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  Chapter 632 Can you stand a hundred whips? In the   supply ship, on the unfolded carrier-based quantum ultra-range radar, dozens of light spots flashed.

Occasionally, these light spots will disappear from the radar's search range, but after a few minutes, they will reappear.

This is not because the enemy has carried out technical stealth tactics, but because the various electromagnetic storms, particle storms, and gravitational field repulsive forces in the asteroid belt are extremely chaotic under the collision.

The radar search received strong interference.

This is also one of the current dilemmas. It is temporarily unable to contact the commander of Unut Asteroid Cheng Daxing.

"According to the current signal of this fleet, their forward speed is not fast. It is between Mach 30 and Mach 40, which is similar to the cruising speed of our aerospace fighters in space."

"From the perspective of speed, it doesn't look like Spirit Race! Spirit Race generally likes to set up quantum Transmission Passage, and Spirit Race travels are usually accompanied by vassal races, and the fleet is quite large. It may be a vassal class of Spirit Race.

The three tribes of Spirit Race, Alienation, and Fission are all equipped with technological space flight transportation, but their aircraft technology is not far ahead of us. It's only half a generation," Cui Xi said.

The backbone of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group gathered in the supply ship to analyze the current situation.

"Will that be the reinforcements of the Daxi people?" Zhao Hailong wondered.

The prisoner Xu Tui has just captured has not yet been interrogated, but Xu Tui feels that it is unlikely that it will be a reinforcement of the Daxi ethnic group.

The force of the Daxi tribe just now came through their jump ability.

According to the information given by Mitsubishi Tripod, this kind of transition, which requires transition beacons to navigate, is called a long-distance transition in the big clan.

Usually, the long-distance jump can only be carried out when the distance exceeds one hundred thousandth of a light-year, that is, when the distance is about 100 million kilometers, the long-distance jump can be used.

When the distance is less than this, generally only short-distance jumps are used.

It is said that every time the Daxi people use a long-distance jump, it consumes a lot of money.

First, if the reinforcements were so close, then the Daxi people would not have had a long-distance leap forward.

Second, speed!

The technological level of the Daxi nationality is definitely ahead of the Bluestar Human Race. From this ancient base of the Daxi nationality, the technological level of the Daxi nationality is one or two times ahead of the Bluestar Human Race.

How big is the age of this technological gap?   The gap between the agricultural age and the industrial age of Bluestar mankind is known.

Still don’t understand?

Xu Tui once played a very retro business strategy game called Age of Empires. In each era, there is a huge technological gap, and it is equivalent to that era.

If it is the Daxi ethnic group, with the advanced technology, the speed of the fleet is definitely much higher than that of the Blue Star humans.

"It's not the Daxi race, it's not the Spirit Race, so this wave of fleets is very likely to be the vassal races of the Spirit Race, the alienation race, the weapon Spirit Race, the fission race?" Cui Xi concluded.

"No, there is another possibility, you forgot." Luo Murong, who has always been silent, said suddenly.

This time, without Luo Murong's words, Xu Tui also thought of it.

"Murong, you mean, it's the pioneering special forces in other areas of our Blue Star?" Xu Tui asked.

Luo Murong is nodded. Now that the topic has been brought up, he stopped talking and started to be a listener again.

Don't tell me, this probability is great!   Although speaking of the vast universe, the probability of encountering a dozen or so special warfare groups that are opening up the asteroid belt at the same time is very, very small.

But it is still possible.

After all, the pioneering search range of the big guy Early-Stage is within the three-day flight circle of the Unut asteroid belt.

Soon, the decision-making layer of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group discussed a plan, and Xu Tui finally made the final decision.

Of course, the specific strategy is not a matter of dry words.

If it is a vassal species such as Tool Spirit Race, the first thing is to determine whether there is a Planetary Grade powerhouse among the enemies.

If there is, a squad must be set aside and ready to evacuate at any time. The intelligence of this asteroid must be reported, including some key materials.

As researcher Jiang Nan said, the ancient Daxi base on this asteroid is very important to the Huaxia region.

This is more important than many of the equipment in the Spirit Race that Xu Tui got on the Extreme Wind VII Resource Star.

Many of the Spirit Race equipment obtained on the Extreme Wind VII Resource Star can only improve the technological level of Huaxia District.

But the things in the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, thoroughly studied, can make the science and technology of Huaxia District directly rise.

Others use this base to entangle with the enemy.

If there is no Planetary Grade among the enemies, the pressure of combat will not be so great.

There is a three-phase thermal bomb in his hand. Under suitable conditions and terrain, carefully designed, the quasi-planetary powerhouse can also ask him to drink a pot.

"Captain, what if this fleet is a friendly force in other areas of our Blue Star?" Cui Xi asked definitely.

"Friends from other alliances?"

Xu Tui narrowed his eyes. "It's a friendly army. Of course, no matter which friendly army comes, we will all   Put the flag first! According to the regulations on the development of the Unut asteroid, we still have a few conditions to declare that this unknown asteroid is occupied by our China region?"

One, but the flag was planted to declare that the construction of an artificial pulsed neutron generator can be completed in a short time.

The only way to report to the Wunuxing asteroid and inform the seven regions and one organization. It can't be achieved for the time being," Zhao Hailong said.

hearing this, Xu Tui slightly nodded, "First take care of other matters. Once you can re-contact the Unut asteroid, immediately report the relevant matters to Commander Cheng.

Then , Prepare for battle deployment."

In the last sentence, Xu Tui was looking towards Cui Xi and said.

Among the backbone members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, only Cui Xi and Yanghuai have received professional war command education and training.

But Yanghuai’s command style is more orthodox and more suitable for large groups.

Cui Xi’s command style is more compatible, more realistic, and more compatible in personality.

So, Xu Tui has gradually handed over to Cui Xi to do the battle deployment.

Cui Xile is in it, and Xu Tui is also very comfortable.

"Leader, if there is a possible battle conflict, one of my battle plans is to use the ancient Daxi base that I discovered as the battlefield and arrange it in advance. What do you think of the head? "Cui Xi asked.

As soon as this remark came out, Jiang Nan, the researcher who was watching, waved his hand immediately.

"No, it is absolutely impossible to set the ancient base of the Daxi people as the default battlefield. In that case, once it is affected, especially when energy weapons and thermal weapons are used, the loss will be too great.

As far as Huaxia District is concerned, the slightest damage to this base is now a huge loss." Jiang Nan said.

No one paid attention to Jiang Nan's opinion, all the backbone members looked towards Xu Tui.

The same goes for Zhou Chuan, who is an observer.

As an outsider, Zhou Chuan understands it.

The cohesion of the Heavenspan Special Forces is entirely on Xu Tui's side.

He is better to be a tool man of change.

"Yes, even three-phase thermal bombs and booby mines can be deployed in advance. I will detonate them, but I hope that this ancient base of the Daxi people is the second qualifier battlefield." Xu Tui said.

"Understood, leader!"

Researcher Jiang Nan was impatient and wanted to say something, but Xu Tui lightly patted his shoulder, "Researcher Jiang, I told you The idea is the same.

But you have to understand that no matter what kind of enemy we encounter, only if we survive first, can the value of the ancient base of the Daxi people be discovered by the Huaxia District. , Bring the technological advancement of Huaxia District.

If we all die in battle.

Then there will be nothing.

So, we are annihilating the possibility In front of the enemy, everything here can be used in battle." Xu Tui said.

Jiang Nan understands the truth, but when he thinks of possible losses after the battle, Jiang Nan feels extremely uncomfortable.

Every discovery here, in theory, may contribute scientific and technological discoveries to China.

"Leader Xu, I understand, but there are some areas, you really can't."

"I know! Some areas are very important, we will try to avoid them, but fighting, everything is Unknown." Xu Tui said.

Jiang Nan is helpless.

After thinking about it, Jiang Nan said again, "Head Xu, I have a request."


"Head Xu, I think this base, our aerospace fighters and supply ships can be directly driven in.

The loading capacity of the supply ships is still very large. I want to integrate some important facilities with scientific research All valuable materials are first loaded into the supply ship and part of the air and space fighters. Even if there is a war, with the protection of the energy shield, the probability of being destroyed will be much smaller." Jiang Nan said.

After considering for three seconds, Xu Tui nodded, "Yes."

Jiang Nan is sighed in relief.

Subsequently, the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces Group prepared for the war intensively and began to implement one by one according to the occupation regulations in the development conditions.

For example, to surround the planet, and initially detect the planet’s surface map and geographical features.

In key and representative locations in the region, physical and electronic flagging, as well as geological collection, etc., are carried out.

These are actually very good.

A few aerospace fighters can circle the asteroid in one or two hours to complete the exploration.

Xu Tui, who was busy with other people and had a lot of free time, directly took the captive of the Daxi tribe from the spirit strength shield.

This boy was bombed by a three-phase heat bomb before, but he didn't die. Later, he suffered a few mental hammers from Xu Tui. The power fluctuations went wild, and he fell into the genetic transmutation state, exuding The fluctuation of the evolutionary environment.

This is a relatively safe situation.

Generally speaking, genetic evolution is very difficult to threaten the current Xu Tui.

However, Xu Tui still cautiously propped up the Vajra Barrier, and propped up an invisible spiritual shield that can defend against spirit strength attacks.

Who knows if there are any weird methods for the Daxi people who have never met before? In the   next moment, Xu Tui hit the alloy block directly with a mental whip.

"If you can communicate with me, just speak up!   If you can't, I decide to give you a hundred whips first, depending on whether you can stand it!" Xu Tui shouted.

*****   As long as the big guys give a monthly pass, let alone a hundred lashes, a thousand lashes can survive!

(End of this chapter)

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