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2021-06-13   Chapter 625 flying lap significance   from fire star with Wu Nute quantum Transmission Passage out At the first moment, Xu Tui's mental induction just started, and the scarlet Huo Jane in his mind suddenly flashed with red light.

The red light flashed flashed, fluctuating slightly four times.

The first time the red light lasted slightly longer, close to one second, the other three flashes and disappeared.

Xu Tui doesn't understand at all.

What does this thing mean!   But since Xu Tui got the scarlet fire slip, as long as this thing flashes red, it will always mean something.

Xu Tui is a little confused, the asteroid has something related to scarlet fire Jane?   If this is the case, then the origin of scarlet fire Jane may be more complicated than Xu Tui imagined.

Previously, Xu Tui's speculation on the origin of scarlet fire jade was limited to fire star, which was actually the Earth circle.


Alien relics?

Prehistoric civilization?

But now, immediately when Xu Tui arrives in the asteroid belt, scarlet fire Jane has fluctuated unexpectedly.

What does this mean?   Xu Tui was too late to think, the voice of the personal communicator and the public combat channel has sounded in the headset of the combat uniform.

"Please pay attention to the adaptation to gravity. The gravity of the Unut asteroid is about one-fifth of Earth’s. There is no oxygen. Now is the hottest time for Unut, and the surface temperature is about 142 degrees. The ambient temperature is 96 degrees."

This is the voice of the assembly guide.

Thirty seconds later, Xu Tui landed and then waited for the team to gather.

The situation of the Unut asteroid, already has understood clearly in the mind when it came.

The volume of the Unut asteroid is about twice that of the moon, but its mass is six times that of the moon.

The currently monitored maximum ambient temperature is 124 degrees, and the minimum temperature is minus 64 degrees.

A single day is twenty-six hours long.

The current monitoring is 16 hours during the day and only 10 hours at night.

The environment is harsh, but it is much better than the Extreme Wind VII resource star during the space war.

The Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star is at night when the environment is the worst, and the Transmutation Powerhouse dare not hurry.

There is thin air, although I can't breathe, it is still useful after collection.

The key issue is lack of water!   At present, on the Unut asteroid, no drop of water has been surveyed, any form of water, and the surface is dominated by rocks.

It is not a planet suitable for colonization, but it is a planet that blue star humans must stick to.

Under current conditions, water can only be transported through the blue star, moon, and fire star channels, and supported by the water cycle system.

It is foreseeable that for a long time in the future, water resources will become one of the most important resources of Unut planet.

Any current blue star human being cannot survive for a long time without water.

The Unut asteroid is currently a huge construction site, and most of the works are done by robots.

The basic living base for combatants has been initially completed.

The current living base is all built around the Unut asteroid Quantum Transmission Passage.

In the future, it will be like the moon, and each alliance will open a comprehensive base on the Unut asteroid.

At present, on the Unut asteroid, there are a total of eight Planetary Grade powerhouses, thirty-two quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses, and one hundred and sixty transmutation powerhouses.

The number of soldiers stationed in the seven districts ranges from 1,000 to 2,000.

In fact, the Huaxia District has the largest number of soldiers stationed at 2,100. The number of other joint districts is below the Indo-Union District of Milian District, and there are no more than 1,500 soldiers.

Trained soldiers are not a problem.

The key is the combat uniform!

Soldiers below the genetic evolutionary realm must have an interstellar combat suit if they want to survive on the Unut asteroid.

Including logistics personnel.

Even if the base is built, the energy defense cover must be fully propped up, various life cycle systems are turned on, and the surrounding safety is confirmed before they can survive without wearing combat uniforms.

The space raid, the capture brought by the Heavenspan Special Forces, gave the current Huaxia District an advantage.

Moreover, this is still time tight, because it takes time to manufacture interstellar combat uniforms.

According to the plan, the Huaxia District will station troops on the Unut asteroid, and it will reach 10,000 or more in the future.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse stationed on the Unut asteroid in the Huaxia District is Li Qingping.

is the father of Li Shihua, the leader of the Taiyi Special Operations Group.

In the Planetary Grade powerhouse in Huaxia District, the genetic Guwu Inheritor Li Qingping's strength is not as good as Cai Shaochu, but it is better than Pei Tiefeng, Ruan Tianzuo, Jian Zhen and He Longjin, and Ranked Third.

Most importantly, Li Qingping's blood bar is extremely long, has a fast recovery ability, and is extremely resistant to beatings!

There are many mysterious series Planetary Grade powerhouses with stronger battle strength than him, and Li Qingping will eventually be consumed to death!

In short, they did Li Qingping ten times. Li Qingping was injured and not dead, but Li Qingping did two or three blows to other people, and he might die.

The guard period of Planetary Grade guards is generally three to five years in rotation.

It can be said that in the next three to five years, one of the main talkers of the China Region on the Unut asteroid side is Planetary Grade powerhouse Li Qingping.

Another major speaker in the Huaxia District is Cheng Daxing.

The tiger general under Wei Bin was previously responsible for the overall strategy of fire star and Phobos and its surroundings.

Today's fire star base commander of the crater, Gai Sheng, is under his direct command.

It is also a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Mainly responsible for the defense of the Huaxia District in the Unut Asteroid and its surrounding strategy, the style is extremely tough!   One day off, after a little adjustment, Planetary Grade powerhouse Li Qingping and War Zone officer Cheng Daxing of the asteroid belt gave the three special operations regiments together and the deputy head of the Huaxia District military participating regiment. An emergency meeting was held.

It is worth mentioning that the members of the major special forces have increased in the Unut asteroid this time.

Calculating carefully, the increase in the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group is considered small.

The Taiyi Special Forces Group originally had only 70 people, but this time it exploded to 130 people, which was nearly doubled.

The Haotian Special Battle Group originally had one hundred and forty people, but this time it has surged to two hundred and fifty people.

It is said that there is strong support from Ruan Family and Jian Family.

Of course, this is not the largest increase in the number of people. It is said that the increase in the number of special forces in the Indian Union and Milian districts has directly doubled and even increased.

Especially for the Indraut battle group in the Union of India, the number of people has tripled, from over 160 to over 400.

Of course, the number of military participation groups led by Zhu Lang and Li Zhen has also doubled, reaching more than 600 people. It is said that there will be more.

"Your mission, I won't talk much. I will only say one thing, on the Unut asteroid, it is still safe for the time being.

But Unut Outside of asteroids, it’s hard to say.

Especially the current discovery, due to various particle storms caused by the collision of the solar wind, distant asteroid belt nebulae and meteorites that often occur in the asteroid belt, Electromagnetic storms have a great impact on our communication.

Once we leave the Unut asteroid, communication will be in a state of occasional failure.

In a short period of time, we The technology of the company is still unable to overcome this difficulty.

So, if you encounter danger outside the Unut asteroid, no matter which side the danger comes from, the best way is to return to the Unut asteroid.

As long as you arrive in the airspace around the Unut asteroid, I can guarantee your safety.

In extreme cases, you can only survive and wait for rescue."

After finishing speaking, Li Qingping's narrow and narrow eyes glanced at the heads and deputy heads present, "You should have known about possible future conflicts!

Remember, you must use it. Rules!

At present, the Unut asteroid is subject to military regulations. For safety, the Planetary Grade of the Unut asteroid is guarded, and it is absolutely not allowed to leave the airspace of the Unut asteroid for half a step." Li Qingping said.

Xu Tui heard about it. Li Qingping should have hidden meaning, which actually refers to the six joint districts. No, it should be an internal fight between the seven districts and the mythological organization!

I just didn't say that's all!

Although I have just stepped out of the fire star and stepped into the asteroid belt, the regions will not make such an extremely stupid mistake. They will fight each other as soon as they arrive!   But if it involves huge interests, it's hard to say.

"I won't say more nonsense, I will only talk about the most important thing." After Li Qingping finished speaking, Cheng Daxing, the chief of the asteroid belt in China, spoke.

Cheng Daxing is quite short, with a head of just over 1.7 meters. He is very dark, but very strong, with huge eyes and murderous aura.

Although short, but prestigious!

"At present, our development of the asteroid belt is centered on the Unut asteroid.

For a long time, we and the Unut asteroid The only means of transportation for the large and small planets are aerospace fighters, aerospace spaceships, and aerospace vehicles.

The speed is limited.

Therefore, the distance is very important!   Our army Fang divided this distance into several circles.

One day flying circle!

Three days flying circle!   Seven days flying circle.

One year of flying circle, three years of flying circle.

For now, the most important and most urgent task for us is to complete the exploration of asteroids and meteorites in the ten-day flying circle. Marking and valuable occupation.

In one day's flight circle, except for meteorites, no asteroids were found. In three days' flight circle, nineteen asteroids were detected.

Three I believe you should understand the meaning of the celestial circle.

If valuable resources are found, the value is extremely practical.

The farther away from the Unut asteroid, the lower the value, the more The closer it is, the higher the value.

Therefore, the task of exploration is very urgent.

My hope is that you can set off in one and a half hours!

Go ahead Explore the asteroids in the three-day flight circle and the five-day flight circle.

We will provide relevant star maps.

Is there a problem?" Cheng Daxing said after checking his watch. .

"Report sir, no!" Zhu Lang and Li Zhen stood up at the same time.

"Chief Cheng, we have no problems. But we need relevant researchers to accompany, otherwise, we."

Cheng Daxing stopped Xu Tui with gestures and continued, "These problems , We have all considered and arranged well. Later, there will be a special person to dock, including the squad formed by the powerhouse of Transmutation, and so on.

But before I set off, I have to be clear!"

Everyone listens!

"If you find the water star and the asteroids related to the seven rare metals related to the manufacture of mechanical spirit alloys.

I hope that you can at all costs, put the flag to get Come down!   This is related to the survival, development and expansion speed of our China Region in the asteroid belt!" Cheng Daxing ordered!   *****   Zhu San hopes that the big guys will use monthly tickets to order Zhu San!   As long as it can be done, Zhu San must find ways to complete it, including but not limited to beating Divine Beast, kneeling the keyboard and so on!

Just for a monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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