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  Chapter 641 Who is the bait? (Looking for a monthly pass)

In the left passage of the Daxi ancient base, Laliwang, the commander of the Indraut battle group, brought a lot of elites to help.

Especially with the help of more than 30 elites who are good at long-range attacks, it turned the situation around in an instant.

"Old Zhou, hold on, after me, Murong, Hailong, and Yanghuai are broken, head, look at it, the others retreat while fighting!" Cui Xi decisively gave the order to withdraw. .

Thirty-two battles with more than one hundred Indras elites, really need to go shopping, with the team leader Xu Tui, they can still win, but casualties are inevitable.

Cui Xi chose to retire!

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group knows the Daxi ancient base very well at this moment. The advantages of fighting street fighting and guerrilla warfare are too great, there is no need to smash!   Actually, under this kind of stalemate, it is still a bit difficult to retreat unharmed, but Xu Tui can't stand the spirit strength shock whip group of War God weapons.

Half of the ranged attacks are extraordinary attacks of the mysterious line.

As soon as the whip went down, most of the extraordinary attack within a few meters of the opponent dissipated. In addition, with Zhou Chuan's support, all members of the Heavenspan Special Forces Retreat retreated without damage.

Of course, there are a lot of minor injuries.

Almost all of the new team members were injured, but they also matured quickly in the battle.

Many of the new team members have even beheaded in the previous battle.

In this short five-minute battle, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group killed as many as eight Indra members and wounded dozens of them.

Especially the 51 people who started fighting, almost all of them were injured.

At this time, as soon as the Heavenspan Special Operations Group left, they were in a hurry and wanted to pursue them.

Taking advantage of your illness, killing you!   You are defeated, and you have to pursue it.

However, the leader of Larry Wang was loudly shouted, "No chase, all come back!"

Larry Wong is still very good in Indra. Prestigious, he roared, most of the team members retreated, but there were two of them who were stunned, but they wanted to chase in spite of them. One of them turned around and shouted, "Such a good opportunity, it’s for the death not to catch up. Take revenge, brothers, wait for next year?"

pa! The   silhouette flashed, and the group leader Larry Wang directly slapped the shouting member to the ground, slapped extremely hard!   "If you dare to resist, I will kill you now!" When Larry Wang yelled out these words, blood-reeking qi was sprayed in his mouth!

Does he dare to pursue it? Do   n't dare!

Borrowing his ten guts, he dare not chase after him.

Is heaven knows the Heavenspan Special Operations Group’s trick to lure the enemy? If this is to catch up, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group will give them a three-phase thermal bomb. It is estimated that even he will be ashamed. Up!   Under this channel-shaped terrain, it is too easy for the three-phase thermal explosion to destroy their evolutionary realms!

Later, Laliwang ordered all his staff to retreat to the entrance of the ancient base of the Daxi nationality.

Seeing that some members were still aggrieved, I talked about the matter on the right side. In an instant, all the members were quiet. The members who made the trouble just felt cold sou sou in the back of their necks!

The 51 people on the right, including the consultants of Transmutation, were all destroyed! It's   all gone!

If they catch up and come up again, the Indra battle group may have to be removed.

When the members of the Indras were fortunate, their leader, Larry Wang, was so depressed and helpless that he was about to shut himself down!

Suddenly, there is a dilemma!   Gong, he dare not!

No matter where they attack, if the Heavenspan Special Forces comes with one or two three thermal bombs, it is estimated that they will detonate after two hundred meters away, and they will all be over.

It is not necessarily a good thing to be at the gate of the ancient Daxi base.

You must guard against the surprise attack of the Heavenspan Special Forces internally, and you must be careful of the bastards of the Free Special Forces externally!   The guy in the Milian District has never been trustworthy. He has been careful enough, but he is still misled.

Larry Wang also thought of another plan, to attack with thermal weapons.

Such as three-phase thermal bomb! For   this thing, the number of Indo-Union Zones is relatively small, and it is more precious compared to other zones. When their Indras came out this time, the Indo-Union Zone gave them three, just in case.

Especially when it comes to Planetary Grade powerhouse quasi-Planetary Grade, it is not without a fight.

But the problem is that they cannot locate the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group inside the base. Although the three-phase thermal bomb can be tracked and guided, it must be guided accordingly.

None of these conditions are available now.

If you really want to use a three-phase thermal bomb to blast through a certain channel, it is most likely a waste.

No entry!

No refunds are allowed.

Larry Wang was anxious and angry, and his mouth was almost bubbling. A few minutes later, Larry Wang connected to Dan Rick, the commander of the Free Special Forces in the Milian District.

After connecting, Larry Wang asked angrily, "Didn't you say that you captured the four people of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, and injured a lot, why are their participating personnel still full?"

"I was indeed taken prisoner, but then I exchanged it back. I didn't lie to you!"

"Why didn't you tell me? Also, how did the three-phase thermal bomb return? What?" Larry asked angrily.

"You didn't ask, and we are not obliged to say! The three-phase thermal bomb is a prisoner change, and they also captured some of our personnel."

Larry Wang: "."

"How many of you have they captured and want you to exchange it with a three-phase thermal bomb?" Larry was anxious.

After a few breaths of silence, Dan Rick said, "More than twenty people"

More than twenty people, Larry Wang. There is a sentence FUCK should not be scolded.   "By the way, how is your battle going? I just felt a huge energy fluctuation. Did you use a large-yield thermal weapon?" Dan Rick said anxiously.

Upon hearing this, Larry Wang did not answer directly, and hung up the communication angrily.

Such an ally, shouldn’t be too bad, even thinking about knowing the situation from him and dreaming! In the   distance, in the temporary camp being built by the Freedom Special Forces, Dan Rick looked at the three military advisers Burt, Liers and Kenny solemnly, "I hear you, let's move away. It is wise.

The Indra battle group must have suffered a big loss, otherwise, Larry Wang would not be like this."

After a few breaths of silence, Bert Nodded at the same time as Kenny, the young commander of the special warfare regiment seemed to have a very strategic vision in the   depths of the ancient base of the Daxi tribe. It was discovered that the people of the Indras did not catch up, Cui Xi , Yan Lie, Yanghuai and the others were a little disappointed.

If the people of the Indra battle group dare to catch up, their follow-up tactics can be used.

They have prepared several sets of tactics, such as using channels to divide the enemy and then annihilate some members. If they are lucky enough to catch up to some specific locations, they can also give them a three-phase hot explosion gift package.

"In a short period of time, I am afraid that the people of the Indra battle group will not dare to come in." Xu Tui said suddenly.

"Why?" Yan Lie couldn't understand. Indra had only a small defeat, so why didn't he dare to attack.

"Their right way is all destroyed!"

After a second breath, Yan Lie, Luo Murong, Mu Xingluan and the others held breath cold air steeply, "three Hot explosives, 51 people?"


Everyone was taken aback for a few breaths.

A single three-phase thermal bomb killed so many people. It is true.   Everyone understood the reason why the Indra group did not dare to chase in, and replaced them with them. , Did not dare to chase in.

If you dare to chase in, then I will detonate a three-phase thermal bomb for you and ask if you are afraid? I   am not afraid it is impossible!

This kind of terrain, quasi-planets have to be counseled!   "Old Cui, divide into two groups. One group keeps an eye on the Indra battle group, especially at key intersections. They must not be allowed to touch in.

To recover, we must maintain battle strength at all times." Xu Tui confessed.

"Well, head, don't worry."

Cui Xi is already familiar with these things.

After confessing a few words, Xu Tui is going to go to the absolute security gate in the deepest part of the base again.

For a while, the Indra team did not dare to attack, and went to see what was behind the absolute security gate.

Just as Xu Tui was about to leave, Jiang Nan, a researcher who was acting as a radar monitor, shouted suddenly, "Leader, another fleet has been found, with 18 fleet signal energy signals and cruising speed. 30-40 Mach, if the direction is not corrected, the destination is the Fuqiang asteroid.

At the current cruising speed, it is expected to arrive at the Fuqiang asteroid in one hour."

Everyone froze.

With this cruising speed and characteristics, as well as the previous situation of the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces, it is most likely that Blue Star's pioneering special forces.

Here comes the problem.

The vast Star Sea, a previously unknown asteroid, can come to two special warfare groups at the same time, and the probability is about the same as winning a 5 million lottery ticket. If you come to three special warfare groups at the same time, the probability is equal to Winning the lottery is almost the same as being struck by lightning.

As for four special warfare groups at the same time, there is definitely a problem behind it!   Especially when it involves the ancient bases of the Daxi ethnic group.

A group of people immediately realized the seriousness of the problem.

The complexity behind this is hard to say.

"Can you contact the Unut asteroid?" Xu Tui asked.

Cui Xi shook her head, "According to the current intensity of electromagnetic storm interference, it will take at least eight hours before recovery is possible, and there must be no accidents."

"We were the first to arrive. In less than three hours, the Free Special Forces in the Milian District arrived. Not long after, the Indra Special Forces in the Indian Union also arrived. The goals are still very consistent. They are all from the Great Western. The ancient base.

Now, there is another team that is suspected of being a Blue Star pioneering special battle group. Do you think there is a fifth, sixth or even seventh team?" Xu Tui asked Tao.

"It's hard to say. It's possible!"

"According to the current situation, it's very possible."

"Not only that, when we first arrived , The advance team of the Daxi people came, and the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse."

After analyzing, Xu Tui suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

I haven't noticed it before. After a while, I will analyze how it feels that the ancient base of the Daxi ethnic group looks more and more like a bait.

As soon as this idea came up, Cui Xi and the others broke out in cold sweat.

If you don’t want to know this aspect, the more you analyze it, the more it looks like.

This is too special like bait!

So the question is, who is the bait?   ****   Please subscribe, the big guys who are prostitutes, have always been prostitutes and have been cool, and the prostitutes have been starving to death.   Well, thanks to the big brothers who have always supported Zhusan ,bow!

(End of this chapter)

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