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  Chapter 637 Exchange and New Situation (see monthly pass)

"One exchange? Are you dreaming? , Still want to eat?" Cui Xi couldn't help but ridicule when hearing the words of Dan Rick, the leader of the Freedom Special Forces.

"The value of the captives is the same!"

"But the number is not the same!"

"Four for all! Otherwise we would rather not exchange!" Dan Rick's attitude became very determined at this moment!


What else Cui Xi wanted to say, but was gently pulled by Xu Tui, "The team members who were soft in the battle just now are all pulled over and let They each chop off a few heads for me to train me!"

Xu Tui’s voice reached Dan Rick’s ears through the temporary instant messaging established on the spot, and Dan Rick immediately became fierce. Said, "If you dare to kill our team members, if you kill a few, we will kill a few of you!"

"Come on, then try to see who has more people! Do you dare to mobilize our team members!" With one finger, I will behead a human head to show you!"

"Pull here!"

With a scream of anger, four prisoners of the Freedom Special Forces were taken immediately. Coming over, the four captives witnessed the scene where their companion was beheaded before, and found that it was their turn, and they were shocked instantly!   "Head, save us!"

"Head, we don't want to die!"


Opposite, Danli Kenny's fingers trembled, and he turned to Kenny with a pale face and asked, "Mr. Kenny, if we attack, if we rush in, will we?"

Kenny shook the head, "Sheng The negative is unpredictable, but our captured members will definitely be killed by the other party first!"

Dan Rick: "."

At this moment, Dan Rick felt It's hard.

At this moment, how much he hopes that, just like when the offensive decision was issued before, a consultant can stand up and help him make the decision.

It is too difficult to make this kind of decision.

He is too difficult!

Dan Rick looked towards Kenny with a look of help. Kenny's eyelids drooped and he avoided the past.

"In view of the value of my team members and the importance I think, my team members can be replaced by two, or even three by one!"

Suddenly when Xu Tui said Let Dan Rick feel relieved.

Fight to kill people.

He can't really fight, and he doesn't have that determination. He just talks about it, mainly because they have been captured too much.

"Can you" Dan Rick wanted to bargain for a higher ratio.

"One for four! This is the highest ratio. If I don’t want to, then I’ll chop off Burt’s head first and show you!   Whether to change or not, let’s say something happy !" Xu Tui said.

After hesitating for a second, Dan Rick decided, "Change, change now!"

One for four, it's worth it.

"Don't play tricks!"

Before changing prisoners, Cui Xi warned, but Xu Tui sneered, "Knife ready for me. If you dare to play tricks, just chop the head. !"

At the same moment when the exchange started, Yan Lie quietly disappeared.

The only tidbit is the selection.

Dan Rick wanted to exchange the two high level military advisers first, but Xu Tui only agreed to send one high level military adviser back.

As for the other members, it is up to Dan Rick to decide who to go back.

At this time, Yanghuai gave Xu Tui a very negative suggestion.

Increase the volume of this conversation so that all members of the Freedom Special Forces can hear it.

Then Dan Rick heard an extremely anxious voice.

"Head, change me first!"

"Head, change me first!"

"Head, my father is a quasi-planet, I need Change me!"


This wave of scrambled voices made the head of the Freedom Special Forces Dan Rick almost autistic on the spot.

How does this make him decide?

There are only sixteen places. How to decide who to change?

For a moment, Dan Rick felt disgusted, too despicable, too insidious, too bad!   This time after the exchange, countless hidden dangers will be buried inside the Freedom Special Operations Group, which may be nothing in general.

But once it breaks out at the right time, it can be very fatal.

The most complex and the most vulnerable are always the hearts of the people!

Xu Tui, who wanted to understand this, looked at Yang Huai with a slightly gloomy expression, and suddenly had a question in his mind.

Is this fellow in Yanghuai from the Huaxia Junwu Genetic Evolution University?

How does he think he came out of the conspiracy university?

In one move, countless contradictions and loopholes have been planted in the Freedom Special Forces, and it will even be distracted in the future!

This is a conspiracy, and it can be regarded as half a conspiracy.

Even if Dan Rick is helpless, he can only do this extremely helpless multiple-choice question!   A multiple choice question about how to choose and wrong!   Five minutes later, fifteen prisoners of the Freedom Special Forces with varying severity of injuries, carried Bert, who had been cut off with two legs and one arm severely wounded and lost his battle strength, and slowly turned back.

Tao Guan and Li Zhen were also slowly released, with various energy weapons and ultimate moves behind them.

Kenny's eyes widened when he saw Burt's misfortune, but Dan Rick was anxious.

In this way, Burt, a high level military adviser, is almost abolished.

"You guys hurt Mr. Burt so badly, how can you exchange it?" Dan Rick said angrily.

"Bert is here to kill us, do you mean let us stretch our necks and let him chop, or give him up?   Oh, if you think it's a bit of a loss to change back to Bert!

It's okay, I will chop off Bert's head this time, you pick another person and I will let it go!" Xu Tui Flying Sword flew out instantly.

Suddenly, the two sides confronting Dao Idol from far away became tense in an instant.

Although Burt was both shocked and angry, but at this moment, he did not dare to speak anymore.

From the previous contact, he has already seen that Xu Tui is acting unscrupulously, killing if he wants to kill him, and he didn't even have a chance to react.

Vigorous and old-fashioned.

He has not dared to make any more talks.

The two legs and one arm before were the price of his slapstick!

Dan Rick is difficult again!

He is really too difficult!

Turn your face, he dare not!

Don't stop Burt, let Xu Tui kill Burt and exchange for one more member, which is even more impossible!

Dan Rick feels that this is the hardest and darkest moment in his life, and he can only acquiesce in it! In the   lapse of time, the prisoners exchanged by the two sides slowly walked through the exchange area and walked to their respective areas.

The butcher knife on Xu Tui's side was placed on the heads of the remaining prisoners, and Dan Rick did not dare to play any tricks!   When he really stepped into the safe range of his side, after the sound of the'group leader', the tears in Tao Guan's eyes could no longer help, and the peaks gushed out.

Xu Tui did not speak, but just stepped forward, hugging the exchanged Tao Guan vigorously, and Tao Jun also clung to Xu Tui firmly.

"Fuck, Lao Tao, why don't you let it go, hug a man so tightly, not used to it, take advantage of me!"

Everyone burst into laughter.

Tao Guan smiled and let go of Xu Tui, he was punched in the chest by Xu Tui, "Do you remember two things for me, the first thing, my team members, don’t take it lightly Speak to death! The   second one, at the critical moment, obey the order!"

"Thank you, the captain!"

Tao Guan suddenly gave Xu Tui a nondescript military salute. This fellow had only received a brief military training, was kicked by Xu Tui, wiped his tears and then hugged with Cui Xi one after another.

I have not experienced the front line of life and death, and I cannot appreciate the excitement at this moment.

After embracing and welcoming the other two members, Xu Tui looked towards Li Zhen at the end of the team.

Xu Tui's heart suddenly appeared more than an hour ago, when Li Zhen called out when Tao Guan decided to perish together with the enemy, his heart suddenly beat peng peng.

Then I fell into self-entanglement in an instant!   Hold or not?   Also, he likes An Xiaoxue very much, but he heartbeat because of Li Zhen's words, isn't it a bit scumbag?

Before Xu Tui was entangled to understand, Li Zhen took the initiative and hugged Xu Tui.

"Thank you, Xu Tui!"

Xu Tui is a little confused, neither does he hold it with his hands, nor does he hold it. All members of the group are silent, and observe with a kind of observation. His gaze, watching quietly.

Finally, Xu Tui felt impolite. He could only gently wrap his hands around Li Zhen’s waist. Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart moved, and he directly asked with some steel, "Li Zhen, before Then"

"I’m joking with you, I’ve never been in a relationship before, and I want to feel the feeling of being cared for before I die."

With a chuckle like a silver bell, pretty face The red Li Zhen gently pushed Xu Tui away, and hugged Mu Xingluan with his double ponytail.

Xu Tui feels lost.

The hug just now made me feel really good.

Li Zhen looks a little thin, but in his arms, his chest is really big!

Inexplicably, Xu Tui remembered the feeling of embracing An Xiaoxue again!

Xu Tui felt that he seemed a bit   scumbag. On the side, the eyes of the new members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group were shining with indescribable brilliance.

A battle and a prisoner exchange, Xu Tui pulled the cohesion of the new members of the Heavenspan Special Forces to a very high level, and their beliefs quickly became unified.

I am more obedient and trusting towards Xu Tui.

"Commander Xu Tui, I want to replace the other captured members as well. I apologize for our recklessness before." After thinking about it, Dan Rick, the commander of Freedom Special Forces A sincere apology.

"After shining the knife, it's useless to apologize!" Xu Tui refused decisively.

Dan Rick was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Then tell me, how can I let people go."

Bert, who was rescued just now, is in a hurry, this is tantamount to Xu Tui lion's big mouth was given a chance, but he didn't seem to have a better way, so he could only shut up.

"Release people? It must be impossible to let them go, let's exchange things." Xu Tui said.

"What to take?"


"Yuanjing for one person, ten grams of Yuanjing for one person?" Dan Rick Very happily agreed.

"If you want to fart, eat you." Cui Xi ruthless refused.

At this time, Xu Tui carefully thought about the probability of annihilating the Freedom Special Forces? After   thinking about it, Xu Tui feels that the probability of the Freedom Special Forces of the All-Miscellaneous Zone is not great.

Especially the Freedom Special Operations Group also left emergency squad outside. This squad and the Heavenspan Special Operations Group will definitely not be able to stay.

Then you can only get some benefits from the transaction.

"50 grams of Yuanjing per person, no price! Don't bargain with me, this price is conscientious enough." Xu Tui said directly.

Dan Rick hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and agreed, and hurriedly went to join Yuanjing.

Only this time came out, just a short-term development, the number of source crystals with not many.

People with quantum dimensional chains like Xu Tui have almost none in the evolutionary realm, and very few in the transmutation realm.

After raising for a while, Dan Rick obtained 1650 grams of Source Crystal, which was only enough to redeem 33 people.

And there are forty-five prisoners in Xu Tui's hands.

I'm worried about Dan Rick.

"Leader Xu Tui, you should be able to collect some of the source crystals from the members of your captives."

"The things on the captives are our seizures. How could it be possible for you to redeem someone?" Xu Tui said.

"Coco, we can't get the source crystal anymore."

Xu Tui turned his head to the side, and it was true.

The previous prisoners were searched by them, and the source crystals found were as fast as 1500 grams. Danrik and the others were afraid that there was really no source crystal.

"If you don't have a source crystal, then use a fighter and a three-phase thermal bomb. One for one!" Xu Tui said.

There was silence again. Three seconds later, Dan Rick said, "Okay!"

"You can't exchange it with a three-phase thermal bomb!" Burt finally couldn't help this time. Up.

However, Dan Rick waved his hand and people carried Burt down for treatment. Dan Rick regretted listening to Burt’s direct firing suggestion before.

This is the special combat group they built by themselves!   Dan Rick just wanted to understand now! For   some things, it’s better to make your own decisions.

Ten minutes later, the two parties reached a deal.

A total of six fighters, seven 50kg class three-phase thermal bombs.

Liers changed two.

You know, this time the Heavenspan Special Operations Group came out and only brought a total of six three-phase thermal bombs.

The three-phase thermal bomb is still precious in Bluestar!

Seeing the team members who were replaced, Dan Rick was crying without tears. Half of the team members who were returned were seriously injured, and the rest were also broken and lost their battle strength.

More than 20 people died in battle.

Development this time, without seeing the results, their free special forces are almost wiped out.

Next, they can only turn around the Unut asteroid and lick the wound.

The next time it comes out, it's probably half a month later.

Just when Dan Rick was extremely frustrated, the adjutant suddenly reported, "Commander, the shipboard radar is 30,000 kilometers away, and he has found a fleet that is heading towards this asteroid. Come on!"

Almost at the same time, Xu Tui also received the same report!   ****   Zhu San is most looking forward to the news of receiving monthly tickets for the big guys!   (End of this chapter)

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