, a total of five Planetary Grade powerhouses have passed.

Supervision, testing, and guarding!   From this day on, the fire star has entered a state of high combat readiness. The Planetary Grade and quasi-planets on the fire star are surrounded by the Quantum Transmission Gate, and their eyes are staring like pandas. As long as there is an abnormal movement, They can take action immediately!   Irela stared at Lei Shu, the scarlet ray imitating the Buddha's radiance, expanding and contracting constantly.

However, what Lei Shu cares more about is the disappearing sword!

Santaki's sword that disappeared!   An Erila, he is not afraid!   Shang Taki and Erila can kill him!

The senior executives of the six major alliances have been nervous for six days!   On October 30th, several quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses from the past, as well as a Planetary Grade powerhouse, successfully returned from the built two-way quantum channel.

When the news came back, the high-level leaders of the major joint districts, joy was almost written on their faces! The   past few Planetary Grade powerhouses will stay there for the time being.

Even a fully mechanized engineering team was first sent to inspect the environment of the opposite asteroid in the past.

This is the rhythm of preparing to build a defensive base.

On November 7th, under the supervision of Cai Shaochu, Lei Shu took eight full days to integrate this Planetary Grade Quantum Transmission Passage into the Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base of the crater.

In essence, it is an upgrade of the Crater Quantum Transmission Passage.

The reason is also very simple. The Crater Quantum Transmission Passage is backed by the source energy inside the fire star, which can be solidified and exist for a long time.

After that, Lei Shu will take the final step, which is to perform the final solidification on the opposite side of this Quantum Transmission Passage, that is, the Quantum Transmission Passage that exists in the asteroid belt behind Ceres!

At the same time, after reaching this step, Lei Shu will also leave and return to his forward base to continue to be his commander-in-chief! For   this last step, Bluestar executives are a little nervous, but not too much.

According to the opinions of the Bluestar Planetary Grade powerhouse expert group, at this last step, the probability of Lei Shu's play method is relatively small.

To play means, in the previous process, there were opportunities.

There have been several discussions within Bluestar as to whether or not to let Thunder Shu leave.

The final conclusion is that the probability of killing him is not great!   And letting the alive Lei Shu leave is more beneficial to Blue Star.

On November 12th, Lei Shu left the Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base of the crater that was solidified.

On November 13, the good news came. Lei Shu completed the solidification of the Quantum Transmission Gate on the opposite asteroid as agreed, and then left without any tricks!   The sincerity of cooperation is very full!   On November 14th, the Blue Star genetic committee and the top executives of the Blue Star six major alliances held a high-level meeting on the moon, and the scene became a quarrel! The   reason for the quarrel was the redistribution of the ownership of the fire star base in the crater, the order of entry and exit of the zones to develop the asteroid belt, and various management rules.

On November 15th, Cai Shaochu successfully turned the fire star back after the quantum Transmission Gate's transmission fluctuation period to the Planetary Grade powerhouse ended.

In the evening, Xu Tui who was cultivating was notified.

Lieutenant General Wei Binwei summoned!   *****   the past few days The update is a bit late, because it is at a turning point in the plot and the times, so I wrote it very carefully.

Zhu San will try to resume the update as soon as possible!   Please ask for a monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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