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  Chapter 622 Interstellar Colony and Seven Regions and One Organization (see monthly ticket)

Huaxia District Chief- Lieutenant General Wei Binwei, In-Charge, is Xu Tui summoned at the underground fortress of the Lunar Huaxia Comprehensive Base.

The reason for seeing you in the underground fortress is that although the war has ended, the three-dimensional defense system where most of the moon has been destroyed has not been rebuilt.

Another reason is that the last war caused a lot of damage to the structures on the lunar ground.

The ground building of the Lunar Huaxia District Comprehensive Base was destroyed and close to one third, and it is currently under restoration and reconstruction.

This is still the case when Cai Shaochu is in charge.

Although Cai Shaochu was playing for the entire Blue Star at the beginning, it did not prevent him from fighting over the comprehensive base in Huaxia District, blocking most of the aftermath for the base, and gaining time for ordinary staff to withdraw underground. .

Like the Union of India, it is more miserable because of the departure of the guardian Itiwi.

Without powerhouse shelter, the aftermath of the battle between Planetary Grade powerhouses directly flattened more than half of the buildings.

The ground buildings of the Indo-Union Complex Base have been destroyed as high as 2/3/2021. More importantly, more than 500 ordinary workers in the Indo-Union Complex have died due to the spread!

The comprehensive base in Milian District was damaged by more than 50%, and more than 300 ordinary workers died. What is more unfortunate is that the underground water recycling and purification system in the Milian District base was even lost in the lottery. Destroyed.

As a result, the Milian District borrowed water from everywhere for half a month, and did not start the reconstruction and restoration project until there was water.

These battle losses are not on the surface.

But whether it hurts or not, only the districts themselves know.

In the Conference Hall that Wei Bin summoned, Xu Tui was not the only person to be summoned.

When Xu Tui arrived, Ruan Da, Li Shihua, Zhu Lang, Li Zhen and the others had already arrived.

Seeing that Wei Bin summoned these people at the same time, Xu Tui already understood what Wei Bin would do when summoning them.

I am afraid it has something to do with the development of the asteroid belt.

It’s just that Xu Tui is a little bit confused. According to Old Cai’s previous statement, the Quantum Transmission Passage to the asteroid belt is solidified and fused, although the overall transmission level is due to the original fire star Quantum Transmission Passage. The reason for the energy supply of the asteroid on the opposite side has decreased, but the transmission level is still very high.

You can pass the Planetary Grade powerhouse, and the quantum teleportation fluctuation recovery period after passing is ten to fifteen days.

It takes about ten to fifteen days to send a Planetary Grade powerhouse.

The quantum transmission fluctuation recovery period of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is only one day. After some weak quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses are transmitted, the recovery period of the quantum fluctuation may be less than one day.

The quantum transmission fluctuation recovery period after the passage of the genetic transmutation powerhouse is even shorter, usually around 60 minutes.

Below Transmutation, you can run back and forth.

In other words, the development of the asteroid belt at this time should be based on the genetic transmutation powerhouse.

You can send 24 Transmutation Powerhouse in one day, and it takes ten days and eight days to complete the layout.

That Lieutenant General came to look for them in these genetic evolutionary realms. Is there anything wrong?   Of course, this is just Xu Tui's doubts.

It's not that Xu Tui doesn't want to go.

On the contrary, Xu Tui must go!

According to the information obtained by Old Cai, An Xiaoxue and their land reclamation group are in the asteroid belt.

"Everyone is here, sit down, I'll call Old Cai!"

After a few people are seated, the postures are different.

Xu Tui, Ruan Da, and Li Shihua sat upright and casually, but Zhu Lang and Li Zhen sat upright!

A sitting posture is full of military demeanor!   Thirty seconds later, Guanghua lights up and a virtual projection falls beside Wei Bin. Cai Shaochu participates in the remote virtual projection mode.

"Principal Cai will introduce you to the situation first." Wei Bin said.

"You are all a new generation of Heaven's Chosen Child in Huaxia District, I believe there is already a guess! Yes, now you are here for the development of the asteroid belt and the asteroid Unu where the Quantum Transmission Passage is located. Special planetary defense."

Solidified and fused at the other end of the fire star crater Quantum Transmission Passage, located on the asteroid Unut in the asteroid belt.

Unut is the name of the non-union Planetary Grade powerhouse that died in the lunar defense battle.

The Blue Star genetic committee made a decision to take this blue star human being out of the asteroid that has landed in the inner solar system, and to take this asteroid that has an incomparable gigantic strategic value to the current blue star human being Named Unut.

To commemorate the dedication and sacrifice of Planetary Grade powerhouse Unut in the non-union zone!

The importance of the quantum Transmission Passage on the Unut asteroid does not need to be mentioned.

If the Unut asteroid is lost or destroyed, then the Blue Star humans will return to before liberation overnight.

Not even as good as before liberation.

There are countless large and small asteroids around the asteroid belt. Next, after the Blue Star humans arrive at the Unut asteroid, the six alliance areas will occupy and develop the surrounding area.

Well, the six major alliances collectively refer to the future actions-interstellar colonization!   Interstellar colonization is bound to run a large amount of manpower in the past, and it must be the elite force of each zone, and the number will only be large.

However, if the Quantum Transmission Passage on the Unut asteroid is destroyed or lost, then these blue star elites who go to colonize the asteroid belt will become interstellar remnants.

Even the starry sky was completely buried because of the lack of material assistance from the parent star.

It is estimated that it will take more than 20 to 30 years for a spacecraft capable of manning people to fly back from the asteroid to the fire star with the current human technology.

This is still the case of pure data calculation, without any accidents such as meteorite rain, solar storm, and particle storm on the road.

For this reason, the Unut asteroid is extremely important.

At present, the Blue Star genetic committee has determined the guarding plan of the Unut asteroid.

Guard the Planetary Grade powerhouse, that is a must.

Anyone who wants to reach the Unut asteroid and then go to the surrounding asteroid belt to develop alliances and forces, must station a Planetary Grade powerhouse and four quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses on the Unut asteroid.

At the same time, the guards of these Unut asteroids will implement more stringent management.

Like the previous lunar guard battle, Itivi and Harun who were guarding the moon left without authorization, causing the moon to be almost lost and Unut died in battle.

Severe accountability has been carried out afterwards.

However, the substantive punishment is only to compensate part of the source crystal and resources to the non-linked area.

In addition, the Milian District and the Indo-Union District, their share of the fire star base, each took out 3% of the proceeds and transferred it to the Non-Union District.

The other punishment is just a bit of talk.

However, the guard system of the Unut asteroid has learned the lessons of the moon, and the Unut asteroid will be the forefront of the Blue Star mankind for a long time in the future.

So the system is extremely strict and the military regulations are implemented! The   six major alliance areas and the Mythological Organization jointly signed the military regulations on the Unut asteroid, and the offenders were dealt with by military law.

Objects dealt with by military law, including Planetary Grade powerhouse.

At this point, all the Planetary Grade powerhouses that can be contacted in the six major alliances have also signed a Unut asteroid guarding ordinance.

Whoever violates, which party violates, which party is the public enemy of Blue Star.

The six joint districts or other joint districts, strike together! The   deadliest article stipulated in the regulations is that Planetary Grade is guarded and cannot leave the Unut asteroid without order.

The management of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is relatively loose.

However, Bluestar’s current quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is not enough!

Especially in the previous wars, there were as many as forty-three quasi-planets killed before and after!   This is close to 1/4/2021 of the total number of quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses recorded by Bluestar.

In Blue Star's defense, the moon is always the first.

In the last lunar defensive battle, it also proved that the enemy can put elite power near the moon at any time. Therefore, the amount of defensive power on the moon cannot be reduced.

The importance of the fire star is the same as the importance of the Unut asteroid.

The only good news is that because of this quantum Transmission Passage, the fire star and the Unut asteroid are interoperable.

In an emergency, a heavyweight Planetary Grade powerhouse can transmit and decide the battle.

For example, Arella.

In this situation, the Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses on the Unut asteroid have become deterrent forces, so the main pioneering forces will be the genetic transformation and genetic evolution. cultivator.

Then came the problem.

Between the fire star and the Unut asteroid, at least 24 genetic transmutation realms can be passed in one day.

But the quantum Transmission Passage between the moon and the fire star cannot pass through the genetic transmutation powerhouse.

In the alliances on the Blue Star side, hundreds of Transmutation Powerhouses have been urgently transferred from Blue Star to the moon for assembly.

However, from the moon to the fire star, they need to take the spaceship to the fire star first, and then to go to the Unut asteroid through the fire star.

Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage, this will become the biggest limitation of development.

This batch of genetic transmutation powerhouses, including the assembly time, is expected to take about five months to reach the fire star from the moon, and then from the fire star to the Unut asteroid.

These five months have become very critical.

Open up and the others.

There are countless large and small asteroids around the asteroid belt, and they are currently unowned. Some asteroids are extremely valuable, and some asteroids are not valuable.

But no matter what the situation is, the six major joint districts are now rushing over, and the flag-planting mode will be activated!   Whoever grabs it first counts.

In this case, there must be an elite evolutionary realm who must first go over to grab the ground and plant the flag.

After thinking about it again and again, Wei Bin felt that the three major special operations regiments and the military participating regiments in the China region that participated in the space raid war performed very well, and they have established mutual trust and understanding, this time It is none other than them to open up tasks.

Zhu Lang and Li Zhen of the military participating regiment needless to say, soldiers, it is their bounden duty to obey orders.

Wei Bin this time is mainly to consult the opinions of the three special forces of Haotian, Heavenspan, and Taiyi.

"Well, the basic situation is like this! But one thing, I want to explain to you in advance, you guys think about it.

The situation of the Unut asteroid and the surrounding asteroid belt, It may be incredibly complicated before, and the situation you have to face is also the most complicated in history."

While speaking, Wei Bin directly projected several pictures.

"There are three puzzles or enemies you will face."

"The first enemy is naturally Spirit Race and Spirit Race's weapon Spirit Race, fission race, and alienation race.

There is evidence that Spirit Race, Fission Race, and Alienation Race carry a lot of resource stars on asteroids.

At the same time, I want to emphasize that Spirit Race is not an alliance with us. Army, not even a truce!   The state of truce is over when Lei Shu leaves the Unut asteroid!

Next, in the asteroid belt, we and Spirit Race and The war of its vassal species will be the norm!" Wei Bin said.

"The second enemy is still uncertain, but in previous intelligence, other alien species have appeared in the asteroid belt.

For example, the rhombus on the moon The captives were captured from the asteroid belt.

It is said that there was a silhouette of the Daxi tribe, but I have never seen it.

Of course, it may also be the terrain of the asteroid belt. The reason is complicated."

"The third enemy is our own!"

Wei Bin's words made Xu Tui, Ruan Da, and Li Shihua startled. "Wei Shuai, how do you say this?The   third enemy, is we ourselves?" Li Shihua asked.

Xu Tui, but somehow understands.

"Oh, you have all heard of the internal disputes in the six leagues. In the past, they could only make noise on the blue star and the moon.

Later, they occupied the fire star, the sixth There have been several civil wars in the Union area, but it was finally suppressed.

Whether it is fire star or moon, or blue star, the site is too small, so noisy does not raise.


But the asteroid belt is different.

There are thousands of large and small planets and meteorites. Some have precious resources, some are waste, and some have precious output. , It’s all a land of no owner.

Bluestar's communication and control over there is extremely poor.

Because of interest, the probability of direct conflict will rise hundreds of times.

Do you understand?" Wei Bin said.

"By the way, the reason why it’s more complicated over there is because the situation is more complicated.

As one of the Blue Star organizations, Shinhwa dispatched a Planetary Grade, The four quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses as a condition, plus the previous merits of guarding the moon, as a legal organization, will also set foot on the Unut asteroid and join the sequence for the hegemony of the asteroid belt."

Xu Tui hearing this heart moved.

Mythology, a non-profit organization, is this the foreground for interstellar colonization?

In terms of identity, he is also considered one of the members of is legend.

"Don’t underestimate Mythology. Mythology has begun to integrate the large and small NGOs within Bluestar.

Mythology’s power in the future will probably be similar to that of the six major alliances. "Cai Shaochu added.

"One organization in the six major alliances, seven families fighting in chaos?" Ruan Da said suddenly.

"No, it's eight." Wei Bin said.

"In the Huaya region, the communities of Yamato District, South Korea Sector, Singapore and Malaysia, etc., united in the name of Huaya Region and also stationed Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary to Unut Asteroids. Grade guards and has also obtained the right to develop the asteroid belt." Wei Bin added.

Everyone was slightly stunned, but when I thought about it carefully, it was actually quite normal.

If the Yamato District, Singapore and Malaysia District, and South Korea Sector do not even fight for this, then if this opportunity is missed, there will basically be no chance for development.

"So, the future situation of the small star belt will be seven districts and one organization."

"Maybe more!"

Cai Shaochu sighed," There, it will become an ambitious paradise."

Wei Bin smiled bitterly, "The situation is so complicated! Think about it, go or not, there are no hard requirements!"

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