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  Chapter 640 Our warning is very sincere.

The entrance to the ancient Daxi base, the Indra battle The regiment commander, Larry Wang, is directing his troops into the ancient Daxi base.

Because of the large number of members, the team that entered the search was divided into three teams, each with about fifty people.

The terrain in the ancient base is complex, with many passages, and too many people can't expand.

At the same time, Larry Wang also left a team to guard the entrance of the ancient Daxi base, and at the same time used this period of time to build an internal and external defense line with air and space fighters and supply ships.

Of course, both internally and externally, they are defending the ancient base of the Daxi people, but the Heavenspan Special Operations Group is used for internal defense, while the Milian Free Special Operations Group is used for external defense.

Although nominally and even officially, the Freedom Special Forces and the Indras have a mutual assistance agreement and similar alliance agreements because of their alliance.

But for allies, you can use, cooperate, and fight together, but under normal circumstances, you can never give your back to your allies.

Larry Wang, the commander of the Indra Trot, is still very wise.

Apart from this, the entrance of the ancient Daxi base, Lariwang also prepared two quick emergency teams, no matter which direction the Heavenspan special forces group hidden deep in the base is found, they can quickly support it.

Larry Wang is still very careful.

In front of the three special forces of the Indra battle regiment that began to explore the ancient base, there are at least ten unmanned machines, carrying out various enhanced scans to open the way.

lest it be pitted by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group like the Freedom Special Operations Group.

At the same time when the personnel of the Indra battle group entered the base on a large scale, the harsh sirens and the final warning of the Heavenspan special battle group sounded.

"Serious warning: Indras, you have broken into the asteroid-occupied area of ​​my Heavenspan special combat group Fuqiang, please exit immediately!   Repeat, you have crossed the boundary, please exit immediately !   Otherwise, take responsibility for the consequences!"

At the entrance, the commander of the Indra battle regiment, Larry Wang, who listened to this voice, curled his mouth. Such warnings have come to the ground today. After that, I listened a lot.

Ignore the warning, but shouted in the command channel, "Defensive posture, be vigilant, and report the situation at any time."

Then, the three exploratory teams that entered first The Captain immediately reported that there was no problem and everything was normal.

The unmanned aerial vehicle team found no abnormalities and no thermal weapons.

In the depths of the ancient base of the Daxi people, Xu Tui looked at the incoming picture, sighed.

"Why can't our six major blue star alliances work together in the asteroid belt? Spirit Race is still glare like a tiger watching his prey, and now there is another big Western tribe.

But within us, we have to fight ourselves first."

"Perhaps, the last fire star victory made them feel that Spirit Race merely this, so small The development strategy of the planetary belt is also more radical!" Luo Murong, who rarely spoke, also sighed lightly.

In the next moment, Xu Tui's face suddenly became fierce.

"Since you don't listen to the warning, it is the enemy, Lao Cui, press the plan."

Then, following the command of Cui Xi, the combat squad rushed. After going out, Xu Tui followed far behind like a stroll in the garden.

But the spirit strength has already covered a range of two kilometers away.

It is the underground base, and the penetration of the psychopath is greatly affected. Otherwise, the spirit strength of Xu Tui will definitely cover the entrance of the ancient Daxi base.

"Team commander, position 4, there is a 51-man combat team from the Indra Trot, which will arrive at the designated position.

This squad is very There may be a Transmutation Powerhouse." Cui Xi reminded.

"Is there a difference?"

Xu Tui's curl one's lip disdain, in the mental induction, I have already seen the position of the 4th position mentioned by Cui Xi.

That is a slightly long and narrow passage. The 51 members of the Indra Trot, the exploration formation is not very far, but it is not long.

Within 30 meters in front of them, ten unmanned machines of various shapes are cautiously exploring.

With the exploration of these unmanned machines, the exploratory team is also advancing cautiously.

"It's really careful enough, but what I want to use is a three-phase thermal bomb, and you only evolve."

Almost the same moment, the side wall of the passage Above, the hidden storage compartment of a Daxi ancient base was opened under the control of Xu Tui's spirit strength, and the three-phase thermal bombs that had been placed inside fell out.

The posture and direction were calculated. The moment it fell out, Xu Tui spirit strength moved again and directly used spirit strength to detonate the three-phase thermal explosive.

Almost the moment this three-phase thermal bomb fell out, the Transformation Military Advisor of the Indra Battle Group who responded to the center side suddenly became so nervous that his old face was distorted.

"Quick retreat, it's a three-phase thermal bomb!"

At the moment of sharp roar, the military advisor of the Indra battle group's transformation turned around and retreated. But the moment I withdrew, my heart was full of despair!   Channel!

Narrow and long passage!

This will bring together the explosive power of the three-phase thermal explosive bomb, resulting in a stronger lethality radius!

Whether he can survive or not, I have to say two things, as for the others.   "Too ruthless"

While whispering, a thorn suddenly rises in front of him, Stopped him for a moment, and made his figure pause for a moment.

That is the moment of kung fu, this transformational military adviser was instantly swallowed by the brilliance of the three-phase thermal bomb exploded!   As he expected, the long and narrow passage will naturally gather the power of some three-phase thermal explosives in this direction, enhancing the power!

At the entrance of the Daxi ancient base, the face of Laliwang, the commander of the Indra, suddenly turned white!

The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

An astonishing heat surged from one of the entrances, and then, it was the rumbling sound, which directly made his ears temporarily deaf.

"This. This is a nuclear bomb."

Larry Wang said to himself, but in a short moment, his ears had two waves of tingling sensations, and then , There was another wave of blazing fire in the passage.

"It's not a nuclear bomb, it's a three-phase thermal bomb!"

The blood on Larry Wang’s face disappeared in an instant. After ten seconds, the shock wave and high temperature were slightly reduced. Larry Wang madly led people to the tunnel where the explosion came.

At almost the same time when the explosion began, members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, led by Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Luo Murong, Cui Xi and the others, killed the left base of the Daxi people. Team.

Thirty-two players played against 51 players.

Moreover, Xu Tui's special confession this time focuses on training soldiers.

The main members, such as Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Luo Murong, and Yanghuai, all accept a little bit to let the new members experience.

Xu Tui's psychology also radiated, observing the battle, and if any team members are in danger, they are ready to support.

Zhou Chuan, who originally targeted the Transmutation Realm military adviser with the strongest team, was depressed again.

He was arranged by Cui Xi again.

Arrange a sweeping array and take care of the new members.

As for the military adviser in Transmutation, he was directly occupied by Zhao Hailong early.

Zhao Hailong wants to improve his battle strength and even find the possibility of breakthrough in such actual combat.

"Old Cui, add one more to me." Thirty seconds later, Zhao Hailong roared, feeling weak.

Cui Xi is stunned. When it comes to being cruel to herself in terms of cultivation, probably few people can compare to Zhao Hailong.

Then, the old comrade Zhou Chuan was arranged again.

Arrange for a relatively strong evolutionary realm to be cleverly led to Zhao Hai’s dragon body to increase the pressure on Zhao Hailong.

The old comrade Zhou Chuan feels boring.

In such a transitional realm, shouldn't he be the main force to bear the heavy pressure in such a special warfare group?   How come you become a tool man now?   Become a tool for the new members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group to assist in enhancing their strength?

Behind, Tao Guan is agile as an ape in the passage, and the arrow is not empty.

The depression of being captured before, at this moment, all broke out.

For a time, the Heavenspan Special Forces Thirty-two battle against Indra Special Forces 51 people, unexpectedly stable advantage.

This makes this team's special team Captain, immediately ask for help from the head of the team, Larry Wang! The   enemy is too strong, ask for support! It's   just that Larry Wang didn't respond to him temporarily! In   the passage opened by the three-phase thermal bomb on the right, Larry Wang, the commander of the Indraut battle group, stood blankly on a protruding platform, enduring the blazing heat, his eyes seemed not The focal torch is average, but it is searching for possible traces sharply!   Disappeared!   The 51 Indra members who searched this passage seemed to have disappeared.

When Larry Wang rushed over, let alone a living person, he didn't even see a corpse.

51 big living people, all disappeared.

Only the burning smell in the air and the special smell of the meat being vaporized and carbonized by high temperature made Larry Wang's fingers tremble at the thought of something.

Within the first fifty meters of the channel, a small metal flow has already converged. That is the situation after part of the channel has been melted by high temperature.

But under this kind of explosion, many places of the passage were severely deformed, but this base did not collapse.

This can be seen in the architectural level or alloy level of the Daxi ancient base.

Suddenly, Larry Wang's gaze shrank, and on the slowly flowing metal after liquefaction, there were several small diamond multifunctional energy detectors floating.

That is something brought from the moon.

Many of his team members have been carrying them all the time. After all, the enemy's general strength level can be detected at the critical moment, and they can be used as an important reference for themselves.

But now, the diamond-shaped energy detectors of the rhombus are still there, but their masters have all disappeared!

All 51 people disappeared!   skeleton doesn't exist!

While Larry Wang's heart is chilling, he is also extremely angry!   "Commander, our side is under attack, we need support! We need support!" In Larry Wang's headset, an urgent roar of Captain from the special team under his command came.

"Hold on, right now!"

Larry Wang complied and ordered emergency squad support. At the same time, he was angry and directly contacted Xu Tui.

In fact, they have always been in direct contact with Xu Tui.

After all, they are all from Bluestar, and temporary communication routes are compatible.

"Xu Tui, you guys. How could you use three-phase thermal bombs!" Larry Wang trembled angrily.

"I warned you!"

"This is a very precious strategic deterrent weapon of Blue Star, how can you use it on our own people!" Larry was angry Tao.

"My own people?"

Xu Tui laughed first, "Since you stepped into this base immediately after ignoring our warnings, we are no longer our own people, but Enemy!   This is your own choice!"

Larry Wang was silent, but Xu Tui said again, "Of course, the three-phase thermal bomb is Blue Star’s strategic deterrent weapon. Precious.

However, before that, the Freedom Special Forces gave us several of them.

We have plenty of this stuff now!   So, I think you think about it carefully. Here is our warning, our warning is really sincere!"

Xu Tui burned a fire.

In an instant, Larry Wang was dumbfounded!   Free Special Operations Group gave Heavenspan Special Operations Group a three-phase thermal bomb?

This is a lot of information, but it makes Larry Wang think of the possibility of terrifying!

They may be pitted by the Freedom Special Forces! The   pit is big!   ****   This pit of monthly pass, Zhu San always jumps down without blinking his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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