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  Chapter 633 is not letting the ground   "Don't smoke anymore."

The breath is a little bit more Under the threat of Xu Tui, the fallen Daxi captives made a sound immediately.

"Stop picking me up. According to the Galactic Convention signed by the Daxi, Spirit Race, and Muya people, the captives are protected by the convention.

You can choose to pay me clansman, ask for a high ransom, and choose to trade at a safe trading place you think is appropriate.

And according to the Galaxy Convention, we cannot retaliate against you within three months of the transaction."


Listening to the slightly disturbed voice of this alloy block, Xu Tui's heart was slightly relaxed.

The direction is right!

According to Mitsubishi Tripod, the more powerful the race, especially those powerhouses in the race, the more afraid of death!

The older you are, the more you are afraid of death!

Of course, this is not absolute.

Only some people in some races fit this situation.

In the Ryogoku, it is also because this kind of thinking is more common, and in the end, the science and technology tree was slightly crooked.

Obtained a long life, almost indestructible body and defense, and then lost a lot.   The captive of the Daxi tribe in front of him has no fleshy body.

As for the alloy block in front of it is its new body, but if you can change the species of the fleshy body at will, will you still be afraid of the torture on the fleshy body?

Yanghuai, the torture expert is no longer available, and Xu Tui can only find a way.

didn't expect, this guy seems to be very afraid of death.

"Galactic Convention? I haven't heard of it, so."

"Sorry, it is a convention. All intelligent races in the galaxy, as long as they are not Barbarian, must abide by it."

"I'm sorry, I choose to be a Barbarian now!" Xu Tui said.

Lavis: "."

"I have some questions, I hope you can cooperate, otherwise, my patience may not be much, my whip should be able to kill you ?" Xu Tui said.

Lavis: "."

"Can I treat your silence as non-cooperation?" Xu Tui raised his eyebrows.

"You can ask."


"Daxi people."





"One hundred. Thirteen years old."

"Live It’s been long enough."

"Middle-aged. In our clan, my age is the golden age."

"Well, then tell me about your situation. , And why did you suddenly use this alloy block as your body? From my observation, this alloy block should be very ordinary, right?" Xu Tui asked.

This Lavis really cooperates very much in order to survive.

When Xu Tui asks, it is almost like pouring beans from a bamboo tube.

As for the answer to true or false, Xu Tui, who cuts into the resonance and radiation of the mind, can have a general judgment.

The Daxi ethnic group is a group that has a great research on life.

Under the combination of technology and extraordinary power, the power of the Daxi people fuse together with the Spiritual Body, and the fleshy body can maintain its Peak state even at the end of lifespan.

At the same time, at critical moments, some alloy items can be pinned on their power Star Core.

Of course, this has a certain impact on their strength.

This also causes their power to be more vulnerable to spirit strength attack methods, especially when Star Core leaves the original fleshy body protection.

This is also the reason why Xu Tui's power fluctuations will drop every time he hits him with a mental hammer just now.

If his fleshy body was not destroyed by the three-phase thermal bomb, this would not happen.

The death of the Spiritual Body is regarded as the ultimate demise by the Daxi people.

This is why Xu Tui can threaten him.

During the interrogation, Xu Tui also heard another gossip message.

Weapon Spirit Race.

Today, Spirit Race, a vassal class weapon of Spirit Race, is actually a flawed intelligent race created and transformed by Spirit Race based on the Daxi tribe.

At the same time, Xu Tui also knows a lot of other information.

For example, the pioneer troops sent by the Daxi tribe to the solar system have a total of 5,000 people.

A total of three thousand jumps of Planetary Grade.

Lavis is a hundred leaps and bounds.

The so-called one hundred leaps and a thousand leaps are also a division of strength within the Daxi people.

Hundred hops are the ability to take one hundred units for ultra-long-distance transitions, and thousands of hops are the ability to take one thousand energy units for ultra-long-distance transitions.

Basically, a thousand leaps are all Planetary Grade powerhouse.

The leader of the Daxi tribe’s vanguard force is a powerful executive officer.

The executive officers are all Planetary Grade powerhouses that can transition at least two thousand energy units.

At this point, Xu Tui also confirmed from Lavis's mouth that the fleet approaching this unknown star at high speed should not belong to the Daxi ethnic group.

The foothold of the Daxi tribe in the asteroid belt is far away from this unknown asteroid.

The fleet cannot come in a short time.

So, is this fleet coming towards this unknown asteroid, a vassal species of Spirit Race, or a Blue Star human?   Or is it just passing by?

By the way, the hexahedron with a handle like a magic wand that Xu Tui picked up that was not destroyed by the explosion of three-phase heat is the quark particle jumper of the Daxi people.

It can be said that this is currently the most advanced creation of the Daxi people.

apart from this, Xu Tui didn't get much effective information from Lavis.

In other words, this guy Ravis is half an idiot in terms of technology. Many things know the name of the technology and the specific content. Sorry, he didn't remember.

"Since you are good at cultivation, please write down all your cultivation theory and cultivation method." Xu Tui ordered.

"In this case, can you let me go?" Ravis wondered.

"Let you go?" Xu Tui laughed, "I can only guarantee that you can live, or meet one or two of your small requirements, and find you a more comfortable body. "

"Dear Xu, in fact, our cultivation theory and cultivation method are useless.

Without our clansman body, our method cannot be used. cultivation," Ravis said.

"Perhaps, I can create or transform a new race like Spirit Race?" Xu Tui played said with a smile.

"no no no, dear Xu, that is absolutely impossible! Spirit Race can be transformed into a mechanical Spirit Race, and it is only realized under extremely complicated circumstances. Recurrence is absolutely impossible." Weiss said.

"Ravis, you seem to have forgotten your identity. A prisoner who needs to obey and exchange for good living conditions?" Xu Tui reminded.

"Uh, well, I remember my identity. I will write down all our cultivation theory and cultivation method to you. It will take some time.

But I only have the theory and method of cultivation to quasi-Planetary Grade power." Lavis said.

"Well, you are more cute like this."

Lavis: "."

Old Cai gave Xu Tui many pointers before, Xu Tui, after nearly a month of cultivation plus Jingsi comprehend, I already have some thoughts about Old Cai.

Old Cai wanted Xu Tui to go his own way.

Among the current Bluestar powerhouses, all Planetary Grade powerhouses that take their own unique path are the strongest.

For example, Arela, her several Fire Element ray abilities, the purple flame ray is the signature ability of Vulcan Gevro, but the scarlet ray is her own creation.

Another example is Harlan, the strongest Planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District, Old Cai and Shanglong in Huaxia District, and Itiwi in Indo-Union District.

More or less, have their own unique and unmatched abilities, and battle strength can be ranked in the forefront of blue stars.

It is precisely for this reason that Old Cai has pointed Xu Tui many times, wanting Xu Tui to go out of his own way, so as to ensure that the future Xu Tui is strong enough.

The future Xu Tui is strong enough, and to some extent, the future Huaxia District will be strong enough.

This is extremely in line with Old Cai Huaxia District's style of supremacy of interests.

But the problem is that if you want to develop your own unique abilities, this difficulty is called Hell Level.

In the six major areas of Bluestar, there are countless outstanding people in the past 100 years, powerhouses that can open up a path or walk out of their own way, can be counted on one's fingers!

Xu Tui's idea is that since it is extremely difficult and extremely difficult to open up his own path, should he take the second place?

Standing on the shoulders of the predecessors, can you synthesize or fuse one or two powerful abilities?   At this moment, Xu Tui wants to know the cultivation theory and cultivation method of the Daxi people, which is his starting point.

Learning and reference!   Cannot be cultivation, but can be used for comparison, reference and reference.

"By the way, can you control this ancient base?" Xu Tui asked suddenly.

"It was ok, but the repair technicians are dead!" Lavis said.

"You won't?"

"I won't! I can't start when it's intact, but now the inside of the gate is seriously damaged"

" Waste!"

Lavis: "."

Time flies quickly. In a blink of an eye, more than two hours passed. Zhao Hailong and the others also completed the right The detection and preliminary flagging of this unknown asteroid.

However, the unknown fleet is getting closer and closer to this asteroid.

It is basically certain that it will not be passing by, but will come straight to this asteroid.

"Captain, that fleet is expected to reach our asteroid within ten minutes. The quantum ultra-range radar has scanned some details, and it has been confirmed that this fleet is from Blue Star.


It should be a fleet of a pioneering special combat group in the Milian area.

But which fleet it is, I don’t know yet.” Cui Xi said.

"The pioneer team in Milian District? Are you sure?" Xu Tui asked.

"It has been repeatedly confirmed that the standard of the aerospace fighter is also very similar to ours. There are two supply ships. According to the scale, the number should be at least more than 100 people." Cui Xi said.

"This fleet is our Blue Star fleet! That's very good, there is no need for a devastating war!" Jiang Nan, who was in the audience, looked relaxed, but found that everyone in the room uses one Look at him like an idiot.

Jiang Nan is puzzled!

"Researcher Jiang, you said that this base was discovered by the pioneering group in the Milian District. Will it grab it?" Yan Lie asked.

"According to the asteroid belt development regulations, doesn't this asteroid already belong to our China region?" Jiang Nan was blank.

"I'm afraid that some people are unwilling, especially the last step of the report, we haven't completed it yet." Zhao Hailong worried.

"Be prepared and declare sovereignty directly. In addition, I order that from this moment on, this unknown asteroid will be named-Asteroid Fuqiang!" Xu Tui ordered.

"Leader, according to the asteroid belt development regulations, the naming must be notified after the Unut asteroid is reported and approved before it can be named." Zhao Hailong reminded.

Xu Tui was hearing this with a smile, Zhao Hailong was a little more square.

"We have already reported to Commander Cheng, haven't we?" Cui Xi and Yan Lie understood at once, but Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, and Mu Xingluan did not understand.

"Team leader, it's not that I haven't been in contact."

"Because of electromagnetic wind and particle fluctuations, we can't reach the Unut asteroid, so the Milian area rushed over. This fleet, they must not be able to contact the Unut asteroid now.

We said that it was reported, and that is to report and determine the ownership." Xu Tui explained.

"Then what if they don't approve it?" Zhao Hailong wondered.

"Don't recognize it?"

Xu Tui sneered, "Remember the slogan of the warrior guarding the territory of the Huaxia District more than 100 years ago?"

Unexpectedly, Zhou Chuan and Yanghuai, two people related to the military, were immediately awe-inspiring.

"Don't let an inch of land!"

"An inch of land must be contended!"

"Come on, brothers, let us plant the flag on the Fuqiang asteroid and sing National anthem, warmly greet the friendly army of Milian District!" Xu Tui shouted.

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