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  Chapter 639 The Absolute Security Door Deep in the BaseThe   Indra Battle Group even though the number of its members is as high as 260 The high level military advisors in the Transmutation Realm are as high as three people, but they dare not rush into the ancient base of the Daxi ethnic group casually.

The lessons learned from the Freedom Special Forces are right there.

The number of members of the Freedom Special Forces group is as high as two hundred. In terms of overall strength, it is a little bit worse than their Indra Special Forces.

Of course, this is the idea of ​​Larry Wang and the members of the Indra.

However, in their view, the Freedom Special Forces previously consumed a wave of the strength of the Heavenspan Special Forces. At this time, their cautiously strong attack and the odds of winning are still great.

After all, the number of Heavenspan Special Forces is there.

For this reason, after landing on the Fuqiang asteroid, the Indra battle group began various explorations at the gate of the ancient Daxi base.

Drones, mechanical crawlers, and spirit strength sensing began to cautiously explore the situation in the ancient Daxi base, so as not to be ambushed like a free special combat group.

Be very careful.

And most of the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, who are ready for battle, are a bit boring.

The ancient base of the Daxi people is very large. It took three hours for the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group to explore all the ancient bases of the Daxi people.

All channels and functional areas have been mapped out and classified, and even the various small structures of the materials are clearly explored.

The ancient base buildings of the Daxi people are extremely ingenious, with many hidden functional areas, which were not discovered by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group at first.

It was discovered after using energy field force perception and mental induction during exploration.

After I found out, I didn't know how to open it. Then Xu Tui got the opening trick from the captive Lavis.

I have to say that Ravis, the prisoner, is still very relieved.

Very cooperative!

There is no meaning of death at all, it is just asking what to answer.

Even the cultivation theories and methods of their Daxi people have been sorted out and handed over to Xu Tui, and there is even a little bit of his own cultivation experience.

Because of the discovery of various hidden architectural grids of the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, after a comprehensive exploration, the exploration of the ancient base of the Daxi nationality has made new discoveries.

At the end of a functional area of ​​the base, Yan Lie casually opened a hidden architectural grid.

Most of these building grids are it's empty, and occasionally there are things that are already rotten materials.

These hidden architectural grids should be hidden spaces for the Daxi people to store sundries in the base.

In terms of architectural style, the Daxi ethnic group is an extremely rigorous ethnic group.

This hidden storage compartment may be for neatness and convenience?   However, behind this hidden architectural lattice that Yan Lie discovered was a daoist sect!

A huge alloy door with a height of five meters and a width of eight meters looks extremely heavy.

After trying to pull it but not pulling it apart, Yan Lie notified Xu Tui.

The depths of such a base, such a huge alloy door, in itself represent unusual.

"Don't have Heaven and Earth?"

Xu Tui looked at this door, and the spirit strength instantly penetrated.

In the next second, Xu Tui froze.

This alloy door is unexpectedly added with materials that can shield the spirit strength, and the spirit strength cannot penetrate it.

"The energy field is not good?" Xu Tui asked Yan Lie.

"I tried it, but it doesn't work." Yan Lie shook his head.

Now, Xu Tui is energetic.

A huge alloy gate that looks expensive to shield energy field force and spirit strength, what is hidden behind it?   There is an opening winch on the gate. Xu Tui tried it but couldn't turn it.

It may be blocked, or it may not have enough power.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui once again took Lavis, who was hosting the alloy block, out of the spirit strength shielding cap, and placed him in front of the alloy gate.

"What is this?"

"Gosh, how could this ancient base here have an absolute security door!

This is impossible.

How did the advance team sent by the Daxi people a hundred years ago build an absolute security gate here?

What did they find? Why is there no record in the clan? Or I didn’t see it?"

Ravis exclaimed with astonishment on his face, Xu Tui's face went dark, "Speaking of the point, what do you mean by your absolute security door?"

"In the universe, Many smart races have safe houses or security doors, but these safe houses or security doors actually have directions that can be used.

For example, the smart races whose main attack direction is technology, their security doors are very It's easy to be broken by technological means." Lavis said.

"It's impossible, isn't it? The security door, even if it is controlled by science and technology, it should take into account all the circumstances, and it will not be easily breached!" Yang Huai said hard-core.

The brilliance of the alloy block where Ravis is located is shining, as if he glanced at Yanghuai and said, "No, this is the so-called cognition within the same dimension!   Do you think you No one can crack the security door of science and technology. That is the cognition within your cognitive dimension.

From the perspective of high-level intelligent species, what you call flawless and safe is like a child Playing house is as simple and stupid as it is!

In this regard, we call this confidence the low-dimensional stupidity!"

Being stunned by a captive, Yanghuai's depressed chest fluctuated a few times, but in the end he recognized it alive.

Ravis is right!

About this cognitive dimension, the head Xu Tui has actually talked to them several times these days, and didn't think about it before.

Now it seems that this is really the case!

For some of Cai Shaochu's theories and ideas, Xu Tui instilled in his team members whenever he had time. Xu Tui hoped that the members of their Heavenspan Special Forces team would grow up with him.

In the future, no matter what Xu Tui is, if they are there, there will be more than a dozen leaders in China!

Invisibly, Xu Tui seems to have been influenced by Cai Shaochu!

Everything, first consider the future of Huaxia District! The   humble people dare not forget about the country!   This kind of thinking may be useless. Some people may laugh at Xu Tui, but Xu Tui has already figured it out. It is his own business to think about it, and what others think is other people's business!

It’s good for him to be happy!   "Then what is an absolute security door?"


"A door that must be opened with absolute power is called an absolute security door."

"Then what kind of power must be used to open this daoist sect?" Xu Tui asked.

"The quasi-planet or Planetary Grade powerhouse must belong to my clan." Lavis said.

"We can't open it?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"Theoretically, unless you have a power far beyond the Planetary Grade powerhouse, you can violently break it." Lavis said.

"Then what's behind this door?" Xu Tui asked with a frown.

"I don't know!"

When Xu Tui's eyes were glaring, Lavis quickly added, "Generally speaking, it must be extremely important. Strategic materials that can determine life and death!   Or something more important than life and death will use this kind of absolute security door."

Xu Tui stared at Ravis Road suddenly for a while. , "Open it!"

"I can't open it."

"You said, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse can be opened, you are a quasi-planet!"

"That was before, my power has now fallen to the Peak of genetic evolution. Unless you are willing to give me half a month, let me cultivation to absorb energy and restore power." Lavis said.

"Find a way, open it! Otherwise, a waste, a useless prisoner, I don't have to keep it.

Technology.” Xu Tui instantly showed the spirit strength shock whip.

Xu Tui's whip, although invisible, Lavis could sense it, and it was shivering right now.

It was this whip that had lost his original body, and his strength continued to decline.

Due to the cultivation technique and reasons of the Daxi people, their strength can be recovered if they fall, but if the strength falls too many levels, it will cause permanent damage.

Not to mention anything else, but now, Lavis, who has fallen to the Peak of genetic evolution, can only restore his power to Peak of transformation within a short period of time. If he wants to restore to the quasi-planetary, It will take longer.

If he draws a few more whips, his strength drops again, and he even needs to re-cultivation.

That would be really miserable.

Not what Ravis wants to see.

"Don't smoke me, I'm serious, my strength has fallen. If I don't fall, I'll open it for you right away." Lavis was anxious.

"Then I don't care, try your own way! If you can't open it, I will be very angry. The only way to vent the fire is to slap you with a whip." Xu Tui said.

Lavis: "."

"Don't take it. Give me some time, I think about it, I think about it!"

A few minutes later, Ravis suddenly said joyfully, "There is a way, this base has been out of operation for a long time, maybe you can try it. The Mark of Power can use mine, but you must have a quasi-planetary powerhouse to assist me in order to open it. "

"We don't have quasiplanets!"

"." Ravis was almost autistic by Xu Tui.

"Seriously, Commander Xu Tui, absolutely safe door, no power, really can't. If you kill me, I can't change the way."

At this point, the alloy block that Lavis was hosting suddenly flickered towards Xu Tui, "Head Xu Tui, by the way, when we were fighting before, I sensed that you have the breath of a quasi-planetary powerhouse.

Try it together with me, maybe you can."

Xu Tui was stunned.

Xu Tui just wanted to say that the quasi-planetary aura he exudes can only scare people.

Now, let alone a quasi-planet, he is not even a transmutation state.

I was about to say it, but Xu Tui suddenly felt that if I try it, this door won't get pregnant?   As Lavis said, this base has been out of operation for so long, maybe it has fallen into disrepair for a long time?

"Then try?"

"Okay, you do as I say, take my spirit strength as a guide, remember to be lighter, don't pierce my spirit strength membrane." In order to avoid being whipped, Lavis also tried this.

Xu Tui started to output the spirit strength slowly according to what Ravis said, trying to open the absolute safety door.

The moment Xu Tui's breath rose with all his strength, nearby Yan Lie, Mu Xingluan and the others were shocked. This was the first time they had clearly sensed the quasi-planetary in the head of the group. The breath of Grade powerhouse!

But isn't the head of the genetic evolutionary realm?   The few people nearby were extremely shocked and puzzled.

After one minute, in order not to be lashed, Lavis yelled with difficulty, "Quickly, work harder, move, stabilize, it moved"

Amid the extremely unpleasant squeaking sound, this unknown absolute security door suddenly twisted open at an angle slightly, an unpleasant smell of decay came out, but the corner of Xu Tui's mouth was slightly tilted.

It works!

Can open!

Is this absolutely safe door in disrepair for a long time because the base stopped functioning?

Or did his fake quasiplanet play a role?

Or is it the reason for joining forces with Lavis?   Xu Tui cooperated with Lavis, and the absolute security door opened slowly at a very slow speed. At this time, Cui Xi's voice suddenly sounded in the command channel.

"The commander, the people from the Indraut battle group in the Union of India, have already started to enter the base. Please enter the combat position immediately!"

"Attention to all units, immediately Enter the combat position!"

In the next moment, Xu Tui spirit strength gathered, "Go, work first, and then turn it on."

****   Big brother Guys, come to work with a monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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