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  Chapter 629 The first fight with the Daxi people (seeking a monthly pass)The   huge disc , A group of members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, browse tightly knit.

After the touch just now, this disk, which looked like a portal, suddenly changed its characteristics. Whether it was spirit strength or energy field force, or electronic signals, it couldn't pass through.

But faintly, but I can feel a strange rhythm inside.

This kind of strange rhythm can only be felt when standing on the disc, and cannot be felt if you leave the disc.

It's more like a body sensation.

Everyone guesses differently.

This may be an alien ruin or an alien ancient base. Their attempt just touched a certain working mode of this ancient base or something else?

Or did it trigger a signal?   But no matter what kind of speculation it is, it is impossible to be sure.

"Have you contacted Commander Cheng of Unut asteroid?" Xu Tui asked.

"It should be a meteorite collision that triggered various complex storms, the signal was interrupted, and the recovery time is uncertain. Huh? The   fluctuations have become stronger." Cui Xi suddenly surprised.

Standing on the disc, Xu Tui's gaze also changed, and the fluctuations inside had indeed become stronger.

"Ahuang, can you feel this rhythm and analyze it through me?" Xu Tui thought of Ahuang.

As a supercomputer, Ah Huang had the training of Shang Taki and the others before, and later obtained the Spirit Race resource star database on the Jifeng 7 resource star, on the fragmented knowledge reserve , Better than Xu Tui and the others, I don’t know how many times stronger.


"The similarity between this fluctuation and the one highlighted by the creator is as high as 92% or more. I will display the relevant information." Ah Huang reminded.

The creator refers to Shang Taki.

Soon, the information from Ah Huang made Xu Tui startled.

Daxi nationality, jump point.

This is a piece of information that Shanglong has highlighted in the data. Once you find similar fluctuations, you must be highly vigilant and suspect that the Daxi people will arrive in a leap.

The Daxi ethnic group is known as the most technologically advanced ethnic group in the Galaxy.

is the enemy of Spirit Race.

But definitely not a friend of Bluestar Human Race.

Because of the Daxi people, they also have a strategy of invading the Blue Star homeland.

Since the Great Genetic Era, the Daxi people have appeared in the solar system several times, but each time they were destroyed by the Spirit Race.

But don't think that the Daxi people are very weak.

In fact, the Daxi people are very strong.

The reason why they were destroyed by Spirit Race in the solar system is because Daxi people entered the solar system some time later than Spirit Race, and Daxi people themselves are somewhat dependent on resources.

Outside of the solar system, the Daxi tribe and Spirit Race can be said to be inseparable!   "How much do you know about the Daxi people and their transition." In this sentence, Xu Tui asked Mitsubishi Ding.

As a species with a relatively long lifespan in the universe, the Diamond Clan knows no less.

Mitsubishi Ding and Xu Tui are now familiar with each other.

When Xu Tui was very serious, Mitsubishi Ding never dared to make arbitrary conditions.

Only when the things Xu Tui confessed are completed, if Mitsubishi Ding speaks for some rewards, as long as Xu Tui is in a good mood, it will be good.

In the information given by Mitsubishi Ding, there are several key points.

A small-scale leap of the Daxi people, from start to finish, lasts fifteen minutes.

The Great Western tribe’s leap, not by battleship, but by creating their own power, a strange energy operation technology.

In the Daxi people, not everyone can jump.

Only quasi-planets and above can make long-distance jumping jumps.

Generally speaking, a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi people can bring ten energy units to jump.

In the Daxi people, an energy unit is a normal powerhouse in a transformation state, and ten evolution states are worth an energy unit in a transformation state!   A Huang also provided similar data to Xu Tui.

As confirmed by the two phases, there is not much difference.

But whether it is the information provided by Ahuang or Mitsubishi Ding, there is a problem-this is the situation of Daxi’s fifty-sixty years ago. The Mitsubishi Ding’s information is older, and it is the Daxi’s one hundred years ago. Happening.

I don’t know if there are any changes or improvements.

"Our touch just now triggered a signal device, and then caused the current fluctuation.

After this fluctuation, enemies may jump in."

Xu Tui sorted out the information he knew and told everyone in the fastest way.

Although Xu Tui can directly make a decision on this matter, Xu Tui wants the big guys to know it.

Teamwork is a problem.

More importantly, one is afraid of the unknown, and knowing is not afraid.

Among the enemies, at least has a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse!   But the teammate's point of view is more radical than Xu Tui!   Xu Tui originally thought that most people would choose to evacuate quickly and avoid them first.

But what Xu Tui didn't expect was that most people actually chose to fight.

There are many reasons.

One of them is more convincing. How far can they escape in a few minutes?   Once they are overtaken in space and the aircraft is destroyed, they will be completely turned into cannon fodder. They will not even have a chance to fight desperately. On the contrary, they will have the power to fight on the asteroid.

Quasi-planetary powerhouse is not invincible!   Furthermore, they also have large-scale technological weapons.

Air and sky fighters are not decorations.

"In that case, prepare for the battle."

On the Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star, the strength of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group's continuous battles is reflected at this time.

No one panicked even if they knew that there was a Quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse among the opponents.

One by one, under the command of the old regiment members, they prepared for battle as ordered by regimental leader Xu Tui.

Mu Xingluan and her classmates began to arm all the members to strengthen their defenses.

"I'll take the lead." Zhou Chuan took the initiative to ask.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui both eyes slightly closed, under internal vision, he quickly shrinks the cloud-shaped Spiritual Body in his mind and turns it into an egg-shaped Star Core Spiritual Body.

At this time, you can't hide it.

When the finger touches the disc, the rhythm in the disc becomes stronger and stronger.

Five minutes later, the tyrannical breath suddenly radiated from the disc.

Below the disk, that is, inside the ancient base of the Daxi people, a tall man with a linear and mechanical beauty in all parts of his body suddenly appeared with a huge aperture.

As the energy in his body continued to output, densely packed light spots suddenly appeared in the aperture, which was nearly a hundred.

After one minute, all the light spots have become Onishi clansman with different colors and great mechanical beauty.

"Lavis-sama, you have worked hard." Another slightly shorter, silver-dressed Onishi clansman, at the first moment of the successful transition, he led others to bow and salute to Lavis. , Quite has several points of gentleman flavor.

"Karen, check the base. I found out that there are dozens of life fluctuations outside the gate of the base. They seem to be small insects of a certain alien species.

Very weak!

There is only one middle and low-level creature comparable to you, and the others are all low- and middle-level creatures in the evolutionary realm.

I need some time to recover the energy consumed"

When Ravis instructed, Karen bowed again and said, "Master Baiyue, as you wish. I will immediately take someone to check the function of the base, and then solve the small insect outside the base.

Master Baiyuechang, please rest and restore energy."


Lavis, who just closed his eyes and began to extract the stored energy in the hexagonal crystal, suddenly his whole body There were waves of light and shadow, and his face was so handsome that it was so beautiful that it was alienated, and his brows wrinkled.

"This life fluctuation belongs to the Blue Star Human Race?"

"Gosh, did I get the blessing of lucky Goddess?" Lavis suddenly opened The tiredness between his eyes and eyebrows was swept away.

"Bluestar Human Race?"

Karen was also stunned, "My lord, we were in the vast universe, and we met Bluestar Human Race like this?"

"I think like you, really! This is definitely a gift from Guardian God!

This is definitely Guardian God's compensation for our hard expedition!"

Lavis was really excited.

As a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, he knows how much the Daxi people have paid to return to Blue Star.

Now that he made such a leap, he actually met the Bluestar Human Race!   If he can be found and traced back to Blue Star's homeland, with this credit, in the future, let alone an executive officer, he is a consul, it's possible!   Even if you can't trace the Bluestar homeland, these Bluestar Human Races, which exude a strong primordial life fluctuation, are a great achievement, and they will surely be promoted to executive officers in the future!   "Quickly, check the status of the base and determine when the next transition beacon is activated."

"My lord, the search is already in progress. The transition beacon is charging, but the base lacks effective energy reserves. With natural recharging, the next time the quark particle jumper is activated may be in units of years.

It is recommended to use our reserve energy to recharge and activate the quark particle jumper in a short time." Lun said.

"Okay, but my suggestion is to take down these blue star Human Races while charging the quark particle transition device.

It's a feat!" Lavis said.

"My lord, your will is our command!" Karen is very happy, Lavis is good, and he is indispensable!   "I think that Executive Gint should also know the good news immediately, otherwise, he will be unhappy." Lavis said.

"My lord, I will report to the executive officer of Jinte right away."

"No, I will. Within 3 minutes, I want you to search the base thoroughly and open it to me Gate to the base!"

"Don't worry, my lord."

Far away, Lavis' report to Executive Gint was delayed. Therefore, Lavis only reported the latest findings and base information, but did not get Gent's response.

But in these 3 minutes, Karen has perfectly completed Lavis' task.

Although this base has been in deep sleep for a hundred years, the products of the Daxi people have always been fine products.

It will last forever-not to mention it.

But absolutely durable.

This base, except for the lack of energy, everything else is intact.

After 3 minutes, Karen used the spare hexahedral energy body to supplement part of the energy, at least to open the base gate, there is no problem.

"My lord, you're ready, you can attack at any time!" Karen said.

"Well, don't rush to shoot for a while, these blue star humans are very weak and can't run far! However, in the data, they are very cunning, but they are afraid of death!   So, I want to talk to them first to see if there are any surrenders!" Ives said.

"I understand, sir, as long as there are surrenders, it is not too difficult to find the Blue Star homeland!"

"Turn it on!"

At the moment of nodded, he pressed the opening button of the base gate.

Because of the age, the opening process is a bit bad. The sound of hong long long is accompanied by a lot of dust.

However, Lavis directly pulled out an energy shield, and all the dust was isolated.

In the dust, Lavis slowly rose out of the base with a huge aperture!   "Attack!"

The dozens of Blue Star Human Race who were waiting in front of him suddenly launched a variety of attacks on Lavis who was the first to rise!

Including those technological creations.

In response, Lavis's mouth curled slightly.

These blue star humans with weak aura fluctuations do not understand his power!   "Hi, friends from Blue Star, in fact, I am not malicious, we can talk about it."

Lavis used his most friendly tone and the one he had learned before The lingua franca said hello to the other side.

However, a black sphere that blasted towards them, blasted towards them, interrupting Lavis's voice.

Ravis is slightly frowned.

In this dark sphere, he detected radioactive materials with extremely strong energy fluctuations, which could harm him!

Must be destroyed first!   "The things that act recklessly are valuable to you!"

Muttering, Lavis’ palms instantly burst into silk-like energy brilliance, but at the same moment, a powerful wave The incomparable quasi-planetary wave suddenly broke out on the opposite side.

In an instant, Lavis was surprised by this quasi-planetary wave!

A mental hammer, at the same moment, fiercely blasted Lavis' forehead.

Lavis' Spiritual Body swayed, and the silk-like energy just gushing out of his palm dissipated!

In the next moment, the three-phase thermal bomb was detonated without hindrance!


Karen, who rushed out from behind, rose up in despair.

Opposite, Xu Tui's scarlet, who has just completed the booster mental hammer, is slowly dissipating!

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