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  Chapter 634 Shameless and Exposure   Fuqiang asteroid outer space, one is composed of three supply ships , A fleet of fifteen aerospace fighters is approaching the asteroid Fuqiang at high speed.

In the flagship, Dan Rick, the head of the Free Special Forces in the Milian District, and Bengri, the deputy commander, as well as military advisers Bert, Kenny, and Liers, are holding a military meeting.

"In five minutes, we will land on the asteroid sent by the deputy director of Mai Ponao.

After landing, we will be divided into three formations, three consultants My husband followed a formation and searched the entire asteroid, looking for the ancient base of the Great Western tribe that Mr. Mai Ponao said.

At the same time, we collected the preliminary information of this asteroid, and according to the asteroid belt development regulations, Complete the flag and occupy the declaration." Dan Rick arranged.


"No problem."

At the same time as a group of members responded, the adjutant reported anxiously, "The report leader, in On the unknown asteroid ahead, multiple electronic beacons were detected. The electronic beacons are the flags of China.

At the same time, we received a piece of electronic audio!"

"What? "

Dan Rick and the three high level military advisers changed their faces at the same time and walked towards the radar monitor.

The radar monitor showed more than one hundred strong magnetic particle signal streams. In the end, these strong magnetic particle signal streams turned into a red flag on the radar monitor!   At this moment, the one hundred red flags displayed by this radar monitor were extremely dazzling in the eyes of Dan Rick and high level military advisers in the Milian District.

"The people in Huaxia District actually took the first step and completed the electronic flag-planting?" Deputy head Bengrid was somewhat absent-minded.

"Play the audio and see what they are going to say?" said Bert, a high level military adviser.

In the next moment, the moment the audio was switched in, the loud music rang smoothly.

Especially the phrase "get up" directly caused the high-level officials of the Milian District Freedom Special Operations Group to get goose bumps.

This is the national anthem of Huaxia District!

It has already arrived at this special warfare group in the Huaxia area where the ancient Daxi base asteroid exists, and directly sent them the national anthem. The intention is very clear!

This is a declaration of sovereignty to them, and at the same time, it is also a warning to them!   This is the territory of Huaxia District!

The area where the national anthem and flag flutter at the same time is the territory of Huaxia District.

The faces of Dan Rick and a group of high level military advisers turned black in an instant.

It was the first to occupy this asteroid by the China Region and declared its sovereignty.

It is especially important that, in the order of Lord Maipongao, the ancient base of the Daxi tribe on this asteroid is determined to be obtained.

According to Master Maipengao, the ancient base of the Daxi tribe on this asteroid is very likely to allow their Milian area to directly leap forward for a generation. It may be that their Milian area has become a cosmic powerhouse. A key step in the district.

At the same time, it is also a key step for the Milian District to dominate the Blue Star! The   previous order was that it must be occupied!   "Contact the Unut asteroid right away to see if the asteroid has been occupied in accordance with the asteroid belt development regulations in the China region!" Dan Rick, the head of the army, said anxiously.

"The report leader, the communication with the Unut asteroid is currently interrupted, and it is estimated that the recovery time will be more than five hours." The lieutenant reported.

Dan Rick browses tightly knit, with an anxious look on his face, "What can we do? It is impossible to determine whether the Huaxia District has truly declared the occupation of this asteroid with the ancient base of the Daxi people, then we cannot decide. The next step.

Is there any contact information for special or emergency situations?"

The deputy shook the head and said no.

The three high-level military advisers, Bert, Kenny, and Liers looked at each other, Kenny laughed first, "The young men are great, but sure enough, they are still a bit young."

Dan Rick and Bengri are a little at a loss.

"There are still 3 minutes to reach the ground, within two minutes, come up with a combat plan." Burt said with a smile.

"Operation plan? What do you mean?" Dan Rick was a little bit stunned, but not surprisingly, but the deputy commander Bengri lost his voice, "A direct attack is a serious violation of the regulations on the development of the asteroid belt. .

We will definitely be held accountable after the war!"

"If all the enemies die, nothing has happened, there will be no accountability!" Although Liersi is a woman with long golden hair, she looks quite charming, but at this time, her words are overflowing with murderous aura.

Bengri opened his mouth, but found that he could not refute this statement, "After all, it is a friendly army. I mean, what if there is a chance to stay alive?"

"No There will be something in case!"

Kenny waved his hand, "Furthermore, even if there is an accident, slobber wars, Maipongao are the best at them, let alone there is no iron proof. , If there is iron proof, we can also produce iron proof.

Furthermore, isn’t there Bert?"

Bengri was stunned. He had heard about these things before. But today, I have personally experienced it. Is this what is called politics.   "Since we are going to attack directly, we must be foolproof. Although Maipongao-sama can help us with the aftermath, I still feel that this matter can The more beautiful it is, the more beautiful it is.

According to the general tactical code of Huaxia District, including the entire Bluestar, the unknown planet, generally at least a separate emergency squad will be arranged.

Used for communication or rescue, or intelligence transmission in the most desperate situation.

No matter which team in the Huaxia District is facing, there will be one or two emergency squads like this.

So, first find this emergency squad." Bert said.

"This is probably difficult! When the other party deliberately hides and turns on the anti-reconnaissance function of the combat uniform, our shipboard equipment will not be able to find them." Captain Dan Rick immediately entered the state.

He knows very well that the reason for sending them three high level military advisors by the coalition area actually lies in this, not just the support in terms of strength.

"Under normal circumstances, we can, but, this time, we have a back door." Burt laughed.

"Back door?" Dan Rick puzzled.

"Yes, the back door. At this time, the development missions of the alliances are starting out in a hurry, and the demand for artificial pulse neutron stars is relatively large.

For a time, each alliance has a separate service. It is impossible to produce a large number of artificial pulsed neutron stars in a short period of time.

Finally, under the cooperation of the various regions, a number of cosmic lighthouses such as artificial pulsed neutron stars have been produced.

Then, there are two core components, all of which are from our Milian District.

The next thing, you know." Bert said.

Everyone showed a comprehensible color.

The higher the technological level of the device, the easier it is to leave a backdoor in its hardware and software, and the harder it is to find the other party.

In front of everyone, Burt entered a long string of codes on the shipboard radar. Suddenly, two huge spots of light appeared on the shipboard radar.

"Okay! If I didn't guess wrong, one of the two artificial pulse neutron stars should be the main force of the other's pioneering group, and the other should be the emergency squad position.

Get close, turn on all life-detection instruments, and you can tell the difference based on the number of people.

In addition, Dan Rick, I think you need to contact the other party’s pioneering team. You have to say something, by the way Get some information." Burt said with a smile.

Dan Rick frowned, "Mr. Bert, say something, declare war?"

"Hey, young man, remember from now on, on the battlefield, learn shameless, you will Live very well.

Not a declaration of war, but an announcement, announcing that this unknown asteroid has been occupied by our Milian Free Special Forces and has been reported to the Unut Asteroid, please immediately Leave immediately," Burt said.

Dan Rick was stunned.

The deputy commander, Bengri, was completely shocked.

What's special, can you still play like this?

This is not shameless anymore, but extremely shameless.

The deputy commander Bengri feels that his view of the world has been completely refreshed in just a few minutes.

After two minutes, the communication channel of both parties is connected.

As soon as it was connected, Xu Tui’s roar sounded in the communication channel, "The fleet on the opposite side will immediately identify you and land at the location we designated.

This It is the newly discovered Fuqiang asteroid that has been occupied in the China Region and has reported the Unut Asteroid.

Please report your number immediately and land in the area under our command."

"Please note the opposing combat unit. We are the Freedom Special Forces in the Milian Zone. Please leave the asteroid Freedom we occupy immediately. The time limit is five minutes.

If you don’t leave within five minutes, We will activate unlimited fire power!" Dan Rick, the commander of the Freedom Special Forces, also roared.

The three high level military advisers laughed.

Dan Rick grew up very quickly, and he directly gave this asteroid a name.

Although the level of naming is not very good.

But the speed of improvement is very fast. At this speed of improvement, it will not take long to catch up with them.

Both parties shouted the same thing, Dan Rick looked towards Bert, and he meant to ask how to do it.

"Continuously warn, record, and prepare for battle."

In the ancient base of the Daxi tribe on the asteroid of Fuqiang, I heard the words of Dan Rick, the leader of the Freedom Special Forces, Zhao Hailong , Yanghuai, Yan Lie, and the others' lungs are about to explode.

This is so shameless.

Their Heavenspan Special Operations Group has been here for a short while, and they also fought a battle with the Daxi people. After completing basic surveying and mapping, flagging, and naming, they dare to claim to occupy this asteroid.

The Freedom Special Forces in the Milian District is too shameless.

Before it landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, I dared to publicly claim that the Fuqiang asteroid belongs to them.

"Can I be more shameless?" Mu Xingluan cursed.

"Actually, this is normal. This is the usual style of Milian District. Prepare to fight, Lao Cui, I'll leave it to you to control the scheduling." Xu Tui said.

"Captain, let's go back to the ancient base temporarily. Their fleet is quite large. If we use ship-based weapons to attack from a distance, we will suffer more." Cui Xi said.


Xu Tui glanced at the door of the ancient Daxi base, which was half-open and half-closed. This was the greatest degree of their human efforts to close the door.

This door can still bring a sense of security.

After all, even three-phase thermal bombs are protected.

"What about emergency squad?" Xu Tui asked.

"The emergency squad was carried by Tao Guan and Li Zhen. Four people in total have ordered them to holographically hide and wait for the order." Cui Xi said.

"Leader, the opponent is from the Free Special Forces of the Milian District. According to the intelligence, this time, the number of the Free Special Forces exceeds two hundred, and at least two members of the Transmutation Realm are equipped. Military consultant." Yan Lie presented the data immediately.

"How many people are in the genetic evolution world of the Freedom Special Forces?" Xu Tui asked.

"More than half or 2/3/2021."

As soon as Yan Lie replied, the complexion of the nearby group members changed, and the difference in the number of people was too big.

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group has a total of only 31 people, six times the number of people.

When Xu Tui saw this, he laughed first, "Hailong, how many can you kill?"

"If the leader allows me to take unlimited shots, I will cut at least 20. One!"

"I have ten!" Yan Lie said.

"I am eleven." The numbers reported by Luo Murong were simple and depressed Yan Lie.

"I'm afraid you don't have a chance to achieve your goal." Xu Tui laughed, making all the new members of the group happy.

But in the next moment, Cui Xi's face changed, "Head, look here, the location of the emergency squad may be exposed!"

"What?" Xu The smile on Tui's face disappeared suddenly.

***   You can have a smile and a monthly pass. Today, Zhu San’s codeword status is hard. After buying two tickets, there is still a half-way stop ticket.

(End of this chapter)

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