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  Chapter 642 The thing behind the absolute security door   The question of who is the bait is not difficult to analyze .

There are only a few known species currently active in the solar system.

Blue Star Human Race, Spirit Race, Daxi Race, Spirit Race's three vassal races, and Muya people who have only heard of it before.

Like the rhombus, it can basically be ignored.

As for the many alien native species discovered by Bluestar Human Race in the past century, they are not considered.

Those alien native races, no matter what their individual strength, can't even step out of their own native planet, they are not qualified to participate in the battle within the galaxy.

All the races that have not stepped out of the original planet have only one name-indigenous!   First of all, Blue Star Human Race impossible is the bait person. The six major alliances in Blue Star Human Race, or seven districts and one organization, plus a dawn redemption, if you really find the ancient base of the Daxi people, you will Take the bait out?

It’s impossible, I don’t even have enough to eat.

The conditions of the three vassal races of Spirit Race should be similar to those of Blue Star Human Race.

The baiters are either from the Great Western race or Spirit Race. According to Lavis, they have just broken through the blockade of Spirit Race. The important thing is to get a foothold, not to make trouble.

Then, the only person who is qualified and able to use the bait to make trouble is Spirit Race!

Unfortunately, this will not be able to contact the Unut asteroid, otherwise, it will be confirmed immediately.

The problem is again, if the bait is Spirit Race, then what will Spirit Race do?   What is the purpose of baiting?   "Retaliation?"

"Or damaging Human Race?"

Anyway, the purpose of Spirit Race's decoy is definitely not to invite the major Blue Star teams to hold a tea party. .

"Leader, if Spirit Race really is under the bait, then should we contact the Freedom Special Forces and the Indras now to discuss cooperation against Spirit Race?" Zhao Hailong proposed.

Not only Zhao Hailong, but Yan Lie and Cui Xi have such thoughts.

Since Spirit Race has been decoyed, once it starts to act, then the power is definitely not something that the Heavenspan Special Forces can fight against.

However, after thinking about it for a few seconds, Xu Tui slowly shook the head, and everyone was stunned.

"You think we will go to the Indra and the Free Special Forces to cooperate. Will they cooperate with us?"

Everyone was silent.

"If someone killed about one-fifth of the members of our Heavenspan Special Operations Group, would we easily abandon their previous suspicions and cooperate?" Now, Xu Tui said more bluntly Up.

"hmph, I will only pass a knife behind them!" Yan Lie coldly snorted.

Everyone was silent.

This is also a big problem.

Both the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces had members who died in the hands of the Heavenspan Special Forces in the previous conflict.

This will directly pull over to be teammates, I am afraid that they will score a full spirit to prevent them from stabbing in the back.

Not everyone has such things as greatness and understanding the big picture.

For example, Xu Tui, half of the time, does not possess the characteristic of understanding the overall situation.

But if it doesn’t unite, then Spirit Race really strikesAt   this time, Xu Tui’s vital role is reflected again. Everyone looked towards Xu Tui and waited for Xu Tui. This head, make the final decision.

"No hurry, just follow the previous strategy, guard this base, use this base, even if the quasiplanet comes, you can also ask him to drink a pot.

As for the joint , Wait and see." Xu Tui made a decision.

A group of members suddenly accepted their promise and began to implement the scheduled plan. Xu Tui turned and walked towards the absolute security gate in the deepest part of the ancient base of the Daxi ethnic group.

Now that the fourth fleet has arrived, there may be a fifth or even sixth fleet.

We are almost waiting, let’s talk about other things.

If Spirit Race's appetite is big enough!

If they really want to unite with these special forces, if there is not enough external pressure, it is impossible.

At the same time, Dan Rick, the commander of the Freedom Special Forces, and Larry Wang of the Indra Special Forces, were thinking about the same issues.

To be the leader of the extraterrestrial development special forces in their respective alliances, IQ is absolutely online.

The problems Xu Tui can see, they can also see and think of it.

This guess is not difficult!

But how to do it is complicated.

Deep in the base, in front of the absolute safety gate, Xu Tui once again took out the alloy block in the spirit strength shielding helmet.

To be honest, if this thing is thrown to the side of the road now, no one will think it is a prisoner, just a very ordinary alloy block.

However, as Xu Tui took it out, the thing gleamed slightly.

"Try again." Xu Tui said.

"Dear Xu, your power is really weird. It is a quasi-Planetary Grade, but it seems not."

I worked with Xu Tui before to open this absolutely safe door because of spirit The contact with strength made Lavis know a lot about Xu Tui's strength.

Xu Tui ignored Lavis, but directly said, "Continue to support your spirit strength and wrap my strength in, just like before."


"Lao Yan, you and Hailong guard, watch for us."

Xu Tui confessed and started working with Lavis again This door is absolutely safe.

This time, but I am more experienced than last time.

Xu Tui’s spirit strength indeed sensed a repulsive force from this door, but this repulsive force disappeared after encountering the spirit strength of Lavis.

The door is slowly opening with a very small margin.

It is almost one millimeter at a time, and the opening is extremely slow.

And the rancid smell coming out of it is getting more and more.

Five minutes later, the absolute security door was opened to an angle of forty degrees, allowing you to enter and exit easily. It was dark inside and you couldn't see anything.

Xu Tui's psychology, but first sensed the five swords!

Five swords exuding extremely violent aura!

The moment Xu Tui's psychology just came into contact with the past, Xu Tui's psychology was cut apart!

Yes, the psychopath is broken! It   felt like holding a piece of white paper and shook it above a sword without touching it, and then the white paper cracked.

Inside, there is also a human figure, which is not real.

After waiting for 3 minutes and waiting for the decayed smell inside to dissipate almost, Xu Tui took out a lighting stick and slowly walked into the absolute safety gate with Yan Lie and Zhao Hailong.

Several lighting rods are attached to the wall, and the inside of the absolute safety door becomes bright in a flash.

A huge humanoid crawling face down, five naked eye can see, but indescribable sword!   How to put it, these five swords, only five sword-shaped energy bodies can be seen nailed to the vital parts of this huge humanoid, the head, heart, waist and abdomen, the head is the most, and the nails are three. sword.

Five energy swords nailed this huge humanoid to the ground.

"It should not be our Blue Star Human Race. It is three meters tall." Yan Lie analyzed.

"Like a Spirit Race, but not quite like it! This shape, how to look at it."

"This is from my Daxi ethnic group." Lavis said suddenly Up.

Everyone glanced at each other. The Daxi people were nailed to death by five swords behind the absolute security gate of the Daxi people. What happened? When   everyone looked at this absolute security door again, they discovered that this place is more like a passage, at the end of the passage, there is a daoist sect.

"An absolute security door again?" Xu Tui looked towards Lavis inside the alloy block.

This time, Lavis repeatedly denied, "This door is not an absolute security door of our Daxi people, and its construction style is different.

I don’t know."

Xu Tui frowned.

"Be careful, don't touch it!"

Zhao Hailong's voice sounded suddenly, but Yan Lie looked at the corpse of the Daxi ethnic group curiously, and cautiously touched it with his finger a bit.

When Zhao Hailong spoke, Yan Lie's finger was already stained.

Xu Tui turned his head at the same time and saw that when Yan Lie's finger touched the corpse of the Daxi ethnic group, the corpse of the Daxi ethnic group suddenly seemed to disintegrate, turning into ashes!

In an instant, a corpse over three meters away disintegrated into ashes on the spot. In the process of disintegration, it was like a Black Dragon fluctuating.

Yan Lie was frightened and backed away abruptly, "Head. Head, I didn't mean it."

"It's okay."

Xu Tui waved his hand, "It looks like it has been here for some years, and this result will happen to anyone who touches it."

However, the corpse disintegrated into ashes, but there are five Flying Swords and five Flying Swords. Where the Sword was nailed, there were five bumps.

This place did not collapse on the spot.

But at this time, it was covered by the decayed ashes of the fleshy body, and there was nothing to be seen.

Xu Tui spirit strength swayed slightly, blowing away the dust covered on it, revealing five gleaming spheres.

The five spheres are in the center, but they are all penetrated by an energy sword and nailed to the ground.

In the next moment, Lavis exclaimed.

"Planetary Grade! The four-star Planetary Grade powerhouse is still my Daxi!

My God, the star   of power ! The remaining power star is still my Daxi Family!   Perfect, so perfect!   Could this be the so-called best arrangement of the heavens. Before the fleshy body was destroyed and captured, but this society has the remains of the Planetary Grade powerhouse of our family’s four satellites. Body!

Dear Xu, give it to   me quickly ! I promise, I will do what you ask me to do."

Xu Tui and the others It wasn't much, but Lavis, the captive of the Great Western tribe, was excited for the first time, and his roar of joy made him even forget that he was a prisoner.

"Mr. Lavis, please recall your current identity, you are our captive, captive!"

Xu Tui's words, like cold water toppings, are directly poured out All the enthusiasm and excitement of Lavis!   Yes, he is a captive, and captives have no human rights.

But.   "Dear Xu, think about it, think about it! Give me this, and I can be loyal to you! Really!" Lavis said.


Lavis dares to be loyal, but Xu Tui dare not accept it yet.

"If I'm not wrong, this is the black silver glazed body of your Daxi tribe?" Looking at the sphere with a bit of transparency and light silver light, Xu Tui suddenly stated that let pull Weiss froze!   "You know?" Lavis was stunned.

Xu Tui sneered and made an expert expression.

In my mind, the voice of Mitsubishi Tripod has already sounded.

****   Monthly pass!

Heh!   Zhu San will kneel down for everyone, hehehe I drop it myself, monthly ticket, I dare not!

(End of this chapter)

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