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  Chapter 638 Who is the hunter?

There is another fleet coming from deep in space towards the asteroid Fuqiang.

The total number of signal sources detected by the shipboard radar is 23, a small fleet.

The space cruise speed detected is between Mach 30 and Mach 40.

If you have not encountered the Freedom Special Forces before, then this discovery will definitely make Xu Tui and other members of the Heavenspan Special Forces nervous and give birth to many speculations.

Is it Spirit Race or a vassal species of Spirit Race, or is it a Blue Star human?   But now, by looking at the number of signal sources and the cruising speed, Xu Tui can basically judge that this newly discovered fleet heading for the Fuqiang asteroid, most likely, is also the pioneer group of Bluestar Human Race.

The features are too similar.

Then, Xu Tui came up with two crucial questions.

If this new fleet is also the Blue Star Fleet, which zone's pioneering special combat team will it be?

The second question makes Xu Tui even more puzzled.

How vast and deep space is, an unknown asteroid that no one knows, the probability that the two fleets will meet is very small, but it still does.

However, the three pioneering special forces can be concentrated on this newly discovered Fuqiang asteroid at the same time, Xu Tui instinctively feels that there is a problem!   There is definitely a problem.

"Ha, another wave!"

"You said, this new fleet, will it also come to grab the ancient base of the Daxi people we discovered."

"That is inevitable. Whoever sees this ancient Daxi base is not moved."

"Then it's very good, you can fight again, this time, I I will never be soft again!"

The members of the Heavenspan Special Forces who have experienced the previous big victories, each grappling with each other, want to do a big fight and prove themselves to the head.

At the same time, after experiencing the blood of baptism, it has grown.

Xu Tui frowned. This thing is a bit abnormal. If this new fleet is from the Milian zone, it still makes sense. If it is from another zone,   "Old Cui, Jian Has the onboard radar been turned on to its maximum power?" Xu Tui asked.

"Head, what do you mean?"

"I want to detect farther."

"If you detect farther, but accurate The degree will drop sharply, and it is impossible to distinguish between celestial bodies or fleets, but it will cause trouble." Cui Xi said.

Xu Tui lightly nodded, "Then step up the scan. I need to determine the identity of this new fleet as soon as possible to see if it is in Milian District."

" Commander, are you worried?"

"Don’t you think it’s weird, an asteroid that we just discovered not long ago, in a short time, but one after another came to the fleet, I feel, just It's like having a goal."

"Theoretically, within one day, the probability of three fleets with different departure directions concentrating to reach an unknown asteroid is infinitely equal to zero!" Yang Huai said.

"If it's in the Milian District, it's good to say. If it's not, then this matter may be more complicated than we thought. We need to make some preparations in advance." Xu Tui said.

"Well, I understand, I will stare at the shipboard radar now."

At the same time, within the Freedom Special Forces group, there was also a dispute because of this discovery. .

"Commander Dan Rick, do you think the new fleet will belong to our Milian District?" Kenny frowned and asked.

As soon as I heard the wound, Burt, who was half as a one-armed player, struggled again, "If. If it’s our Milian District, must team up to tie the Heavenspan special battle. Mission!   They killed so many of us, must flatten them!" Bert hated.

"I don't know! Master Maiponao didn't mention other fleets when he gave me orders.

It may or may not be!" Dan Rick said.

"If it is that's fine. But if it's not," the consultant Kenny's brows instantly frowned.

"Prepare to evacuate!"

Suddenly, the decision of the leader of the Freedom Special Forces, Dan Rick, made all the members looked towards Dan Rick in amazement.

"Our regiment has lost more than half of its staff due to war injuries. Even the high level consultants have lost their battle strength. The ones who cut staff are still the main force of our regiment.

What are you doing here?   Go back, you must evacuate and rest!"

After that, Dan Rick, the leader of the Freedom Special Forces, is relaxed, and the whole person has an inexplicable sense of relaxation. At this moment , He felt he had made his most correct decision.

A group of members discuss spiritedly, some support and some do not, but the three high-level military advisers have very big and unified opinions.

"You can't just leave! Absolutely!" Burt said.

"Leader, if you do this, you are tantamount to giving up an ancient Daxi base, which will greatly damage the interests of our Milian District. You will go to a military court!" Kenny said.

"Look at the situation of the new fleet first. You can wait for the opportunity, but you must never withdraw at this moment!" Liers said.

The head of the regiment Dan Rick looked helpless. According to the regulations, if the three high level military advisers unanimously objected, he could veto the resolution of the regiment commander.

A few minutes later, Dan Rick, head of the Freedom Special Forces, had no choice but to compromise.

"You can do as you say, but I reserve my opinion and insist that it is the most correct to retreat at this moment." Dan Rick said.

This may be Dan Rick's last fight.

More than 30 minutes later, after repeated confirmations by the shipboard radar, the fleet that came this time was indeed Blue Star's side, the Indra-Union zone.

After a few minutes of controversy, with the support of most people, the Freedom Special Forces immediately evacuated from the entrance of the ancient Daxi base.

Evacuate to the other end to establish a temporary camp and defense line.

The intention is also very direct.

In the previous argument, according to the advice of consultant Bert, he joined forces with the Indraut battle group in the Indian Union area to attack the Heavenspan special battle group, seize the occupied Daxi ancient base, and beheaded. The members of the Heavenspan Special Forces in Huaxia District, avenge the blood and hatred!   But Dan Rick firmly refused!

For the safety of the members of the team, get out of the way first!

Let the Indra and the Heavenspan Special Forces fight.

It depends on the result, if there is an opportunity, they will do it again.

For now, it's better to be on the sidelines.

On this point, most of the team members have agreed and supported.

The interests of Milian District are important, but their lives and deaths are even more important!   This point, they are very clear.

Looking at Dan Rick of the Freedom Special Forces that was originally guarding the entrance of the ancient Daxi base, with a group of members, he quickly evacuated, and even gave up the previously arranged positions, including the supply ship’s The three-phase thermal bomb launcher was also retracted, and Xu Tui sneered.

The intention of the Freedom Special Forces can be seen through without even thinking about it.

Instead of leaving the Fuqiang asteroid, it retreated to the other side. This is a sign of sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight.

Watch the Indra combat regiment from the Indian Union area fight with the Heavenspan special combat regiment, and then watch the opportunity to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits!   Understanding this, Xu Tui couldn't help but sighed.

The Blue Star humans have just stepped out of the small circle of earth, moon, and fire. They have just stepped into the asteroid belt of the outer solar system. Is their internal fighting already so intense?

I can only say that this thing of interest is really something!   "Head of the Special Forces, the grandchildren of the Freedom Special Forces, are they really something? I want to sit atop a mountain to watch. the tigers fight, what shall we do?" Miao Huanshan asked.

Xu Tui is slightly smiled, "Forget about it, no one's land!"

"An inch of land must be contended!"

Yanghuai and Zhou Chuan have sex Standing at attention, shouting these four words, everyone instantly understood Xu Tui's intention.

Actually, it's not just because of this.

If you leave the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, then there will be a war with the Indra Trot. The two sides are very likely to use ship-borne thermal weapons or even energy weapons, or even three-phase thermal bombs!

The current members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, if they encounter a three-phase thermal bomb, the casualties will be too great.

On the contrary, staying in the ancient base of the Daxi people has more advantages!   even more how, there are many things in the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, which must be obtained in the Huaxia District.

Very important!   However, since it has decided to stick to the ancient base of the Daxi people, it is impossible to stick to it.

Occupy the terrain home, you can use the layout, so many things!   Twenty-five minutes later, when the Indra battle group was hovering over the asteroid Fuqiang, Xu Tui served them a big dish as usual.

First, the national flag with electromagnetic pulse signals, and then the announcement of the national anthem.

Finally, a warning was added!   "Warning, you have entered the asteroid Fuqiang that has been declared occupied by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group. Please immediately land at the designated location for inspection and registration!

Otherwise, we will have unlimited fire rights!"


After one minute, Larry Wang, the commander of the Indraut battle group, suddenly laughed, "Sorry, we have not received The planet’s notification about your occupation of this asteroid is therefore unavailable for inspection and registration.

Next, we will perform a search mission on this asteroid.

Please do not interfere We, otherwise we will fight back and fire immediately!"

Lariwang said very firmly.

"What did the Freedom Special Forces say?" Larry Wang asked.

"The Special Forces Freedom Group said that in their previous battle with the Special Forces Heavenspan, the damage was severe and they needed to rest and heal the wounded. They were unable to join hands with us temporarily," said Batto, a military adviser.

"True or false?"

"I saw in the video, they have a lot of wounded, and their military adviser Bert was seriously injured and completely lost his battle strength." Barto said.

"Heavenspan Special Forces is so strong?" Larry Wang frowned.

"According to the Liberty Special Operations Group, they were mostly careless about exploring the ancient base. They were ambushed and attacked by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Huaxia District, which entered first.

Otherwise, there won't be such a big battle damage." Barto said.

Resting his chin on his hands for a while, Larry Wang slowly nodded, "This makes sense, so have you asked about the damage of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group?"

"Q Now, they said that the Heavenspan Special Forces battle loss was not small, and they had captured nearly one-fifth of the manpower before.” Bartoo said.

hearing this, Larry Wang was nodded again, "In this case, I feel more relieved. Let’s go. Our goal is this ancient base. Now that the Heavenspan Special Operations Group has advanced, we must go in. Fight.

This is not only the meaning of Lord Nilab, but also the meaning of Guru Itiwi."

"Then the final plan?"

"Prepare for a really strong attack! Even if they are strong, there are only thirty-two people. In the previous battle with the Freedom Special Forces, there were attritions!" Larry Wang said.


At the same moment, Dan Rick frowned and looked at Kenny and Bert in the temporary camp that the Special Forces Freedom had just begun to build. Did the Dharat group conceal something?"

"The people in the Indrat group are the most slippery. It is good to run the fastest, and the one who has difficulty retreats the fastest.


If you don't say that, I'm afraid he will not dare to attack.

If they don't attack, how can we have the chance to take advantage of it?" Kenny said sinisterly.

Aside, Dan Rick silently nodded.

At the same moment, on a meteorite 50,000 kilometers away from the Fuqiang asteroid, Leihong was discussing with Regen.

"Regan, the three Blue Star Human Race fleets have passed, do you?" Lei Hong was a little anxious, but when he came, Commander Lei Shu asked him to listen to Reagan, Regan than He is better at grand strategy.

"My lord, don't worry, there are only three fleets, and we can't achieve our goal! They can't get away anyway, wait a minute!" Regan said.

After thinking about it, Leihong is still nodded.

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