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  Chapter 628 The Land of Opportunity and Swinging with the Situation (subscription required)   "Commander in chief, return The signal shows that the Daxi quark particle transition device has begun to work, proving that Daxi has discovered the Daxi ancient base on the asteroid Lei 122.

Do you want to implement the next step?" Spirit Race advances the base, Lei Qian again Contact Lei Shu.

Lei Shu did not answer the rhetorical question, "The signal transmitter we installed above, how many bluestar human life fluctuations have been detected?

How long will it take to self-destruct?

"Commander in chief, the signal transmitter we installed on the Lei 122 asteroid has a weak detection function. The current blue star human life fluctuations detected are relatively small.

According to the parameters, the number of life fluctuations of the Blue Star humans on the asteroid Lei 122, It shouldn't be more than fifty people.

In addition, the self-destruction program of the signal transmitter has been activated.

It takes about five minutes to complete the particleization and self-destruction, and turn into dust.

Unless the executive officer of the Daxi ethnic group, Level 1, it is possible to find it in person." Lei Asking a question, Lei Qian can understand Lei Shu's intentions and answer by analogy.

This is also the fundamental reason why Lei Shu likes Lei Qian.

Not only capable, but also capable!   "The scale is not enough, so continue to feed them, start the Second Step plan, and at the same time, order Leihong's commando to depart and arrive nearby to stand by.

Then act and arrange according to the plan.

This time, after the'tragic victory', the sanctuary level should be able to pass." Lei Shu said.

"If Master Leihong comes over, there will be some emptiness on Charon Star's side, especially Langfan Lord Yun. Recently, there have been a lot of doubts and have been tracking Langju's imprisonment." Lei Qian said.

"Let Lei Zhen take someone to Charon Star, let him watch the waves and clouds for me!" While speaking, Lei Shu's mouth was full of cold and severe.

That is, after the last big defeat, there was too much power loss and manpower shortage.

On the Charon star's side, neither for Spirit Race nor for his forward base.

Otherwise, he would have resolved the waves.

Previously, Ceres was guarded by the giant waves of the water department, but Ceres is the key to all plans now, so Lei Shu has taken the giant waves a long time ago.

"My lord, Master Lei Zhen is leaving, and Ceres is here, but it is temporarily guarded by the Fifth Wisdom of the Fission Race." Lei Qian was actually reminding Lei Su.

This reminder gave Lei Shu a little headache.

Previously, he was only the commander-in-chief of the forward base, without too much selfishness, so the management was very smooth.

But now, in order to protect himself, he has the mind to support the bandits, especially to cover up the defeat at this time, and he has done many ulterior things.

All these things must be done by someone who can absolutely be trusted.

It is his ethnic group that can be trusted absolutely, and we all share weal and woe.

However, within his thunder tribe, the Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade that can stand alone are extremely limited.

The previous Lei Zhan counted as one, but he died in battle!

Of course someone chooses, but in terms of strength, it's a bit short.

"Let Lei Ye take Regan with him. Although Lei Ye is a quasi-planet, he has insufficient strategic awareness. Let him discuss with Reagan more when he encounters problems.

I will personally discuss it later.

Tell him." Lei Shu said.

"Well, I will arrange it, commander-in-chief. Next, I will mobilize the Blue Star human exploration forces to increase the scale of this battle.

Contact the black hole and Dawn. Side, I need your communication authorization." Lei Qian said.

"Well, communication assistance has been delegated to you. You only need to contact the black hole, and the main thing is to rely on the dawn." Lei Shu said.

This confession made Lei Qian a little confused.

Last time, Shuguang’s behavior was almost a betrayal, which can be said to be one of the fundamental reasons for Spirit Race's defeat.

For this reason, after coming back, Lei Shu was angry with thunder. Several times he publicly threatened to catch the light in the future and rub the light into the ashes.

Obviously hate the dawn.

This meeting, but also said that it is mainly redeemed by dawn, which is somewhat contradictory.

"My lord, didn't you say that Dawn was no longer loyal to us and betrayed us, and contact him now, don't you?" Lei Qian wondered.

"Dawn has never been loyal to our Spirit Race, he is loyal, only his or their interests!"

Lei Shu sighed for a long time, he also experienced this time Dawn Only after the betrayal did I see this through.

Unfortunately, it was a little late.

Otherwise, the last big defeat in the battle of fire star might be avoided.

"You can feel free to contact Suguang, as long as you smell the benefits, Suguang will lick it like a dog!"

"Understood, Commander-in-Chief." Lei Qian was very surprised. Well-behaved nodded, then his hands compared a heart, "I miss you, come back quickly, I want to hug!"

Upon seeing this, Lei Shu laughed but shook his head, "I too I miss you, but I don’t dare to hug, in case I can’t help it"

"I hate it!"

Lei Qianjiao, wearing a uniform, suddenly became one His face is gentle and amorous, "Come back early, you can't help it, so can others!"

On the moon, staying in the newly built quiet room, Itivi browses slightly wrinkle.

Not a faint machine rumbling sound outside, but an email.

An e-mail address from an e-mail address that has been redirected and disguised.

In the email, two pieces of code were sent.

After using the Code Book to translate, the content inside made Yitivi frowned.

This email address redirected through layers of disguise is one of the regular contact methods between Itivi’s identity as a black hole and Spirit Race Thunder.

The last time they were on fire star, they had further communication, although the final transaction failed because of Xu Tui.

But more contact information has been agreed.

Moreover, the root cause of the failure of the last transaction was Itiwi's problem. Itiwi did not win Xu Tui.

Otherwise, a deal can be concluded.

The interpretation of the email is straightforward.

The email said that there is an asteroid in a certain location, and there is an ancient base related to the Daxi tribe on the asteroid. Lei Shu hopes that the black hole can be occupied or destroyed, and it should be able to gain something.

I also gave a relative position coordinate, but the space coordinate of this relative position can only last for five days at most. After five days, the asteroid will deviate from the coordinate due to constant movement.

For this reason, Itivi browses tightly frowns.

Itiwi is not stupid.

Spirit Race is not silly and sweet, and will not give him benefits out of thin air.

Spirit Race sent him this information, definitely wanting to use his hand to achieve some purpose.

Such as destroying the ancient base of the Daxi people?   Or, has the Daxi people already appeared in the asteroid belt?

Or, Spirit Race has a deeper purpose.

Spirit Race most likely wants to use him!   This point, Yitiwei sees clearly.

But seeing it clearly does not mean Itivi can ignore this information.

Whether it is the Daxi people or the ancient bases of the Daxi people, there is a huge temptation for Itiwi.

The Daxi tribe is also a powerful alien race. It has briefly appeared in the solar system before and is one of the enemies of Spirit Race. Its technological level is much higher than Spirit Race and Blue Star Human Race.

The enemy of the enemy is the friend.

What if you can get in touch with the Daxi people?   The significance is extremely important for him, Itiwi personally, or for the Union of India.

Including that ancient base.

Even if there is no Daxi people, once this ancient base is obtained, it means that certain aspects of technology in the Union of India may be developed by leaps and bounds.

To be sure, behind this intelligence sent by Lei Shu, there must be a purpose and even more pitfalls.

But behind the risks, they also represent benefits and gains, and even hidden huge opportunities.

If he had contacted the Daxi people earlier, then   suddenly, Yitiwei understood why Lei Shu sent him such an intelligence email directly.

This is his psychology.

Danger and opportunity have always coexisted.

It's too rare to take advantage of it without risking it.

Moreover, this information made Itivi suddenly realize one thing.


The asteroid belt in the future may be full of countless opportunities.

Continue to stay on the moon, I am afraid it is a very LOW behavior.

Ten minutes later, Itivi suddenly made a decision-he was going to the asteroid belt.

In order to achieve this goal, Itiwi invited Nirabu, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Union of India.

To be honest, this guy Nilab has been unsatisfactory for more than a year. In this position, he is on the verge of collapse.

However, he has won the praise and support of Itiwi. The influence of Itiwi, the master of the Union of India, does not need to be questioned.

Only then can Nilabo continue to be responsible for the affairs of the Union of India area outside the territory, and it has strengthened the voice in the Blue Star.

Of course, Nilab also paid the price-that is licking Itiwi!

The last time Itivi, the moon guardian, left at will, Nilab also ignored it.

Otherwise, Nilabo, the Chief-In-Charge of the Indo-Union District, will be the first to stand up and stop.

And now, this licking continues.

"Master, if you want to go to the Unut asteroid, then you must solve the guarding substitution problem.

You must find another Planetary Grade powerhouse to come to the moon You guard.

Because of the impact of the last incident, this became a must." Nilab said.

"I will solve this problem. I have already contacted Knott, and he will come over to guard for me." Itiwi said.

"That's okay. I will inform all parties immediately. As long as Mr. Nott arrives, you can set off for the fire star.

I will arrange a comfort boat for you. A very high air-to-sky fighter, it takes about five months on the road." Nilab said.

"Ordinary aerospace fighters are just fine. Give me a full load of phosphorous oil." Itiwi said.

"Master, is this going to rush over quickly?"

"Yes, so, our guard Asid on the Unut asteroid, you know There will be a sound, when the time comes, I will go directly to replace him.

In addition, I will bring a few students there." Itiwi said.

Itivi is so anxious that if Nilabo has no political sense, he would not deserve to sit in this position.

"Master, do you want to rush over in such a hurry?"

"This is exactly what I want to tell you, my student Luo Tanmeng, you know, He has been exploring the depths of the solar system. A few days ago, he found a very crucial message and passed it back to me.

The risk is great, but the risk and the opportunity coexist!   At the same time, this discovery , It also made me realize that the asteroid belt may be the key location and node for the breakthrough of our Blue Star human beings.

If we want to emerge as a new force in the India-Union zone, it must be in the asteroid belt.   Doing and gaining ! So, I decided to go to the asteroid belt myself!" Itivi looked awe-inspiring.

Nilab stood up, after finishing his clothes, bowed to the ground with a big gift and kissed Itivi’s bare feet, "It is a blessing for me to have a master here!

It is also a person who has a future-minded master like a master who works for the well-being of our India-Union area with all his heart. Only then can our India-Union area jump out of the quagmire. Only in the future will we have the probability to dominate space.

Master, I, on behalf of countless people in the Indo-Union District, thank the guru for his dedication."

Itivi’s palm touched the top of Nirabu’s head, “As long as the Indo-Union District can be strong, I am willing   Give everything! I have told you the information, do it according to your ideas!

Don’t be afraid of failure and danger!

Only those who do practical things can undertake The probability of failure and victory.

Those who speak empty words will always only have empty words!

Remember, behind you, there will always be me!" Etiviy whispered.

"Many thanks to the teacher's trust, I will arrange related matters immediately." After saluting again, Nirabu left.

At the same moment, in an unknown mysterious base, Aurora was talking to Sugon.

"Boss, I just received a piece of information from Spirit Race, and there is an intention to use us to spread it.

But it didn't give us any benefit."

"Have you analyzed it?" Shuguang asked.

"Spirit Race has a conspiracy, and may want to achieve certain goals. It has the meaning of using Bluestar Human Race. I have sent you the original text of the intelligence." Aurora said.

"No matter where this information is given to the district, I am afraid it will be crazy! Even if there is a pit, I will jump down. Go and contact, remember to sell a good price!

It seems , Spirit Race has begun to accept our repositioning.

In that case, we will play this role well and wait for the next opportunity to rise." Shuguang clapped.

"Boss, I think there is a conspiracy in Spirit Race. If one is not good, the loss of each district may not be small?" Aurora worried.

"You can see it all, do you think the Chief-In-Charge of the districts can't see it? However, in the eyes of many people, as long as it is a valuable sacrifice, it is worth it.

Human life is very important in the eyes of the leaders of the joint districts, but sometimes, it is not as important as you think." Shuguang said.

"Okay, boss, I just think we stood on the side of the blue star human last time"

"Have you seen a buoy in the ocean?" Suguang asked suddenly .

"I have seen it."

"Fixed piling pointers in the offshore area will be destroyed by wind and waves over time, and often require maintenance or even reconstruction.

But what about the floating cursor?

Swaying with the waves, letting it storm the sky, it still exists!   Swinging with the situation, this is our positioning, and only in this way can we survive!" Shuguang said.

"Boss, I understand, the power over there, do you want it."

"Of course you have to inform, maybe you will get a big benefit?"


In the next half an hour, the Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts all received mysterious transaction requests from the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization!

Transaction is a piece of vital information!

*****   Four thousand words, the boss with a monthly pass will drop one first!   (End of this chapter)

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