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  Chapter 626 Discovery of Suspected Man-made Objects   Space exploration is a very complicated and dangerous thing.

Why did Cheng Daxing, commander of the Asteroid Belt War Zone, ask the major special forces to leave one and a half hours after the meeting?

Because one and a half hours after the meeting, that is, at 5 o'clock on November 22, the first artificial pulsing neutron star of the Blue Star humans on the Unut asteroid will be launched into orbit.

In the entire known universe, including the extragalactic galaxy, the Milky Way, and the solar system, all celestial bodies are constantly in motion.

For example, the distance between the fire star and the moon, because the rotation and revolution of the fire star will constantly change the distance from the moon.

At the closest point, it only takes four and a half months for the Blue Star humans to fly from the moon to the fire star.

But at the farthest point, it takes more than six months for the blue star humans to fly from the moon to the fire star.

The celestial bodies in the solar system are constantly moving, including the sun, but due to many complex factors such as the gravitational field of large celestial bodies, their relative positions are relatively stable.

The positions of the blue stars, the moon, and the fire star have already been played by the blue star humans, but the asteroid belt is extremely unfamiliar.

Even though I got some star maps from Spirit Race, it is still extremely unfamiliar.

The most important thing is that the position of most asteroids in the asteroid belt is constantly changing due to gravitational field fluctuations or collisions of countless large and small stars.

Therefore, if the team going out for exploration wants to return to the Unut asteroid by flying, it must have a location beacon that can be retrieved from a long distance.

An artificial pulse neutron star is such a beacon.

Its role is equivalent to the sea lighthouse.

The importance is dozens of times more important than the lighthouse on the sea!   Because of this, the special operations groups and participating groups in the allied areas want to conduct long-distance exploration, and they must wait until the candidate pulse neutron star, the space lighthouse, is launched, and get the pulse frequency before they dare to go out and explore.

Otherwise, the probability of being lost in space and unable to go home is 99%!

apart from this, exploring in space must be conducted in flight formation.

There are too many unforeseen accidents.

Maybe a meteorite impact can destroy the aircraft.

Or an electromagnetic storm can cause some aircraft electronic equipment to fail.

Therefore, this time the Heavenspan Special Operations Group traveled and chose a flying formation.

Because the Heavenspan Special Operations Group has a relatively small number of people, it did not choose a spaceship with a relatively large size and a relatively slow speed.

Instead, we chose aerospace fighters, with aerospace supply ships as the main formation.

There are a total of seven aerospace fighters, one of which is slightly slower than the aerospace fighter but stronger than the aerospace spaceship.

Inside the aerospace supply ship, in addition to various emergency equipment, there are four small aerospace vehicles.

This time the asteroid belt is being developed. Xu Tui doesn’t know what the preparations for the other zones are. However, the scientific and technological materials provided by the Huaxia District are still extremely sufficient. Man-machine formation.

Apart from this, three researchers from the Heavenspan Special Operations Group were also allocated, one is an atmospheric and liquid researcher, and the other two are both geological researchers.

Bringing them is also to judge the development value of an asteroid in a short time and whether it has the probability of becoming a resource star.

At the same time, in order to deal with possible extreme accidents, a special warfare group is also equipped, and the military is also equipped with a transmutation cultivator.

Because it is an evolutionary cultivator, almost no Fleshy body can fly. Once the aircraft is damaged during the flight, especially when it is in space, it will definitely die.

Equipped with a powerhouse capable of flying with a Fleshy body, there is still room for recovery when such an extreme accident occurs.

From this point of view, the Huaxia District attaches great importance to the safety of the members of the special forces.

At the same time, it may also avoid being thought of by the special warfare groups as sending people to monitor, so the powerhouse of the transformation that is accompanied by the special warfare groups can choose whether to do it or not.

If you want, you can also freely select the entourage within a certain range.

In Xu Tui's words, fools would not want it!

Xu Tui's candidate is not surprisingly Zhou Chuan, who once fought side by side.

An aerospace fighter with a very popular and standard performance, named Heavenspan by Xu Tui, and temporarily used as a flagship aircraft.

Xu Tui, Zhou Chuan, Li Zhen, Tao Guan, and a geological researcher stayed in the flagship aircraft.

After taking off from the Unut asteroid and leaving the gravitational field of the Unut asteroid, the warplanes flew into space.

The vast space is deep and dark.

Although there are tens of thousands of asteroid meteorites in the asteroid belt, they are densely packed.

But that is from the exploration data on the star chart.

In fact, the distance between most asteroids is more than four to five thousand kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers.

"Leader, which direction shall we explore now?" Zhao Hailong's voice resounded in the command channel.

In which direction, this Xu Tui really has no direction for the time being.

The Earth, Moon, and Fire celestial bodies in the asteroid belt are different from those in the inner solar system. The positions of the celestial bodies in the asteroid belt, including their relative positions, are constantly changing and extremely complex.

"Or, find a Luck Emperor and choose a direction?" Xu Tui said with a smile in the command channel.

"That's not the leader of you, isn't you the biggest Luck Emperor?" Cui Xi said with a smile.

"I'm still Europe?"

"Captain, you count yourself, how many euros do you have during the space raid? Just take us to rush to catch the thunder Big fish like this, and "Miao Huanshan, who is with Cui Xi all the way, just licked."

Xu Tui naturally couldn't explain that it was the information Mitsubishi Ding gave him.

Ou is Ou.

When he was about to decide his direction, Xu Tui had a sudden movement in his heart.

Before landing, the scarlet fire Jane flickered four times.

This kind of flickering is the same as Xu Tui returning to Blue Star for the first time after getting scarlet Huo Jian. Scarlet Huo Jian has also experienced abnormal fluctuations.

But it's not like the abnormal reaction after landing on the asteroid belt now.

But maybe there is something to gain?

And the key thing is that the scarlet fire Jane actually gave Xu Tui an extra boost under the threat of Xu Tui's hysteria last time against Lei Zhan.

What does this mean?   This shows that Scarlet Fire Jane may be alive!

Although this so-called spirit will be very low-level.

But if you have spirit, you can have a certain degree of communication.

"Give me a direction?"

Xu Tui directly used the spirit strength to introduce scarlet fire, and express his meaning with consciousness.

In fact, after Xu Tui's breakthrough to genetic evolution, the connection with scarlet fire Jane has become a little closer, but the increase is not obvious.

In my mind, the scarlet fire Jane flickered a few times, and suddenly he gave Xu Tui a direction.


Xu Tui immediately gave instructions.

In the gloomy space, this flying formation resembling a group of flying ants immediately turned around and sailed into the depths of space.

"Leader, a meteorite was found on our channel. It is estimated that after 3 minutes, this 14-kilometer-diameter meteorite will collide with our side at high speed. Whether to destroy it or to give way, please give an indicator. "The head machine Zhao Hailong sent a request for instructions.

"Ahuang, calculate."

"Can't be destroyed, the team will avoid five degrees to the left, not more than six degrees, otherwise it will be attracted by the meteorite a thousand kilometers away. Field interference flight."

On the first day of flight, there were seven accidents in total, which was much higher than the normal state of space flight. However, this is also the normal state of flight in the asteroid belt.

After flying out of the Unut asteroid's one-day flight circle, the formation slightly expanded, slightly opened the distance, and expanded the detection range.

However, the few celestial bodies encountered are still relatively small meteorite celestial bodies, which are of no significance for detection.

During the period, Xu Tui urged scarlet fire Jane twice.

This time I gave this flight direction every time, apart from this, and there was no more instructions.

"Leader of the report, our right wing issued a larger celestial body. The survey data shows that it is more than 1,200 kilometers in diameter and non-gaseous." Yanghuai reported suddenly.

"Turn around, check in all directions, and prepare for landing."

The current flight range is about two days of the Unut asteroid.

Any asteroid within the distance of the three-day flight circle around the Unut asteroid cannot be let go.

The asteroid with a diameter of more than 1,200 kilometers is already relatively large, and the size of the moon is only 1,700+ kilometers, and the diameter of Phobos, which has undergone several decades of transformation, is only three-four hundred kilometers.

After 3 minutes, the detection data came, and the current ambient temperature of this asteroid is about minus 21 degrees.

It is flying in orbit, but the orbit of which celestial body is unknown.

You can log in.

"Supply ship, No.6 and No.5, flying with orbit. No.1 to No.4, Heavenspan is ready to land." Xu Tui gave the order.

One hour later, successfully logged in.

The first thing that needs to be done is safety testing.

Various numbered fighters flew around this unnamed asteroid for comprehensive detection.

"Report to the team leader, no signs of life were found."

"Report to the team leader, no radioactive fluctuations were found."

"Miao Huaishan, Yanghuai , Your two teams are escorting two researchers to conduct geological inspections. The other teams, led by the Heavenspan and the No. 1 aircraft, will continue to fly further to explore the asteroid at low altitudes.

In formation."Xu Tui's order was issued.

At the speed of an aerospace fighter, orbiting this unknown asteroid in a circle, it only takes two hours at a low altitude.

Half an hour later, Zhao Hailong’s voice suddenly came from the communication channel, “Report to the head of the team, at the temporary coordinates X234 and Y177, suspected artifacts have been found, and ask for exploration.”

Inside the Heavenspan, Xu Tui's eyes narrowed.

Suspected of artificial creation?

Xu Tui frowned immediately issued an order, "Continue to explore remotely and wait for our formation to arrive."

"Attention the whole team, found a suspected artifact, raise the alert level, Enter the combat state." Xu Tui immediately issued a warning.

When the Heavenspan rushed to the corresponding coordinates provided by Zhao Hailong, Xu Tui contacted Scarlet Huojian again.

The red light only flickered slightly, very blurry.

I don't understand what it means at all.

Half an hour later, fighters from Xu Tui, Cui Xi, Luo Murong and the others arrived above Zhao Hailong’s so-called suspected artifacts.

It looks very much in the sky. It looks like an extremely regular disk. There are chiseled marks on the disk, but most of it is blurred.

Soon, the remote sensing analysis of the data of the material composition below made everyone excited.

Metal of unknown composition!   The disc below is not the natural stone that naked eye looks like, but metal of unknown composition! In   this case, the probability of artificial creation is very large!   "Continue to lower the altitude and explore."

"Explore the drone at ultra-low altitude."

Xu Tui adheres to the basic principle of a commander-caution!   Fifteen minutes later, after various explorations and temptations, including firepower testing, this disc-like artificial creation did not respond, nor did it find any threat.

Eliminate most of the dangers.

Finally, the most important step-manual exploration, sampling or direct detection.

After one minute, Xu Tui, Zhou Chuan, Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, Mu Xingluan, and the others formed a combat squad and left the fighter planes for field exploration.

Cui Xi stays in command.

Before leaving the fighter plane, Mu Xingluan still gave each person a cane and a thousand twisted armor.

However, after Mu Xingluan's breakthrough to the genetic evolutionary realm, this ability has also been greatly improved.

Xu Tui's mentality swept away before the person landed.

The moment Xu Tui's face was swept down, his face changed.

"Be careful, a weak source energy fluctuation is found below!"

*****   Take a small and small Divine Beast home from Jiayuguan this afternoon, take a rest, and have a rest in the evening. The codeword is in a good state today.

The second update will be later.

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