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  Chapter 623 The Crazy Plan of Old Cai

In the Conference Hall, Xu Tui, Li Shihua, and Ruan Da are all Did not speak immediately, but thought.

For example, Xu Tui, to go is affirmative, but in what capacity, after going, who is restrained, and who is in charge?   How much freedom of action and discretion are, etc., these are all critical.

These are not only related to interests, but also to life and death.

"Wei Shuai, I want to know, in what capacity did we go there, did we go to military control and acted on military orders? Or?" Xu Tui asked directly.

These matters should be asked face to face. Old Cai is here, so you have to ask clearly.

After all, it involves military law!   Military law is ruthless!

"Still in the name of the Special Operations Group!

Not affiliated with the military, but we have a cooperative relationship with the military.

Of course , Huaxia District will provide you with logistical supplies, rest bases, equipment, and material supplements. Therefore, sometimes, some actions require your cooperation.

Of course, if you find a small resource rich After the planet and successfully occupy the flag, you will have a share of the benefits after development."

While speaking, Wei Binjian pushed a document in front of the three.

"Your worries, we have considered for you a long time ago. In this document, there are all the things you worry about and want to know.

Take a good look, there is a problem Ask me again." Wei Bin said.

The document is very long, with dozens of pages in length. There are more than two hundred problems listed, which basically involve all aspects of problems and emergencies.

"Can you open fire on people in other alliances?" Li Shihua asked suddenly after reading it.

"Yes, if you think it is necessary! Of course, the basic overall situation must be considered, but the safety of your lives is the first element in everything," Wei Bin said.

"Li Family boy, go back and ask your father, your father did this thief! Really hands-on, remember not to leave the video evidence, leave it, and don't let it pass back!


Of course, even if it comes back, it’s okay.

You won’t be able to return to the Blue Star." At this moment, Cai Shaochu doesn’t look like a Principal at all, but in just a few words, it’s okay.

The bloody jungle laws of the planetary belt's future are revealed.

Li Shihua is light and nodded.

This document, called the Regulations for the Development of the Asteroid Belt, lists many things in detail.

Such as income, such as meritorious service!   Except for the site, the Huaxia District does not care about other gains.

Of course, some of the materials provided by Huaxia District are also valuable.

However, much of the content in this document is not a final explanation. Everything in the asteroid belt is unknown and may change at any time.

In short, in the development of the asteroid belt, the China Region will be their solid backing and support!

The three special warfare groups, in the asteroid belt, will have a transcendent status!

In the future, if a comprehensive colony base is established in the asteroid belt, the special forces can have their own independent station.

There are many benefits, and there are few restrictions.

Apart from life and death, there is no reason to not go.

However, after reading it carefully, Xu Tui vaguely felt that the significance of this "Asteroid Development Regulations" may be extraordinary.

But where exactly is, from Xu Tui's current vision, it is hard to tell.

"Wei Shuai, I have no problem, but if the members of my special operations team are willing to go, it depends on their willingness!

In addition, my special operations team needs to add some parts. New members.

There are too few people." Xu Tui was the first decision.

"It is possible to add new members, but the qualifications must be reviewed by the Special Intelligence Agency and our military.

In addition, if you need, our military can provide some logistics personnel or Disabled veterans here.

These people may not be so perfect in ability, but loyalty is absolutely fine!" Wei Bin said.

"The most important people, these people, all belong to China!" Cai Shaochu made up his sword!

"No problem, after standing firm in the past, we need it. Doctors, maintenance engineers, liaisons, etc." Xu Tui said.

Whether it is Li Shihua or Ruan Da, as long as they are not extremely afraid of death, they will go.

It is impossible for such an elite to be extremely afraid of death.

Of course, it is hard to say how many members of their group are willing to go.

But like the Heavenspan Special Forces Group, Taiyi and Haotian will also have more members.

"Okay, what's the problem? If there is no problem, you can go back and prepare! Two days later, one after another from the moon to fire star.

Five days later, set off for Unut Asteroid," Wei Bin said.

"Wei Shuai, I have two questions." Xu Tui said again.


"I want to know the current situation of the wasteland reclamation team, can I still get in touch?" Xu Tui asked.

On the one hand, Old Cai glared at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui ignored it.

There are some things that Xu Tui is worried that Old Cai is hiding it from him, so he asks this.

"The wasteland reclamation group has been maintaining long-range contact with the moon. It was interrupted for a few days before, but now it has recovered.

The land reclamation group suffered casualties and encountered unknown enemies, but The casualties are not large. The Huaxia District is okay, and there is a sound shelter.

However, this news is fifteen days ago.

Wasteland Reclamation Group The communication with the moon is delayed for fifteen days at a time." Wei Bin said.

"I know your worries. Next, looking for the wasteland group is also one of the tasks to develop the small star belt.

According to the news from the wasteland group, the planet they are in. , Seems to be more important." Wei Bin said.

Xu Tui gently nodded, this is good news.

"What about your second question."

"Wei Shuai, can you give me a copy of the list and information of the soldiers who died in the previous fire star and moon battles? "Xu Tui asked.

Wei Bin frowned. "What do you want this for?"

"I have a Foundation for Compassion, and I want to give more of the compensation to their families."

"The genetic committee has a compassion, and it's very generous."

"Wei Shuai, there is no other meaning. There were several soldiers who sacrificed to protect me before. I just want to do it for the cutest ones. People, do something!It   just so happens that I gained a lot from the last space raid. The valuable currency on the Blue Star side is left and right, and the flowers are endless. It's better to take it out and do something meaningful. "Xu Tui said.

Wei Bin was silent.

Private pensions for soldiers who died in battle   "Wei Shuai, I came from the bottom, my Foundation will not issue many pensions, one or two thousand yuan per month for each family member. It’s a long-term price.

The sacrificed warriors have different family conditions, but Life and Death Together on the battlefield, I want to do something for them." Xu Tui said.

"Count me one, if you don't tell me, I have forgotten, I also have some spare money at Blue Star, so I don’t need it when I stay away!

I’m afraid I won’t need it anymore.

I inject five hundred million yuan, can I be the honorary chairman of your Heavenspan Pension Fund or something?" Cai Shaochu suddenly squinted said with a smile.

Cai Shaochu spoke up, and Wei Bin naturally couldn't refuse.

"I will give you a copy of the information when it's over."

This matter, Cai Shaochu's strong insertion has an answer, and Xu Tui's behavior can be regarded as a gain to some extent. Recognized by the military.

With this relationship, it will be more convenient for Heavenspan to care about Foundation in the future, and it will be more confident to deal with the messy things in some places.

Xu Tui and the others left. When they were parting, Li Shihua gave Xu Tui a thumbs up.

In this regard, Xu Tui is just laughed.

In the Conference Hall of the Underground Fortress, after Xu Tui and the others left, Cai Shaochu’s projection and Wei Bin did not leave.

"Old Cai, your capital injection is a bit less, only 500 million, you should inject ten, no, you should inject 1.2 billion." Wei Bin suddenly said with a smile.

"get lost! Where did I get 1.2 billion! My five billion is still my pension fund, but seeing the development of the asteroid belt, I basically didn’t get back the Blue Star expenses. Time is up, it's better to send it to those who need it." Cai Shaochu said.

"So, you have to inject 1.2 billion in capital."

"But I don't have the missing 700 million, you give it?"

" I'll give it!"

Wei Bin was nodded very seriously, and Cai Shaochu was stunned.

"I have some assets in Bluestar. After I sell them, I have a lot of rewards over the years. I don't have time to spend money. Keeping them is a waste. As you said, it's better to take them out.

I will give you 700 million, and you will inject capital together." Wei Bin said.

"No, this is a good thing, why don't you inject capital separately? Why do you want to invest in my name."

"I am a lieutenant general! I am Wei Shuai!"


"Uh, so too."

"Remember, you owe me a meal of dumplings. This is hard work!"

"Someday I will give you the package myself!"

"This is what you said!"

"As long as you dare to eat."

"Go away, shameless"

"Old Cai, you said, is the asteroid regulation at this time too open? We did this, is it right or wrong?" Wei Bin’s gaze suddenly fell back to the asteroid belt development regulation on the conference table. The eyes are faint and far-reaching.

"For the five thousand years of China, can you make a mistake about the expeditions of those kings?"

"Even if it is Yang Guang, the so-called tyrant, three campaigns for Goguryeo, you Can you say it's wrong?" Cai Shaochu asked again and again, but then asked and answered himself.

"In fact, right or wrong is between victory and defeat! What   if Yang Guang won the three campaigns and Goguryeo won?

It may be to open up the territory for China An eternal emperor! Now, how can there be a chance for the stick to jump?

The merits and demerits,   let’s leave it to future generations to comment. What we have to do now is to let the Chinese people step out and remove the seeds. Sprinkle it out!

No matter how much ambitious will be generated, as long as it is a member of our Chinese clan, no matter how ambitious it is, it will always belong to our Chinese clan." Cai Shaochu sighed lightly.

Wei Bin silenced Xu Tui, "I agree with your idea, but I always feel that your idea is a bit crazy."

"Crazy? Solar system It’s very big, the galaxy is bigger, and the universe is almost boundless. A few ambitious and lunatics can be accommodated.

If it weren’t for you to persuade, I would like to issue a few private permission for the Chinese clan Passed!" Cai Shaochu said with a smile.

"Well, it can be accommodated! But it must be based on the growth of the local area.

As for the privateer license, don't mention it again, no!"


Cai Shaochu curl one's lip, the virtual projection disappeared in no time!   The temporary station of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, Xu Tui gathered all the members of the penance together, and then announced the development of the asteroid belt.

"Finally, this is not a military order. Whether to go is up to you. If you don't want to go, you can withdraw now. No one will blame you!" Xu Tui said.

"Quit? If there are people who dare not go, they will not participate in the space raid war, right?

Going to the asteroid belt to open up the asteroid belt should be much more fun than the space raid war. !

Niangao, I can name the newly discovered asteroid!   Name the asteroid Lao Cui directly!

Or the asteroid Cui Dabang!

Haha, head, I can’t wait."

Xu Tui glared at Cui Xi. This fellow is getting more and more free, and Cui is great!

Xu Tui absolutely suppressed him.

"Head, I have a question, can I come back if I go?" Mu Xingluan asked suddenly.

"Of course!   You can even be awarded a military rank!"

"As long as I can come back, then I will go!"

After one minute, all Members passed.

As Cui Xi said, they are all the masters who dare to participate in the space invasion war. There is no reason not to dare to go in this asteroid belt development!

"If this is the case, then hurry up and prepare for the new members who have recently applied to join us to speed up the review of materials and interviews.

At the same time prepare combat supplies.

Five After the day, set off for the Unut asteroid!" Xu Tui said.

*****   There is an asteroid, which needs to be named a monthly pass!

(End of this chapter)

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