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  Chapter 627 Lei Shu’s Strategy and Expedition Base   Started to explore at Xu Tui and the others When the suspected artifact was found in the unknown asteroid, Spirit Race moved forward to the base. Lei Qian, whose belly was slightly arched, suddenly smiled after receiving a message, and immediately connected Commander Lei Shu, and Commander-in-Chief. Lei Shu makes a video call.

"The three asteroids we prepared before, one of which has been discovered by Blue Star Human Race, and they have already been in contact with the ban." Lei Qian joyfully said.

Lei Shu in the video call looks a little tired.

In the last fire star raid, the fire star was defeated and suffered heavy losses. As the commander-in-chief, he must give the temple a plausible and reasonable explanation.

The Blue Star humans invaded the asteroid belt. This is just a heavier reason, but the biggest role is to make the battle of the forward base tight. Even if the temple is dissatisfied with him, it can't change the command.

The Blue Star humans do not understand the significance of their entry into the asteroid belt, but the Sanctuary does.

However, this is not enough.

To continue to strengthen his position and fully explain the failure of the last time, other events are needed.

These days, Lei Shu has been busy with this matter.

Falsifying, and making the fakes the same, is actually very tiring.

But seeing Lei Qian, especially Lei Qian bulging out of his lower abdomen, Lei Shu felt refreshed.

Looking forward to this child, he has been looking forward to it for more than 20 years.

A person who has not experienced such a long expectation cannot understand his desire for a child.

Especially as he gets older, his desire for bloodline is also growing.

Even the powerhouse in Spirit Race only has a longer life.

The perpetual life, even inside the Spirit Race, also belongs to the legend.

"Which asteroid is it?" Lei Shu looked at Lei Qian's abdomen with a stubble beard, and asked while smiling.

"The asteroid No. 122, Lei 122, was briefly occupied and operated by the Daxi people a hundred years ago.

Later, it was cleaned by our troops. It’s been idle all the time.

But the positioning facilities have always been intact.

According to your plan before, you can quickly draw the Daxi people into the battle circle and walk to the blue star The opposite of Human Race.

At the same time, we will also hand over to the sanctuary the iron proof that the Daxi tribe is re-active in the asteroid belt." Lei Qian said.

At this point, Lei Qian himself sighed in relief first.

The Blue Star humans entered the asteroid belt, and at most the time for the temple to change the forward base commander was greatly delayed.

However, the presence of the Daxi tribe in the asteroid belt makes the consideration of the temple even more complicated.

The Daxi tribe is now in constant war with Spirit Race in the galaxy. If the Daxi tribe is allowed to stand firm in the solar system, with the characteristics of the Daxi tribe, it will bring a great threat to Spirit Race.

In this case, for a long time, as long as Lei Shu is tougher, the sanctuary will not be able to change.

With painstaking efforts, everything will be different.   But before they are completely successful, they still have to walk on thin ice!

"Then continue to act according to the plan, follow up closely, and order our Lei Department assault team to be ready to attack at all times.

We need a big victory!   Can A big victory to make the temple happy!" Lei Shu said.

"The head can rest assured."

Lei Qian is also very happy.

When Lei Shu and Lei Qian were very happy, the Heavenspan Special Forces team encountered difficulties in their exploration.

This huge disk with a radius of 50 meters on the ground of the unknown asteroid has been tested by various means and confirmed by the accompanying researcher that it is indeed an unnatural product.

is an alloy.

Very high hardness and strong corrosion resistance.

It looks more like a wall or a door that cannot be opened.

There are also similar alloy materials in the surrounding underground. Preliminary estimates are that it may be an alien civilization site.

This is an amazing discovery.

The sites of extraterrestrial civilization often represent huge gains.

It doesn’t need to be much. As long as some samples can be obtained, it is possible to greatly improve the technology of Blue Star Humans.

For example, the alloy of this disc. After studying for a short period of time, several researchers, including Xu Tui, Luo Murong and the others with a certain level of research, have all discovered an amazing fact.

The alloy level displayed by this disc is even stronger than the B-level mechanical spirit alloy that is currently the most widely used by Blue Star humans.

Especially the firmness, toughness and recovery performance are slightly stronger than the B-grade mechanical spirit alloy.

You must know that Bluestar can currently produce only E-rank and D-Rank mechanical spirit alloys, and C-Rank and B-level mechanical spirit alloys are all seized.

Xu Tui’s current combat uniforms are nothing more than custom-made from B-level mechanical spirit alloys.

Such a large disk is stronger than Grade B Mechanical Spirit Alloy. If this is taken back, how many combat uniforms can be made?

The most important thing is that apart from naked eye seeing a disc with a radius of 50 meters, there are more similar alloys underground.

Just take these alloys back, if they can be used to make interstellar combat uniforms, they can explode tens of thousands in an instant!

But the problem is that the existing equipment is extremely difficult to cut.

And what if the bottom is a base?

After studying for a long time, everyone said, "Head, the source energy below this disk we found fluctuates, do you want to touch it?" Yan Lie asked.

This source energy fluctuates, not only Xu Tui has discovered it, but after landing, many people's energy field forces are aware of it.

"The safest way is to send a message to Chief Cheng and let him send someone to study." Zhou Chuan suggested.

"Chief Cheng is now a bare shot? Except for the soldiers, there is almost no elite power that can be used." Cui Xi said.

"Continue to explore, I will first contact with spirit strength, and then see if I can get more information.

Even if I send a research team, if there are more Information, then future research actions will be more targeted!" Xu Tui said.

Soon, Xu Tui's decision was approved by everyone.

Under all gazes, Xu Tui's spirit strength once again passed through this heavy disc, touching the source energy below the disc fluctuating.

In Xu Tui's psychology, the source energy seems to come from an object.

All the opinions that have been felt before, think that this may be a switch.

It is likely to be a switch to turn on this disc.

It may be due to the age and lack of energy.

Cautiously, Xu Tui’s spirit strength slowly touches and senses this source of energy. I want to use my previous judgment to see if I can find something similar to a switch.

The moment Xu Tui's spirit strength touched it, the source energy suddenly dissipated! It was   almost an instant, an indescribable isolation, and it spread from the entire disc in an instant.

Xu Tui's mentality was directly disconnected by more than half.

The Spiritual Body swayed slightly.

Other people also discovered the anomaly, and they explored, and immediately showed their shock.

"Hey, does this disc actually isolate the energy field force?"

"The spirit strength is also isolated."

Xu Tui also frowned. , His mental sensations can no longer pass through, even his spirit strength can't pass through.

What is going on?

Touched a certain mechanism?   Still?

The entire group of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was confused and inexplicable. When various attempts were made again, on the other end of the asteroid belt, on a rather large asteroid, there was a very mechanical style. , Suddenly there was a little movement in the humanoid being quietly doing construction work.

"Report to the executive officer that a transition signal point was detected. The transition signal point currently detected is in the outer solar system, but is relatively close to Ceres." A Daxi scout reported.

"Near Ceres, where is my clan's transition point?"

"The data shows that it is the legacy of my clan's march into the solar system a hundred years ago. There should be a base and database. There is a record in it.

But it has been silent.

It may have been intensified recently due to changes in the external environment before being retrieved by us." The scout reported.

"Located near Ceres? There is a base? Then can we build a solar system expedition base based on this base in a short time?"

The eyes of the Daxi people flashed in a flash, "Build a transition channel and order the first Hundred Men Squad to prepare for the transition! The second Hundred Men Squad and the third Hundred Men Squad are ready."

**** *   Today is too late to pass, and tomorrow Zhu San will work harder!   (End of this chapter)

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