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  Chapter 635 The surrender order and Lao Tzu stand at attention, kneel! The   radar monitor showed that when the Freedom Special Forces Fleet landed in Milian District, three air-to-sky fighters suddenly left the team and rushed straight to the emergency squad hidden 2,000 kilometers away.

Other fighters are directly attacking the ancient Daxi base here.

The life and energy fluctuations here are so violent that it is normal to be discovered by the Freedom Special Forces. However, how can the location of the emergency squad that has already entered the holographic state be discovered?

Things that are completely impossible.

The position is still locked so accurately!

"Immediately notify Tao Guan that they retreat or retreat to the ancient base!" This is no longer the time to investigate the cause, and a decision must be made within a short period of time.

"It's too late."

Cui Xi smiled bitterly, and Xu Tui instantly understood.

Tao Guan and the others were in a holographic hidden standby state before. The fighters they used to escape, the engine had already ceased fire and cooled down.

The restart time of the aerospace fighter is very short. It only takes one minute to take off, and another minute to accelerate to above Mach 15.

However, at a distance of 2,000 kilometers, the three fighters of the Freedom Special Forces can arrive at full speed in just one and a half minutes, and the airborne weapons are ready for shooting! The   words'it's too late' made the key members of Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, Mu Xingluan, and Yanghuai pale!   Is the Heavenspan Special Forces downsizing?   Before fighting, we will have to cut down four people!

"Head, is there still a chance to save?" Mu Xingluan's face was pale.

Cui Xi, who has the best relationship with Tao Guan, gritted her teeth and shook her head firmly, "If you don’t have it, you can’t save it.

If you save it, be surrounded by the opponent’s fighter plane. It will only kill more people!"

At the same moment, Tao Guan’s voice suddenly came from the communication channel of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, "Head, I don’t know. We seem to have exposed the reason, but our holographic hiding operation is very standardized.

There may be other reasons, the head of the group will look it up carefully in the future to avoid the same problem again."

Tao Guan didn't panic at the time of a big change, but there was still a trace of vibrato in his calm tone.

"Old Tao, can the terrain be used? Is it possible to escape?" Xu Tui asked hurriedly.

"The terrain can be used, but there is no possibility of escape. They have three fighters, 18 people, and a genetic transformation realm, which have surrounded us from afar." Tao Guan's voice was bitter.

Hearing this, Xu Tui, Cui Xi, and Zhao Hailong are all speechless.

An inexplicable sense of powerlessness came to Xu Tui's heart again.

"Head, I have a question?"


"We are dead like this, can we be considered martyrs?" Tao Guan Asked tremblingly.

Xu Tui is silent.

Cui Xi trembled, "Yes, absolutely, Lao Tao, your old lady, leave it to me"

"Okay, what's the matter! Lao Tzu is a bit unwilling," But on the fighter plane, there is a small-yield nuclear fusion bomb, which should be able to take away a few people! It’s   not a loss!

Li Zhen, if you have any questions, hurry up and say, we are running out of time. !" Tao Guan said.

On the other side of the communication, Li Zhen’s cry has been heard, "Head Xu Tui, I, I like you!"

Li Zhen suddenly screamed without scruples. stand up.

Everyone was stunned, but no one laughed!

This confession is especially a farewell confession!

Xu Tui's face is white when brushed.

Tao Guan’s voice sounded again, "Comrades-in-arms, goodbye in the next life, I am very happy to join the Heavenspan Special Forces. I don’t regret it."

"Tao Guan, don’t! Me Order you, surrender, and immediately surrender to the enemy on the opposite side!" Xu Tui roared up.

Oppositely, Tao Guan froze for a while, and roared, "Head, do you think Tao Guan is who I am?

Surrender, impossible!   Only those who died in battle Ghost, no one to surrender!"

"Fuck fuck, I order you, surrender! Right now, now!" Roaring Xu Tui has a hideous face!

"Surrender, you have a chance to surrender, trust me! Tao Guan, you have to believe me, I can save you!   As the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, I order you, Give up resistance and surrender now!   This is the order!

Immediately surrender!

This is the battlefield, execute the order!"Xu Tui sizzroar!


Tao Guan's voice was already crying.

In the distance, Tao Guan’s mouth already smelled of blood.

With great determination and perseverance, he decided to perish together with the enemy, wanting to gain the final dignity.

But now, the head of the regiment ordered him to surrender!

It’s a little bit really special.   "Head, I want to resist, I want to be dignified.!"

"Shut up and execute the order right away!" Rebellion on the battlefield, I will expel you from the Heavenspan Special Forces now!   Your surrender is part of the battle plan!

Carry out the order, immediately!" Xu Tui's roar is already a little hysterical!   "Head, can't you give me a heroic opportunity, I don't want to vote"

"Strong, you are paralyzed, give me surrender, this is an order!"


"Execute the order!"

"Emergency squad. Surrender." At the same time Tao Guan's weak voice sounded, Xu Tui sighed in relief, but his face was embarrassed. Gui did not go.

"Whatever they ask, just say what you say, including the situation of this ancient base. Don't carry it hard."

Zi zi’s current sound came, and the communication was interrupted.

In the ancient base, the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces Group looked at the hideous head Xu Tui with complex expressions.

No one didn't expect. At that moment, the head of the regiment would order the emergency squad to surrender!   Is this too soft?   But such a group leader can give them an inexplicable sense of security.

In the flagship of the Freedom Special Forces, Dan Rick, Burt, and Liers, two military advisers, have already celebrated first.

Take the opponent's emergency squad directly, or the kind of captive.

This will make the battle that will take place easier.

From the captives, they can fully understand the battle strength of the Heavenspan Special Forces and then make targeted arrangements.

It's a good start!


Ten minutes later, pieces of information came together, especially the four captured prisoners. After being interrogated separately, their confessions were almost identical and very cooperative.

Is the warrior of Huaxia District not as strong as the outside world?   "There are currently twenty-nine combat personnel in the Huaxia District, one in the Genetic Transmutation Realm, and the commander Xu Tui must also be counted as the battle strength of the Genetic Transmutation Realm.

All their fighters, All have retreated to the ancient base of the Daxi people.

Therefore, we cannot attack them with ship-borne weapons, even if we can or not.

This ancient base of the Daxi people has meaning. Very important.

So, our next task is to organize an elite team to break into the ancient Daxi base, wipe out the Heavenspan special forces, occupy this ancient base of the Daxi nationality, and completely occupy this asteroid!   Contribute to the continued greatness of our Milian District!" High level military advisor Bert has taken over the decision-making power.

"Heavenspan Special Forces is very strong. I suggest that three advisors lead the team and break into the ancient Daxi base, each with 30 members of the genetic evolutionary realm, how about?" Dan Li Ke suggested.

"No problem."

Five minutes later, Bert, Kenny, and Liers, three Transmutation Advisors, each brought a team of elite evolutionary members, cautiously Rushed into the ancient base of the Daxi people.

But there is no one at the entrance.

After one minute, the three consultants and the leader Dan Rick got together again. The situation of this ancient Daxi base was more complicated than they thought.

It has a honeycomb structure.

Obviously, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group has withdrawn into the depths of the base. What is even more shameless is that when the Heavenspan Special Operations Group withdrew into the depths of the base, it detonated several particle pulse bombs in succession.

Let their life detection equipment temporarily fail.

"Scattered or not?" asked the deputy commander Bengri.

"You can't disperse."

Burt immediately denied, "Heavenspan special forces do this to allow us to disperse our forces.

If we disperse Come, there may be a lot of casualties."

"But we all went in and explored, what should we do if the Heavenspan Special Forces comes out from behind?" Dan Rick asked.

"Leave a team of people, and I think this base is very large, and air and space fighters are passable. In this way, Dan Rick, you and Kenny bring a small number of evolutionary team members, and other mutations. The team members and the fighter planes are guarding the exit of the base.

Liers and I each bring forty evolutionary realms to explore in depth. If we find something, we will contact support immediately!" Bert ordered.

After one minute, the Freedom Special Forces quickly completed the strategic deployment.

Bert and Els, two genetic evolutionary realms, and the deputy commander Bengri, together with 80 genetic evolutionary realms, first chose a direction to search in.

At the same moment, in the depths of the base, Xu Tui, who observed the enemy's movements through the source crystal powder that laid down the psychic magnetic pile, sneered, "Go, they searched from Channel One, Hailong , Yanghuai, Yan Lie, Murong, Dai Lijun, Xingzi, Return to the mountain, you will go with me, and treat our gang of'friends' well!"

"Others, follow Cui Xi Command, ready to join the battle at any time!"

After 3 minutes, the members of the Freedom Special Forces search team headed by Burt have drawn a long list.

Although the passage of this base is very wide, six or seven people or more can be paralleled, but the narrow passage can only pass two or three people in parallel.

For the sake of tactics, it is in a three-person team formation to explore the depths of the ancient base.

The transformational powerhouse in the center, Liers, is the transformational powerhouse of the mysterious department.

Suddenly, Liers, who was completely focused attention, felt an inexplicable spirit strength fluctuation.

Liers complexion changed, and the whole person rushed in the direction where the spirit strength appeared, "Be careful, enemy attack!"

pu! The   nine-armed thorns are thick and thin. , Protruding from the ground without warning.

Put four members of the Freedom Special Forces in the genetic evolutionary realm together.

One person was seriously injured.

Three people died tragically on the spot!

"Damn it!"

After Bert who rushed over to check the situation, she cursed angrily, but Liers reminded, "Be careful, they should be nearby. , It’s not too far away from us.

Maybe 500 meters or 800 meters!"

"Pay attention!"

Bertfen One team member was sent to take care of the seriously injured, and the others continued to explore.

One minute later, the ground thorn burst out again without warning. This time, there were two deaths and two injuries.

"What's the matter, I just felt a little power fluctuation, why did his attack appear?" Bert frowned.

"Yes, it's weird!"

Liers unfolded her spirit strength and searched carefully. Thirty seconds later, she picked up a dust from the ground.

"This is the source crystal powder?"

"Yes, the enemy is likely to use the source crystal powder for positioning to attack us remotely, be careful!" Liers Said.

"That's very simple, let Wind Element's extraordinary ability clear the way!" Burt immediately came up with a solution.

In the passage, strong wind blows.

On the other side, Xu Tui frowned. The tactics he used to break into the source crystal powder of the psychic magnet pile were seen through faster than Xu Tui imagined.

"I need someone to help me open the way and withstand the enemy's attack!" Xu Tui said.

Yanghuai and Zhao Hailong stood up at the same time.

"If I can't hold it, I will retreat. I can actually carry it!"

Xu Tui smiled back and said, "Apricot, remember to fix your armor!"

Mu Xingluan made an OK gesture.


In the base, under the obstacles of layered buildings, Xu Tui's mental sensing range, also known as the combat range, has also been reduced.

Previously, it could reach three kilometers, which would be less than 1700 meters, but relative to the enemy, it is still very strong.


In the next moment, Xu Tui led people out of a functional room, followed the passage, and greeted the exploratory team in the Milian District. .

Eight battles eighty!

The scream of Flying Sword also rang out thoroughly in the passage, making a ghostly whistling sound.

Almost the moment the Flying Sword rang, Burt's face changed.

"Be careful, the enemy attack!"

The moment he shouted, a silver light flashed by Burt's side. The strong wind directly caused Burt's There was an indescribable tingling in the ear.

Supersonic speed!   "Be careful!"

Burt screamed, trying to block Flying Sword.

But the moment I turned around, I saw a series of fallen silhouettes.

The six genetic evolution realms behind them were bloody violently, and they pierced six with one sword.

"The enemy is ahead, follow me!"

Bert is not stupid, and immediately leads Liers to rush forward.

But at the moment he rushed over, Burt suddenly felt different. The moment he raised his head, his head was as if was struck by lightning.

In an instant, Qiqiao sprayed blood, and fell to the ground with one head forward.

Liers was in a daze, and the arrow was already blasting towards her.

That is the moment when she blocked the arrow, the head hurts, the mental hammer shocked her Spiritual Body of the mysterious department, and the whole person's memory was blank for that moment!   But he was a little better than Bert, and he didn't spit blood on the spot.

However, such a moment is enough.

Yanghuai, Zhao Hailong, and Luo Murong swiftly passed by, rushing to the back of Liersi to start the killing.

Yan Lie's body shape appeared in a timely manner, using his hand as a hammer, he directly nailed a spirit strength shielding nail into Liersi's head.

His figure disappeared instantly.

Xu Tui's mental whip was drawn from a long distance, and a large swath of it, the fire sea rose, but Dai Lijun shot it.

"Old Cui, kill!"

Cui Xi, who received the order, immediately led others to kill from another direction.

The so-called leaderless group of dragons is probably the status quo of the elite team of Freedom Special Forces.

There are nearly seventy people in the passage, much more than the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, but they can’t be deployed due to terrain constraints.

As soon as Yanghuai, Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, and Yan Lie were killed by elites who were capable of fighting the transformation, they were stunned.

Many people were beheaded almost in the first place.

Of course, there are also elites in Milian District, and there are also elites in the genetic evolution realm who can fight the transformation realm.

However, Xu Tui is at the rear, and he is specialized in this matter.

There is no need to use the spirit hammer anymore. Seeing which guy has a stronger aura, the spirit strength whip is pulled out instantly.

In the next moment, Yan Lie appeared like a ghost, like cutting melons and vegetables, cutting the target or cutting his throat or brain, a critical strike!   Kill one person in a flash!   Of course, there is still Xu Tui's cooperation.

Without the cooperation of Xu Tui, Yan Lie would also be impossible to have such a coquettish display.

The members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group who had just rushed over, especially the new members, were completely stunned when they watched Yan Lie's coquettish move of killing one person in a flash.

Is Deputy Yan Yan so perverted?   At the same moment, Burt woke up!   Bert, who had a severe head pain, woke up in a stretch.

Before I was sober, Xu Tui directly used the ground thorn to string together, and the key was strung!   At the same time, Xu Tui slapped her fiercely on the cheek of Liers who had been pierced with spirit strength shielding nails on her head.

Two big teeth fly out!

At this moment, Liers is not a peach-like mature woman, but an enemy!

"If you lose, I will stand up and kneel down!" Xu Tui cursed while smoking Liers!

"Kneel down!" With one kick, she kicked Liersi's knees, and there was a toothless sound of broken bones!

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