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  Chapter 636 We are friendly forces (see monthly ticket)

"Lao Yan, you are so relaxing Click, keep a few more livelihoods, to save Lao Tao and the others!" Seeing Yan Lie who was killing someone coquettishly in the distance, Xu Tui cursed.

If it can kill, Xu Tui will still discuss a strategy, not immediately kill the two genetic transmutation powerhouses, Bert and Liers?

The opponent must be caught, and the number must not be small. In this way, Tao Guan and Li Zhen who ordered to surrender just now can be rescued!

The blood dyed shot by the enemy into the pottery crown of the blood bottle gourd, turned his head and smiled at Xu Tui with a guilty heart. In the next moment, the blade light swept lightly and directly cut off an arm of the enemy in front of him. , The body rotated, put the opponent on the ground, and removed the joints.

Smoothly, I also nailed a spirit strength shielding nail to the side of my head.

Yan Lie is already familiar with this set.

"Leader, according to intelligence, this person should be Bengri, the deputy head of the Freedom Special Operations Group. I have left a big fish for you." Yan Lie said with a smile.

Xu Tui glared at Yan Lie, but did not forget to use the spirit strength concussion whip to continue pulling it out.

At this time, Xu Tui issued the benefits of spirit strength shock whip.

One big shot! It is   directly a range attack.

A concussion whip went down, and the attack area was 1.5 meters wide and three meters long.

Within the scope of the shock, all extraordinary abilities led by spirit strength will be affected, some of them dissipate on the spot, and those that do not dissipate on the spot, the power is also greatly reduced.

More importantly, the cultivator within the scope of the spirit strength shock whip will be affected by the spirit strength shock whip, causing the Spiritual Body shock to appear short or long, dull, blank, etc.

In attacking the Spiritual Body, the spirit strength shock whip is much weaker than the spirit hammer, but it depends on the target's condition.

Under the full outbreak of the Spirit Hammer, it has been able to damage the Spiritual Body of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Spirit strength, not to mention that the shock whip hurts the Spiritual Body of the quasi-planetary powerhouse, it damages the Spiritual Body of the powerhouse of the Transmutation Realm, and it is basically impossible, or not enough to have an impact.

But the problem is that the current Xu Tui spirit strength shock whip targets are all cultivators from the genetic evolutionary realm.

Basically, these people will be affected more or less under the scope of the spirit strength shock whip.

This kind of close combat, the impact of a moment, represents the end!

Xu Tui spirit strength The shock whip is like a bulldozer, pushing it all the way.

Spirit strength The shock whip can be drawn out extremely fast.

For a moment, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group who participated in the battle had an illusion!   The members of the Freedom Special Forces in Milian District, how come they are just like Chinese cabbage, they chop casually? In   particular, Xu Tui's battle awareness is very strong.

The entire battlefield is under his mental observation.

The members of the Freedom Special Forces Group, whoever is strong, will be drawn!

It's the same as critical strikes.

In a short period of time, the team of the Milian Special Operations Group lost the will to fight.

After 3 minutes, the battle is over.

At the entrance of the ancient Daxi base, Dan Rick, the head of the Freedom Special Forces in Milian District, and Kenny, the high level military adviser, were stunned by the screams from the command channel.

"This position! They are here, I will take people to the rescue immediately!"

The leader Dan Rick will take the remaining thirty-odd evolutionary realms. Going to rescue, but was stopped by high level military adviser Kenny!   "What are you doing? How many people will you die if you listen to this voice?"

"Before you understand the enemy's situation, you rushed to the rescue. You are not saving people, you are To die!" Kenny roared!   "Bert and Liers are both powerhouses in the Transformation Realm, one extreme type and the other mysterious type. Both of them have very strong battle strengths, but they haven't even heard a cry for help!

Do you know what this means?


There is the power to crush the powerhouse of Transmutation!

When you go in, you are dying !

Calm down, Dan Rick!   I am their comrade-in-arms, and I want to save them, but I can’t be stupid!" Kenny roared and was sprayed by Dan Li, who was sprayed with stars. K, finally calmed down.

"Then what shall we do now?" Dan Rick gasped.

"The enemy is inside. We must stay here, seek opportunities, and deter the enemy.

Move the aerospace fighter over the entrance of the base, and turn on all the airborne radars. Entering the attack state, the small-yield nuclear bomb and the three-phase thermal bomb are all ready.

At such a close distance, even if it comes to a quasi-Planetary Grade, it is terrible to be fired by so many fighters at the same time. "Kenny said harshly.


Dan Rick can be said to be kind, and he immediately followed Kenny's advice.

On the other side, deep in the base, members of the Heavenspan Special Forces who have just ended the battle are counting the results.

The results are amazing! The   Heavenspan Special Operations Group died in zero battles, none were seriously injured, and seven were slightly injured.

One of the hapless guys with minor injuries was still affected by his own extraordinary ability, and the terrain was a bit narrow.

The veteran members of the Heavenspan Special Forces have become accustomed to it.

Isn’t this the normal mode of opening a battle with the leader?   But the new members are completely dumbfounded.

I have been in a state of extremely shocking.

Almost thought it was a miracle in the history of war.

Twenty-nine players played against 82 players.

Twenty-one people on the opposite side died, 61 people were captured, and more than half were seriously injured.

No one has died in battle, only seven minor injuries! It   feels like what I said about Lianli, punching the Milian Kindergarten, kicking the Freedom Special Forces!   But the problem is that the elites who entered the Milian District today are not little children, nor Chinese cabbage.

Many people, members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group know each other and know that the opponent is very strong.

The concept of Blue Star Village is not for nothing.

But why do you just kneel when you meet their Heavenspan Special Forces?

On the side, watching Liers who was beaten and kneeling in front of the crowd, and Bert who was strung into an indecent posture by Xu Tui's ground thorn, Zhou Chuan was a little speechless.

When the war first started, Zhou Chuan wanted to charge in blood.

He is the only genetic transformation of the Heavenspan Special Forces. Before the war, Zhou Chuan felt that he has a heavy responsibility today and must be on the front line, not hesitating serious injuries or even sacrifices, but also to Heavenspan. The Special Operations Group withstood this first wave.

Then, when the battle started, Zhou Chuan suddenly discovered that he didn't seem to have much trouble!

There is no big difference between him and him!

He felt that he was a bit like a display.

"Why did you kill twenty-one?"

Seeing a large swath of black kneeling before him, Xu Tui had a headache.

Too many captives is not a good thing.

On the side, Bengri, the captive deputy commander of the Freedom Special Operations Group, listened to his heart twitching.

What does it mean to kill twenty-one!

In such a short period of time, more than 20 of them were killed, which is still called less!   "Head of the team, the new members are still a little tender." Cui Xi said.

"Who are you, pull it over, let them see the blood, and practice their bravery!" Xu Tui said.

As soon as this statement came out, many people's expressions changed, Zhao Hailong hesitated a little, "Head of the group, killing prisoners since ancient times is ominous!"

"If I didn't tell Tao Guan to surrender, Now, we have lost four comrades-in-arms!"

As soon as this word came out, everyone had nothing to say.

My comrades-in-arms, Tao Guan, Li Zhen, etc., were almost completely glorious just now.

Had it not been for the commander's death order, let them surrender.

Now, they are really done!   "Commander, my suggestion is that these prisoners, either don't kill, or kill them all!"

Everyone was shocked when Yanghuai spoke. Free Special Forces The deputy commander Bengri, his heart suddenly shrank.

Killed all?   This is too cruel, right?

But when I think about it, it is really possible! If you   really want to talk about it, they also took the initiative to attack the Heavenspan Special Forces!

"Do you know what you are doing?"

Bert, the military advisor of the Milian District, could not sit still at this meeting, and asked sharply, "Behead all the friendly forces. Are you planning to declare war on the Milian District?" Upon hearing this, Xu Tui smiled.

It was an angry laugh.

What a special thing this will know is a friendly army.

When they took the initiative to attack and almost forced Tao Guan and the four to detonate the nuclear bomb, why didn't they mention the word friendly!   "The knife is coming!"

Xu Tui shouted at Luo Murong behind him.

Then, an embarrassing scene appeared.

Luo Murong, who is holding the golden blade, looked at Xu Tui's outstretched hand, with a look of disgust, holding the knife without moving, and did not give it.

Xu Tui only remembered at this meeting that student Murong has a moderate addiction to cleanliness!   Slightly embarrassing!   Fortunately, the guy Yan Lie was served by Xu Tui just now, showing a flamboyant and murderous coquettish position. This will make Xu Tui a little embarrassed, and he quickly handed his short blade to him. , Took the opportunity to lick Xu Tui.

Who made Xu Tui take care of him in the battle just now.

Kill one person in a flash!   Yan Lie even felt that the position just now was the most coquettish position and highlight moment in his previous life.

That's great!   He gave this knife to Xu Tui, a little more delicate!   Although the knife is beautiful, it is incredibly sharp!

Xu Tui took the short blade, sneered, and the blade light flashed continuously, and directly cut off one of Bert's legs.

Bert screamed in the blood spurting wildly.

"Does this know the Fellow Daoist army? You, a high level military adviser, did this for friendly forces?   You attack friendly forces directly with one word, is your attitude toward friendly forces?


Those two knives are also the attitude that the friendly forces gave you!

We are friendly forces!"

In the anger, Bert’s other leg was also caught by Xu Tui was cut off.

Bert screamed again!

Xu Tui’s behavior shocked the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces. Before they saw the scene where the commander Xu Tui ordered Tao Guan to surrender to make Tao Guan’s life safe. Later, they saw it again in the battle. To the brave side of Xu Tui.

At this time, I saw the cruel and cold-blooded side of Xu Tui again.

The kind of killing and cutting legs without blinking.

This behavior of capturing the residual limbs caused Liers to roar angrily in the Transmutation Powerhouse powerhouse who kneeled aside in extreme pain after the broken leg.

"You, you can't do this, you can't do this!"

"Why can't you!   Allow you to attack us actively and not allow us to kill you?   The double-standard dog should be knifed!"

The blade light flew up, and Liersi’s arm flew up. Liers screamed, but Bert laughed sharply.

"You wait, kid, you dare to hurt Liers, you are dead!"

"I'm dead? Why?" Xu Tui leaned curiously.

"Liers has a very powerful boyfriend, quasiplanet, quasiplanet!" Burt said.

"It's just a quasi-planet!" Xu Tui sneered.

"More than one, Liers has several boyfriends, they are all Alice, if you dare to hurt Liers, they will kill you and kill you"

The blade light flashed, and Burt lost his arm again.

Bert screamed in despair and was cut off with his legs and arms. As a cultivator of the limit system, he just returned alive. It would take years for him to fully recover his strength!   "Whether I will die or not is not certain, but before I die, I can definitely kill you!"

To be honest, if it were not for the exchange of Tao Guan, Xu Tui would have killed him. Especially and the others, how can it be so troublesome.

However, looking at Burt's appearance, his limbs and three limbs were chopped off. In a short time, it was impossible to have battle strength. Even if he was exchanged alive, it was useless.

Now, you can exchange with confidence.

In the powerhouse of transmutation, Xu Tui is still somewhat dreaded and treats it with caution.

Xu Tui is not a sadist, just now he has been constantly weakening Bert's strength.

Prepare for possible situations after the exchange of captives.

"All the captives, one breaks one leg!"

"Old Cui, contact me Dan Rick, the commander of the Freedom Special Forces."

After one minute, the communication is connected.

As soon as the communication was connected, Dan Rick, the captain of the Freedom Special Operations Group, yelled, "You can no longer hurt our group members. If you hurt our group members again, we will kill the prisoners and kill you. The members of the group!"

There were many captives. Just now Xu Tui packed Bert and Liers. Many of the captives’ communication channels were open. It can be said that Dan Rick and Kenny and the others , Basically listened to the audience.

Hearing very anxiously.

"Kill our team members?"

Xu Tui sneered, "No, the big guys have heard, then we compare, who kills faster!   This is what you threatened to kill the captives first, and you picked it up first!"

"Come on, a novice, train me!"

Cui Xi launched a new one at will As a member of the group, Xu Tui handed the knife into his hand, and then grabbed a captive and said, "Behead!"

The new member of the group is named Wang Xiaozhi. Tui was about to make him behead, and even his hands trembled.

Seeing blood, he has seen it, but he has never killed or killed a living person.


With a roar, Xu Tui used a trace of spiritual resonance and spiritual radiation, conveying courage, confidence, guardianship and other beliefs!

To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to one's own people, etc.!

With Xu Tui's invisible encouragement, Wang Xiaozhi loudly roared, chopped off with a knife, the head rolled out, and the blood rushed!


Dan Rick screamed in pain, "Devil, you are the devil!"

In Cyclonus’s blood, there are quite a few The new members' eyes flickered and dreaded to look, but the old members such as Yanghuai, Yan Lie, Cui Xi, Miao Huanshan, Mu Xingluan and the others looked indifferently.

The dead mountain and blood sea of ​​the resource star of Extreme Wind No. 7 have already experienced them.

"The enemy is for killing, not for sympathy!" Yan Lie added coolly and indifferently.

"My team member, which one are you going to kill, hurry up! We are bibi speed. I have sixty-one prisoners on my side. There are still many members who need to see blood slashing and slashing heads to practice hand skills."

You kill one of my family, and I will kill ten of your family to accompany my team members!" In the communication channel, Xu Tui's voice is extremely cold, without a trace of emotion!   "no!"

"Don't do this!"

"What do you want, what do you want? You say, you say! Stop killing my comrades-in-arms !" After witnessing the beheading through the video, Dan Rick almost collapsed!

High level military adviser Kenny was also helpless. At this step, he couldn't talk about the rules anymore, he could only talk about his fists.

But they are the ones who don't talk about the rules first, and then, to the death, their fists are not big enough!   "What do I want? Oh, I just want to kill, how about it?"

"Provisions, you mention, what are you going to do!" After a brief mood swing, Dan Rick also Restored calm.

Since the Heavenspan Special Forces did not kill and kept prisoners, there must be a purpose!   "Oh, then exchange prisoners!" Xu Tui didn't talk about it anymore.

"Okay, then exchange! You released all the prisoners, and we also released your four members!" Dan Rick said!

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